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  1. Hello M Diesel

    I have a old td9 with a b style injection pump on it i think. I have Central injection send me a remaned scavenger pump about a month ago because my machine seemed like it was lacking fuel. After replacing the pump it started good and bleed good i run the machine for about an hour before it started surging then tried to over rev on me i slapped the compression lever back and the throttle back and it died down instantly. That was when i noticed that the injection pump was puking full out the top so i opened the petcock on the side and diesel ran out. That is when i decided i needed to check the scavenger valve. To shorten up my story i have disasembled and reassembeled the scavenger vavle several times with diferent square cut o-rings with no success still the same out come after about an hour run time. One question i have is does that scavenger valve need to be clocked a certan way in the injection pump so the holes line up or does it matter ?

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