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  1. Dan, I have the twin to your 100C, it's a 1972 model I bought in '76, I had the torque convertor spring a leak in '84, we pulled the engine to remove the torque converter, I don't remember it being a bad job, I did lengthen the loader safety bar to lock the bucket higher, we used a cherry picker to remove the engine through the front, it was a close fit between the bucket and the top of the grill. They are great little tractors, we have not had any major problems with the tractor, it still runs great.
  2. Jonas, I can't help you with the winch questions, I never had one, the shift pattern is pictured below, you would have five forward, one reverse. Interesting cable blade on your tractor. Being the winch runs off the pto it will only work with the engine clutch engaged.
  3. TD7, TD8 lining do not use rivets, they are only bonded, T, TD340 are dry, maybe that's why they are also riveted.
  4. I have an update on the brake and steering clutch lining for the IH 100, 125, TD7, TD8, C and E models. I am having the lining replaced on my 100C, in the above post I stated the lining to be .141-.147, I purchased one lining just to get the measurements, the lining I purchased measured out at .186 but that is with the adhesive on the back, I did not know they came with adhesive on them, measuring just the lining I came up with .147-.148. I purchased the lining off of Ebay, however it came from FrictionWorksLLC, 4598 Whittlesey Road, Norwalk, OH, phone is 419-6771167 for anyone wishing to do their own relining. The shoe material is the same size for both size tractors. I am not into bonding my own linings, I am having it done by a brake material bonding shop in San Jose Calif. who is supplying the lining. This same company did the relining in the '80's for me. I will say the lining I took out still measures .137-.141, one of the linings is starting to delaminate from a shoe so I am having all redone. Wet brakes seem to not wear at all. I am posting the bonding instructions sent with the brake shoe. Michael Brewster is Friction Works.
  5. Guys, thank you but everyone on here is what makes this forum so great. Thank you to all the others that give there input here on all subjects. Yes, it's crock when certain items cannot be shipped to this State, a few years ago I ordered Federal Safety yellow paint from our local ACE hardware where I had been getting it previous years, they cannot sell that paint to us in Calif. anymore so I ordered it from an ACE in Reno NV. no problem but they did have to get it from the warehouse, the warehouse is in Sacramento Calif.
  6. BinderDan and junkandcattle, Thank you very much, this forum has a bunch of great people here. I ordered 4 of the boots from Chicago Machinery, only problem is with our government here, Chicago Machinery would not ship to California, they said the boots have cancer causing material in them, so I had the boots shipped to a friend in TN, he will then ship to me. Any how I thank all of the good people on this forum for the help. Louie
  7. Google shows two companies, "Aftermarket Express" and "G&T Engine Parts", I tried to order, emails come back not available. I checked FP Smith, nothing shows up. If nothing else works out I will use a flexible rubber caulk to seal these up. Thank you all that responded. Louie
  8. Mike, thanks, I'll check that out, I have a friend that has a machine shop that has 3D printers.
  9. I am in need of the steering cylinder boots that are on the IH 100C, TD7C, 125C TD8C, the E versions are also the same. The part number is 652 341 C1, item 3 in the parts breakdown. If anyone has some good used boots or NOS and want to sell them contact me through messages. Thanks
  10. And to go further with what Ray said to do, while driving straight pull back on both steering clutch levers at the same time, the tractor should stop, if not try readjusting the steering clutch levers to have 4 inches of free travel.
  11. Ebay has a operator's manual for the IH 100C, $125.00 buy it now.
  12. Tad, out of the parts manual for T6 and TD6
  13. Tad, what is the serial number of your tractor? The parts book shows serial numbers 501-16052 to have the dowel bolts #53544D but to replace with 255452R92, serial numbers 16053-25238 used gear bolt #255364R1 but to replace with 255452R92. Tractor serial numbers 25239 and up use bolt #260610R1. FP Smith shows the 255452R92 new bolt kits in stock. FP Smith show bolts 260610R1 in stock new and used. I have also looked in the service manual but have not found the torque setting for the ring gear, I'll keep looking, my service manual is Form ISS-1032 B dated 1967.
  14. Thank you for the update and pictures, very nice job you did.
  15. Download the picture then you can zoom in on it. Here is lube points out of the tractor operators manual.
  16. The TD7 and 100C used the Gearmatic Winch No. 19. If you need the Winch Adapter breakdown I have it also.
  17. Trackstar, here are the dimensions of the transmission dipstick on a 100C which has the same part number as the 125E as per BinderDan. I would replace the dipstick as Dan found them in stock at FP Smith
  18. BinderDan, is that part number for the 125? Same part number for the 100C.
  19. You need to remove the booster springs 25, take the pins 8,11, out of the steering clutch turnbuckles 13,15, remove the clutch operating turnbuckles 14,24, remove the crossbolt holding the steering shaft 12, push the shaft out, the levers will come out, then the transmission cover will come off.
  20. Glad to help with what I know, I have always been interested in the TD9B, when I was dove hunting in Casa Grande in 1981 I seen a yellow tractor in the back yard of the John Deere dealer, he said make an offer he wanted that yellow tractor gone, so now I have it, great tractors.
  21. Yes, the gear drive was turbocharged, the power shift is naturally aspirated, turbo was an option on the power shift as a high altitude attachment.
  22. TD9B came out in 1962, TD9B Agricultural tractors came out in 1963, they just said Agriculture on the sides of the fuel tank below the TD9 decal, in 1968 IH changed the nose (grill) to the type Jamee's tractors have. They then called the Ag version "Custom Application". All Ag TD9B's have increased rpm (150) the injection pumps are re-calibrated, they are rated at 60 HP drawbar 75 PTO as opposed to 56 HP drawbar, 66 HP PTO of the industrial gear drive tractors, 75 PTO. The Ag tractor also came with a 44 gallon fuel tank as opposed to 33 gallon for the industrial. All the Ag 9B's also have an equalizer bar as opposed to the front spring, also solid weighted front idlers. Those are very nice looking tractors.
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