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  1. I Missed My "Red Power Family", We Have our Problems, We have Always Had Problem's, This Site Is Still The Largest Amount Of "Christian Minded", Loyal to our Families, Loyal to Our Farm Neighbors, Loyal to the Folks That Have Control of this Site, That anyone will Stumble Across on the World Wide Web!! Thank you Neighbors. Jim Droscha
  2. I would consider an automotive shop that welds Crank shafts, I have had a Few 440 Mopar Crank shafts welded that were scary to look at!! The Crank Grinder Shop, "Welded" and turned to the Correct specifications, We were Spinning those engines above 6000 Rpm's, Those Race Engines are still Preforming, I think Our Milk Hauler Had an engine Crankshaft Welded & Machined a few Decades ago, That Engine also had a Zillion Miles on It. ***If your Check Book is Big Enough, I would consider Having the "Engine Block" Line Bored or at least checked for any Imperfections. Those Bearing Halves weren't a mistake in "My Opinion", someone screwed this engine back together in the 70's with the correct Bearing Parts and couldn't turn the engine over after a In-Frame Engine repair. A late Night of "Make that tractor run for the Consignment Auction" was the result of this Poor workmanship. Check the Connecting Rod Ends for the correct Size, You are already this far into It!! My 2 Cent's, Jim Droscha
  3. Thanks for your Input, I did do the Normal Cool down cycle, The other exhaust Manifold bolts don't look weathered, or extra thin & rusted next to the head, I should plan on removing the Manifold & Turbo plumbing to Repair it Correctly, I was Hoping one of You Guy's would say " A Simple TSC bolt extraction Kit will Do the Trick" Won't take you more than 7 minutes to repair!! Thanks Neighbors!! Jim Droscha
  4. 7000 hours on our 8.3 Cummins Engine, Had a over heating problem this spring, Repaired the Problem, Many New parts. Today doing tillage work, Engine Temperature Gauge showing a Little higher temp than Normal, Stopped for a short time, long enough for the engine to cool off. Started engine, Advanced the throttle to Full RPM's, Began across the field, and sounded like a High Pitch Squeal, Throttled back down and it quit. Repeated the Throttle up & Down a few more times before I noticed a Little exhaust smoke when I advanced the throttle underload coming from the right side of the engine. **My Question, Can I Drill the Exhaust Manifold bolts out of the Head without removing the Exhaust Manifold & Turbo Plumbing?** I have thought about putting Drill Bushings in the Exhaust Manifold for an Accurate hole before inserting a Easyout. The bolts that have sheared off smooth with the head are the Back 2 bolts. I Don't think I Have damaged the Head or The Manifold from Running the engine after the bolts sheared, The steel Gasket is in place. This 8.3 Cylinder Head was replaced about 2000 hrs. ago, Reman Head was available for a quick Head Gasket Job. The correct Method would involve removing the Manifold, Drilling the Bolt's out and replacing the Gasket, I'm Still Thinking this out, are the 8.3's Known for exhaust bolts shearing off, Our 8920 is about the same hours, temperature seems to run Cooler on this tractor. Jim Droscha
  5. Our Dairy Farm Community has had Many Small Dairy Farms Disappear Over the Past few Decades. As a Small Kid Waiting in Line with Dad or Grandpa to get Feed Ground at the Local Elevator, Was the Loadstar 1600 Truck Engine Conversations, V-8 verse 6 cylinder, 2 speed rear axle, or a 5 speed transmission, I Enjoyed Going with Dad to Pretend we were getting a New Grain Truck, The Dealer Had A 1965 a New 1600 Loadstar 304, 4 speed single axle Grain Box, set on the Truck Lot, Beside it, 1965 a New 1600 Loadstar IH 6 cylinder 292? 4 speed single Axle Grain box, From what I remember with the Hood's closed, both trucks looked identical Dad & Grandpa both remarked about the 6 Cylinders Reliability & Torque, Both the trucks were sold to Different Neighbors, Saw them every Fall Hauling Ear corn to the Elevator to have feed ground, Those Loadstars were sold at the Farm Auctions 40 years ago. I Never Drove either truck to Compare the Drivability or Road speed. I always Wondered, 300 cubic inches in a V-8 or a 6 couldn't have been a Big difference in performance, Manufacturing the truck Chassis with a 6 cylinder or V8 had to be about the same cost. I still Load our 1975 1600, 16 foot box 345 5/ 2 speed rear axle pulling a M&W wagon every fall. Also Load, 1975 Dodge 600, 16 foot box 361 5/ 2 speed rear axle pulling a M&W wagon every fall, Both Trucks Have Paid for themselves many times, always reliable, only 2 Gasoline Engine trucks we use. Jim Droscha
