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  1. What is it going into? They run okay, but are not all that much of a power house. In stock form, roughly 60 to 80 hp depending. Parts are difficult. (I do have a set of 6 piston/sleeve kits for a TD18 which is the same size. PM for details.) Cam bearings have to be line bored etc. Finding good heads is the toughest part and I have no idea how they would stand up to hot rodding. There have been TD18 motors mounted in WD40 chassis that run okay but are front heavy and suffer for traction. These engines weigh a lot.
  2. Sorry for delay, not much time available lately. I think you had something wired wrong on the first attempt. Usually a change out fixes those kinda things. Yes power to coil is off during diesel to save wear on points and to reduce power drain. Original generators only made 8 amps so it mattered. From reports, usually the stay down problem is a spring on the carb side, missing or broke. I mostly use revs to switch to gas, gives time to catch it if it fails. Carb may also have gone dry while running and needs time to refill (which only can happen when in gas mode). I just shut down on diesel. Usually test the gas side first, but back to diesel and just pull throttle. That way I never leave it on gas side accidently. And if it won't catch on gas then I consider where I am parked and perhaps move to a better "fixing stuff" spot.
  3. Seats are a pain in the rear. When time is way short I have used more than one "special" version. Your wiring is fine for a single wire. I tend not to like a single due to the internal regulator often being responsible for battery drain. Add a master switch if the battery remains in place. Like most people I take mine out so not a biggie. That manifold switch isn't necessary anymore but I would leave it. However, being old it can be mentally untrustworthy when things aren't firing off right away.
  4. Personally, I would let them work the starter. There are plenty of parts to be had but it is getting harder to tell if you are getting the right ones. Likely the wheel tractor equivalent model is what you need to search on. My TD18 starter used the same shell and brush parts as my MD. It is possible the commutator needs some solder and trimming work. Those bars sometimes like to come undone. Ifn ya got some time, go for it. magic_mikey has the tools and just whips through it, but I had to resort to using a drill press for trimming and a propane with tip for the soldering. With some luck you may not have those kinda problems though.
  5. Ya got a lot of stuff there OBG. I see the blower and blade made the front line. The A is a beaut for sure. Might trade off my Cub for a Super someday.
  6. Sorry for delay, things is busy... Slow switch over is usually because I didn't kick up the throttle (enough) for running. Yeah that switch is toast. Hitting mechanical stop inside. Like the pics
  7. <OJGV> (Old Jewish Guy Voice) So some pictures would be asking so much already? When are we to be seeing this miracle of chemistry? </OJGV> Have seen molasses work very well but it is slow (molasses eh?) and stinks to high heaven.
  8. Good stuff Chris. About turning, they nearly always require a brake to do it. Have to stop the track, or else it is luck if there is enough drag to make a turn. Pull clutch enough to disengage and hit brake and around it goes. There is a second steering technique for downhill where you pull the opposite handle and let that side accelerate past the track that is still driving. I don't use it often. Levers can be confusing as it is. Also be aware of high spots and low spots. Never steer over a low spot. You want the middle of track on a high spot. It will turn on a dime. Over a low spot the idler and sprocket are supporting the machine and suffer great stress when turning like that. Essentially, if it struggles to turn you are doing it wrong. Have had the carb drain petcock fall into the drip tray on the MD more than once. No need to up the diesel before change over. Switch, then raise throttle. Otherwise it will try to foul spark plugs. There is plenty of time.
  9. From Ralphs numbers, ~$1.035 Yankee to Canuck ratio.
  10. If these come out correct... $273,528.46 $235,691.49 $189,714.79
  11. That's some crazy stuff. Must have been soft. I see the drawbar is bent upward.
  12. Breaking out the big gun? Looks like some serious wrenching. I once had an RV try to do that rumpled box conversion. Luckily it didn't get into that much trouble. Made for about 20 miles of super tense driving. I stayed in the left lane and drifted right when the real heavy gusts hit.
  13. Babbit is a special version of everyday solder. Too hot and it oxidizes badly.
  14. Haven't ground chicken feed in a long time... Keyboard is still sick, but doing better. Have to be emphatic with the T. Trip to the store I guess.
  15. hink I would be concerned about those iny gears. No like he Cub doesn' need a boos. Dang, keyboard has a bad key.
  16. Okay, now I got some envy on the green TD18 situation. That is cool. At 82 My dad has driven mine some, but has trouble. The sticks and brakes are just too much for him now. That guy is doing good for 92.
  17. You might get lucky with the BeeGee. I have one for the 18 and it looks like the shaft can be separated off from the pump part. Having said that, of the three different PTOs that I have seen, all were different. Only the BeeGee looks like it may be a stock piece. The others were a cable control unit and a winch, both with shafting that was integral and looked like it was provided by the vendor.
  18. For a while I wanted one for the 18. Our sawmill was parked at a neighbors place but it went away when they passed a few years ago and it was sold for scrap. The main shaft bearing was off anyways for repair and kinda lost, but still kinda hated to lose it. It had been in the family since the 30s. There are very few belt pulleys for a 14 or 18. I haven't seen a single one. Yours may be a fit? I know very little about them. Usually the crawler units had a larger pulley to deal with the circumstances, but I have no idea what hub shaft they used.
  19. I grew up with that M and loader. Grandpa had a blade for it too. This one has fat fronts, and weights for some reason. As a kid I was fascinated with those front guide tubes. It was so cool to watch them slide up and then flip and extend back out again. It looked like this one, but mostly still red. Have seen those 500 crawlers here on the site, but no a lot. That wide tread is certainly unusual.
  20. I think he needs the internal PTO shaft and 90° gearbox as well.
  21. I think I got led astray. Apparently the M26 came in a high and low sprocket? M26 Ft Dix This is the first pic I came across.
  22. Always thought half tracks were cool, but also never got to be in one. The last time I saw an M48 (or I think it was) it was sitting at Ft Irwin. According to Google Map it may still be there? On the north east part of the base along Barstow Road there are three compounds for tank/vehicle parking and it is front (west side near Barstow Road) of the middle compound. Ft Irwin This link takes you there. Found a picture of the vehicle parked there. Not sure what it is. This doesn't look like the vehicle that I remember. Parked tank
  23. Cool photos. OBG, that Oliver was mostly an aircraft tug from what we have seen go by. Aren't many around. I am always somewhat taken aback by the tracks on those and the half-tracks. Steel belted rubber had to be a new deal at the time? The arrogance of sales/marketing people seems to be a never ending story. I have never liked dealing with them. They act like they and they alone are responsible for all the success, especially when there are no engineering and manufacturing people around. To top it off they are mostly unnecessary once the name is established. To dismiss what is essentially customer feedback is certainly unacceptable. It was painful to watch GM and Ford go down the same path, letting Asia become such big players. I kinda like the notification idea. Helps to know if somebody replied directly. I don't read all the stuff anymore so now I'm less likely to skip over something.
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