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  1. Heavy press sleeves are .035-.045 flange above crankcase. I used this setup to check the protrusion of the sleeves. We miked the original flanges and shims, the new sleeves were the same, we used the new shims that were the same as the ones we took out, it came out perfect.
  2. That tool is FES-49 for the light press sleeves, the tool for the heavy press sleeves is FES-24-6, no picture is shown in the engine service manual for the FES-24-6. Snoshoe, do you have a picture of the tool for the heavy press sleeves.
  3. Bret, here is a picture of the tool that's shown in the IH Engine service manual (ISS-1040-1) dated May 1968. We did not use a tool, I used a dial indicator holder to measure the protrusion of the sleeves.
  4. TD5, Nice job saving that tractor. It's starting to look like new again.
  5. Ya, postage would be astronomical and could take a month for them to show up?
  6. Post pictures as you go Dave, it's not too bad of a job.
  7. Dave, it's not the worse job in the world, it is time consuming, do you have the service manual for the tractor? It walks you through the procedure. It helps if you have small hands.
  8. Do you have the service manual for your tractor, FORM ISS-1051-1, this covers trouble shooting of the power shift. I can't help, mine is a gear drive.
  9. Sean, move this over to the construction equipment site, there are many TD9 owners over there that can help you
  10. Farmerboy, that is a very nice looking tractor.
  11. Diesel, that is a very nice looking TD6. You will not loose any lube oil taking off the inspection cover on the back, the oil level is lower. You will need the inside shaft to power the pto, check with Zimmerman Tractor in MO, he has had pto's in the past. The pto is the same for the TD6 and TD9, the TD9 has a longer shaft (22) in the parts breakdown. You need the shaft and cage also as pictured.
  12. Mellow Yellow, there is no diagram of the piping in the service manual, I am posting the diagram from the parts manual, this may help you, it covers TD9B's to serial number 16366, if your tractor is newer I can post that parts section.
  13. J-Mech, I field installed the pto in my T-340, there was no splitting required. The tractor had the fast reverser, that was the only thing the dealer had to know along with the serial number of the tractor, the pto came ready to install, it was a very simple job, I did it in the field. IH offered two types of pto's for the T-340, a Clutch Type (Rockford) and a Planetary Type. Rodney, good luck finding a pto, there was one on this forum a long while back for a T-340. If you find one be sure to get the linkage for engagement, those kinds of pieces are usually hard to find.
  14. Very nice conversion, post some pictures when it's done. IH TD9B use the same power plant and transmission (power shift), I imagine you could also adapt it to the gear drive TD9B, also the TD9 92 series and TD6 62 series, they all use the same D282 IH engine. What is the operating rpm range and hp of that Cummins engine?
  15. Gear ratios are the same in the Ag and Construction tractors, the increase in speed is a result that the Ag tractors were governed at a higher rpm, an example is the 62 series TD-6, industrial is rated at 1550 rpm, the Ag version is 1800 rpm,
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