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  1. Nice Purchase!! We Have an 886 German Diesel Twin to your 986, Never understood The Poor Quality Fuel Tank, With this year of Tractor, Plastic Fuel Tank Distorts so Bad The SMV sign pops off of the Tank!! An Open Station Tractor will Allow Hay Chaff, Grass, Cornstalk Husks & Organic Material to Gather Behind the Seat and under the Shifting Levers. Power Wash that area Often, and Lubricate the Shifting, PTO and Hydraulic Lever Assemblies, An Oily Drippy Mess is Better than a Rusted Shifting Assembly. You Will Be Surprised How Comfortable that Canopy is On your 986, My 2 cents, Jim Droscha
  2. Near Wayland Michigan was a Tractor Salvage yard Called "Stamm's". You Could Purchase a Good Used Farm Tractor Part, For a Bargain Basement Price, I Know I Wasn't "Disappointed in the Prices". Up Stairs in the Large Building were the soft Tractor Parts, Seat assemblies , Cab headliners & Interiors, Light Bulbs, Lots of stuff Purchased in Bulk. On The Far Wall were the Decal Kits that "DJ"( The Fella's Name) Had purchased, A Warehouse going out of Business of Small Tractor parts, Ect. My Brother and I were looking over the Latest arrivals of IH Decals, still in piles & boxes, DJ at the Parts counter, listened to us Talking up stairs & He came up to Address our Digging through his New Stuff, Once He saw it Was "Us", He Said, "You Guys could sort through the IH stuff and place it on the proper Shelves if you Have a few Minutes", I'll make it worth your time. We did, A lot of NOS Black Strip Deals, Everything was folded over on it self, 1066 stuck to the Back of 1466 decals, We Rolled the decals in Big loops for easy storing, 45 Minutes later DJ was standing Behind us and Thanked us for the order & Placement in the Decal bins, He said "I owe You Guys, Thanks" You Young Fella's Take that Box over there, And Take what ever you want of any decals, What ever fits into that box, No Questions Asked. We Did Take some Factory Designed Black Strip Kits, But most of the box was filled with NOS 3788 & 3588 Decals, Still Have most of the 3788's We Need to Restore our 3588, Looked at those decals the other day & the Heat has destroyed the Factory Decal's, in the Loft of the pole barn, My Fault, Stamm's Had Hundreds of pounds of Aftermarket Decal sets, Most of them I wouldn't spend time Pulling the Backing off,.. Just Junk. A Tractor Painter Near Portland Michigan Purchased a Large Amount of those Left over Decal Kits, Any Freshly Painted Red 1066 Can Be A Black Strip Tractor!! I'm Sure his Inventory Is Still Complete. Trip Down Memory Lane, Jim Droscha
  3. We use a 653A on our 1660, Head Adapter to make the feeder house is Necessary. The Drive end's We found on a Website that powers off of the feaderhouse Hex ends. We Have always planted 30 Inch rows, This design of the row cutters on each individual row lets an operator get close to the ground on Cultivated bean rows. Many Wear points, The Bevel Gears on each row, Rubber Belts attaching to the Chain with small 1/4-20 bolts can get thin, The spinning Cutter Knife assembly stays quit sharp during the Harvest season, Depends on how much dirt or Mud is forced into the row. We Have a Large aftermarket Shoe's with a 1/4 inch thick Nylon running on the ground. One on each side of the Bean row, allows the Spinning knife to stay out of the dirt, I have Wedged Rocks the size of a Football between the two noses of the row, while traveling at 5 mph. Of course the rock pushes the beans over and into the ground, I have lifted the head about 12 inches, The rock will fall from it's position and roll to the center of the cultivated bean row, I can back the 1660 to where the rock was first causing bean row damage, The belts on the 653A will usually retrieve 80% of the mangled bean stems. This style of Head design has given us years of trouble free Harvesting. My Wife's Uncle Had this 653A style on his Gleaner N6 back in the early 80's. They Farmed about 30 miles from us, Dad said the 653A was a Sunflower Harvesting head, That Uncle of your Wife Is always putting the wrong equipment in the field,.... I don't want any part of His Thinking!! I couldn't convince My Dad & Grandpa that this style of head was better then our 12 foot platform that was delivered with the 715, It was what every one else used in our area for Wheat, Oat's & soybean Harvest. Seems like a good price for this JD 653A Head. Jim Droscha ,
