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  1. Check out the Kubota RTV850 before you write them off. FAF. (fast as Fu^%)
  2. FRF

    brake cables

    Sounds like you've decided that nothing will work.
  3. FRF

    1969 Ford Firetruck

  4. FRF

    Salter Farms Antique IH Auction

    Winner winner,
  5. FRF

    1969 Ford Firetruck

    If you think bout it, could you post some interior pics, please? Cool old ride!!
  6. FRF

    chevrolet truck tire ?

    I always ran 265s on my 95 and 98 K2500s. It did cause premature wear on the truck, got 383000 miles on the 95 and 341000 on the 98.
  7. FRF

    Hydrulic help

    Get a solenoid/valve block two in, four out. Plumb the two in to the normally open two out for regular function (curl is best) and plumb the normally closed (diverted) to the grapple circuit. A call to WR Long may be more cost effective.
  8. FRF

    Edgar Co Illinois 39 point

    I like seeing a nice rack.
  9. I see that you've left the shop unlocked again.
  10. I have wanted a 2-88 for most of my life. Is it truly the happiness I've dreamed of?
  11. FRF

    We Will Remember Them

    Thanks, I don't know that I've ever seen it.
  12. FRF

    We Will Remember Them

    Please excuse my ignorance, but, what is the language written on the side of your ambulance?
  13. FRF