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  1. Machinery Pete and Jerry Kuster Collection

    He is a great guy and has a fantastic collection. Rollie
  2. Lost my sister this afternoon

    Missed checking in here for a couple days and now see this. My sympathies on the loss of your sister JD. Rollie
  3. 656 hydro cost repair

    Danny, If that is a D282 glow plug equipped engine it's best to not use either and get the glow plug system in good working order. Even one bad glow plug can make it harder to start. Rollie
  4. HARVESTER HIGHLIGHTS Winter 2018 Issue

    I agree with Bill! Thanks Eason. Nice to learn about something different than over here in the Midwest. Rollie
  5. Steiger 450

    Similar issue on my 340 Magnum. Dealer is recommending changing that filter every year.
  6. Anyone ever have a hat like this guy

    Got one in the collection.
  7. 2018 louisville

    Same as the last several years. Working the IH Collectors booth in the West Hall. Headed down on Monday. Finish set up on Tuesday to be ready for he rest of the week.
  8. Will it pull it?

    1240 is a pivot. PTO pump and 2 remotes for hyd drives. Have some hills unlike the flat prairies of Noblesville! Rollie
  9. Will it pull it?

    I pulled a 1240 12/24 splitter with an MX 220. It had all it could handle. Went to a 335(now a 340) when I moved to the 16/32 row 1240. Rollie
  10. 656 d

    Either the grill has been replaced with an older one or the center section(with a different ser. tag) is a newer one. That tractor hasn't had the greatest home life!
  11. 656 d

    I'd check the serial number pretty close on that one. Not a '69 model if that's the original grill . 4700 is tops in my opinion. don't think I would believe 3200 hrs either
  12. Winter Tractor Show

    2+2 Guy, What fun events those "Mall Shows" are! The local all brand club that I belong to did one for many years but now the Mall has closed so we are done. One year when we featured IH we got Max Armstrong and his Super H and Super M and the Orion Samuleson F-20 and had almost 100 tractors in the Mall! Hope you can keep going.
  13. Happy or sad state of affairs

    Paul 330 U, My Generac didn't start this AM for it's weekly run. I heard it try for a second or two but wouldn't take off. Happened before in sub zero temps. It gives the overcranked message. At around noon I went out with the heat gun and warmed the regulator and gas line and it started. Rollie
  14. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everyone! Hope that 2018 brings everybody good things. Rollie
  15. The Home Of Misfit Toys

    Wow, those pics were not a very good way to start the day! Rollie