  6. A Tractor Club is The first Thing to check into, If your Group of Members is on the List, to Cross the Bridge, You are an Automatically allowed to Cross. This Group Membership allows the "Bridge Organization" to Allow an "Agriculture Producer" or "Tractor Club" members to Self Monitor the Tractors that won't make the "Bridge Journey",....Just Because a Vehicle has Tractor Tires bolted to it doesn't make it a Tractor, I Think That Has Been Pointed out to Many Club Members & Participates by the Mackinaw Bridge Authorities. Beautiful Restored Farm Trucks have joined on the Parade of tractors Across the "Great Mackinaw". This 2021 "Mackinaw Bridge Crossing" allowed 1500 Tractors, All 1500 Spots were spoke for. I'm Sure Folks have Attended this Event without a Club Membership and asked to be able to join the the Tractor Parade. From what I Understand, the Limitation of Tractors Crossing is Enforced, Our Tractor Club Meeting in the Spring is Asking "Who's Crossing The Bridge with Us this Year"?...... We Need to Know as soon as Possible!!... Get Your Name On the List!! Our Local Community Does Have Certain Criteria. My 2 Cents. Jim Droscha
  7. Excellent!! Our Family Is Also Here!! Many Folks Haven't Seen this Bridge in Northern Michigan, Our Family Members have Been Driving in The "Farm Tractor" Bridge Crossing for a Dozen Years!! Thanks Neighbors!! Jim Droscha
  8. I wondered the same thing about debris between the clutch Face & flywheel, We Had several 715's, Took the Assemblies Apart a few times. Always Found Crap & Dust inside the Flywheel Area. Jim Droscha
  9. My Dad Purchased a 460 Diesel Identical to the one pictured in 1964, Our 460 had a Extra Heavy Duty "Dual" Manure Loader, Installed by the Dealership, Rear tires were 13.9 24's, With a tremendous amount of rear Wheel weights & Loaded tires. The Battery Box in the photo is not the correct One, The original Battery box was wide, My Brother & I would set on the box Behind my Dad When we went to the Field, Tractor Operator had a Typical Cushioned Seat, like Most IH tractors. I remember the Clutch Pedal angle being awkward to push down after a "Heavy Duty Clutch" was installed, Wasn't as Handy of a Barnyard Cleaning Tractor, after the new clutch. My Younger Brother was 8, He had both feet on the Pedal to Engauge the transmission Lever when needing to rake Hay,...He Didn't Weigh enough to do a great job of Shifting!! My Mother would have screamed if she had witnessed our tractor operating Skills!! The Tractor was not a Tillage Tractor, raking Hay, Square Baling, pulling hay wagons to the elevator was as far from the farm as it got, Power Steering Box assembly stopped working the First year it was used to clean the Barn, Dad Had Installed "Tall" Army Tread style Tires on the front of the tractor, to get the front end Higher in the air to Dump the Bucket Loads of Manure into the Manure Spreaders. The Tractor Looked Stupid with the front end Higher than the rear end, Dad also had a Fast Hitch Blade on the Back to scrap the "Cow Alley's", not much clearance. 460 Diesel utility started every day for Barn yard chores, Morning & Evening, Loaded a lot of Manure over the years, That 460 had 5 or 6 steering Box's bolted to that tractor before it was traded in 1970, Fella about 25 miles from our farm own's it today,... Restored. 1970 544 Hydro utility "Demonstrator" with 2000 Loader replaced the "Worn" 460 Diesel utility for the Barn yard Duties. Thanks for the Memories, Jim Droscha
  10. Excellent Idea!! Great Photo's!! It would be interesting to find out about the dealership decals on the Hood's, All sold in the Local Agriculture Community? Serial Numbers Checked, For the Assembly Line Locations. Our Community had Many 1206's, We Drove ours's to the elevator to Load a fertilizer Spreader a few years ago, Many Fella's in the Fertilizer line Spoke about the 1206's that there Family's had farmed with over the years, Most were Traded off for a Newer tractor, Not many Running 1206's in our County Now, Our 1206 Belonged to My Wife's Grandfather that He Purchased New in the Fall of 1965, We Consider our 1206 A Family Member. Thanks, 2 Hot 2 Farm 1256!! Jim Droscha
