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  1. TD-14/18 M&W Piston

    I didn't know M&W made those. But I already have 6 new piston/sleeve sets that are extras as it is.
  2. Brutus

    Hi all, Brutus says hi too. He was out and about last summer and I thought maybe to post a couple pics. Just doing some brush clearing duties. On a side note, I found an old trash pile in the woods with my 1960(?) pedal tractor or what is left of it. It has been rode pretty hard.
  3. This thread contains IH construction equipment serial number lists and engine cross reference information. Excellent info for ascertaining the year of manufacture of your crawler tractor and the engine it uses, not to mention the other machines that use the same engine. If you have questions about your machine, post them as new topics. If you have additional info pertaining to this topic, please feel free to add it. Starting this off with this web site link to a set of very nice serial number lists. http://www.dozerpart.../page/420251932 Many thanks to those who post here.
  4. TD-20

    It only matters in how well it starts. Likely to do with the snap and how it is locked out.
  5. TD-20

    There are 5 marks total. This group of three is what you need. Says 1&6 DC, MAG, 2&5 PP. Note that MAG is after DC, or late as are all the gas start spark timing marks. PP is for pulling pistons.
  6. Anyone service old IHC injectors ?

    There are three different injector types. The first early models are smaller diameter and came with the Bosch pump. (Different fuel line fittings too.) Later injectors are all made by IH and identical size. The later two are interchangeable but have a different approach angle for the fuel line connection. Horizontal to the left for earlier IH and IH type A, 45° upwards left for the later type B. Using matching fuel lines is all it takes to swap them.
  7. Negative ground conversion

    Some are directional but many are not and don't care. Especially later units. Odds are in your favor. They keep a slight bit of magnetic polarity to get started and away it goes. Wait too long and they could actively discharge your battery if it "remembers" wrong.
  8. EGT Thermocouple for 1086

    Well drat... sorry about being misleading. I pulled my thermocouple box and several of the cheaper probes connect to the shield. Obviously the IH solution will not work for that. It kinda fits since it appears they use a linear search instead of successive approximation which is an indicator of how the circuit was designed. (Old school stuff.) Since it is connected internally not sure on how to float that probe other than an insulator and it is too hot for all the standard remedies.
  9. EGT Thermocouple for 1086

    If the connectors don't line up for you, then basically kinda no. Otherwise any type K will work but you must be prepared to get around any connector issues. You can get away with splicing crudely but without matching wire types it will cause some error in accuracy, like 10 to 40 degrees. It has everything to do with location of the splice versus location of the control box. And I don't know what the 1086 overall spec is supposed to be. Probably 10° as a guess.
  10. Trying to lose Weight

    Don't feel bad about the Walmart gig. Exercise is good. I took a job at an Amazon warehouse partly for that reason. Down 30 pounds (to 192) but have gained back to 199 <_<. Taking a lot less meds for the type II diabetes. Like you say, at least 10 miles a day, usually more like 20 to 25 especially on the 12 hour shifts. About half the time carrying 20 to 40 pound load of corrugate. Arms are starting to look a bit like Popeye the Sailor man, but appetite is good, blood sugar is low, doc says I'm back to a pre diabetic condition.
  11. Negative ground conversion

    Starters always turn the correct direction because of how they are wired. It will work fine.
  12. Farmall MD Fuel Pressure Question

    Hi Dan. Dan is correct. ~62 originally, then 38-42 later. As pumps were serviced many were lowered so the model number doesn't mean much. Exact numbers are not critical. They will run on less, but that gauge is likely not well. Any standard SAE gauge will thread in and work. Original gauges had an orifice to damp gear induced vibration and extend gauge life.
  13. Farm dozer/loader recommendation

