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  1. Welcome Again ReneB. We had a 203 International combine with a 221 6 cylinder Gas engine, that used an exhaust elbow similar to the Part number you have Listed, I Don't recall if the 615 had the same Size Exhaust elbow. We were able to bolt the Salvage Yard Part off of a 203 Combine to a 1468 Exhaust Manifold, we Might have Re-drilled the bolt holes. To Be Honest, I Don't recall which side Fit Where, At the time we needed Both Exhaust elbows, and found both Elbows used for another Application. The Exhaust Elbows were not used for 1468/1568 only Applications.
  2. Spoke with My Relatives in the Panhandle of Oklahoma this morning, Rolling one hour Blackouts, about 3 inches of snow on the ground, but mighty Cold. Seems like Air Conditioning would use more power in the summer than space heaters in the Winter. Many Houses don't have the Plumbing insulated to handle sub Zero temps for prolong periods of time, There cattle Waters Have frozen and broke without the heating unit powered, That seems unfair for livestock producers, No Water for the animals when the well Pump is Dead for an hour at a time. Then they fight to get there heads into t
  3. We Won't Have any Farm Show's in our area this Month. I'm Disappointed with the show coordinators Decision to Cancel. The Next Large Agriculture Event will have the Young people, The Next generation of Agriculture Producers, They will be looking at the same Equipment we are asking about. FFA students, 4-H Educated Young people will always be at these Events, Just like we were as Kid's. My 2 cents, Jim Droscha
  4. We Have a Buddy seat in our 8920, Purchased from our IH dealer, I Think because the fabric is the same color as the 8920 seat it is a true Magnum Seat. I learned quickly that the Operator seat no longer pivots from side to side. A Tall person will set lower than the Buddy seat, When my 8 year-old Grandson is in the Buddy seat, I will rest my Left arm on his Lap & Knee's. A Very sturdy seat, Takes a few minuets to install, Wished it had a quick release to remove the seat when I didn't have a Guest riding with me. My 2 cents, Jim Droscha
  5. I See Your Hay was Put away with the Help of a "Smoker" manufactured Elevator, In the 1960's we spent many an hour listening to the elevator's "Paddle's & Chain's Sing its Slow Song" as the Bales of Hay were headed to the top of the Hay mow, Nice to see one in great condition!! Jim Droscha
  6. This Past Friday Our Local Case IH Dealership Added to the Used Tractor row, A Magnum 8950, Beautiful Red Paint, Dueled, Front wheel drive, 3000 hours. Picture a Typical Looking 8950. Local Producer traded the 8950 for a Used Year old Steiger, Picture and Listing information placed on Line, Dealer asking a Typical, Dealer Price. Saturday Morning, Our Local Dealership Had a Bidding War on the Phone Lines. Final Price, Paid $80,000. Went to New York State. Neighbor offered $ 44,500 Cash, Friday afternoon, around 4:PM, after He and his Son Did a "Kick the tire"
  7. Welcome, I would Also like to invite you to Participate in The Tractor Discussions With this Talented Group of People. We Also Enjoy Pictures of your Tractors and your Farm. Thanks for Joining Us, Jim Droscha
  8. Great Photo's, My Dad & Grandpa Did custom Silo Filling, 50's-60's. Most of the Choppers I remember were Fox 1 row choppers, pulled with an MTA, or Gehl 2 Row pulled with a Farmall 400. Dad & Grandpa Didn't Like the IH Manufactured Choppers because the Frame work, Gear Boxes, Size of bearings and Blower housing were under engineered, Dad said the IH choppers only Lasted a Year, in Muddy conditions the little Narrow chopper tires, would bury in the Tractor tracks. "Grove" self unloading Wagons were the only Wagons in the Fleet of Wagon's in the Late 50's, early 60's. w
  9. Great Question!! Ours Would do the Same thing, As "Gillfisher" , Said "Duty Cycle"!! 2 Minutes is a great amount of Welding for Our Welder, Works Great for most of the time, Ours will require a 20 minute Rest if We work it to Hard. We Have a Very Reliable "Stick Welder", At auction Sales, I have Purchased 50lb. sealed containers of 6013, 5/32 for $5.00 off of the "Goodie Wagon". Stick welders have there Place. We Have 2000lbs of all Sizes of Welding Rod at our Heated Shop, Keep the welding Rod in an old Freezer, Keep the door closed and Welding Rod Stays Dry
  10. Welcome, Nice Picture, Excellent example of front wheel assist Tractors. I would sure enjoy a Story about every tractor in your Picture, What Part of The USA is your farm located in? Pretty Country in the Back ground. Thanks, Jim Droscha
  11. Yup, A Big Deal In Eaton County, 1977-1983, We are in the center of the State of Michigan, Our Water either goes to the Grand River or The Thornapple river. Two of Our Farms are the Head Water for the Little Thornapple River, which wanders through 3 Lakes, Heads north through Potterville, Mi, to become the Thornapple River. The Drain commission had started a County Drain Cleaning Program in 1978, working about 3 miles down stream from our property, Clearing the ditch banks cutting trees, Installing new "RoadCrossing Bridges". We Had a tremendous Rain in the First part of
  12. Spring of 1979 Our 3588 was delivered to our Dairy Farm, Our 2+2 Chopped a lot of the Neighbors Corn Fields that wet Fall of '79. Pulled a New Gehl 1200 3 row Chopper, Filled the wagons about 2/3rds full , Fella's struggled to get the wagons moved from the Head lands, to the Silo's A 2+2 would Drag a Chopper & Wagon through a Rain saturated field, The Ruts & soil compaction lasted for 4 years!! Interesting Tractors. Jim Droscha
  13. Than on the other Hand, January 30th, This Past weekend our Local FFA had a project in there Green House, (Large new Structure built 8 years ago) 90% of our FFA Chapter was attending, Some Faces I hadn't seen in a year! (Teenager's Grow up so fast!!) Many of our FFA Alumni was helping, As we stood watching the young FFA men & women, in FFA t-shirts & hooded clothing, Move pallets & Flower boxes, Our Future Leaders of our Community. We Older Members, Remarked to our selves, "This was us, 35 years ago", These younger Farmers were enjoying them selves working i
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