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  1. 982 fuel pump connections

    Turns out the connector from the throttle arm to the limiter had come loose. Cut half acre no problem... before belt broke!
  2. 982 fuel pump connections

    By the way, thanks for the photos - really useful.
  3. 982 fuel pump connections

    Rainman, Nate, Dr.Evil, Thanks for info. Last Saturday I emptied and cleaned fuel tank, changed the in-line filter and re-filled. I discovered a leak in the fuel tank bush (at the bottom) and replaced. I didn't attempt to start as I wanted to make sure the leak was fixed (it was). Anyhow I started it up tonight and now it goes straight to full revs and sounds like the engine is going to blow-up. So I switched the ignition off to shut the engine down. I tried this about three times all with the same results. Something stuck?
  4. 982 fuel pump connections

    Hi. On my 982 fuel pump one of the connections is missing - the yellow tape in the photo. Is anybody able to tell me where the vacuum hose connect to? Photos would be great 🙂🙂 Thanks!!