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  1. No just the cub, super a, and c. None of the large tractors were painted white by the factory
  2. Check the cdl handbook for the state you're testing in. I know in Michigan the skills test requirements were laid out in the back.
  3. Try rice?? Equipment in PA or the fordson house in escanaba Mich. I use rice eq for parts on my f12 he was great to work with.
  4. Wow. Talk about screwing up the local market conditions
  5. When I hauled cattle 10 years ago plainwell only took holsteins. When I hauled beef cattle they went too joycle Illinois or out north of Philly
  6. So a BN is right tight thanks for the info
  7. JOE MI

    Wk40 looking

    I think he is on yesterday's tractor usually on the combine section with the same user name
  8. That looks like a BN the right fender is right next to the seat I thought a B is farther away
  9. BN was 8? inches narrower the right fender would be next to the seat with no gap
  10. If you like history there is a fort at the south end of the mighty Mac there is a 18th century water powered sawmill about 5 miles south of Mackinaw on 23
  11. I was told that 07 was the only year for the aluminum block but I never verify this
  12. I have 07 Yukon just spent 1500 on a new oil pump this spring and it's got an aluminum block I won't have bought it if I knew that
  13. I'm too young to ever see one of those used in Mich currently the planters do a good enough job at spacing them. My cousin told that the beet seed was too small for the red planters he may be right you rarely see anything but a green planter in a beet field. As far as the smell goes the ethanol plant across town stinks worse then the sugar plant.
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