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  1. Astro, replace the sleeves, it's not that hard, we did a DT282, we pulled the sleeves with a shop made puller that only took a couple of hour's time to make with some material we had laying around. We put the new sleeves in the freezer overnight and they almost dropped in from their own weight, the last inch or two we knocked in with a block of wood and a three pound hammer. Make sure the installed sleeve height is within spec.

    IH D282 pulling sleeve.jpg

    IH D282 sleeve puller.jpg

    IH D282 sleeve pulling.jpg

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  2. Fungas, Kevin has the thickness for the TD7, 100 series, the clutch and brake shoe lining for those tractors is .141-0.147. The TD8 may have thicker lining. I had my 100C shoes relined (years ago) and it was not cheap then, make sure whoever does the relining uses the right adhesive, one of the lining peeled off of one of the shoes they did, they did make it good but it was time pulling it down again, they have been working perfect now for over 20 years. Make sure whoever does the relining knows that they are a wet shoe and the type of oil used. There is no specification on the material thickness in the IH service manual.

  3. JW, does it grind in all gears? With the engine clutch cover off what is the shaft doing when you put it into gear with the clutch engaged? It almost sounds like you are having transmission problems. If it all looks good in the clutch compartment, then pull the transmission gear housing cover to see what's going on in the transmission, you may have bent shifting forks that do not engage the gears properly.  The gear drive transmissions are fairly easy to work on, all the gears come out from the front (clutch compartment) If all the gears are good, and nothing is moving up and down as in bad bearings then you may have a ring and pinion problem. Does the tractor move in any of the gears? 


    You can download the service manual here.

    IH TD9-B transmission.jpg

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  4. JW,  40-45 lbs. pull is correct, even with less the tractor should work. The brake clutch facing Hector is talking about #11, is riveted to engine clutch coupling #10, when disengaging the engine clutch the lining presses against the throw out bearing carrier #18, that will stop the transmission gears so you can shift without grinding the gears. When disengaging the clutch you push forward, push hard to stop the gears so you can shift. If your lining is gone then make sure you come to a complete stop before shifting. If you have water in the transmission drain it and keep the oil at the correct level. With low oil I had the transmission jump out of third gear when pulling (Ag TD9B), bringing the oil up to where it should be stopped that problem, you may want to pull the top cover off to inspect the gears.

    IH TD9B engine clutch.jpg

  5. On 1/8/2022 at 5:06 AM, 1958560 said:

    The 560s I've worked on get the valves done so standout is close to the .003 end. If you're using the tractor in cold weather, it really helps starting. As the valves wear, the spec gets less.

    Doesn't the number get more as the valves would recess into the head as they wear. That number, .033-.046 is maximum recession. I would think you would want to be at around .010 or less recession when the valves are redone.

  6. On 1/6/2022 at 7:50 PM, FarmerFixEmUp said:


    valve recession is -.003 to -.046.






    That number does not seem right, my IH Engine service manual (ISS-1040-1) calls out "Maximum allowable recession, inch Valve protrusion from face of the cylinder head, inch.......033 - .046. This is for both the intake and exhaust on the D236, D282 and D301 engines. This is from the face of the cylinder head.

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  7. Brian, here you go, let me know if you need any more dimensions. I tried to measure the pins; the top link pin seems to be 1.750, the bucket pivot pin I am not able to get a good measurement on, bigger than the top link pin, calipers show about 1.788 but I would not trust that number, I would need to remove the pin to get an accurate measurement.

    IH 100C bucket.jpg

  8. On 12/31/2021 at 9:01 AM, brian falcone said:

    Does anybody have any leads on a 4 in 1 bucket for a TD 6 drott skid shovel ? I checked with as many salvage yards as I could find .I found a few for a td9 but nothing for a TD 6.  I'm wondering if a 100c bucket could be made to work.

    Have you had any luck finding a 4 in 1 bucket? I have a 100C with the 4 in 1 bucket, I can get you whatever measurements you may need.

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