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  1. Yes!, 30 years Old! My 1989 Dodge Diesel, 5 speed, Dually is a Daily driver most times of the year, Starts every Time, 860,000 miles Jim Droscha
  2. If Your 826 is Going to the Field every Day, today is a good time to replace Seals, You would have told us if the Disk's were oily, I'm assuming the amount of Dusty Brake material filled the Drum housing's "A 1970 826" , Kids at our Church complain about working on their 2011 Chevy 1500 5.3, as "too" old & Failing , We Are Repairing Farm Equipment 50 years old, With the proper repair these Tractors will perform for another 50 years, Jim Droscha
  3. Appears the Red Paint with the wide front is a 460-560 series, or the Blue 3000 with the Swept back muffler. Jim Droscha
  4. Looks Like the 2+2 Cooked too many Alternators under the enclosed hood, Someone figured air Flow was more important than Sleek Hood Lines!! Jim Droscha
  5. I'm a Board Member of the "Eaton Conservation District", Eaton County, Charlotte Michigan, DNR information for Michigan shows most folks Residing in Michigan are a with in 3 miles of a body of Water. Creek, Pond, River, Gravel pit, Lake, 99% of these Bodies of water have "Fish" living & surviving in the Water. Was the 160-year-old DNR Information the Result of Michigan Great Lakes Inquiry, By the residents in Michigan?? Local County Drain Commision, DNR & Great Lakes Commission Departments Maps are Full of 150-year-old, Drawings of Farm Drains & Ponds. Perhaps some Agricultural communities have had this information available, and we took it for granted. Jim Droscha
  6. Prayers from Charlotte Michigan for Your Mother. Let your Mom Know, You Have a Large Group of Your Neighbors, "That are Loyal to Your Family", Praying for Mother!! "Strength in Prayer" Jim Droscha
  7. This 616 Chopper Advertisement is Posted on Facebook, When I focused on the Picture and Count the stalks Chopped and the Standing Corn, Makes a Person Wonder how a Producer could afford to make chopper Payments. My goodness The Photographer got a great Picture, Any producer would think if I Used this line of equipment, We would go Hungry!! Not My Advertisement for sale, But it is a nice Poster. My 2 cents, Jim Droscha
  8. If your Goal is to Transport the Planter on a Trailer, about 2000 lbs. Empty is an easy Figure, Row Attachments add weight, a Couple different Lengths & styles of tongue's on the 800 cyclo need to be addressed, Anything can be Disassembled for transport, When I worked at the local IH dealership during the "Early Cyclo Planter Styles" most Everything needed to be assembled at the Dealership, Equipment was delivered in Bundles, crates, Rim's & No tires. Loaded Full with Seed & Dry Fertilizer will just about double the Empty weight, Many 4 row Planters left the dealer Lots with Skinny Narrow Car tires, Jim Droscha
  9. The Great Lakes Had a lot to do with the Great Radio Reception, The Flat Surface Made the Radio Waves Come in Clear as a bell!! WBBM News Talk Radio out of Chicago was another AM radio Station easily Received. So Many of You Guys have listed AM stations with strong signals that I had forgotten about. Obviously our Listening Pleasure was Done After Dark, Our Hiniker Cab had a The Radio Antenna attached above the Normal Antenna Height, All The 12 volt lights mounted to the Roof of the Cab made Nighttime tillage a normal activity, Several Hours of Plowing after Dark, in a Comfortable tractor cab & Tunes was the Beginning of a "Generational Trend" for Every Farmer. We should start a link about Radio Reception, Our Old Dairy Barn had an Antenna Wire Attached to the old Wilcox-Gay, 4 Foot tall Cabinet Console Receiver at the end of the Station Barn Milk House Doorway, That Wire Went to the Peak of the Hip Roof Barn, a Radio Speaker the size of a Hola-Hoop Singing every song from the "Grand Old Opry" on Saturday Nights, 650 AM Was a strong Signal!! Those Big Black & White Bovines Loved that Music!!🤣😆😄, 1961-1964 was A Great time to be A Kid for Me!! Trip Down Memorie Lane, Jim Droscha
  10. Prayers From Charlotte Michigan Tuff Patch for some folks that's for sure. Jim Droscha
  11. My Next Comment will Be A Thread High jacking, "WLS" out of Chicago was Broadcast Loud & Clear in Mid-Michigan, We Could Also Receive "Super CFL" ...WCFL-AM 1000, in the early 70's,...Larry Loujack "Animal Stories", Every Farm Kid in our Area had Animal Stories & Little Tommy, Broadcasting on a "Tractor Fender Radio" Those Voices Carried for Miles across the Farm Fields, The thought of this Makes Me Smile!! Anyone Can Hear Animal Stories on YouTube, If You are Curious about these stories, Part Of Our "Rich American History" My 2 Cents, Jim Droscha
