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  1. FRF

    Best hay tractor?

    Have run the 273 since 1983 with either an H or a 485.
  2. FRF

    Cross shaft for decompression lever

    VERY cool units!
  3. FRF

    Old Willie still after it

    The simple message in my post is Willie is a worthless pile of F*#!stain. No, I don't want to argue with you, you've already misstated truth, so that shows you are a liar, and honestly, you just aren't smart enough to argue with.
  4. FRF

    Old Willie still after it

    Check your quoted source and amend your post.
  5. FRF

    Old Willie still after it

    Could you cite the four century source, please?
  6. I got one from a member, and tried to respond with an answer. I'm not sure I did it right, so if you didn't get an answer, resend the question, please.
  7. FRF

    Old Willie still after it

    Don't care if anyone is or isn't liberal. That wasn't my point. Please cite your source on 400 years of liberals. Also, wasn't my point as to whether you like hid\s music or not. All that being said, what is your point? Oh, and keep your melodramatic sigh at the end, we only get so many breaths, don't waste one on my account.
  8. FRF

    Old Willie still after it

    You care if your kids do drugs? Just because it hasn't killed someone means that it isn't bad? Yeah, keep believing.
  9. FRF

    Jane Fonda Wins this one

    Tis ironical
  10. FRF

    Random IH pic of the day

    VERY sharp 686!
  11. FRF

    Old Willie still after it

    Farm Aid passes on roughly 78% of it's income to what they deem worthy farmers. DAV works at about 96% for comparison. Yeah, keep touting ol Willie.
  12. FRF

    Old Willie still after it

    Not really, you assume I'm a big Trump supporter, I guess. I'm a supporter of the constitution and the rule of law. I believe in morals, ethics, and decency, all of which seem to be going by the wayside. I think Willie and the lifestyle he endorses is detrimental to our society, things such as drug use, disregarding law, and of course liberal politics.
  13. FRF

    Old Willie still after it

    At one time he was relevant, that day is LONG past.
  14. FRF

    Old Willie still after it

    Willie Nelson is worthless and irrelevant.