  11. We Also Saw the Steam, He Kept Rolling to a Safer spot, We Really enjoyed that "Farm Show" On Thursday, The beginning of the Day It was "Hot", Afternoon Started with a Lite rain, When the cold front went over us at Supper time, 90 Degree's went to 68 degrees. We Had our young grand Kids with us as we watched "Earth Quake" plow a few more rounds before dark, We were told "Time to Find a Warmer spot" The Following few Day's didn't Have Comfortable cool temp's. Jim Droscha
  12. This is a Tuff Call, If you Sink The amount of Money Needed To Make this an Extremely Reliable Tractor, Will You Get A Return on your Investment? I Have Seen a Few 806's with a Bad Tran's/ Clutch/ TA, That sell for $3500.00 Dollars, a 361 Complete Engine for your Tractor & Sell the other Parts. My 2 Cents, Jim Droscha
  13. Yup, 2016 Was a Mess for us, We Hauled Liquid Manure out of the Pit to the Wormy Field, Wasn't the Best Farm Practice, We Had a Manure Slurry 4 inches thick in about 48 hours, New Seeding Alfalfa Didn't Recover, Hauled Manure the rest of the Fall to that 30 acre Field. Neighbor Sprayed his ground, He Called us to report the Damage to our Field, We couldn't see the Damage from the road, His bean Field was next to ours, I Figured changing the PH in the soil would slow them down from Hatching, Haven't seen any in the area since 2016. Jim Droscha
  14. Welcome to RedPower!! About the Only thing you Can Count on for exchange from a 1066 Gear Drive to a 1066 Hydro Is the Complete Engine And the Hoods bolted above the engine. Flywheel Assembly is different, Ring & Pinion in the Rear is different, Tach & Speedo is different. A used Gear Drive 1066 sitting around your yard won't Yield the Parts Needed, For a 1066 Hydro. A Tractor Salvage Yard will Be the Logical choice for Parts. Steering Parts, PTO Parts, Seat, Wiring Harness, Brakes should be purchased New to get the Best Life out of your 1066 Hydro. Our Farm Has a 1066 Hydro, A Great Dependable Tractor, If you Don't Know the History of this Hydro, I Would suggest Changing "All" the filters, Drain All the Oil, Let this Machine Drain for a Day. Replace the Hydro Oil with the Real "HYTRAN's", This Filter & Oil replacement will Cost Big Bucks.,, Scary Expensive. *** "A Stingy Man Pay's the Most"***, HYTRANS is what is Needed for a Long Hydro Life. Take the Top 3 point hitch Link cover/bracket off of your tractor after it has drained, Use a Extremely Bright light to look at the Inside of your Hydro, Any Brass colored flakes on the housing Floor? Any Evidence of Milky colored Oil in the system. You will see the Brass Gears attached to the Pinion ring, That assemblies job is for your Speedometer, Look for Traces of Past Hydro overhauls . My 2 cents, Jim Droscha
  15. When I Think of the Number of Jeeps that were produced, And Now they are collector Items. 99% of the Generation of the Original War Jeep operators are Deceased, Average Life of those little Jeeps were 90 days when they were involved in a Combat Zone. End of WWII Hundreds of New Jeeps were left in "Iceland", in the Valley's & Frozen Tundra, The US economy didn't need Thousands of unsold Trucks Flooding the Car & Truck Market to an Economy that Needed Soldiers returning Home to Manufacture The Newest Late Model Car, "United Waste of America" Was what My WWII Pilot Father-in-Law Called the Thousands of Military Vehicles left to Decay around the World. My Family Members still Have several Jeeps in the Back of the Barns, that haven't seen the Light of Day in 50 years. Jim Droscha
  16. Our Family Own's Several Farm Houses in Mid-Michigan, These 1990's Manufactured Homes Were the Hired Help Homes. We Have a "Property Management" Company Handle Every Detail. Our Baptist Church has Several Rental Properties, I use the Same Company as our Church, Our Church Board Did a lot of research on Management Firm's *** Example, One of the Rental Homes is 200 feet near the Freestall Barn, Cattle Smell, Cows Mooing, Skid steer Noises, Tractors pulling Equipment past the driveway. These Potential Renters Watched the Equipment, Listened to the Activities, Smelled the Cow Barn, Several Visits Before Signing the Rental Agreement. Property Management Receives any Phone Call's about the Cow Activities. In Our Rural Area a 1200 Square foot Home with 2 car garage is $1200.00 a month, Management Company collects the rent Fee each month, The Property Management Company Keeps $83.00 Per month for there Fee. The Balance is a Direct Deposit to our Farm Account. If The renters are Behind on the Rent, I Never know about it, We Get our Money for the Rental Parcel on Time. Same for the Utility's Disconnect or Legal Problem's, We Are not Part of the Legal Collection Team, We Have Paid for a New A/C unit and an Electric stove. We "Demand"!!! No Smoking, No Lite Candles, No Open Flame in Any of the Homes, LP gas Furnace is the only Fire in the House, Every Other Appliance is Electric, The Property Management Company Does a "Family Home Visit" Often. I Like this Idea!! Good Luck, Jim Droscha
