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  1. Walmart/Dean Foods

    This Morning Our "Milk Man" called ( most Every Producer in this part of Mid-Michigan sells to Michigan Milk Producers Association) He was instructed not to pickup Milk at 2 local producers, He needed to rework his Pickup Schedule, He had been taking milk to Constantine Michigan , This Milk Plant is at the Indiana & Michigan border, This old milk plant will start receiving More milk from Ohio and Indiana. The producers in Michigan that are experiencing any type of "Quality" issue of any kind are being shut off. Period.. The local field staff for "MMPA" is very supportive to these producers, But When the "State Inspector" Finds a Manure Pit Violation, Including tracking manure on the roadway to a field. These are state "Violations" and a "Reconnection time Period" is very lengthy. It appears that a 300 cow dairy is even to small to compete with mega Dairies. When these producers are without a "Milk Check " for 30 days or even if they do get back to Producing milk for the consuming public. It will be Difficult to get any type of Operating loan this spring, and this is the first part of "March" . This dairy producer neighborhood will never be the same. So sad. Jim Droscha
  2. Walmart/Dean Foods

  3. Request for thoughts and prayers.

    Prayers and thoughts from Michigan.
  4. National Farm Machinery Show

    We had a Great time Yesterday, Cooter and his 3 Little kids (My Grand children) walked and walked, saw some much stuff. I could post a lot of pictures, but IHBOWEN and "I" took the same " pic's". The "1206" was a real eye catcher, next to our table where we were eating lunch. It was fun to here the visitors wearing "Green hats & Deere shirts" remark about the lack of "Vintage" early Green Tractors not able to beat this "Survivor" of the "Tractor Pulls!!". Through out the Whole Convention center , were other pulling tractors displayed of different generations of pulling success. When we got to the " Heritage Iron" display, Sherry Greeted us. she is always a pleasure to visit with, Intelligent , Knowable, fun to be around and "She's Beautiful !!" Everybody is her Neighbor, and she treats you that way.
  5. Ive found a boatload of old pullers on the red machines

    You should visit a facebook site called "The Old NTPA" A fun place to visit.. Jim Droscha
  6. tankless hot water heater propane fired

    We purchased a "GeoSpring" G E brand water heater 4 years ago for a house we have at the lake. It's in a finished basement, the Dehumidifier part of the unit keeps the area around it dry and mold free. The unit Heats the water just fine, We haven't a need to switch on the 220 elements, I think it is a 40 gallon unit. When we go to the lake the grand kids go, 6 people taking showers at the end of the day, we haven't run it out of hot water yet. This unit was on sale at "Lowes" gave $750.00, and a tax incentive to boot, we were in need of a new water heater & the dehumidifier needed replacing anyway. I would purchase this type again. Jim Droscha
  7. dairy cow sales in your area?

    Today is 12/28/2017 I saw my young friend at TSC today, We talked about the cold weather and cow teats, I made a bold statement to him about being "owned by the bank" He said " Risk" is uncomfortable, but manageable, When they were adding cows to the milking group, he got caught up in a leasing arraignment, that could have turned into a death trap "He needed to add 500 animals to meet milk production projections, He Failed to contact "Greenstone" of his obligation to this "Cow Jockey", In a year his debt load per cow was at $4800.00 an animal. and he shared the said story of the 500 milking cows that got off the different trucks through out the year that unloaded supposedly top production animals, 30% went to slaughter 90 days after arriving. He was able to find another producer that needed to expand his herd and take all of his lease animals off his farm. I didn't ask about the financial loss he incurred from this event, He did keep all the heifer calves, those animals are in the new barns. I'm thankful I'm able to sleep at night without a tremendous financial burden on our farm. But I'm 62 and I made a lot of mistakes that I learned not to repeat. Jim Droscha
  8. While I Was Away

    Nice looking "Merc", My brother -in-law is the owner of a company in Mason Michigan named "Yesteryear Ford" They do museum quality restorations of "Flat Head" powered cars & trucks, 1953 being the last year for North American built car's & trucks to have a "Flat head engine". When "Cooter" (on this redpower site) needed summer time employment during his high school years, He worked at the warehouse shipping parts, And learned to rebuild starters & generators, in the mechanics shop. David Groh the owner has a large inventory. He can help you with your "Flat Head" Jim Droscha
  9. Merry Christmas to everyone

    A Very Nice Card!!!!! Every Christmas season My wife and I talk about next year we are going to think ahead and do a very nice tractor "Christmas Card" . Congratulations on a beautiful placement of equipment and shiny paint. Your a very blessed man to have someone as beautiful as "Rachelle" to pose with You, Hydro, and farm Equipment. "Merry Christmas to you" Jim Droscha
  10. dairy cow sales in your area?

