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  1. Our First Baptist church has been live on Facebook for the last couple of years, Usually a 10 second delay during broadcasting. Many Snowbirds from our community Visit our church on Facebook, to stay in touch while they are in the warmer climate. Thanks for Sharing Neighbors, Jim Droscha
  2. If you live close to your Uncles tractor pulling community, Ask some of his old pulling buddy's about this tractors history, They could help your "Aunt" sell the tractor, I like the looks of this "M", It looks like the front weight rack & midsection weight rack have been removed, If this is "His" shop, that your photos were taken in, your uncle enjoyed his time in this "Shop", Mounted "Deer" head, Big hung pictures, hung on the wall, oil stains on the concrete, big windows with natural light, heated building & Insulated walls. Your Uncle Had friends that spent time with him working on this old "M". You need to find Action Pictures of your Uncle Pulling this tractor! Pictures are worth a thousand words!! Jim Droscha
  3. "The Hydrostatic control chatters back and forth with force while the engine is cranking until it starts!" Any "used" 4130's I have seen, all seem to have an awkward starting motion. When the machine is at operating temps, will it still bog down with warm oil? We Had a Case 1845C with problems in forward motion, We put the unit on Blocks, all 4 wheels in the air, we put the skid through the forward & back motions, listening and watching and found the problem, ( ours was a worn Chain and sprocket) When your lift arms are in the Air, Use the "Safety locks" on the cylinders, "WE" don't want a farm accident . My 2 cents, Jim Droscha
  4. "SUPERIH" Excellent work!!! What Other folks have said about Pinning to the front is a great Idea. We have a 1660 with a 466, My serial number is at the end of production for 466's, wondered where it fell in line at. Thanks for your hard work, Jim Droscha ( Our Lake house is on Upper Evans at the end of 18 mile road off of 90th, How close is your farm from the Martini Lake Chain )
  5. Thank You !!!!! Merry Christmas to your "Family" !!! Your Friend, Jim Droscha
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