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  1. Jeremy Died at 12:05 today, The Result of the Fire Injuries, Thank you for your Support for our Family. Jeremy Droscha "Cooter", My Son, Was Involved in a House Explosion & Fire. There 130 Year old farmhouse, Had Black Pipe LP gas Lines installed around 1930, That Old steel Pipe Rusted at a Threaded Pipe "Tee" and slowly leaked a Plum of LP gas into the lower level of their Home. His Wife Jessica, A school teacher at our local School System took Herself and two of the children, Mason, 10 & Hannah, 7 with her to school that Morning. Jeremy and 4 year old Aubrey were in the farm. Around Noon Jeremy & Aubrey Went to the Farmhouse for Lunch, Aubrey went to Her Bedroom on the Second floor at the front of the House, Jeremy went to His Farm Office also on the Second Floor, (an Old Attic area He Remodeled with Drywall & Wall Decorations). 30 feet & 2 Bedrooms from His Daughter Aubrey's Bedroom door. "Fire Marshal Investigators Opinion is" the LP gas fumes Drifted through the lower level of the House, a Kitchen appliance Motor Ignited the Gas, Resulting in a Tremendous Explosion, The explosion was directly under Jeremy's Office, The Impact Removed the Three Outside walls of the old house, sending the walls 25 feet away. The Office Floor, Contents and Jeremy Fell into the Firey mess below him, One end of the Floor was still attached by the Joist Hangers, Jeremy Crawled up the slanted floor towards his Daughters closed Bedroom door, Jeremy Wrapped his 4 Year old Daughter in a Heavy Blanket, And headed out the front Door. Farming Neighbors across the Road Witnessed the Ball of flames exiting the rear of the Farmhouse. The 75 year old Husband & Wife Ran to Jeremy & Hannah's Aid. The Neighbor Tackled Jeremy to the Ground and Proceed to Extinguish Jeremy's burning Cloths & Body, 4 year old Aubrey was unharmed and stood and watched. Our Eaton Township Hall is 2 miles from Jeremy's Farm, Our Local EMT Ambulance was stationed outside a noon that Day, ERT Driver witnessed the Ball of Flame from the Parking Lot and drove Straight to the Flames, EMT's made the 911 Fire Department Call. Jeremy was treated on the spot. Neighbor's Phoned Me,..I was ahead of the Fire trucks. I was able to Speak a few Short sentences to Him, I Think He Said "I'll Be Fine", When I Last saw Jeremy in the Back of the Ambulance, He was without any Body Hair and Clothes , his skin was dark & bloody, The ambulance Pulled away from me with My Hand still on the rear window, Jeremy was taken to the Burn unit in Lansing Michigan, then shortly Flown to the Burn unit in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jeremy is in a Drug Induced Coma where he will be for a couple of weeks, he Has a plumbing down his throat, his Lungs are burnt internally, Jeremy's first surgery is today to remove the Fabric that melted into his skin, The Back of his head, Back, Leg's & forearm's have 3rd Degree Burns. Jeremy has 60% of his body in this condition. Jessica Droscha's Facebook Page, Has Most of the Current Health information posted there, If Anyone of you knows how to post this information in an easier way, Please Do, I need to focus my time on Family. We Need your Prayers for Jeremy.
  2. Yes!, The Government Paid any participating Livestock farmer with USDA Money to Fence off our streams that cows were drinking directly from the stream. A USDA engineer Designed a system tailor made for our Pasture & cow Population, all "Free" Money!!! Our Heifer Pasture & Large County maintained stream is About a Mile away from our Main dairy farm. Joined to our main farm by field headland to field headland. We purchased a "Water Wheel" pump that pumped the water in the Creek that the animals had been drinking from, to a Large water tank on the Creek Bank, The Hose was incorporated into the Creek bank, secured by heavy brackets, A Large Cement pad was poured near a fenced corral, where the water tank rested. The slow movement of the water stream turned the "chained to the Ditch bank" Double 3 foot diameter water wheel unit and the water was pumped to the Cow tank...Excellent!! The Next spring,.. 7 inches of Rainfall in 4 hours changed the local Creek bank Landscape, We were busy at the Main Dairy Farm Protecting our Million Gallon Manure Storage pit, trying to Keep all The Liquid slurry from over running it's banks. Two Weeks later a Friend of ours's remarked about a "Two Wheeled Fulton Steamboat" looking thing, floating down the Thornapple River, We hadn't even given the Anchored water pump a thought., Every thing but part of the wooden damn was washed away, USDA Never Returned to Review the project, We never rebuilt any part of the water system, the Heifers enjoyed wading in the water anyway. Jim Droscha
  3. "Good Lord" That pretty Much "Sums" up any Knowledge I have about our 45 years of Marriage, "I" also Watched how to role a Cigar!! Thanks, I Haven't ever seen this Movie Clip, Jim Droscha