  4. I Received My Pilots License in 1975, My then soon to be Father in Law lived on a Farm with his own Class D air strip. All of the Young Men that were Dating his Daughters, My Wife is one of 4 Girls in that Family, Were Told, " If Your Serious About Being Part Of this Family, You Will Pass the Flight Test, and be Licensed to fly". I Passed my "Solo" flight test in his Cessna 180, The rest is History, He Owned 7 Planes Tied Down or in His Hanger at His Air Strip. I Enjoyed Flying!! A Good Family Friend Had Several 1940's Stearman airplanes Converted to Agriculture use, 40 Bushel of wheat could be Broadcast, or Dusting for Potato Bugs, The Plane could be adapted to most applications, I Was recruited to Broadcast wheat one Fall with this World War II Strearman, My Father in Law Knew this was my Calling. I flew the Stearman for a few Hours that windy afternoon, I never Successfully dropped a Kernel of wheat in the designated Field that day, I was either told by the radio Headset Screaming in my ear's, "You dumped the load of wheat in the Dirt road" or " The Wood's belonging to the neighbors won't grow anything!!" The Stearman airplane was solid, comfortable, easy to fly, and powerful. The "Death Wish" of flying around & under power lines was Uncomfortable. The 1930's "Rural Electrical Association" (REA) of Michigan had Power poles going every direction across farmers fields, some were placed 75 feet off of the center line of the county road, or Diagonal from corner to corner, took some serious studying of a Farm to be successful. I Didn't Continue with this "Flying Job", I have always had the highest respect for all the folks that Fly!! A Trip Down Memory Lane, Jim Droscha ,
  5. In our Part of Michigan that truck would still be considered ready for work!! I also wished you were closer, Thanks for posting Pictures Jim Droscha
  6. Thanks Neighbor! Nice Photo's! Always Enjoy seeing the Activity's at your Farm. Jim Droscha
  7. It Seems you have Done your home work, While sitting in the seat, Can you turn the Knob easily? While you are sitting in the seat, Does the seat Rock back (On the seat frame) that the Cylinder touches the Bottom of the seat Pan? There should be a rubbing spot on the seat pan bottom that would be evident. There is a Good Chance that someone else ( Before you owned the tractor) may have Charged "your" Cylinder with compressed air and Damaged the internal Seals. I have cut these cylinders apart, Not much to the seals. Purchasing a New Cylinder will be Great Investment for your Peace of mind. It's been 20 years since I have purchased a New Cylinder for a Tomb Stone seat, Seems IH parts wanted a Tremendous Price for this Cylinder Many years ago, Our Parts Man found this cylinder in use for other seat applications, The price we paid was Half of the IH price tag, You will Find this Cylinder on the Internet with some searching, Different part number Thanks for Keeping us informed, Other Folks are Experiencing the same uncomfortable Seat Movement on there Pride & Joy. Jim Droscha
  8. My Wife Has an Aunt that Has Smoked 4 Packs of Cigarettes a Day for the Last 30 Years. When Aunt Gloria Speaks to the Grandkids on Her Cell Phone that's a Rugged Voice!! You Want Her Number, She could do your Voice Mail Instructions!!.......Sorry Couldn't Resist !! Jim Droscha
  9. We Have several Tractors with your style of seat, Each of our tractors have had the seats worn out except one. We Have rebuilt all the seats now I Have purchased seats removed from tractors at the salvage yards to Build "One" Good seat, Then traded them to the other Tractors as the seats failed. I have modified the "Nitrogen Filled" Cylinder to accept a small air line to be able to adjust the "Ride" while doing field work, Compressed air works Fine. That small cylinder can't have a bent shaft, this cylinder, when completely empty should have easy movement, I have added light oil at the air fitting to help. Several Different Factors to consider on a 45 year old seat, The Foam and the Fabric aren't comfortable anymore. The Bushings and pins need to work smoothly after our "Big Butts" have been bouncing on these seats on a rough field. The seat units work Great on the Work Bench,.... installed & Bolted down on the tractor, is a different story A Humans weight can slightly distort the smoothly working "Geometry" of the swinging arms & even the small pin that keep every thing aligned. Sitting Looking over your shoulder & slightly shifting your weight in the seat to the bushings on one side of the seat frame will change the