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  1. If you are referring to the slotted head bolts- use a wrench on the nut on the under side. Otherwise I know of no screws.
  2. I called Bossen and they are going to get some decals made for me. Ron we need to get together some time if you live close to North Liberty as well. I also have a collection. If you go back a few pages on this forum you can see pictures of mine. My post with pictures is back on page 7 now. Gary
  3. I have a 5 year old grandson who spends a lot of time with me. He knows more about farming than kids twice his age. He has a pretty full line of equipment in 1/64,1/32 and 1/16 scale CaseIH toys. I bought a new to me 5088 combine now he wants one for his operation and I told his mother I would make it happen. No 5088 has ever been produced that I know of so I want to take a flagship combine and put 5088 decals on it. The 5088 and the Flagships look very similar. Where can I find or who can make me a set of decals in 1/32 or 1/64? Bossens have 1/64 decals for a 5088 combine. I will check with them as well. Thanks Gary
  4. You may have to reconfigure the shanks udder the belly. I believe we had to weld a piece with a hole on the cultivator to bolt to the frame rail also. Frame rail is to wide for the factory brackets that attach it to the frame rail after you swing it in ( I think). The front side rail bracket will work. AS will the bracket above it for the angle brace. We may have modified the gauge wheel arms a bit also to allow the tires to turn side to side. The size or your front tires will make a difference. This was 48 years ago so I am a little foggy on what all we had to do but we had a 68 on a wide front 856.
  5. Looks Great. You have more patience than I.
  6. Yes that is a Case quick hitch. I bought one from a Case dealer in the early 80's. Good heavy duty hitch. Gary
  7. Only two 5240's were made. Both in 1/32 scale. Both had MFD. No 1/16 scale was made of a 5240.
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