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  1. Good News, You Didn't Mention the Steering, While Driving Isn't interesting when you steer tight to the right or Left how close the tires get to one another, Make sure your Cab doors are Latched while operating your 2+2, A Bent Door will Change your Attitude of the Day. Are all the U-Joints Quiet? Keep all the U-Joints Greased, you also have a Dip Stick on the front Axel, these don't usually Leak oil, But Check. These 2+2's Drive train will raddle at an Idel, Typical sound near the U-Joints, While Driving on an uneven Ground Watch the Hoods sections nearest the windshield, How Much movement is in the Hinge Joints? Most 2+2's have had the New Bushing's Reinstalled, Grease Zerks are there for a Reason. My 2 Cents, Jim Droscha
  2. Different Regions of the Farming sectors of Our Country have access to several Varieties of Soil Nutrients, An Example here in Mid-Michigan is "Herbrooks Chicken Farm's", These producers are Well Known for Egg Production, Millions& Millions of Chickens are in building's about 5 miles south of Ionia Michigan, Most of the Chicken Litter is "Pelletized" to Cut down the Odor & easier Handling of this Nitrogen Nutrient. Our Dairy Farm uses Turkey Litter, The Product is lower in Phosphorous, than Chicken Litter, All of Our Dairy Farm Soil is in Good Condition, A Hundred Years of Dairy Cow Manure Spread every year on our Thin Layer of top soil, along with cover crops, keep the Tilth of the soil productive. Our Dairy Farm has used "Sand Beeding" in our free stall barns since the Early 1980's, Not a Lot of Pen Pack Straw Bedding spread on our Fields. The turkey Litter is from a Turkey Facility that has Woodchips for these "Free Range" turkeys. Most of the Turkey Producers are 80 miles to the West of our Farm, Hundreds of Buildings of Turkeys, Buildings on these Facility's are designed to store "Turkey Litter", Protecting the Turkey Litter from the "Elements". Michigan Has a Different Trucking Law than Our Neighboring States, We Have "Gravel Trains, Michigan Special, Kenworths & Freightliners", 9 Axles on the Trailers, Hauling 130 thousand pounds of Sand & Gravel, These Owner operators of these Large Capacity Rigs can Haul Fluffy Turkey Litter in the Winter months when the Gravel pits are Frozen & Highway building projects have halted, Most "Doubles" can Deliver 50 tons of Bird Poop to the Producers Storage Area at a Time. Poultry Manure has Been a Common Source of "Nitrogen" in our area for Years, The small "Laying Barn Producers" have disappeared over the Years as the Big Farms keep getting Larger, Creating a Problem of What to do with all the Poultry Waste. My 2 cents, Jim Droscha
  3. We Purchase Turkey Litter for our soil nutrients from a Turkey Litter broker. Dry Turkey Litter has been $42.00 a Ton or so these last few years, We Have our Own Litter spreader calibrated for 2 ton to the Acre, these spreaders are not your typical Manure Spreader, Dry Litter bridges in a Typical spreader and doesn't allow a consistent spread pattern. The Aroma is or can be overwhelming!! The average Person will know when this product is applied!! Spoke with the Turkey litter broker in the First part of November, He Didn't know if there would be enough Litter for all the Producers this coming spring. As was Stated, "Crazy high fert prices coming for 2022", Producers that haven't ever used this Valuable Product have spoken for a Large amount of Chicken & Turkey litter. I should have been a little more proactive in Speaking for a Nitrogen source. Soil testing several weeks ago will tell us what we have for nitrogen Credits in the soil for a projected yield in 2022' Jim Droscha
  4. We Purchased our Hydro in 1992, Original Paint!! 14000 hours, spends most of its time in the Alfalfa Fields. Jim Droscha
  5. Thanks for the Information, We Started our Fence project in the Fall of 2003, Our Post Driver is a Large Welded unit, A Rubber wheel Spinning at a slow speed Rubbing against an I-Beam, "Drives the Pounding shaft towards the Sky, Release the Handle and the Heavy unit Drops on the Top of the Post, driving it into the Ground, I Know Most Cattle Folks Have seen these type of Units, But for the Crop producers that Haven't seen one, it's one step above a "CaveMan's" Idea of driving a Post into the Ground, Our driver Is Not a Brand name Unit, a local Machinist Built these out of his Shop, The "Ram" weighs a 1000lbs., In the spring a person can drive a Blunt ended Wooden post into the Pasture Ground in 6 or 7 Hit's, about 15 seconds. We have a Pipe fixture attachment that attaches to our Skid Steer unit, Two people can drive T-Post's, but not as safe as wooden post's. mmi, We wondered about the shelf life of a light weight unit, you answered that question for us, Thank you. The "Montana 350" was Demonstrated several years ago at one of the farm progress show's, Very Clean Unit, Fail safe Instructions every where on the unit. Jim Droscha
