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  1. Dan, here is an OEM lower radiator hose for the 100C. Not for sale, it's my spare. 667267C1 is a Komatsu part number. I'll take it to our NAPA store tomorrow to see if they can match it up with something close.
  2. The sales literature I have lists the Bullgrader option weight at 4019 lbs., the Bulldozer at 3660 lbs. This is the Bucyrus-Erie blade that was used on your tractor. IH bought out Bucyrus-Erie in 1953 and continued to use this blade for many years after. You would need to add the weight of your hydraulic system, grille guard, belly pan, track roller shields etc.
  3. Very interesting article. I had a friend that bought a new 1600 with the Perkins diesel, it was a two axle dump truck, it was way underpowered, I can't imagine how underpowered the 301 would have been.
  4. Dave, I believe he is talking about the drive pinion, not the ring and pinion.
  5. You may be able to pull the bearing from the outside, if not you will have to break the track, pull the sprocket and sprocket carrier cover. this picture is of one of our parts machines (TD6-62), It appears you can pull the bearing cover without removing the sprocket. I am not familiar with the British built IH tractors, they may be built the same as their American counterparts. Here is the parts breakdown for the TD6-61 which may be the same as your 100.
  6. Mike, the TD6-62 loader also had the front top idler mounted as the BTD6. Was the BTD6 built on the same chassis as the TD6 but used the British engine? They look similar in some areas but different in other areas. The TD6-62 Drott used a wider gauge than the TD6-62 dozer, 52 inch gauge compared to the 50 inch gauge TD6 dozer. According to the info on serial numbers pinned at the top the BTD6 was built 1955 - 1975, the B100 1964 -1978, then the 100B series 2, is this correct? There is not a lot of info out there on the British built IH crawlers.
  7. GSC, how do you know the engine is running @3000 RPM?
  8. Did you have the injection pump modified? I put a turbo on a D282, I did not notice much improvement in power, I then had the pump modified to TD9B Ag speciation, that woke that 282 up.
  9. I don't think it's a 91 or 92 series, the engine compartment looks 9B, also the hood seems to be too high to be a 91 or 92 series. It may even be a British built crawler. Let's see what Mike chimes in with. There is a 9B that is red about 3 miles from me, I will take some pictures next time I pass by
  10. Ebay item number:373091851627 here is a OEM manual on ebay now, he's asking $102.00 or best offer with free shipping.
  11. I knew of one 62 series in my area that was bought with the low seat attachment, the thought was that you had a lower center of gravity, when I bought mine I inquired about the difference, I was told it was less than 3% by the dealer. The high seat is much more comfortable to operate than the low seat. Some called the low seat attachment the orchard version although a true orchard version is much lower and has many modifications to it. This is an Orchard conversion by a IH dealer that was located in Mountain View, Calif. I bought two of these to use as parts tractors. The two tractors I bought had the radiators lowered also to get them as low as possible.
  12. Most of the ones I have seen have been red, I have seen a couple of TD6's that had black housings but that may have been the owners choice when repainting the tractor. Another thought is the lights were an option, they may have had some black lights in the parts bin when they were putting the lights on as a dealer installed option.
  13. There was a high seat attachment and a low seat attachment. The high seat has the batteries underneath the seat, the low seat attachment has the battery on the left fender. These pages are out of the parts manual for the TD6-62 series. The TD6 and TD6-61 series parts book has the low seat attachment shown, it does not have a diagram of the high seat but does show part numbers for the high seat attachment. My neighbor has a narrow gauge TD6 with the high seat attachment, batteries are under the seat.
  14. Do you have the service manual for your tractor, if not get one, it walks you through the process. Try to find an original, the reproduction manuals are of poor quality. Ebay is a good source to find the original manuals.
  15. No, the shoes come out from the top. How are your disc's?
  16. You welcome, hope you find a source.
  17. I had then relined by FleetPride in San Jose, CA, I believe they are nationwide, FleetPride.com, 800-967-6206. FleetPride had the lining, the complete job was $757.88 for all 8 shoes, they bonded the lining onto my shoes. Friction Works in Norwalk OH advertises lining on Ebay, they want 145.00 each piece plus shipping, you have to bond the lining onto your shoes. Look at the picture with the loose lining at the bottom, that is from Friction Works.
  18. There are a total of four shoes with the bearings and four backup shoes, eight total for right and left. The lining is the same for both. TD8C and E and TD7C and E use the same pieces. I am doing mine now.
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