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  1. Eason this is a representative pic. this cushion is in much better shape
  2. i will do my best Eason, but you have to use you imagination
  3. Just getting caught up on some tonight Nate. Are you sure its not 17000?
  4. Greetings , I am looking for a source to find the left bottom cushion in my 2575. back is ok and so is the plywood under the cushion( I know that the plywood comes with the seat}. Mine is brown . Tim
  5. Something wrong here. I can tip the bucket and hold the mfd off the ground as long as I want
  6. My 8910 came new with an 890. its a beast. 9000 hours on tractor and loader has been on for 8900 i think. Best loader since the 2001 on Dad's 504 if you never need to take it off
  7. Thats what I am thinking also. maybe aluminum
  8. Hi everyone. 13 years ago, I posted a wish to have a Magnum with a 50 series style grill. Today I had an minor accident and smashed the heck out of the upper grill/ headlight assembly on the 8910. After looking at the suggested list price, I think I am going to try to fashion something . As anyone try this yet? Tim
  9. I have a friend looking for 650 parts. do you still have them. Tim South Central Iowa

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