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  1. Welcome to the Red Power Forum!, Most Guy's won't admit to a Looong time reader, Obviously we Didn't scare you away!! Take a few pictures of your Farm, Post them here, We like looking at photos of Sunsets over the tractor hoods & morning Dew on the Red equipment. Jim Droscha
  2. If You Travelled I-69 You were with in 3 miles of our farm!!
  3. The 504 Demonstrated on our Dairy Farm was a "Gasoline Powered Tractor", Narrow Front end, Full rack of weights, 3 point Mounted Plow. This 504 was operated by the IH salesman, Or the Blockman For Harvester, I remember Grandpa wasn't very Friendly to this fella, I knew most of the local salespeople, He would have been a bit more polite if was a local Dealership employee. After plowing for a few rounds "Grandpa" stopped his "M" at the headland, Came back to the 504 & 3 bottom plow, I was standing on the step of the 504. "If This tractor & plow can't be set up
  4. I would think most of the model years the T/A levers would be the same style, In the Pinker Photo, That is a shuttle shift Lever no T/A, Made for a Manure Loader, Short stroke Lever. The T/A lever is a 504 Gas, NY Bill O, asked me to post a picture of the T/A location. The 340 Diesel, 504 Diesel & 504 Gas are owned By Jeremy Droscha, (Cooter) on this Red Power Site. When 504's were introduced to the public, a 504 gas was demonstrated on our Dairy Farm, Mounted 3-14's, loaded 15.5 tires. Grandpa was told it would plow with a Farmall "M", #60 3-16's, within
  5. My Wife Has a Turkey in the Oven!!! Our House Smells Fantastic!! Our Large Table is set!! We Will Have a Large Crowd Today!! All Family! Happy Thanksgiving to You All!! Jim Droscha
  6. Welcome!! You will Enjoy the folks on this site, Every day I look forward to seeing the Information shared by Experienced Mechanics!! Excellent project for your Family, 504 Diesel, will have the Large Tractor profile, Beautiful Grill & hood lines, Appears to be a straight Tractor. In my opinion 504 Diesel is one of those "Holy Grail" Tractors, Many 504 gas tractors in our Mid-Michigan area, only a couple Diesels, Our farm has a diesel 504, Nice handy tractor. You will do a lot of research on this Diesel engine, It is a Odd duck, 4 cylinders, Cylinder
  7. You used a Great example!! Our AG Advisor (FFA Class) Taught us about "Circuit Breaker panels & fuses" in High school, This is exactly the Screen shot he had in mind when He told the students, of our AG Mechanics class to watch "Green Acres", You will learn something, I never forgot this show! Thanks for the Memories, Jim Droscha
  8. We Had a Problem with a FireWall Protection, A lot of advice on here is correct, Start with the simple things First, Clear your Home PC. Perhaps you have a younger Family Member that could help with your home PC commands, I put a lot of "Trust" in my nephews ability's, Defragging, Clearing old unfinished Documents, will help a bogged down PC, We Had A Printer APP installed trying to run several years ago, we didn't own that software or the printer!!! Good Luck!! My 2 cents, Jim Droscha
  9. Glad to Hear your felling Better, We will look forward to seeing more pictures from you, (we enjoy riding along with you, through photo's)!! Thanks for the Photo's My Friend!! Jim Droscha
  10. Great Photo Tour!!!, I really Enjoyed the Pictures!! I enjoy looking at "Hard" working Farms!! You Folks Have Earned every "Dollar" !! Jim Droscha
  11. Several Bale Screws in Mid-Michigan, also 30 years ago, Can't think of one left in our county, Sadly those "Barns" with a Bale screw attached are no longer standing. Thanks for posting the photo's, Jim Droscha
  12. I Don't have the exact answer, Our Case 430 skid steer has a 12 volt solenoid that locks and unlocks the different attachments, Hay forks, pallet forks' While sitting in the seat you can see this solenoid, It looks a lot like your Solenoid unit, operates in a Pressurized hydraulic system, always lubricated. This unit will fail, the "O" ring's inside the 12 volt operated hydraulic "Valve" will flake off and prevent the valve from sliding up & down. A 12 volt solenoid won't have enough power for the magnetic System to overcome a "sliver" of rubber "O" ring wedged in a z
  13. There was a post on this site a while back of "Custom Feed Grinders", Feed Grinding units mounted on truck chassis, Carried molasses's & bag's of Minerals could do any type of ration, "Mr. Like" was our grinders name, Grinding Unit mounted on a Mid 50's Dodge truck frame, Gear box on the back of the transmission disconnected the Drive shaft, sent the engine horse power to the "Feed Grinder" PTO Shaft, Dad & Grandpa had this Fella Grind 6 Batches of feed each Monday, Spent most of the day at our farm. This was 1962, us little guys would play in the corn crib while that old "
  14. Your Welcome,........ It's Our Pleasure to offer our.... "Own Opinions"..... about what we see on this "Red power Website"....Were good at It!!! What have you been using to grind feed with? A 466 Naturally Asperated 3488 is good Honest 100 horses on the PTO. One of the first "Hydro" tractors on our Dairy farm in the 70's was the 1026 ( Pictured in my avatar) Our Feed Grinder tractor at the time the 1026 was delivered was a 706 gas bolted to a Gehl 100 grinder mixer, 4 hours a day, every day, that Grinder was Busy. Once the 1026 Ground a few loads, we knew we had t
  15. Great Information, Of course when starting any "Hydro" a Operator must step on the clutch pedal when starting! Hydro's Will start moving when the engine starts, If the "Hydro" lever is any place but the neutral position. It was pounded into our "Heads" as Kid's, When leaving the tractor seat of any "Hydro" tractor, "Engage the Park Lock"!!! Put the tractor in "Neutral" when a person is not in the tractor seat, and place in "Park". In the winter months, Start the tractor with the park Lock engage, as the tractor is warming up, a operator can advance the forward l
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