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  1. We Have a 3488, Needs a New Alternator each Spring, We Purchase a NAPA 1 wire Alternator ( about $40.00) change the pulley, at PTO speed, 13 Volts on the meter. With in a couple days of Planting, I can smell it burning, Full Warranty covers the replacement, Not to hard to change, just inconvenient, Usually barrow from the 886. Our 2+2 will cook an alternator about every other year. Jim Droscha
  2. Same Here In Charlotte Michigan, I Know the Manager, He Said, " This Decision Came From Owners of the Company". The Manager And I were speaking about this "Topic" at the local "Menards", 11% off at Menards, And you can Purchase "Shell Oil, Anti Freeze, Batteries, LED lights, Tools, Replacement Spin on fuel filters. Our TSC Manager is also Farms, He Has Made a Commitment to Have Many Styles Of "Chisel Plow Points & Bolts, Plow Points & Bolts, All seem to be "Weise" Manufactured. All this inconvenient Time Period, is tolerable when I called and Had "Premium Fuel Delivered" $1.39 Red Off Road fuel, Cash Sale, Large Quantities. Jim Droscha
  3. Thanks For Sharing. Our Church has a Very similar Situation, Our Former Youth Pastor, Wife & young son Moved to New Mexico, 18 months ago. The current financial Health of his "New Mexico" church is forcing his family to leave, They have decided to return to Michigan, We were informed, Everything they own will fit in a Chrysler Mini Van. They moved to New Mexico with a 1990's Full size, Chevy Van, The Vehicle needs major engine repair and won't make the Journey to Michigan. They have experienced the same "Rental Car" problem in "New Mexico. Any Idea What the cost of Her U-Haul vehicle was, Did she get to pick the size of the Vehicle? Thanks, I spoke with them a few nights ago, told them about your family's road trip, I told him about "Red Powers" Members Support Group. Thanks for your Help. Jim Droscha
  4. Our Gas, Fast hitch, 706 appeared in 1965, I can remember the dealer explaining in "Great Detail" how to face the tractor step, one hand on the fender grab handle, (Clam shell Fender) one hand on the T/A bracket, and simply step onto the platform & be seated, To remove your self from your "New 706", come off of the tractor backwards, with your Left foot on the lower step, and step down. The dealer insisted that he watch all of the tractor operators enter & exit the tractor platform. To this day, "I" enter our, 06, 56, 66 & 86 series tractor platforms, just like we were taught in the spring of 1965. I witnessed my Grandpa crawl onto that 706 over the Fast hitch arms, like it was the SMTA. he changed when the first Cabbed tractor was driven into out Dooryard. Jim Droscha
  5. There was a 1620 sitting in "Jansons" farm equipment Dealer last fall, 4 row corn head, Nice Red Paint, A family member had it on consignment, $20,000. or best offer. It was at the far end of the machinery row, when we drove out of the dealers driveway, we would glance at the used tractors, and other stuff, I would struggle to read the home made sign in the Cab front window, 1500 hrs., Cummins engine, new batteries, many new parts, ect. and of course the phone number. We had a wet 2019 fall, didn't have a reason to go to the dealership, Next time we went to town, "Jansons" had 4 Big newer style John Deere combines in the machinery row, When we spoke with the salesman about the "Deeres" I asked about the 1620, He said, Oh the, "Michigan State University Special"? He told about all the "Customized" parts, the 1620 had bolted on, He also said, That one was different from the standard 1620's. I find this Interesting. Jim Droscha
