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  1. Happy Birthday Neighbor!!

  2. Welcome to RedPower!! About the Only thing you Can Count on for exchange from a 1066 Gear Drive to a 1066 Hydro Is the Complete Engine And the Hoods bolted above the engine. Flywheel Assembly is different, Ring & Pinion in the Rear is different, Tach & Speedo is different. A used Gear Drive 1066 sitting around your yard won't Yield the Parts Needed, For a 1066 Hydro. A Tractor Salvage Yard will Be the Logical choice for Parts. Steering Parts, PTO Parts, Seat, Wiring Harness, Brakes should be purchased New to get the Best Life out of your 1066 Hydro. Our Farm Has a 1066 Hydro, A Great Dependable Tractor, If you Don't Know the History of this Hydro, I Would suggest Changing "All" the filters, Drain All the Oil, Let this Machine Drain for a Day. Replace the Hydro Oil with the Real "HYTRAN's", This Filter & Oil replacement will Cost Big Bucks.,, Scary Expensive. *** "A Stingy Man Pay's the Most"***, HYTRANS is what is Needed for a Long Hydro Life. Take the Top 3 point hitch Link cover/bracket off of your tractor after it has drained, Use a Extremely Bright light to look at the Inside of your Hydro, Any Brass colored flakes on the housing Floor? Any Evidence of Milky colored Oil in the system. You will see the Brass Gears attached to the Pinion ring, That assemblies job is for your Speedometer, Look for Traces of Past Hydro overhauls . My 2 cents, Jim Droscha
  3. Thanks Neighbor! Nice Photo's! Always Enjoy seeing the Activity's at your Farm. Jim Droscha
  4. Purchase the Complete Foot Throttle Assembly, Once you have the New Parts out in front of you, and your foot Kick panel off your tractor, You will see how easy this installation will be. You will have to modify The new Panel, Because of the Height of your 756 Steering tower. We installed a Foot throttle on a 706, 4" Cut off saw and a Drill will complete the installation. A Great addition to your Tractor Jim Droscha
  5. Welcome Neighbor!! Great Bunch of Folks Here!! We Don't talk about old small "Ford" Tractors very favorably Here. We usually get scolded by a Few fella's That don't see a need for Farmall "M's" to Survive on this Planet,......But we still Like'em!! Jim Droscha
  6. Our Farm Is Located in Mid-Michigan, Henry Ford Made a Major Attempt to Place a "Ford Tractor" Dealerships in the Large Agriculture area of Michigan. We are 25 miles from the 1920 "Michigan State Coll├Ęge" ,of course Michigan State University Now. My Relatives near our Farm had Ford 2N's, 8N's & 9N's, As a kid growing up in the 1950's, I wondered after Riding on an "M" fender all Day Pulling 3-14's and seeing the results of a full day's work. I asked Myself the Question,....Why would my uncle William sitting on a 2N, pulling a 2-12's consider the slow Pace of that "Gray Painted" tractor modern Farming!! They Had Many of those Poor excuse for horse power tractors on there farm. I racked Hay for my Uncles Family Many times as a Very young child, That steering wheel would jump out of your hands at the slightest rut, The smell of Gasoline was always in the air of those awkward sitting Machines. Did I mention I never could see why a farm would own one?? My 2 cents, Jim Droscha
  7. That "SOB" Hired Man Finally Got A Job Done Correctly, "I will Drive By this Fence from time to time to see if he is still doing His Job!!" I'm Keeping his "Cashed" Social security Checks in a quart Jar in the Farm Office, If Someone calls to Check up on him, I Tell'm, "Yup, He's out on the pasture Keep'n the cow's in" ? Jim Droscha
  8. "SUPERIH" Excellent work!!! What Other folks have said about Pinning to the front is a great Idea. We have a 1660 with a 466, My serial number is at the end of production for 466's, wondered where it fell in line at. Thanks for your hard work, Jim Droscha ( Our Lake house is on Upper Evans at the end of 18 mile road off of 90th, How close is your farm from the Martini Lake Chain )
  9. Thank You !!!!! Merry Christmas to your "Family" !!! Your Friend, Jim Droscha
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