  17. Yes!! Looking Forward to spending Time with a Large Group of folks That Think Logically, Won't React to someone that coughed seven feet away. Our Family has enjoyed the "Food Section" of HCOP!! We aren't talking about the Typical Fair Food Booth's, Real food Cooked on site!! If some of you folks Haven't Discovered these "Talented Local Chef's", ....Most are Local Church Sponsored Cook's...Take your time wondering that Area. We Have decided to use the local Wagons that are traveling from site to site,....Golf cart Congestion in some areas is obvious...My Opinion. Looking Forward to seeing you Folks, Thanks Neighbors!! Jim Droscha
  18. My Wife & I have Owned every Style of Mobile Camper over our 44 years of Married Life. Many of Our Recreational RV's were used as housing at the local 4-H fairs as our Kids Showed Animals at the Local County Events. Kids of all ages dragging in there Young Friends to sit in the RV during a wet & Rainy Fair Day will Take Its Toll on Any Mud Room at home. A Light Weight travel trailer will come apart with Young Adults Racing in and out of a Camper door and the Weak floor of the travel Trailer. Our High Dollar, Cummins Powered, 53 foot long "Bus" could only take a couple of years of Twisting and Rolling at the Fair Camp grounds uneven Camping sites. Our Current Fifth Wheel Manufactured Travel unit Frame, is the Same Company that Builds Toy Hauler Trailers. Air Bag Suspension, Tires with a Truck Rating, Heavy Axles,......You Get What you Pay for. There are several websites that show, Used, Toy Haulers, Animal Trailers & Off road Trailers With Very Nice Living Space's, Of course you will want the Family Friendly units, You May Need to Hunt for the Drop down box on the site to find a Family Unit. Our Neighbor Hauls RV's for a living, He Has Towed New Trailers for 28 years, Drives to Elkhart Indiana, about an Hour or so Drive, The Largest Trailer Manufacturing Companies in this Area are In this Community, Every Monday Morning to Begin his Weeks worth of Deliveries, He Has Made the Same Statement About the Quality of "New" Travel Trailers & Fifth Wheel Trailers, But the General Public Wants Something to Camp in!! Many Folks on this RedPower Site have a Greater Knowledge about Fifth wheel Travel Trailers than Me, I Know what My Family Has Experienced!! Have Fun Looking at all the Different styles!! My 2 Cents, Jim Droscha
  19. Nice Purchase!! We Have an 886 German Diesel Twin to your 986, Never understood The Poor Quality Fuel Tank, With this year of Tractor, Plastic Fuel Tank Distorts so Bad The SMV sign pops off of the Tank!! An Open Station Tractor will Allow Hay Chaff, Grass, Cornstalk Husks & Organic Material to Gather Behind the Seat and under the Shifting Levers. Power Wash that area Often, and Lubricate the Shifting, PTO and Hydraulic Lever Assemblies, An Oily Drippy Mess is Better than a Rusted Shifting Assembly. You Will Be Surprised How Comfortable that Canopy is On your 986, My 2 cents, Jim Droscha
  20. Near Wayland Michigan was a Tractor Salvage yard Called "Stamm's". You Could Purchase a Good Used Farm Tractor Part, For a Bargain Basement Price, I Know I Wasn't "Disappointed in the Prices". Up Stairs in the Large Building were the soft Tractor Parts, Seat assemblies , Cab headliners & Interiors, Light Bulbs, Lots of stuff Purchased in Bulk. On The Far Wall were the Decal Kits that "DJ"( The Fella's Name) Had purchased, A Warehouse going out of Business of Small Tractor parts, Ect. My Brother and I were looking over the Latest arrivals of IH Decals, still in piles & boxes, DJ at the Parts counter, listened to us Talking up stairs & He came up to Address our Digging through his New Stuff, Once He saw it Was "Us", He Said, "You Guys could sort through the IH stuff and place it on the proper Shelves if you Have a few Minutes", I'll make it worth your time. We did, A lot of NOS Black Strip Deals, Everything was folded over on it self, 1066 stuck to the Back of 1466 decals, We Rolled the decals in Big loops for easy storing, 45 Minutes later DJ was standing Behind us and Thanked us for the order & Placement in the Decal bins, He said "I owe You Guys, Thanks" You Young Fella's Take that Box over there, And Take what ever you want of any