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  1. RD501

    Thanks Dennis
  2. RD501

  3. RD501

    Anyone know where to find rod and main bearings for a International Red Diamond 501 inline 6?
  4. RD501

    Anyone know where I can find rod and main bearings for a RD501?
  5. RD501

    Anyone know where you can find rod and main bearings for a RD501?
  6. RD501

    Where can I find Rod, Cam and main bearings?
  7. The Holy Grail of 140s

    What is the history on this tractor? RR
  8. Real sharp 666 pulling

    I only use wheel weights when I pull 10 and 11K. RR
  9. Real sharp 666 pulling

  10. Real sharp 666 pulling

    Those tires are 23.1 X 30 firestone. The rims are 20 inch wide off my 856 wheatland. These rims have the riveted on lugs for attaching to the cast center. I turned the stock 666 cast centers down to the rib where the wheel heights bolt to. I added four more 3/4 holes in that wheel weight bolt circle and made a adapter ring that would bolt to the rim and modified cast hub. I thought it turned out very well. The diameter of the 23.1 X 30 is very close to the 18.4 X 38. I have some photos at various times during the build. I will see If I can get one resized and post it. RR
  11. Real sharp 666 pulling

    They are the stock spindles. I just made them 2 inches shorter so it would sit level.
  12. Real sharp 666 pulling

    360 cu
  13. Real sharp 666 pulling

    This tractor was a fun build. I put an Ag 360 crank in it and had the cam done by Vogel. It has a 13mm pump by Diesel Injection Service, .94 lines they also worked the injectors over. Bob helped my decide on a TO4 turbo. I also run Snow water/meth injection on it. It also has a steel flywheel and triple disc clutch. I pull it 6, 8, and 12 at 11.8 mph. Most of the time I pull 6mph because no one will pull 8 and 12 with me. I pull it from 8K to 11K . I think it is more of a kick in the pants than my 1466. RR
  14. D312 or D360 with stock turbo?

    IH did build dt360 engines. I found the turbo exhaust manifold that was on a dt360 used on potato diger. I used this manifold on a d312 in my Farmall 666. I used a 360 crank, to4 turbo, a 13mm 100 pump, .094 lines and reworked injectors. Tons of power. Pulls 4th gear ta forward at 8k at 12mph.