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  1. I'm with KS on this, it's a learned thing. The book calls for 15 ft. lbs. I use 1/4 inch drive sockets on those bolts.
  2. Don't use a hammer. The adjusting ring has raised lugs on it, take a bar or large screwdriver and use it between the serrations on the plate and a lug to turn the adjusting ring. You will have to rotate the engine flywheel little by little as you turn the adjusting ring in to line up with the next lug.
  3. Do as Ray said, General Gear has service manuals you can download. The operators manual is also good, it shows the lubrication points, general daily service points and operating procedures. While you are in there grease all the fittings including the ones for the brake pivot shafts, you will need a light to find those.
  4. Post pictures as you go Dave, it's not too bad of a job.
  5. Dave, it's not the worse job in the world, it is time consuming, do you have the service manual for the tractor? It walks you through the procedure. It helps if you have small hands.
  6. Dave, I measured an adjuster rod on one of my parts machine (TD6-62) it is 1-1/4-7
  7. Dave, I have these on my TD6-62 and my TD9B. Lot's of heat needed to get the threaded adjusters to move, I had to get the lock nut cherry red to get the lock nut to move. These Hydraulic track adjusters are from Henderson Mfg. Texas, they no longer make them for the TD6/TD9, I have a neighbor that made a set out of track bushings.
  8. 1965 would be a TD9B, is it power shift? Can you post pictures of the cover you are trying to take off
  9. Try Joseph Industries Inc, 10039 Aurora-Hudson Road, Streetsboro, Ohio, 330-528-0091. www.joseph.com/Remanufactured_Torque_Converters.asp They advertise remanufactured torque converters for construction and agricultural
  10. I not familiar with the TD15, the smaller crawlers, TD6, TD9 have a vent pipe that runs from the top of the filler opening to the outside bottom of the tank, blow compressed air through the pipe to clear it out.
  11. Will this help to figure out the marks, this is from the Service Manual for D-155, D-179, D-206, D-239, D-246, D-268, D-310 & D-358
  12. Glenn, IH TD9-92 engine clutch parts breakdown
  13. Hi Glenn, TD9B and TD9-92 use the same engine, most of the clutch parts use the same part numbers, some part numbers are different, I would not be afraid to use a clutch out of a 92 series in the 9B. I am attaching the clutch parts breakdown for the TD9B. In another post I will attach the clutch parts for the TD9-92 series. Where are you located? F.P. Smith in Fairfield, CA would be a good place to check for parts 707-864-1122, www.fpsmitheq.com
  14. Around 1969 IH put an alternator on the TD9B, they were rated at 22 amps, the generator on the earlier TD9B's are also low amperage, 17 amps. You don't need a high amperage charging system on these tractors.
  15. Here's the complete Power Shift plumbing schematic from the parts book for the TD9B, it would be the same for the 150.
  16. JEOSBOLT Will the parts book diagram help?
  17. Farmtruck, thank you for keeping us updated and the pictures
  18. Do you have the service manual for your tractor, FORM ISS-1051-1, this covers trouble shooting of the power shift. I can't help, mine is a gear drive.
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