  6. Gee! I wonder if that is the "Original Paint"??? Look's to be a Straight Tractor, and the Current owner will tell you the Complete History of this Tractor. Good Luck on your Purchase!! The "Original Paint" on our 3488 is 8 different colors of Rust & Crappy pink's and Red Paint!! Yes, I will Restore it to it's deserving beauty one day!! Jim Droscha
  7. Our Dairy Farm is Has a Rotational Grazing Program, 105 acres of Pasture, Surrounded & separated by 4.5 miles of Electrified 5 strands of High Tensile Fence wire mounted on insulators & secured to Wooden Fence post's, 18 Paddocks, 150 Gallon Rubber made watering tanks in each Paddock, Miles of Buried water lines, Spring of 2005, New established seedings, New Cow Lane's, 40 New Purchased Heifers, 110 Free Stall Barn Raised Dairy Cow's & 25 Heifers All introduced to the Grazing System. Most of the Established Older Dairy Cows figured out the "Hot Wire" at the Fence line, Several of our Own Raised Heifers & Half of the Purchased Dairy Heifers Tangled with a Hot Fence System almost every chance they Had, Some heifers Jumped and Cleared the High Tensile wire, others plowed Face first into the strands of wire. Usually a Large storm, Thunder & Lightning, most would come running to a Shelter and Miss the Gate Entrance and keep running, Some Looked terrified and wanted to Leave "Dodge City"!!, We didn't keep those blood lines on the Dairy Farm, 3 Years of Heavy Culling to get the Dairy Cow temperament we needed for Dairy Pasture Production. November 2021, Today's count of 5 inch diameter Treated Post's, 43 wooden Fence posts have rotted off at the soil line, 10 of those are Gate carrying Post's. We Have a Hydraulic motor Driven Post driver, Adapted for our Skid steer, Easy to Maneuver around the cow Walkways, Need's 2 people to operate. We are thinking about TSC style T-Posts, and replace the obvious rotting wood post problem's that will happen every year, The larger Corner post's we will use "used 6 inch well pipe" cut to length. I Have watched Video's of a Compressed Air Post Driver called "ManSaver", Seem's to be a One man Job, Obviously an air compressor is needed, out on the Pasture. Any of you folk's Used one of this Brand? I saw a "Stricker" Brand post driver used a few years ago, it was almost like driving a post By Hand, not much air power. The price is about $700 Dollars for a "ManSaver", Ya, I Know, I could Drive a Lot of post's by Hand for that amount of money,..I'm 65 years Old, I Drove 4 Post's with the post driver that "My" Grandfather used 70 years ago ,I can feel the Muscles in my shoulders, Screaming at me as I type this!!! I enjoy Hugging my Grandchildren, I don't want to miss any of that, Because of trying to save a few buck's and not purchase a "Farm Luxury", An Air Powered Fence Post Driver!! Looking forward to anyone's comments, Jim Droscha
  8. Our Dairy Farm is 20 Miles from Michigan State University, I went to School there, The Building at MSU were filled with Testing & weighing equipment, The Unit in the Picture is Similar to a unit that weigh's the forage in the basket, and dumps the load of chopped material on the conveyor. Jim Droscha
  9. We Have a 3588 our Family Purchased New, This will take 2 people to watch the clutch Linkage, With the tractor running, turn the nose of the tractor to the right, While the 2+2 is in Park, Have the person in the Cab, slowly Push the Clutch pedal to the Floor. Does the Bracket at the top of the Clutch Cylinder Flex? Are you seeing any oil Dripping out the Hydraulic Cylinder? Is the foot travel of the Clutch pedal equal to the Cylinder as everything Moves, Any Delay? Can you see if a Mechanic has Changed any positions of the Linkage recently? As for steering, We have replaced or rebuilt our Hand pump (Steering Unit) 3 times in the life of our tractor, These Hand units take