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  1. I got tired of paying to not watch TV and "ditched the dish" a few years ago. I just have an old fashioned TV antenna. No there's much to watch on there either but at least I'm not paying for it. Dr. Evil I get a channel called Quest that shows the Modern Marvel shows. www.questtv.com
  2. 50supera

    MD Experts

    Thanks mmi, Actually got an answer on another board. The oil grooves are turned toward the gear for lubrication between the gear and the plate since that is the direction of thrust. Learn something new everyday. I'm just thankful for these boards so we can find this stuff out!
  3. 50supera

    MD Experts

    I am assembling my MD engine and have a question. The camshaft thrust plate has two tapered slots machined in one side. Do these slots face the cam or face the cam timing gear? It was installed before facing the gear but this engine has been into before and I wanted to be sure of the correct orientation. I have two IH service manuals and neither say which way. Thanks
  4. What size is that one? Been thinking about one myself.
  5. The best thing I have found to truly clean a cast iron or brass carb is a bead blaster. Then a can of spray carb cleaner, air hose with needle tip, torch tip cleaners and picture hanging wire.
  6. 50supera

    1949 md

    Be careful. I am working on a '48 and these gas start diesels are not for the faint of heart. Know up front, anything from the flywheel forward means big dollars!
  7. Hello everyone! It has been a long while since I posted last. I finally have time again to work on old tractors. I am putting together a 48 MD and adding a M&W hand clutch. I am missing reference #32 in the M&W drawings which is the inner retainer spring part# 50R. If someone could measure one or has one they could spare I would greatly appreciate it.
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