    We Dairymen just smiled at the "Hog industry" not too many years ago, too many producers, not enough demand for pork in this part of Mid-Michigan. a lot of farrow to finish producers went under and the family farm's that they barrowed against were lost to the highest bidder. We just knew we are better managers, every one drinks milk, eats ice cream, job security, our co-ops market our product, this is to simple to fail. I went to our "Milk haulers " Funeral this morning, ( he hasn't driven a milk truck in the past 5 years) As a group of us dairy producers stood talking before the pastor ask us to be seated, The talk was about, uncomfortably low prices and who wouldn't be shipping milk next spring. A young Producer and his wife from our area, that was on our "Milk Haulers" route shared about their latest Economic decisions, In 2010 when the price of milk was in the high teens, (They took ownership of his dad's 60 cow dairy, Dad stayed on the farm as calf feeder) borrowed against land for the new parlor, free stall barn, heifer barn, bunk silo, with a goal of 450 cows. didn't buy new paint, made do with 4440 size equipment. By 2014, 600 cows, 4 full time employees, including him and his wife, by the fall of 2016, 230 cows, one part time woman milking in the morning, Fall of 2017, Just the young man milking 80 cows, his wife is working in town for there health insurance, the barns are mostly empty, 3 hours of barn chores in the morning and 2 hours of chores each night all done by him. he said "I can't do anymore than that and stay healthy". ( there 2 children decided not to get involved in the dairy industry). He said "Greenstone" was very supportive of his decision to cut back at this time of to much production, and to continue with a steady vision of a promising future. He said my dream of paying this debt off before I'm 75 years old probably wont be a reality, "I'm OK with that" he said, I'm owned by the bank. This story is the same, all around the dairy communities, My "Grand'Pa" told me, "There is good money in milking cows, Just not much of it". Jim Droscha

    Mopar folks like "Me" love to see my fellow Chrysler family friends jump on board to answer a "Hemi" question. All are correct answers. Jim Droscha
  12. Hidden foreign land ownership in Wisconsin

    I Wonder what the "Native American Indian" said about the foreigner's moving in 250 years ago???
  13. Dec 7th

    I'm Was born in 1956, My father was a teen in a One room school house in rural mid Michigan, His mother (my Grand 'ma) was his Teacher, When I asked about that event, of Dec. 7th, he recalled it took a few days for a local newspaper to have most of the information about Pearl Harbor, Electric power hadn't been connected to that part of the county yet. He said, The following Sunday The "Church Service" was dedicated to those folks that were lost, A member of the "Military" was at the church to share what he "Knew" about the "Japanese Attach" . In January of my dad's Senior in high school, He and a group of young men went to Detroit Mi. and "Enlisted in the Navy" . Dad was placed on a "Fuel Tanker ship" a floating gas station to refuel destroyers and aircraft carriers in the " Pacific Ocean" . Dad had some great story's of what he saw. He Never left the "Ship" , these tanker ships were extremely powerful, and when they were completely full of fuel most of ship was all but bellow the water line of the ocean, at full power they would slid in next to a cruiser while still in motion, hook up fuel lines and unload, as the fuel was moved to another ship there ship would "Rise" out of the water and be Exposed to "enemy aircraft" he was on a empty ship without weapons to defend it self, a " Floating ship full of fuel fumes " After they Refueled the combat ships, they headed back to refill there ship at the nearest fuel depot and back out to the emptiest "Navel Battleship". Dad came back to his family farm in 1947. the rest is "History". Jim Droscha
  14. Combine alternator question

    The Motorola on our 466 powered 1660 failed while I was harvesting beans the other night. the next morning I went to the dealer to trade in my tired alternator. they didn't have one, would be a couple of day's wait, I said I would search for one. Diesel Equipment in Potterville MI. sell's & repairs injector pumps, Turbo's & other fuel equipment, I had seen an alternator sitting on the counter when I had a set of injectors rebuilt a couple of weeks ago, I called them, told them of my model of combine, they had a new "Bosch" for $250.00. bolted right up, This was a easy install. Never seen the lights so" bright ", They took my Motorola in trade, I Like these folk's, lots of Inventory. Jim
  15. Odd looking H

    We need to link this picture to the "Farmall Super HTA" thread on the general redpower site, maybe the owners of the HTA would offer big bucks for a experimental "GM" powered "H" . Jim