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  1. Doesn't the number get more as the valves would recess into the head as they wear. That number, .033-.046 is maximum recession. I would think you would want to be at around .010 or less recession when the valves are redone.
  2. I had my local print shop make mine for my 100C, I took pictures and measured before painting, they did an excellent job.
  3. That number does not seem right, my IH Engine service manual (ISS-1040-1) calls out "Maximum allowable recession, inch Valve protrusion from face of the cylinder head, inch.......033 - .046. This is for both the intake and exhaust on the D236, D282 and D301 engines. This is from the face of the cylinder head.
  4. Spencer Diesel shows a turbo for the 560 (part # SDTTO4N8069) I don't know if this is a replacement or a conversion turbo, you might want to check it out.
  5. Brian, here you go, let me know if you need any more dimensions. I tried to measure the pins; the top link pin seems to be 1.750, the bucket pivot pin I am not able to get a good measurement on, bigger than the top link pin, calipers show about 1.788 but I would not trust that number, I would need to remove the pin to get an accurate measurement.
  6. This is a bucket lubricator, this has the nozzle for sealed rollers, for the older style rollers with the button head fittings you would use a different fitting. 90w to 140w oil is usually used.
  7. Have you had any luck finding a 4 in 1 bucket? I have a 100C with the 4 in 1 bucket, I can get you whatever measurements you may need.
  8. Geardoc, FP Smith shows item #8, 314632R1 new and used in stock on their website, none of the other pieces show but may be fabricated. Looks like #11 is a reducer and #6 a straight piece of hose.
  9. pkingsley, go to the construction forum, at the top is the link to take you to serial numbers, according to the info there your tractor is a 1965
  10. Is the brake pedal return spring in place or broken? Other than that I would check that the brake pedal rod was adjusted properly before adjusting the brakes.
  11. Twolines, the 500 came with a 12 volt system. Or am I misunderstanding what you want to do with the electrical system.
  12. Does anyone know if Bison Power Tools, Manitoba, Canada is still operating? I am not getting any response from either emails or phone calls. Thanks in advance.
  13. Pinion part number 306578R1, FP Smith in Fairfield, CA (707-864-1122) shows new in stock. Pinion is the same for the T340 and T340A. Seals and bearings you will have to cross reference or take old ones to a bearing store, sometimes NAPA can help out if they have the old seals and bearings to measure.
  14. John P I like your writing style, it makes me wanting to read more. I have owned two T340's one was an ag crawler, three point hitch, pto, IH 600 dozer which I made into a hydraulic tilt, the other was a T340A with the Drott 4 in 1 bucket and ripper, they were good little tractors.
  15. Kevin, sorry to hear this, praying for your family
  16. Mike, nice looking 91 Series, those are sweet crawlers.
  17. Greg, it called the "steering clutch release shaft bearing with bushing. If you have a 150 loader (based on the TD9B chassis) the part number is 604 366 C11. The TD6-62 and TD9-92 part number is 6 376 DAX. This is out of the TD9B parts book which would use the same release shaft as the 150 loader. Item 3 is the part.
  18. James, thank you for keeping us updated, this is a good post
  19. i think that packer was rebuilt to suite the owner. the tongue is not original, they used channel iron from the factory and the side braces are not original either. I am the original owner, I replaced the tongue with square tubing (bent the channel tongue) and replaced the flimsy side braces with square tubing at the same time. I also bought the transport kit with it, I took that off as it was in the way, I did not actually need the transport kit, though I still have it somewhere here.
  20. 10 ft Brillion ring roller, has center bearing.
  21. attaboy, pictures, we like pictures
  22. The TD7C (206) water pump part number is 3 132 741 R92 and has the six bolt pulley hub, the water pump with the four bolt pulley hub is for the 544, 2544, 3514 tractors. My parts book for the 100E (239 engine) shows 3 144 456 R91 water pump.
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