  4. We are from the Center Michigan, a 4 Hour drive to the east, Is an area of Ontario Canada that has many acres in tobacco. Visited with Relatives Near Orangeville, several years ago, the Topic came up, the next Day we saw the "Drying Barns" and Guarded, Fenced properties with fields of tobacco, "Organic Tobacco" Production, The Signage of Organic Tobacco, "No Spraying" sign's on the roadsides for the Local Road Commision to obey. My 2 Cents, Jim Droscha
  5. "Cooter" on this site has had several Dampeners rebuilt, I think an Individual in Washington State rebuilds them. I will find some information. If I find the correct address, I think One of you fellas Gave this information to Us. My 2 cents, Jim Droscha
  6. This Arena is a comfortable place to be, A few other sites I have viewed can elevate a persons Blood Pressure, I Have distanced Myself from most of that Nonsense. Life is full of Changes, I have Never felt Controlled at this "Red Power" site, Rules are rules. My 2-22-22 cents, Jim Droscha
  7. I think It could be restored to resemble an International Wagon Box, IH didn't Stamp it's own steel for the Wagon's. Our Dairy Farm had Used IH self unloading wagons in the Early 1960's, I think those wagon's Lasted only 2 years of every day use. "State Wide" A Agriculture Wagon Manufacture & Distributer located in Leslie Michigan, Had Acres & Acres of Unassembled wagon Parts. This company "Painted" assembled rolling wagon frames & Boxes any color that was needed. "State Wide" had it's own paint color's, Many of these wagon running gears can be found under flat rack wagon's at auction sales in Michigan. The "State Wide" colors were 1960 Case tractor Paint colors, Orange on the axle hub's & tongue, Cream paint on most of the rest of the wagon frame. This same Wagon you are looking at was also in Agriculture "Ford Blue"!!, My 2 cents, Jim Droscha
  8. You have got My curiosity up, When the Transfer cases were removed, was it the same gear failure in each transfer case?? Every spring the fluid levels are checked on all of our Equipment, the site glass on the transfer case is a no brainer, Thanks, Jim Droscha
  9. Interesting about Transfer case out, I can only imagine if a seal on a spinning shaft failed the oil would leak out. I don't have any knowledge of a 2+2 case failing, Other parts may contribute to the chance of the front axle not driving, I'm a Real fan of 2+2's, Several of our Neighbors have Farmed with 3388, 3588 & 3788's, Interestingly All the Tractors were tuned to the same Horsepower!! The Average Person couldn't distinguish the difference between a 3388 from a 3788. If you could own this 3588 for 3 Grand, You will have received equal to the "Golden Ring" at the local Fair this spring!! Send a few pictures if you can. Jim Droscha
  10. Excellent Pictures Neighbors!! I was at a Church Board Meeting today, Sunday Afternoon, I was Good for about quarter of an hour before I had to take a break for "The Committee chairman" began his, Slow...Long...Winded...Talk about Property management problems,.. yes,... Snow removal Punctuality of the guy with 4X4 ford pickup & Front Blade in the Church Parking Lot during our Snowy season. **Summer Day's,**.. With "Red tractors" is Just what I needed, I was able to share some screen time with the other fella's setting near Me!! We Lied in Church today!! Our little group told the speaker we were looking at the Church budget Items that were posted on the Church website, from My cellphone.!! The Number of My Close Friends on this Property Management team that Appreciated, Loved & remarked about the Large Number of farm Activity's posted in Pictures!! Thanks Again Neighbors,...By the Way, ..this Written statement will count as... "Professing My Sin's" in public..."I Lied to another Christian".... I love that "God" loves Me!!😁 Have a Blessed Day!! Jim Droscha
  11. There was A Thread on this site Last Fall, I couldn't locate It. In your Photo you have pictured the Vacuum Brake booster, The front Half is Painted white. My 1600 load star was leaking under Braking conditions, a Simple test was if we found Brake fluid in our New Vacuum Boster. We sent our unit to a Rebuilder, Made a Complete Difference!! We also thought we Had replaced or Rebuilt everything Possible,....But Brake fluid was Slipping past that Shaft in real world Braking Conditions. The folks that rebuilt my unit were in Chicago, IL, I can find there address if you need me to. My 2 Cents, Jim Droscha
  12. A Few of Us Farm Boys Purchased our Dream Cars, We Purchased this 1970 Hemi Roadrunner in 1977, 488 miles on the speedometer. We have this Plymouth in our Car trailer, Mostly Raced at special race events, "Family History" are fun Stories. Jim Droscha
  13. Being "A Mopar Guy" I Love seeing original Paint on Chrysler Built Vehicles,πŸ˜‚ What a Terrible paint Program! Nice looking Truck, I wouldn't Worry about the Speed of the Truck Just Yet. The rear end in a original 318 powered truck won't take much acceleration grief, This Little truck probably weigh's 3600 pounds, I would be hunting for a 8 3/4 with 4.10 gears, a lot of those units available at Swap Meet's, You Might find a Chrysler 518 Transmission to help with Fuel economy. A little amount of work and a 518 will perform and be reliable behind a 440. A Truly "Fun Family" Project, Good Job!! Jim Droscha
