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  1. Ford finally did it! The 2021 electric Mustang has to knock out the late 70s Mustang II as the ugliest Mustang ever! Just my opinion!
  2. 3 hr tour! Just because some people might get it!
  3. If an athlete doesn't stand for their nation anthem. They shouldn't be allowed to represent their country!
  4. Prayers and thoughts of her and her family. Get well soon!
  5. I think I would like to have 3 buckets full of IH models from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. I would pick out blindfolded 3 tractors! Sounds fair!
  6. My Dad just restored a 400 LPG. We didn't have any issues with getting parts! It's a nice running tractor. I'm sure that the 450 would be the same.
  7. Cougar is now know as Charlie Brown!
  8. Engine overhauled and power steering replaced with a new paint job! She sounds as good as she looks!
  9. I downloaded a PDF of the Nebraska tractor test results. In 1939 it states the tests of the McCormick Deering B and McCormick Deering Super B. I uploaded a picture of it. My question is what is a Super B? I thought it was like a Super HTA it is a aftermarket thing. By the way you can look up the Nebraska tractor test and select differentdecades. https://tractortestlab.unl.edu/nebraskatractortestlabpublications
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    I am going to look at a 300 utility on propane. I run several propane tractors so propane is not an issue. Is there any issues with the 300 tractor? Pros and Cons? Thanks
  11. planejeff


    Just looked at a international 606 diesel. We didn't buy it! I was hoping for a start and go tractor with minimum maintenance. First thing I noticed was a lot of J B weld on the housing! Then a crack on the hydraulic pump housing. Then a crack front axle. The three point arm was welded up. Rear main seal was leaking among other leaks. Then it didn't start the guy grabs a bottle of either! When it finally did start it didn't really know what smoke it should produce gray, black, or blue! Then driving it the hydraulic pump and the steering were in a contest to see which made more noise! The tires in descent shape. So when I started to do the project in terms of money. The 606 was a money pit. We have already had that experience before. Seems like the utility tractor's were used and abused!
  12. The shaft goes straight through the tank via a two inch tube.
  13. My Dad's winter project Farmall 400 LPG! He turned 76 in May! Still works harder than anyone I know! The next winter's project is his brother's Oliver Super 77!
  14. The only recommendation I have is that she should drive it around and operate it. The worse thing she won't get it. The best thing she will get a couple more!
  15. My Dad modified fast hitch just for that reason. It does help a lot.
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    What is your best reason to get a "new to you" tractor? It was cheap? Price is right? My other tractor was lonely? I had the need for more power? I always wanted one? A family member had one while I was growing up? There was an open spot in the shed? I was needing that one to complete my collection? I didn't have one of that color scheme? It was made in my favorite decade? Which is better hooking up an implement or just driving a different tractor! Tractor's are highly collectible and I'm going to sell it to make a lot more money one day?
  17. Appears to me like a hand rail for steps.
  18. Nice ads for the new line of farmall tractors!
  19. https://www.jensales.com/ On this website you can order online manuals and/or books. I have had good luck with them. It is very easy to navigate the website. Best of luck.
  20. My 806 three point is being very jumpy. Only with an implement attached. I have plenty of hydraulic fluid. Just does it if implement is up for a while. Any ideas will be helpful! Thanks in advance!
  21. Not good! If you have it torn apart might as well replace everything. Just my opinion! I am sure you don't want to rebuild it again!
  22. Have you checked the float? We had a pin hole in the float. It would run then die. Put the float in a bowl seen an air bubbles coming out.
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    Dog fighting

    There are some terrible people out there!
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