  6. Yup... "GoodYear"……... good for a year.
  7. Our First Baptist church has been live on Facebook for the last couple of years, Usually a 10 second delay during broadcasting. Many Snowbirds from our community Visit our church on Facebook, to stay in touch while they are in the warmer climate. Thanks for Sharing Neighbors, Jim Droscha
  8. Local CO-OP had one of these years ago, Couldn't drive it in straight line, Steering box was worn, The old machine was tuff shape when they acquired it!!!! I like how they modified the steering in the pictured 350 tractor, The CO-OP's lift tractors oil reserve was the large tank on the back of the machine, The Simple lift pump was on the PTO of the tractor, Tight against the lift cylinder, when we lined up to get our seed corn in the spring, That oil tank was very warm from the Radiator & Hydraulic pump use!! Thanks for the Great pictures Neighbors!!! Jim Droscha
  9. 30 years ago, our TD9 had the same straps break, Needed the machine back on the job, The fella helping us "knew" the engine needed to be removed, the Removal was done in the field, another mistake, Part way through the removal process, the broken straps were observed, the converter was removed from the TD9, A quick work bench inspection of the converter housing and the bolt holes, all was good!! and the converter was quickly reinstalled, Half a day later the TD9 was reassembled and ready to work. The Oil drizzling out of the belly of the TD9, where the converter is located, indicated that the "Backyard" mechanic that was over seeing the project, Damaged the 35 year old oil seal on the converter hub, (Luckily it only oil leaked oil when we used it!!!) We continued to use the TD9, constantly adding oil to the transmission, till the Job was completed, today the TD9 sits out side, needs a new home. Jim Droscha
  10. You Guys have been inhaling 😁 to much diesel fumes!!!!!
  11. We chose a "Heavy Duty" clutch for our 1206, (Seamed like a great Idea at the time!) also replaced the "TA" with a "Heavy duty Unit",... (I know that has nothing to do with the clutch pedal resistance). My sons Turbo charged 806 is the same horse power as my 1206, the difference between the two different clutch pedal stiffness is very apparent, He replaced the 806 clutch with a new standard replacement, Same seat height, same clutch pedal style, same open station platform, My 8 year-old grandson can tell the difference. Any thoughts about an easier clutch pedal stiffness? Thanks, Jim Droscha
  12. What clutch pedal chart did you use to determine which Pedal to use? I didn't realize that there was that great of a difference. Thanks Jim Droscha
  13. We have all "red" tractors on our farm, Grandpas brothers (my Uncles) purchased "Deeres". I Was riding on grandpas tractor fender of his "M", Plowing with a #70 3 bottom plow, Also in the field was uncle Wilsons hired man plowing with a Gas, John Deere "70" pulling a JD 3 bottom plow, When uncle "Wilson" pulled into our field with a "New" 4010 gas, 15-5 tires, Narrow front end, 4 bottom mounted plow. The 4010 pulled in the furrow ahead of us, plowed a few feet stopped and shifted to a lower gear, plowed a few feet more and shifted to another lower gear, The 4010 had been about 800 feet in front of us, By the time he reached the middle of the clay knob, the 4010 front end was in the air, ( looked like a ride at the county fair). The "old M" & the "70" was at the tail wheel of the 4010 with in a couple of rounds. It took a few rounds to adjust the hydraulics & 3 point linkage to the proper settings, Should of had front end weights, Plowed about 3 mphs in that heavy soil, We all stopped at the headlands to look at the "New 4010" purchase. It was Large & quiet. A different look to green & yellow paint. My Uncle was of a "Generation" that had never driven a "Foot Clutch & 2 Brake location, Shifter located on the Dash Tractor!" He even fumbled around getting on and off the tractors platform that morning, I know I witnessed a change in the agriculture community that morning, That field was along the road, Farm pickups slowed to a stop & watched the shinny new "Modern, Quiet & sleek " 4 bottom plow powered tractor "lead" the trio of tractors across the field. Good Memories, Jim Droscha
  14. Same on our Dairy Farm, Grandpa was born in 1898, Grandma was born in 1901, When we had the task of cleaning there house, "Cool Whip Bowls" were saved in bundles and stacks of 25. I have these items for sale on eBay, NO takers? Maybe I should lower the price! Jim Droscha
  15. 1976 I Barrowed a Super W9 gas, with an option to purchase, Same Hydraulic pump on the front, clamp on duels, I used it one season, Had the traction, I liked the horse power, Pulled 5-16's, used about 5-6 gallons an hour, Didn't enjoy the low rider feel, sits to close to the ground, A Newer style of tractor was a better choice, for "Us". I have always enjoyed looking at W-9 tractors. Thanks for your Pictures. Jim Droscha
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