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  1. Hey Bob long time no hear (or see). Take care of yourself and get healed up for some summer shows this year! Rollie
  2. Great find Eason! Love my hydro 656 for tractor drives as it's always in the right "gear". What's the story on the heavy duty protection on the front end? Rollie
  3. Definitely agree with lorenzo's post on this one! Rollie
  4. This is NOT a for sale ad. Just a link to let you check out these IH Sleigh bells that are no longer available at Bradford Exchange. I donated these to a fundraising auction for Ag in the Classroom. https://iaaf.maxgiving.bid/about-us Entirely up to you if you choose to register or bid. They are auction #30. https://iaaf.maxgiving.bid/itemDetail/15008
  5. What a great picture! Rollie
  6. Well thanks for the birthday wishes! Tried to sign on from the field earlier today but the site didn't want to cooperate with the iphone so had to wait till the day was over. Rollie
  7. Depending on what the soil was like in a certain area the 350 utilities could handle 3 14s fairly well. A model 311 2 point fast hitch was the match in 1957. you needed a little extra weight both rear and front. voice of experience. Rollie
  8. This week the IH world lost a real gem of a Farmer, Collector, Knowledge source and Friend with the death of Robert W. Grant. Probably only a few Red Power Forum members knew or had met Bob. He was old school, in a good sort of way, so he didn't do computers. He had an amazing amount of IH knowledge in his head and could usually answer with certainty almost any question about IH equipment of the past. When he was in good health he would tirelessly load and haul equipment to too many shows to count. Always wore an IH cap wherever he went was ready to share red tractor stories. The sayi
  9. Same deal as the last umpteen years. IH Collectors Central Illinois Chapter 10 booth in the West Hall. We start moving in to set up on Monday. I'm able to escape to see the show so not always there. If you stop by you will find that everyone there is friendly! Rollie
  10. Goodby 2019!!!! Happy New Year Red Power friends. 2020 has got to be better. Rollie
  11. On the 656 diesel Farmall models the batteries were in different places depending on whether the tractor was gear drive or hydrostatic. Hydros used the left side by the seat and gear drives were on the right side sort of under the fuel tank. Used two six volts. At least that's the way in 1968. Rollie By the way don't lose that fiberglass battery cover. Next to impossible to find.
  12. I agree with Nate. For a 300 utility with a loader on it that one, at least from it's appearance, looks like it has really been taken care of Rollie
  13. The row unit output shafts that drive the stalk rolls on the 3400 series corn head are still the square design instead of the larger hex shape on the 4400 models. Makes a big difference in the proper line up or timing of the pinch point between left and right side. Thats the key for that type of stalk roll. I dont think the gear boxes inherited from new holland were designed for that type where timing was so critical. Rollie
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