  14. Nice Display of your Family's farm. Top Picture Has the shadow of a "Old Aeronca Champ" flying the camara man from farm to farm. Diversified Farming Enterprize in the top Photo, Evenly spaced row's in the Garden, Makes a Person wonder what the Future Generations will say about the Pictures we take today of our Farming Operations. Thanks Neighbor, Jim Droscha
  15. Michigan Farm Bureau Also Had tours of this part of the Hawaiian Islands, My wife said "We could Farm here!!!" While touring that Rural part of the Islands during the 1990's, Obviously we Missed that Opportunity!! I wouldn't have blended into that community. Did any of you Folks Visit the "Dole" Pineapple Farm's in Hawaii??, I understand that those farms are vacant. Nice Group of Islands to Visit, I wouldn't live there. Jim Droscha
  16. Man Oh Man!! πŸ˜‚ That is Just Soooo..Wrong, 😁on so many Levels. Just My Opinion, 😁 Jim Droscha's 2 Cents
  17. We Had a Fella lived Near our Farm that Created several Styles of Lures. I Think,,.. I'm Actually Guessing,... It was called "Hurst's Hackles" This Farm had Barn's full of "Hundreds of Pheasant's", Dozens of local People worked in the old milkhouse. Making & Packaging Lures All this Manufacturer used was the Feathers in the "Neck Area",..... I'm not an active fisherman, but why only a small part of the Colorful Bird. I was surprised that a Company would spend that much money to raise birds and not send them to slaughter. I Remember During a Deer Hunting Season, Local Hunters found Mounds of Dead Pheasant Carcasses back in several of the neighbors woods. One Day the Place was abandoned, Never knew what happened to that Manufacturing Enterprize. Local Bank Sold the Farm to a Family that wanted to own Horses, I Sell them small square Bales of Hay. Big Barn Still smells Like Chicken Poop on a Hot summer Day in the Hay Mow. Jim Droscha
  18. We Have a Few sets of rusted & bent fenders, I never Knew the manufacture of these fenders, Was there just one style?? Several Turbo'd 4020"s in our area that were Bolted to the Large "New Holland" Manure Spreaders Ran the roads in the Spring Months. Tractor Operators didn't Need to wipe all the Windows Clean after each load, County Roads were still a Slick Mess in front of that Tough looking Dairy Farm. We Checked into Front Fenders for the 2+2 several years ago, Big attractive Rubber Fenders, 2/3rds covered the Tire area. A Tractor show vender had them. Forgot about 2+2 fenders till just now. Jim Droscha
  19. 2 Cylinder Detroit Diesel, I can Hear the thing from Here!! Several of these units working for the Local Drain Commision when I was a Kid, That Detroit Diesel Sound Travelled across the County's "Drain Cleaning Project's" Those fella's started in the Fall of the Year and ended when the digging got tougher from the Winter freeze,...then Restarted at the first Hint of Old Man Winters release of Cold Temps. Frozen Fields, Tree's without leaves and snow covered frozen Hill sides, Allowed the 2 Cylinder Detroit Engines Exhaust Note to Carry for Miles from those old Cable operated Diggers!! My 2 Cents, Jim Droscha
  20. Looking at the Oil Cooler, Air Cleaner Assembly & hoods, I say your Either in or near the 1206 0r 1256 Neighborhood!...Add the Belly Fuel Tank Cool Look!! Excellent Work!! A True Muscle Tractor Achievement!! My 2 cents, Jim Droscha
  21. The 766 Gas tractor That I know is 2510156U007444. The J R Fueslein IH Dealership I worked at had several "used" 706, 806 tractors "Large Frame" in the front Row of the Pre-Owned Equipment. 2 or 3 row's back were the H's & M's, 400's 460's & 656's, all Gas Tractors, Not a 756 Diesel ever traded in that I Recall, a Few 706 early Diesels were traded, but most of the 706 Diesel's were sent to a Tractor salvage yard in St. Johns Michigan. When the Statement was Made about the "First" Diesel 766, I Hadn't thought about that "Gap" in that size of Diesel tractor, Wouldn't the 310 engine been ideal?? I Put Hinker Tractor Cab's on several Customer owned 826"s, The J R Fueslein Dealership had sold over Two Dozen 826 Gear Drive's & Hydro Tractors when the 826 was first introduced, I own one of those 826 Gear Drive Tractors that I purchased in the Fall of 1973. Makes a Person wonder why the 358 Diesel engine wasn't adapted to the 766 Series..,. But the 358 was available in the 786 a few years later, and the 886. in 1973 The J R Fueslein Dealership Sold 17 966's, that Spring, I also own One of those 966's, Installed M&W turbo in spring of 1974, Very reliable tractor. I Needed to Put this Picture of the 966 that I own, It Was Purchased New by the 78 year old Fella Driving in this Photo in 1973, He was our Neighbor, I Drove this tractor a Lot over the Many Years of Farming, I purchased this 966 at his Auction sale a few years ago, It just seemed wrong to have the former owner of this tractor at the Local tractor Pull not Driving his "Own" tractor, ( And Now you Know the Rest of the Story!!) Original Paint, Clutch, Trans, T/A & Engine, When I purchased this 966, the Original Tires were in tuff Condition, We had these 18.4-42's & 16.1's, And yes, these are 1456 Fenders, with dual head lights.