  12. Excellent!!! I haven't Located My Stash of Tractor Pull Photo's, I've spent a little time looking. Those Photo's Look Familiar, We Went to the Same Pulling Event's!! Jerry's Tractor in your Photo's is the 686 they built, 986 was in Max Simpson's Sketch Book in his Mind!! Thanks Again, Jim Droscha
  13. How Many of us have been to an auction sale, see an open station 856, 966 ,. Jumped on the step & took a Quick look at the Tach and notice the Dozens of Holes Drilled in the Cowl & sheet Metal or even the Fender and knew exactly which groups of holes the Fender radio was attached to and the 12 volt power supply wire!! Not to Many of those tractors out there any more. My 2 cents, Jim Droscha
  14. About 15 years ago, a Person listed AM/FM "tractor" fender radio's refurbished on eBay. All Makes & Models of Fender Radio's, this Vender had a Large supply of Failed Tractor Fender Radio box's and wired in a Newer Style Speaker & Tuner. I think the unit was $115.00, I didn't purchase one. My Hearing wasn't Good enough to Hear a Tractor Fender Radio over the Exhaust Pipe singing, 25 years ago, Most of the Neighbors could hear our AM Radio Mounted on the 966 Fender from 1/2 mile away. I wear a Headset AM/FM Receiver on most open station Tractors today, Great Ear Protection for Farm Kids of All Ages. My 2 cents, Jim Droscha
  15. This is the Legendary "Screamon' Demon II" Owned by Jerry VanDorpe in Charlotte Mi, A 986 purchased "New" By Jerry VanDorpe and Modified at the J.R. Fueslein International Harvester Dealership in Charlotte Michigan, Any Person could walk back to the Mechanics Bay and "see" this Super Stock 986 under construction. Max Simpson Did the Engine Work, and the Plumbing on the "Turbo" System. A Fun Picture, Great memories of Tractor Pulling in its Infancy! Max Simpson was the service Manager for "J.R. Fueslein" Implement Dealership, among other Dealerships in the Charlotte Mi Area. We Young Farmers went to The J.R. Dealership just to see whose tractor Max Simpson was wrenching on. That Corner of the Building was "Lined Off". you could Look all you wanted,...Don't Cross the Paint lines on the floor,..... "Don't Pester "Max Simpson" with Questions and Don't Touch anything!!! Many young Fella's in our community learned valuable Information from watching Max Simpson. I Will Miss My Friend. Jim Droscha
  16. Praying From Charlotte, Michigan. Jim Droscha
  17. Max Simpson Passed Away Sunday Morning, January 9th 2022 Max was 82 years old, Death was a result of a Fall, hitting his Face & head. Max Simpson was the Original Engine Builder of Screamin' Demon II, Max Simpson is on the Left in this Photo.
  18. Max Simpson Of "Simpson Performance" Passed away at 8:00AM this Morning. Max & His Wife Sandy Flew to Florida to Help a Family Friend Pull His Mini-Mod tractor. All the Friends Rented a House on the Sea Shore and Planned a fishing & Cook out Party, Mr. Simpson Lost His Footing on the Dock Area and Landed on his Face and shoulder on Saturday Evening, Mr. Simpson was Diagnosed with a tremendous amount of Internal bleeding at the Local Hospital, Was Helicoptered to a Large Medical facility for another opinion, By Midnight, the Prognoses was, the fall was terminal. Mr. Simpson Slipped away to Be with his Saviour this Past Sunday Morning, a Group of Friends at his Bed side. Max Simpson was 82 years old From Charlotte, Michigan Jim Droscha
  19. Thank You,...Thank you,...Thank You!! Our House is Warmer Now!! "WE" Needed these Video's!! Great Job Neighbor!! Jim Droscha
  20. When you take your 20lb. Gas grill tank to the LP gas Filler establishment, You can see how simple the filling Job is. Same filling process, newer version. When filling a Farm tractor LP fuel tank, You are filling with a Liquid Fuel, Not the Fumes that we are familiar with on the Gas grill. When the LP Gas tank sitting in your yard is 80% full, for the farm tractor's Fuel tank, It will fill very quickly as you Vent the Farm tractors LP fuel tank, This system is without a "Pump" all natural Pressure. as this LP Tank Became empty, Fuel time became Longer & Longer, a Few Guy's around Us had a "Hand Pump" that was pumped like an old water well had pump, The Internals Bellows of the Hand Pump wouldn't last long with the extreme Temperature change on a Hot summer day Liquid LP is "COLD",... Dangerously "COLD", Most Farmers lost interest in the cost savings of LP when the Equipment Easly Failed. If A New Generation of Electric Pump is used, you can about Double the amount of fuel entering the Tractors LP Fuel tank. 1977 Friends Had a "Ford" 9000 with an LP "Rooster Booster" power kit Tank bolted to the front of the Tractor, as the Producer fueled the 9000 with Diesel, the Large LP fuel tank was being filled at the same time, These Fella's had this down to a science, Hook LP connection first, turn on the LP pump, then drag the Diesel hose to the Fuel filler Cap, that was usually covered in Soil & Corn stalks, ( a poor location for a fuel inlet) and start the Diesel Fuel, was about the same Fill time. My 2 Cents, Jim Droscha
