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  1. 11 hours ago, nomorejohndeere said:

    no clutch pedal

    hand clutch?



    This is a TD340A, clutch pedal is on the far left, right pedal operates the brakes, the tall lever on the left with the round knob is the fast reverser. The two long levers on the right are hydraulic control valve levers. T and TD340's have planetary steering, no steering brake pedals.


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  2. TD6 part number: 8503 DBX, TD6-61 8503 DCX, TD6-62 8503 DDX, the TD6 carrier uses a 1 inch plug, the 61 and 62 series use a 1-1/4 inch plug. They are the same aside from minor differences. These part numbers are for the carrier with the wide thread, the equipment combination (loader/sideboom) use a different carrier, 54 inch gauge verses 50 inch gauge. The sprocket drive pinion bearing is the same for the 61 and 62 series, TD6 has a different pinion bearing part number, I can't imagine the bearing pocket would not be the same. I can scan the parts book pages that covers the carrier if you need.

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  3. 5 hours ago, Rawleigh99 said:

    Scrolling through the Facebook Canada photos is neat, thanks for this.





  4. 2 hours ago, Coyote Crossing said:

    My 500 has a 5 speed with a reverser.  There is no reverse in the transmission.  So I have 5 speeds forward and reverse and I never use 4th or 5th gear (I like my teeth and my back).  I put it in the gear I want then use the reverser.

    I don't understand, in your first post you said you only have reverse in 1st gear, now you say you put it in the gear you want and then you use the reverser? Do all forward gears work? If it's similar to the T340  fast reverser it would be a planetary reverser mounted in front of the transmission. If it is a planetary type reverser and it works in 1st gear it should work in all the gears. Can you post some pictures of the cockpit of the tractor showing the reverser lever and also of the gearshift selector? We will try to help you out.

  5. 22 hours ago, dale560 said:

    Yes if I remember from the td9 we used to work on it is the same. In fact I think ever ended up using a wd9 flywheel on the td9 one time. The newer series 660 and up use a 403 and 503 combine pp and disc.

    I am guessing T or TD6 clutch because the picture Thankyou posted, the release sleeve (item 20) has two arms, the TD9 has 3 arms. The picture Thankyou posted looks like it has two arms, maybe the angle of the picture is hiding the third arm. If he can measure the OD of the clutch plate I can measure one off a TD6 clutch I have here.

  6. On 3/5/2023 at 6:55 PM, Thankyou said:

    Does anyone have a source for a pressure plate, clutch disk and throw out bearing for a 650 diesel with a hand clutch? The clutch housing was completely full of mouse house and everything is crusty and stuck solid.  What I can see of the pressure plate is completely different than what I have found available online.  


    That looks like a Rockford clutch, it may be the same as used on the T and TD6 crawler tractors, can you get dimensions (OD) on the plate, item 21 in attached parts scan. 

    IH TD6 engine clutch parts.jpg

  7. Poncho, checking transmission pressures is not hard to do, here is a blown-up picture of the regulator valve, you check the pressures at the ports with plugs, port 1, port 5 and port 4. To know what the pressures should be is located on the next page of the page that shows the regulator valve. I have attached the page here, also attached are the pressures I recorded on my 100C, all within recommended range.





  8. Binderoid, that is what we call a Stockton Works blade (IH had a farm and industrial manufacturing plant in Stockton California) IH may have made them in other states also. It is supposed to have turnbuckles on each side of the blade so you can angle the blade, at some point they welded a plate in place of the turnbuckle, that setup uses a 3-1/2" x 12" double acting cylinder. Here is a picture of your blade out of the Stockton Products catalog. Also a picture of the factory optional grill guard for the T/TD6. As oldiron29 said, over on the construction side there is a lot of T/TD 6 info.

    IH Stockton works dozer-tool bar.jpg

    IH TD6 grill guard.jpg

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  9. Reed, I would pull the fuel filters to see how dirty they are in there, if the filters look clean reinstall them, if not and usually a lot of crud accumulates at the bottom of the canister I would replace them, with the filter out of the primary canister open the full valve (located at the bottom of the fuel tank) to make sure the fuel flows and is clean. You need good flow of fuel at the injection pump. Filters are available at NAPA auto parts. Take pictures, we like pictures. 


  10. 17 hours ago, Reed92 said:

    I'm looking at purchasing a 1960 Td6 with a direct start 6cyl. What I've read on here is that it would be a 62 series 282 engine?  The guy states the lift pump is bad.  I would like to buy a lift pump and hear it run before I make a decision. Anyone know what lift pump they use? Also anything else I should inspect before I commit.  Thanks 

    There is no lift pump on the 62 series TD6, does the tractor have a Rosa Master or IH RD pump. You bleed the fuel filters first, (bleed fitting on top of each fuel filter, takes a 7/16 inch wrench) then bleed the fuel line at the pump (3/4 inch wrench) crack open a couple of the fittings at the injection nozzles, crank the engine, it should start after a minute or so, do not crank for more than 30 seconds at a time so the starter does not overheat, then tighten up the loose injector fittings while it is running. You will need enough fuel in the fuel tank to have enough head to bleed the system. For all this to work the glow plugs need to be all good.

  11. 9 hours ago, wild one said:

    I have the TD9B power shift that has the high altitude turbo factory option.

    That's a rare tractor. What is the serial number of your 9B

  12. 12 hours ago, farmalldr said:

    Here is what I can share on D282/DT282.  Not sure which may be DT" except I know that TD9 (92 series) and TD9B gear drive were turbo.  560, 660, 706, TD6 (62 series). TD9 (92 series) TD9B, some H30 loaders.  Could be others.


    Dennis, add to your list the 3800, 3850, 2656, UD282. 

    IH D282 Industrial engine.jpg

  13. 21 hours ago, farmalldr said:

    You have the right p/n per junkandcattle first parts diagram.  Could end in c2 instead of c1 though.  Think the junk yard is wrong.


    Dennis is right, the part number is 625 809 C2, that is the correct yoke that is on the transmission, 619 962 C1 is the flange that is on the output of the torque converter. TD7 C , 100C use the same universal joint.


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