a lot of abuse when a 2+2 is in Muddy Conditions, These 2+2's don't Spin the steering Wheel to the left or to the right like a 1086 does. An extra Slow or Sloth like movement indicates Oil Leakage inside the Hand Pump, You Will Enjoy using your 2+2, Think of this tractor as a 1486, rather than a 4 Wheel Drive, You will be proud of Field Performance. One other Thing about a 2+2,...These Tractors are Notorious for "Bouncing Or Rocking" in road gear, All 4 Tires will have a mind of their own. these tractors are Balanced with almost equal weight, of front Half & Back half, The More Fuel or weight you carry, the less noticeable it becomes. Our 2+2 has 18.4 Radials, Great for Pulling Tillage equipment, Excellent Tire wear. My 2 Cents, Jim Droscha
  10. Our 1970 544 Gas Hydro Utility was delivered with an Underslung Exhaust System, A Large Asbestos Sleeve was Clamped to the top couple of feet, of that exhaust pipe, Our 544 also was delivered with a 2000 model Loader, The exhaust was located & supported by a Few brackets bolted to the 2000 loader frame, this bracket system kept the exhaust tucked about an inch from the Loader frame, Parallel to the Loader unit allowing the loader frame to protect the exhaust pipe. A Short round Muffler with an exhaust tip dumped the exhaust about 10 inches from the Hitching point of the draw bar. Our New 544 Tractor had a 12 inch X 4 foot Tin shield Bolted to the Bottom of the Loader Frame to Protect the Hot Exhaust from making contact with Tall Grass or Dry Hay windrows Hydro Transmission tractor Engines turn at PTO speed, 2400 RPM's, "All" Tractors use the Same "Speedo & Tachometer" gauge clusters. I would Guess this tractor Produced about 50 horsepower at PTO speed, This tractor was Powerful on the feed Grinder or Silo Blower. Our 544 is a Demonstrator, 14.9 X 28 Loaded rear tires, The fella's that Demonstrated This tractor in the Warm Spring month's of 1970, Remarked about the "HOT" Operator platform area, This tractor pulled a 3 Bottom plow in the furrow ,... within an Hour, this tractor was parked at the barn. 2000 Loader Arm's & Frame Kept the Radiator heat directed at the Driver. Fella's that used the 544 for Square baling loved the "Hydro", but Hated the Exhaust Fumes Hanging around the Low to the Ground Tractor. Our 544 Hydro, Lived & Died in Our "Dairy Freestall Barn",... Ton's of Sloppy Liquid Manure "Cooked" on that under slung Exhaust System. A Large Box Scraper Dragged the slurry of Freestall Barn Manure to the Manure pit, Many of Our Dairy Farm Employee's that Operated the "544 Freestall Tractor", remarked in the Winter Month's about the amount of "Heat" that kept them warm, 99% of the Barn scraping was under Large Freestall barn Roof's. Our 544 was Retired from the Dairy Barn Duty's when the First Large Skid Loader's were assigned to the Dairy System, The 544 Gas Hydro Demonstrator, sit's quietly in the far corner of the Farm Shop waiting for a Complete Restoration, Trip Down Memorie Lane, Jim Droscha
  11. Is that a 384 in the Photo? I wonder if that is the original Paint!!😁 Handy little Hay raking tractor, All of your Tractors are the ones we want for our Farms, Nice Work force!! Jim Droscha
  12. Three Bolts Mike, As Has Been Mentioned, Perhaps a starter Soleniod is needed rather than the complete unit removed, Jump across to the Positive bolt on the Starter motor with a Heavy set of jumper Cables, if the Starter Motor Run's, even though the starter doesn't engage the Bendix, you have your problem Part Solved. Long Extension Needed, It would make the Starter removal a little easier if the Area was Power washed first. It's a Heavy Bugger to Remove, Don't Pinch your Fingers!! My 2 cents, Jim Droscha
  13. Well... ."Hallelujah"!! Yes Sir, that's the Article, Thanks Neighbor!!, This will be fun to Read Again. Anybody here live close to these folk's?? Anyone familiar with the Last Name?? Have found some other stuff in the File cabinets while I was on the Hunt for your Article, Saved for another time. Thanks Again for your Hard Work, Jim Droscha
  14. I Purchased the "Best Of Farmshow" Book several years ago, about the Thickness of a Sears catalog, I Marked that page about the "440's" in a 806. I can't locate that Book, I needed to post a Picture of that article on this site, Do you Have the Original Article?? Thanks for sharing, Jim Droscha
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