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  1. Chris, your doing a very nice job on your restoration job, little by little you will get it all.
  2. Chris, you are doing a good job, it's looking very good. Little by little you will have that machine looking like a trailer queen. Put the grill guard back on it, some day you will be glad you did, while you are working on the grill guard build a box to protect the hydraulic pump. We love pictures
  3. Do you have a parts books for the tractor? Look up front PTO. The picture here is for the 6 cylinder TD6-62 series, its to give you an idea how the front PTO is attached, yours may be different, Item 7 (Coupling) is steel on my tractors, it attaches to the drive of the pump. I have never seen it in brass. You can check with some of the wrecking yards (FP Smith in Fairfield, CA would be a good one) You may have to have a machine shop make the couplers for you. Parts books are good sources in that you can see the sequence of assembly. Hydreco pumps are what were offered from IH, they are good pumps, have a hydraulic pump shop check it over, they are worth fixing. The pumps are hard to turn by hand.
  4. You need to pull the pump, have a five gallon pail under the pump for when you drain the oil. I don't know how the front pto is on the early TD-6's, on the later ones (62 series) the pump is run by a short splined coupler, when the splines wear out the pump does not turn. There are two zerk fittings on the splined coupler, lack of greasing is the reason for the splines to wear.
  5. The adjusters are right hand threads, both sides. You did loosen the adjuster lock nut? The lock nut butts up against the spring retainer. You may need to put some heat on the spring retainer where the adjuster rod is threaded into.
  6. They have two covers, the inspection cover and the frame cover, you pull the frame cover, the clutch comes straight up, the flywheel will not come out without grinding the sides of the mainframe or pulling the engine. I have an old (1952 TD6) here, it has the same covers as item 24 and 25.
  7. I have done TD6- 61/62, TD9- 92 and TD9B, the clutch comes out from the top on both. The parts book shows the same clutch for T6 and TD6
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