  21. We Have a "needs to be restored" MTA Diesel in the Far corner of our tool shed, It was repainted, someone took the time to Make it a "Farmall 450 Clone" Wasn't too bad, It was a 1960 Paint Job, Always thought the MTA was a Handsome Tractor, Looked like a true Muscle Tractor, 400/450 were sleeker more refined tractor than a 560, I'm Glad the '06 series came to the Party in the Early 60's, Excellent styling, a Classic Style. My 2 cents, Jim Droscha
  22. Thanks, I had a chance to Be in the "Simpson Machine" shop a couple of weeks ago, The Simpson Family has a run of Deaths in the Family, John Simpson the Oldest of The Simpson Brothers Has passed away, Al Simpsons Wife Jane also past, John O'Bryant The Simpsons Brother-in Law, Also Past, A year before another Sister-in-law had been laid to rest, as was John's Wife, Phyllis Simpson. Max Simpson & His Grandson Tony were busy working on the Latest Water injection system for the upcoming Pulling season when I Interrupted their schedule. On the Main Shop floor were Several "Superstock", "Hot Farm" & "Too Hot to Farm" class 466 engines in different states of rebuild, What a treat for me to see a Master Mechanic like Max Simpson point out the Limitations of each 466 Block. Max Simpsons Health Has Improved Tremendously, Different Medication made a Major difference in his Life. The Current Information is, Simpson Performance is "Not" planning to offer rolling Pulling chassis in the near future. The Machinist's in this Extra Clean Machine shop are Building Tractor Pulling Engine components, The List of Tractor Pulling Names that want parts "Today", is Fun to read, When "I" stop at the Simpson shop, I try to make it a Brief stop at lunch time. I don't want to Waste My Neighbors time!! **Another Topic, My Son Jeremy Droscha (Cooter on this Red power site) is the Tractor Pull Superintendent for the "Eaton County Fair Board" Last Years Tractor Pulling Assocation that Run the tractor pulling those three Day's & Nights was their First time At Eaton County, A tremendous amount of Positive feed back for the Community, Those Folk's Can Run a Tractor Pull!!! Tractor After Tractor went down that track, not a slow period of time at all!! The Grand Stands were full of Paying Tractor pulling enthusiasts, The Show was Fun to Watch & when the show was over the people Left the stands to purchase food on the Fair Grounds Mid-Way before folks went Home, Just what a successful Summer fair should Be!! Jim Droscha
  23. My Wifes 2018 Buick Enclave is Behind the Passenger seat, Remove Carpet in front of the Back seat, Large Rubber mat to keep the road noise away from the Passenger compartment, Be prepared for 3 different sized bolt heads starring at you, Allen wrench? Torques?.,.... No a special Fastner to stop Battery theft!! Attached to the Steel battery Box Lid, and a small clamp & specialty bolt holding the plastic body housing to the Finest GM offering of 2018!! I have changed poorer Quality Battery clamps, The SUV Batteries have a Vent tube inserted into the Plastic Battery body, When Lifting the Battery out of the Narrow Battery cavity, This small diameter Breather hose will Stretch to its limit and Pull the 35-pound battery that you have lightly gripped back into its Cave!! O'Reilly Auto parts Had the battery for $123.00 with a core exchange. My 2012 Ram 3500 has Two Batteries located in the Real working Mans position, Under the Hood, up Front, One on each side, Perfect Placing "Mother Mopar"!! Jim Droscha
  24. Our Droscha Family Dairy LLC Farm is about 8 Miles from the Van Dorpe Farm, Our Milk Hauler went to their Dairy Farm after our Pickup, "Everyone" was very familiar with the "Farm Tractors" that Jerry was wrenching on over his long "Tractor Pulling" Career. The 986 Model in your Picture is a Very Nice Detailed Likeness, Many of the Local Farmers Witnessed the "986" Construction at "J R Fueslein's" International Harvester Dealership, A New 986 Tractor Purchased, Stripped of all Non-Tractor Pulling Parts, and New "Top Secret" Parts added to the rolling Chassie. The Turbo Charging System that everyone is Familiar with, was Built & bolted on Behind Closed doors. Many of Us Young Fella's Went to "Every" Tractor pulling event That the 986 was at that Year,...Yup, We were Groupe's!! Great Memories!! All Those folk's Became Lifelong Friends, Van Dorpe's, Simpsons, Davidson's, Many, Many Folks got their Hands Greasy & Bloodied on that Pulling Machine over the Years, Jim Droscha
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