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  1. 13 hours ago, sugarmaker said:

    Question: Did these have the second (front) top roller for the track to ride on? 

    Chris, the five roller track frames have a second top idler, the TD6-61 and 62 series had the five roller track frame as an option, the TD6-62 factory loader had a longer track frame (37 links) than the five roller option (36 links). I am not sure if the older TD6's (4 roller 32 links) had the five roller frame option, I did find a picture of a TD6 with an extended track frame, it may have been shop made, if it was they did a nice job, or they may have put a later five roller frame on it. Picture is pulled off the internet of a TD6 loader with five roller track frame. Also a TD6-62 factory equipped Drott loader. Note how the front top idler bracket is, the TD6 is the same as the regular five roller frame, the factory TD6-62 loader has the bracket reversed.

    IH TD6 loader 5 roller track frame.jpg

    IH TD6 62 Drott loader.jpg

  2. Diesel, that is a very nice looking TD6. You will not loose any lube oil taking off the inspection cover on the back, the oil level is lower. You will need the inside shaft to power the pto, check with Zimmerman Tractor in MO, he has had pto's in the past. The pto is the same for the TD6 and TD9, the TD9 has a longer shaft (22) in the parts breakdown. You need the shaft and cage also as pictured.

    IH TD6 Reduced speed PTO - Copy.jpeg

    IH TD6-9 PTO cage and shaft.jpg

  3. On ‎4‎/‎7‎/‎2019 at 9:12 AM, J-Mech said:

    Yes, a PTO was optional for a T340 but if yours does not have one, you will have to split it to put the IPTO drive shaft and the driven gear in it.  Not a simple bolt on. 

    J-Mech,   I field installed the pto in my T-340, there was no splitting required. The tractor had the fast reverser, that was the only thing the dealer had to know along with the serial number of the tractor, the pto came ready to install, it was a very simple job, I did it in the field.

    IH offered two types of pto's for the T-340, a Clutch Type (Rockford) and a Planetary Type.

    Rodney, good luck finding a pto, there was one on this forum a long while back for a T-340. If you find one be sure to get the linkage for engagement, those kinds of pieces are usually hard to find.

    IH T-340 PTO and hitches.jpg

  4. Very nice conversion, post some pictures when it's done. IH TD9B use the same power plant and transmission (power shift),  I imagine you could also adapt it to the gear drive TD9B, also the TD9 92 series and TD6 62 series, they all use the same D282 IH engine. What is the operating rpm range and hp of that Cummins engine?

  5. Chris, I forgot I had these under the work bench, they are off a TD6, all three have the screen 90 deg. Like Dennis said, vendor may have made a change. But then again look at the TD6 with the blade on it, screens are 45 deg. Whatever you are happy with is the way to put them.

    T-TD6 lights.jpg

    T-TD6 lights backside.jpg

    IH 1949 TD6.jpg

  6. On ‎6‎/‎13‎/‎2017 at 4:35 PM, thebunns said:

    I'm looking at TD-14A serial number TDF34659.  There are differences between that one & my -14A serial number TDF36246 manufactured in the same year.  I'm told by my "main mechanic" that farm tractors were built with different gear ratios or rear end ratios, giving higher speeds/gear.  Is there any way to find out if this is correct, other than putting the two tractors side by side, picking a gear & see what happens?  He was guessing that the farm tractor might be geared too high for plowing snow, which is my main reason for having the tractor.


    Gear ratios are the same in the Ag and Construction tractors, the increase in speed is a result that the Ag tractors were governed at a higher rpm, an example is the 62 series TD-6, industrial is rated at 1550 rpm, the Ag version is 1800 rpm,

  7. Chris, you are doing a good job, it's looking very good. Little by little you will have that machine looking like a trailer queen. Put the grill guard back on it, some day you will be glad you did, while you are working on the grill guard build a box to protect the hydraulic pump.

    We love pictures

  8. Do you have a parts books for the tractor? Look up front PTO. The picture here is for the 6 cylinder TD6-62 series, its to give you an idea how the front PTO is attached, yours may be different, Item 7 (Coupling) is steel on my tractors, it attaches to the drive of the pump.  I have never seen it in brass. You can check with some of the wrecking yards (FP Smith in Fairfield, CA would be a good one) You may have to have a machine shop make the couplers for you. Parts books are good sources in that you can see the sequence of assembly. Hydreco pumps are what were offered from IH, they are good pumps, have a hydraulic pump shop check it over, they are worth fixing. The pumps are hard to turn by hand.

    IH TD6 62 front pto.jpg

  9. You need to pull the pump, have a five gallon pail under the pump for when you drain the oil. I don't know how the front pto is on the early TD-6's, on the later ones (62 series) the pump is run by a short splined coupler, when the splines wear out the pump does not turn. There are two zerk fittings on the splined coupler, lack of greasing is the reason for the splines to wear.

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