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  1. Information is still on the website from last weeks sale. I am signed up as a “member” so I suppose that makes a difference. Rollie
  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes! My wish for today is for it to finally get dry enough to get back to harvesting. Been out 7 days this time. Rollie
  3. The 4400 series finally solved a lot of the past problems. Are they the best? Probably not but we get along ok with it. Rollie
  4. Hydraulic oil will leak past the oring that seals the piston shaft in that short little cylinder that moves the rack. It will eventually fill the steering gear housing and run out of a vent plug up under the dash. Replacing seals in that cylinder should stop the leak. Rollie
  5. Well my '68 656 D. Hydro Farmall is torsion bar draft sensing. Rollie
  6. Chris NY has pretty well summed up the characteristics of a 4186. I farmed with a 4166 for a few years in the mid to late 70's. Wasn't sad to trade it in on a 2+2. Rollie
  7. The 41XX IH models technically did not have "crab" steer. I think the term crab steering actually is when both front and rear axles turn the same direction that is both turn to the left or the right at the same time. Case 1200 series did that. The 41XX have what IH called coordinated 4 wheel steering. Front and rear axles turned opposite directions. Could really turn tight. Operator could select front axle steering only or 4wheel coordinated. And yes the linkage was a weak point and could bend and not return to straight ahead position. Rollie
  8. Battery location on 656- I think it was different for the hydrostatic trans. diesel models as opposed to gear drive. My 656 D hydro, a '68 model ,has the second 6 volt battery above the left rear axle. There are some hydraulic lines under the fuel tank that I think would be in the way of locating the second battery there. Are they all like that I don't know for sure but the ones I have seen are similar. 544's no experience. Rollie
  9. axial-flow I wish you weren't so far away, I'm looking for a 350 utility gas block. Rollie
  10. Well to each his own, but I don't think that was a very nice thing to do to a 3788. Rollie
  11. Did the bridge crossing in '18. It was worth all the effort it took to get through the process and physically get there. If you can work it out sometime go for it. Rollie
  12. Nessa, Inc. in Zearing Iowa is a really good REM dealer. Never know what might be on the shelf somewhere in the parts room. Rollie
  13. Sonny, I'm just one mile east of I 74 at the 38 mile marker. If I had been looking I sure would have noticed the shape of a mounted picker going by. That does look like a nice one. What did the clearance measure to the top of the elevator? Rollie
  14. Home address is Oneida, Illinois. Roughly 50 miles south and east of the once major manufacturing home of IH tractors and combines referred to as the Quad Cities. Rollie
  15. Pull type box scraper is the go to tool for gravel drive work. Small (Cat. I) box and heavy blade have their specific jobs but the pull scraper gives the best results. Rollie
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