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  1. Try Quality Diesel Parts, Portland OR, 1-800-877-2810, they show the part listed for $98.00, it may be a dead end. You can have that clamp made if you can't find one.
  2. I am not on the Heavy Equipment Forums site; do you need more info than what's on the brochures? I do not have a TD-7C, I have a 100C which uses the same platform as the TD-7C, I can post more info from my owner's manual or from the service manual if you need it. Hy-Tran oil or equivalent is used in the power shift transmission and the rear main frame. I have been using NAPA 85-405 in my 100C for over 30 years with no issues.
  3. Here you go, T-7C, TD-7C. I don't know if IH produced any gas T-7C's, they would be very rare.
  4. HydroTek is correct, they are not shown in the parts book.
  5. Bought new in '69, that picture is January '84 after we put undercarriage, clutches, brakes and paint, turbo was put on in '72, in-frame and undercarriage going on right now, still is a daily worker for us.
  6. They rust, I have also seen a lot of sprocket shields damaged, the owners take them off instead of replacing or repairing.
  7. Hillman, yes I found the link, I was unable to print it, it's me, I need to get my computer guy here to help me out. Thanks for all your help. Louie
  8. To all that replied, Thank you, it is a ball bearing, it is the bearing that supports the transmission input spline shaft, TD9B number 46. Great bunch of people here. Louie
  9. I am looking for a cross reference for a IH ST238 bearing, does anyone have a cross reference chart that can help me out. Thanks, Louie
  10. Regarding the top idlers, is the shaft (1) in the guide (14), is the guide intact to the point you can put a shaft in it? I would want both top idlers in place and operating. This is a parts page for the TD9-92, the older TD9 is similar, you can run the later idlers on the early TD9's. Let's hope a previous owner did not cut the guides.
  11. Qball, measure the gauge of the tracks (center to center) TD6 narrow gauge is 40 inches, wide gauge is 50 inches, TD9 narrow is 44 inches, wide gauge is 60 inches, TD14 narrow is 56 inches, wide gauge is 74 inches. I'm thinking it's a TD9 wide gauge.
  12. This is a TD340A, clutch pedal is on the far left, right pedal operates the brakes, the tall lever on the left with the round knob is the fast reverser. The two long levers on the right are hydraulic control valve levers. T and TD340's have planetary steering, no steering brake pedals.
  13. TD6 part number: 8503 DBX, TD6-61 8503 DCX, TD6-62 8503 DDX, the TD6 carrier uses a 1 inch plug, the 61 and 62 series use a 1-1/4 inch plug. They are the same aside from minor differences. These part numbers are for the carrier with the wide thread, the equipment combination (loader/sideboom) use a different carrier, 54 inch gauge verses 50 inch gauge. The sprocket drive pinion bearing is the same for the 61 and 62 series, TD6 has a different pinion bearing part number, I can't imagine the bearing pocket would not be the same. I can scan the parts book pages that covers the carrier if you need.
  14. Scrolling through the Facebook Canada photos is neat, thanks for this. Louie
  15. Mickey, this looks like what you have
  16. attaboy, it sounds like you have it figured out.
  17. I don't understand, in your first post you said you only have reverse in 1st gear, now you say you put it in the gear you want and then you use the reverser? Do all forward gears work? If it's similar to the T340 fast reverser it would be a planetary reverser mounted in front of the transmission. If it is a planetary type reverser and it works in 1st gear it should work in all the gears. Can you post some pictures of the cockpit of the tractor showing the reverser lever and also of the gearshift selector? We will try to help you out.
  18. Do you know which transmission you have, there were several options.
  19. Nice straight looking tractor, it will look like new when you paint and decal it out.
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