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  1. There are no dimensions given on the thickness of the driving or friction disc's, there is no stack height dimension either. The service manual contradicts the parts manual ie: parts book calls for 10 driving discs and 12 friction discs when equipped with bi-metallic steering clutches, the service manual calls for 9 driving discs, 10 friction discs, these specifications are for the agricultural tractor, the industrial 9B uses one more of each. It's been so long since I have done mine I don't remember, from the notes I have put in my parts manual I put 10 driving and 11 bi-metallic friction discs. I have some used fiber discs that measure from .178 to .186. The page shown is from the TD9B chassis service manual.
  2. The pivot pins have notches aproxmently 1/4 inch apart, remove the threaded plug, after you remove the threaded locking pin that holds the pivot pin you can remove the pin using a screwdriver by sliding the pin out by the notches, my 9B and 62 series TD6 are this way.
  3. You got into it pretty good, be sure you mark the drum to the pinion shaft flange, the holes are not evenly spaced. Keep us updated we like to see progress being made. Your doing it right.
  4. Farmtruck, the flywheel can come out through the housing if you grind away part of the casting, not something I would do but I have heard of others that have done it. If you can get the cerametallic clutch disc facing do it, they last a lot longer and take less pressure on the handle for engaging. Ya, I mark my books up quite a bit.
  5. Farmtruck, those are nice machines. There is a drain plug located on the right side of the bellhousing, you may have to jack the tractor up a little to get under there, if the tractor has the belly pan guard you will need to remove it to get to the plug. The pressure plate is rebuildable if you can find the parts, there was a kit available at one time. Try FP Smith in Fairfield, CA. Attached is a parts breakdown of your clutch with part numbers to help you in your search for parts. Associated tractor in Stockton is another source for used parts for IH crawlers. Engine clutch, transmission, brake and steering clutch parts from earlier TD9's also work, 91 and 92 series parts are interchangeable. Check the top of this Construction Equipment page for listings of other salvage yards.
  6. Sean, move this over to the construction equipment site, there are many TD9 owners over there that can help you
  7. Peter, they are made to tilt up to 12 inches on either side, with a hydraulic tilt you will be amazed how much more work you can do with it.
  8. Chris, that is very nice, you will enjoy it a lot.
  9. Chris, T6International has a contact for ATECO, they may be able to tell you if there is a filter in the hydraulic system. Here are pictures from the IH parts book, IH offered two different hydraulic systems for the later tractors (62 series). These pictures are just for reference to show how the strainers are mounted into the IH system. Your ATECO may or may not have a strainer. The IH system is a stainless metal mesh strainer.
  10. Chris, if it does have a filter it would be on the suction side (to the pump). All the ones I have seen (factory IH) are located in the hydraulic tank. The relief valve in the valve body could also create the problem you are having. After all that checks out it's time to look at your pump.
  11. X2, it's always good to hear how the project turns out. To many times we are left hanging without knowing the outcome.
  12. It appears that welding is an accepted repair if done correctly but you do not have the broken piece. I would find a spring company and have a leaf made, it might be cheaper than buying a used equalizer spring. Be careful when taking the center bolt out as the spring leaves are loaded, I used large C clamps to hold the spring pressure when taking out the center bolt (automotive)
  13. Hojon, leave the ground the way it is, one 12 volt battery is ok as long as it has enough amps. If it's working don't change it. I do not know why one of my tractors is negative and the other positive ground, it's working so I don't question it. My TD6 I bought new, one of the last TD6-62 series (1969) positive ground is how it came. My TD9B I bought used so I don't have the history on it, it has negative ground.
  14. Tanker, the coupler 20 117 DA fits the T/TD6, it is different than the T/TD9, 49 548 D. You may have to have one made. Do you have the proper shaft (58 074 DBX) for the 6 series? If someone has a parts manual for the M/H they could tell you if it's the same part.
  15. Paul, the picture I posted is from my TD9B, it has a negative ground, my TD6-62 is positive ground. Go figure, the TD9B is a 1963, the TD6 is 1969. The batteries, support tray, hold down clamps are the same in both tractors. Louie
  16. Yellow fever, it's just a ground strap to the frame of the tractor, it is grounded to one of the bolts that holds the top plate on, I believe they are 3/8-16 thread bolts. Mine has a positive ground system. There is a terminal block mounted on the seat support plate, it has the wires going to the rear lights and hour meter. Check your ground if it is positive or negative.
  17. It should have two 6 volt batteries. They came with 2 Prestolite 2A9Y, no longer available. I have been using 2 NAPA 7244, group 1 batteries.
  18. Luke, no plus or minus. Set them .030 if doing it cold. The feeler gauge should feel the same amount of pull on each valve.
  19. J-Mech It's not in this service manual. Hot .027, Cold .030 on both Intake and Exhaust.
  20. .027 Hot, .030 Cold. You can adjust half of the valves with the number 1 piston at TDC, then turn the crankshaft one revolution, adjust the other half. See No. 6 VALVE CLEARANCE ADJUSTMENT. Sorry about the dirty page, it's seen a lot of action.
  21. Farmerboy, that is a very nice looking tractor.
  22. Salam, very well done video's, I never thought about doing a video or picture taking when working on my equipment until after it's done. You did a great job bringing that tractor back to life. Thank you Louie
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