decals, What ever fits into that box, No Questions Asked. We Did Take some Factory Designed Black Strip Kits, But most of the box was filled with NOS 3788 & 3588 Decals, Still Have most of the 3788's We Need to Restore our 3588, Looked at those decals the other day & the Heat has destroyed the Factory Decal's, in the Loft of the pole barn, My Fault, Stamm's Had Hundreds of pounds of Aftermarket Decal sets, Most of them I wouldn't spend time Pulling the Backing off,.. Just Junk. A Tractor Painter Near Portland Michigan Purchased a Large Amount of those Left over Decal Kits, Any Freshly Painted Red 1066 Can Be A Black Strip Tractor!! I'm Sure his Inventory Is Still Complete. Trip Down Memory Lane, Jim Droscha
  21. We use a 653A on our 1660, Head Adapter to make the feeder house is Necessary. The Drive end's We found on a Website that powers off of the feaderhouse Hex ends. We Have always planted 30 Inch rows, This design of the row cutters on each individual row lets an operator get close to the ground on Cultivated bean rows. Many Wear points, The Bevel Gears on each row, Rubber Belts attaching to the Chain with small 1/4-20 bolts can get thin, The spinning Cutter Knife assembly stays quit sharp during the Harvest season, Depends on how much dirt or Mud is forced into the row. We Have a Large aftermarket Shoe's with a 1/4 inch thick Nylon running on the ground. One on each side of the Bean row, allows the Spinning knife to stay out of the dirt, I have Wedged Rocks the size of a Football between the two noses of the row, while traveling at 5 mph. Of course the rock pushes the beans over and into the ground, I have lifted the head about 12 inches, The rock will fall from it's position and roll to the center of the cultivated bean row, I can back the 1660 to where the rock was first causing bean row damage, The belts on the 653A will usually retrieve 80% of the mangled bean stems. This style of Head design has given us years of trouble free Harvesting. My Wife's Uncle Had this 653A style on his Gleaner N6 back in the early 80's. They Farmed about 30 miles from us, Dad said the 653A was a Sunflower Harvesting head, That Uncle of your Wife Is always putting the wrong equipment in the field,.... I don't want any part of His Thinking!! I couldn't convince My Dad & Grandpa that this style of head was better then our 12 foot platform that was delivered with the 715, It was what every one else used in our area for Wheat, Oat's & soybean Harvest. Seems like a good price for this JD 653A Head. Jim Droscha ,
  22. I Received My Pilots License in 1975, My then soon to be Father in Law lived on a Farm with his own Class D air strip. All of the Young Men that were Dating his Daughters, My Wife is one of 4 Girls in that Family, Were Told, " If Your Serious About Being Part Of this Family, You Will Pass the Flight Test, and be Licensed to fly". I Passed my "Solo" flight test in his Cessna 180, The rest is History, He Owned 7 Planes Tied Down or in His Hanger at His Air Strip. I Enjoyed Flying!! A Good Family Friend Had Several 1940's Stearman airplanes Converted to Agriculture use, 40 Bushel of wheat could be Broadcast, or Dusting for Potato Bugs, The Plane could be adapted to most applications, I Was recruited to Broadcast wheat one Fall with this World War II Strearman, My Father in Law Knew this was my Calling. I flew the Stearman for a few Hours that windy afternoon, I never Successfully dropped a Kernel of wheat in the designated Field that day, I was either told by the radio Headset Screaming in my ear's, "You dumped the load of wheat in the Dirt road" or " The Wood's belonging to the neighbors won't grow anything!!" The Stearman airplane was solid, comfortable, easy to fly, and powerful. The "Death Wish" of flying around & under power lines was Uncomfortable. The 1930's "Rural Electrical Association" (REA) of Michigan had Power poles going every direction across farmers fields, some were placed 75 feet off of the center line of the county road, or Diagonal from corner to corner, took some serious studying of a Farm to be successful. I Didn't Continue with this "Flying Job", I have always had the highest respect for all the folks that Fly!! A Trip Down Memory Lane, Jim Droscha ,
  23. In our Part of Michigan that truck would still be considered ready for work!! I also wished you were closer, Thanks for posting Pictures Jim Droscha
  24. Thanks Neighbor! Nice Photo's! Always Enjoy seeing the Activity's at your Farm. Jim Droscha
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