    Agreed. Not enough cash to put towards anything in decent enough shape to avoid expensive repairs in the near future. Need more like 20k to reach what is in the back of your mind. It is a lot of fun though. Not saying don't do it, that is a personal thing for you. And yes it will be used for all manner of work that you would have never considered otherwise. Just saying that old machines that have sat and have decent undercarriage are very rare.
  14. Coil Output

    oleman, which probe did you use? Most are only rated to ~10kv, derating to 5kv under less than ideal conditions. Also possible to use a low side current measurement in the coil ground to see the current draw waveform. (Much safer prospect for the equipment. My scopes cost a lot more.) And you get to see the real difference between economy coils and the expensive models. I happen to mostly use a 0.01 ohm resistor. Anything up to a 0.1 will work pretty well. With regular coils expect to see about 3 amps at peak draw if the coil doesn't saturate. Signal will be small so scope noise can be an issue. Also also, HV will only show voltage reached before arc occurs. Have to open plug gap to see if high voltage levels are reached. Economy coils will tend to arc internally as volts climb. Arc them enough times and they create a carbon path (charred stuff) and the coil quits.
  15. Winter cat logging

    That is one of the best ways to spend a day, ever...
  16. TD 14 Engine

    What is it going into? They run okay, but are not all that much of a power house. In stock form, roughly 60 to 80 hp depending. Parts are difficult. (I do have a set of 6 piston/sleeve kits for a TD18 which is the same size. PM for details.) Cam bearings have to be line bored etc. Finding good heads is the toughest part and I have no idea how they would stand up to hot rodding. There have been TD18 motors mounted in WD40 chassis that run okay but are front heavy and suffer for traction. These engines weigh a lot.
  17. There are a number of large dual crank power units in submarines. Heavy yes, but they provide good thermal efficiency due to not having a cylinder head that robs heat. Air flow is one direction, as in intake on one side and exhaust out the opposite. As a kid I had a '53 Pontiac with straight eight. Very smooth. Better than 20 mpg, sometimes wish I still had it. Fender skirts and a front visor. Would roll about 120 topped out.
  18. 1939 T20

    Sweet deal, need pictures! There is nothing like a set of tracks for moving stuff.
  19. Why yellow?

    Studies for highway safety back i the 1930s discovered yellow to be considerably more noticeable in peripheral vision, something like 125% better. School busses were mandated to yellow because of that factor. These days you could argue that newer orange colors might be better, (worker vests are mostly orange) but yellow is the accepted standard for busses. Construction equipment pretty much followed along. Cat and IH used some form of gray prior to that. It appears that IH also having wheel tractors etc chose red as a nicer looking overall brand color but then had to adapt.
  20. td18a

    Good deal. IH used a truck distributor for the 18. I was able to gets parts fairly easy as it has a standard 6 cylinder truck/tractor cap rotor and and points etc. Odds are the points are weak. I would first seek out a set of ignition parts for it. Tractor Supply or a IH dealer most likely. Coil may be weak, but that has not generally been the problem for me. I'm guessing it still has the old copper plug wires?
  21. td18a

    Hi aj. I've been away for a while. Distributor model or the older F6 mag?
  22. International T6

    Best of luck for that. Crawlers have a way of taking a lot more effort than wheel tractors. But they are cool.
  23. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Sorry for delay, not much time available lately. I think you had something wired wrong on the first attempt. Usually a change out fixes those kinda things. Yes power to coil is off during diesel to save wear on points and to reduce power drain. Original generators only made 8 amps so it mattered. From reports, usually the stay down problem is a spring on the carb side, missing or broke. I mostly use revs to switch to gas, gives time to catch it if it fails. Carb may also have gone dry while running and needs time to refill (which only can happen when in gas mode). I just shut down on diesel. Usually test the gas side first, but back to diesel and just pull throttle. That way I never leave it on gas side accidently. And if it won't catch on gas then I consider where I am parked and perhaps move to a better "fixing stuff" spot.
  24. TD6 steering adjustment Q?

    I managed to find a brake shop that did the reline. They had to order the material. Maybe a truck shop? If the clutch does not release then it is stuck. But you say when pulling both levers it stops? I'm confused here. They do not turn without brake unless conditions are right, like on a slope.
  25. Td 6 needs saved

    No doubt some parts there. Looks like an easy fixer to me. But at 1900 miles, it is for somebody else.