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  1. If you like history there is a fort at the south end of the mighty Mac there is a 18th century water powered sawmill about 5 miles south of Mackinaw on 23
  2. I was told that 07 was the only year for the aluminum block but I never verify this
  3. I have 07 Yukon just spent 1500 on a new oil pump this spring and it's got an aluminum block I won't have bought it if I knew that
  4. I'm too young to ever see one of those used in Mich currently the planters do a good enough job at spacing them. My cousin told that the beet seed was too small for the red planters he may be right you rarely see anything but a green planter in a beet field. As far as the smell goes the ethanol plant across town stinks worse then the sugar plant.
  5. Frontier is the newer version of the John Deere
  6. That pic of the Pickett is a rodder and windrower Tha rust colored bar near the ground is the rod that cuts the beans off then u see the pickup the pile of parts to the left is the dividers that run in front of the front tires so you don't knock any beans off these were all the rage from the mid 90's to 2010 now the btos are Derrick cutting them
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