Dynamics of the seat movement. These seats weren't fantastic seat's to begin with. We purchased a Complete Aftermarket Fabric seat assembly, Bolted it to the 1456, inside the Cab, And the 310 pound operator still didn't have the full seat travel, while Tilling a rough Field. Jumbo Man would hit his head on the inside roof of the cab at anytime anyway. The nicest riding seat on this Farm of the "Tomb Stone" style, is the tractor with 2800 hours. Simple Answer, The Mechanical parts aren't wore out. We Have gotten spoiled over the years By our Magnum Style Air ride seats, These seats Can Be Installed on any Large Frame Tractor. You Will Need to Completely Remove this Oily seat Assembly, to fully look at the bushings and side to side movement, Front to Back Movement. My 2 Cents, Jim Droscha
  10. Purchase the Complete Foot Throttle Assembly, Once you have the New Parts out in front of you, and your foot Kick panel off your tractor, You will see how easy this installation will be. You will have to modify The new Panel, Because of the Height of your 756 Steering tower. We installed a Foot throttle on a 706, 4" Cut off saw and a Drill will complete the installation. A Great addition to your Tractor Jim Droscha
  11. Those Rotary Scythe's are Big Flail Choppers, Cast Steel Swing Paddles with a Sharpened edge, Most Machines never get the Paddle Edges Sharpened. New Idea Cut/Ditioners were the same style, I purchased a New 9 foot Cut/Ditioner in 1980, Most of the Time the Alfalfa would recover for the next cutting quicker, Those Machines didn't care if the Hay was laying Flat from a high wind, those machines would Suck the whole Plant into the Spinning assembly. MC Rotary Scythe's had a variety of width's 7 foot to 14 feet, many were used as Corn stalk Choppers after corn harvest. Big Draw Back to all that style, Didn't mater what color it was, The Amount of Grit that got sucked into the windrow was deadly to the Chopper Knives. Real dry summer & 2nd cutting headed for the silo, Chopper knives needed sharpening every couple of hours. The Small Square Bales of hay made with a Rotary Cutter are softer to the touch than a sickle or a Discbine, No stemmy End's at the end of the flake's Our first Machine was in 1967, A New Idea 7 foot Cut/Ditioner, Any Farmall "M" could roll along in 3rd gear, Didn't need to lift on the Headlands, just keep moving to the next pass, Grandpa's Farmall "H" would work in 2nd Gear if he wanted to Cut hay for a day. Grand'Pa was 85 years old, Trouble free Hay cutting, He Enjoyed the Ride. My Trip Down Memory Lane, Jim Droscha
  12. I'm Laughing out Load!!! My wife came into My Farm Office a minute ago and looked over At my Computer screen, You Guy's are Glowing over Pictures of a Broken Vice!! 3 weeks ago it was Pictures of Food!! She Said, "Karen at Work sez Her Husband was caught looking at XXX websites at his DPW work station, They Gave Him A Warning!! I Like What "We" Look At!!! "Geezz... I Enjoy My Fellow Red Power Friend's" Thanks Neighbors, Jim Droscha
  13. I'm Not going to Give my opinion of 8 MPH mowing on our own Hay field. But these Young Enthusiastic Young Teenagers Barrowed Their Dad's Moco to Do custom Hay Cutting 12 miles from home for Extra Income, There Dad Said, "Ask the Owners about possible Washouts or Woven wire Fence in that old Pasture field. We Drove Past the Fella's Heading to There Farm with the Damaged Moco, Long Brome Grass & Timothy wrapped around the Damaged Machine. The 4430 That was running the Machine was probably smoking across the Field, I have seen these Farmers cut hay before. I Don't Know How they Stay in the Seat!! The 8 MPH story is what the Parts guy was told, "Gee,... We was being real carful",.. "Then we Hit Something Big" This Farmer's Family also owns a 12 foot "MC Rotary Scythe",... That Machine go's to the Hay Field every year, Rotary Scythe's Takes Horse power!! The JD Moco is the Backup Hay Machine, These Guys aren't out of business. Jim Droscha
  14. Where did you Find Parts for your Machine, Neighbor was doing some custom work, Also hit a Dead Head rock. The Shock Wave of the Rock Impact Went everywhere!! Only thing Not Damaged was the PTO Shaft, Cutting Hay at 8 MPH!! What a Mistake. JD Dealer Told them to find a parts Donor Machine, The JD Dealerships in Mid-Michigan are closing several stores, Next Thing....Mega Stores for our area. New Replacement Parts are Weeks away from a Dealers Parts Counter. Jim Droscha
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