  22. This is the 766 I Demonstrated in the Spring of 1973, Still sitting outside, Jim Droscha
  23. 1973 I worked for the Local IH Dealership, I was 17 years old at that time. A Producer wanted to trade his 1964 706 Gas for something Newer with More Power. I Knew Where this Part Time farmer Lived, The Salesman, "Benny", Instructed Me to Fill the Gas Tank and Drive the Bright Red 766 gas to the Producers Farm Field and Wait for "Him" to arrive and Demonstrate the Fasthitch 766, The 766 Gas was Whisper Quiet Driving the County backroads, took 60 minutes to travel to the Farmers dooryard that Friday Morning. Every Family member of that Farmer was standing Next to the "Sad" looking 706 Gas parked in front of the Milkhouse as the Radiator was being filled with the Water for the beginning of the workday. A Broken JD 2510 & JD 60 were also close by, without Hoods or had a Flat tire, I Drove in the Driveway and Parked side by side the "New" 766 Next to the "Abused" 706, Rear tire to Rear tire and shut the engine off. The Farmers 3 Teenage Boy's immediately Jumped on the fenders & steps of the Open station "New Toy". The First Words out of the Farmers Mouth was, "I'll Move the 706 away from this 4 Bottom plow, and you Attach your "New Horse" to it. Like Clock Work the 766 was Latched into the Fasthitch Points, The 766 Left the Dealership with 6 new suitcase weights on the frontend. 18.4-34's were loaded full with fluid, I was Standing behind the 766, Looking at all the Clearence points & correct Pin's in Place, Lift arm linkage were adjusted to the plowing marks, and the Tail wheel Hydraulic cylinder was Raised up & down several times to make everything field ready. Once this Hitching Task was completed the Farmer Shouted to his oldest son, who was sitting in the seat, "Randy" take this thing to the Field and Start rolling ground, ....Without Hesitation or watching for Humans Standing in the wrong Places, The 766 Lurched forward & Ventured toward the Partial plowed corn stubbled field next to Cow Pasture, The other 2 Teenage boy's & 2 younger sister's were skipping along on the headland beside the 766. My Explanation to the Farmer, My Never Ending Repetitive Statement, that I Said, Many, Many times, "You Folks Need to Wait for the Salesman to Demonstrait this New tractor" was ignored, I walked Beside the Farmer down to the Headlands of the Field where the 766 was struggling in the heavy Ground to Plow a decent furrow. The Teenage Kid had gone to the Far end and back. Was almost back to where I was standing when I signaled for the plowing procedure to stop. I Motioned for all future Tractor operators to Gather around the Open station of the 766, with the tractor sitting Idling I pointed out the "Draft Control Lever" that had been placed at the Bottom of the Range, I took time to point out the significate importance of the Lift arm Adjustment. I Also Explained what a "T/A" was, That was a Challenge, their old 706 had the Handel removed!! The Teenage Boy's Soaked up the information like a sponge, Those young men understood everything I said, They were Field Ready!! Once the 766 & Plow was adjusted correctly, the 766 scooted along the field in 4th low, Smiles for everyone standing on the headland that Late Morning!! "Benny" the IH salesman never showed that morning, The Farmers Wife Drove me Back to the dealership, The tired 706 Stayed on their farm. The 766 was sold to another Neighbor 35 years later at an estate sale & is still in my Area,....766 Never saw the inside of a tool shed. My 2 Cents, Jim Droscha
  24. Happy Birthday Neighbor!!

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