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    Which tractor models have the 282 engine installed on them? Seems like a very popular engine at the time. Thanks
  2. Just got another Super C. There is no tag on it. The interesting thing is that it has a dip stick in the block. The other two Super C's have a petcocks. Anyone have an idea? Thanks.
  3. It is an annual event. I know it will be annual event for me from now on! My Dad is 77 years young! It was like following a kid in a candy store!
  4. At the time I seen it the engine was not hooked up to the gin.
  5. Here is some more pictures of the cotton picker. The guy is running off of a gas can. I'm thinking the original fuel tank adds a 100% more difficulties with the cotton basket. Hydraulic cylinders were not usable at the moment. But just having this classic running is great! All that I have seen is rusted out and at the junkyard being scraped!
  6. Yes. Although they have been modified with an A's front axle.
  7. There were a lot of restoration and some you could see the air in the tires! They had several brands there!
  8. Sorry about that AC at the end!!
  9. We went to the Temple, Texas tractor show! Here is some pictures! Just a few Farmall tractors!
  10. https://www.jensales.com/categories/wain-roy.html
  11. I have had good luck with Jensales.com. they sale paperback and downloadable PDF.
  12. Looks like jensales.com has a manual for wain-roy backhoe attachment. At least you can get the part numbers for the O-rings and seals. Then you can either go to a local place that sells hydraulic parts or Google the parts. Best of luck!
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    Recently I found a U-123 for sale. I am not sure what equipment it came off of. Looks a little beat up and more than likely froze up. But for some untold reason I am interested in it! Not that I have enough things to do already! What I have figured out so far about it Super C engine used on balers during the time period. Later use in other jobs on the farm. So my question is are the units themselves rare? Would it work worth getting just cause it would be cool to own? What would I do with it after it gets running?
  14. We had an issue with taking a wheel of a 460. Loosen up the bolts up oiled it up the axle. Drove it about 100 feet or so. Doing tractor donuts! Then finally put a little heat to it. Got loose enough to slide off the rest of the way. Besides the amount of dirt and rust between the wheel and the axle it had about an 1/8 inch of paint on it! Looking back it would have been easier with just applying the heat. But I wanted to drive it! I was a teenager then!
  15. I recently replaced all of the exhaust manifold gaskets on the 806. I have now notice a exhaust leak between the rear manifold and center manifold. Is there a repair for this?
  16. Californians need to look on the bright side of things! They will be able to see the stars at night! lol
  17. Although the tractor burning up is terrible. The good thing to take away is this you were not driving the tractor at the time. Second if you would have parked it in the shed overnight you would have lost a lot more!
  18. I went to Messick's website looked under Farmall 806 F-03 hydraulic system, seat and hydraulic component support. In case some people would like to know this information. Not sure what other tractor's this applies too. Part numbers for O-rings, back-up rings, and gaskets only. ID is inside diameter W is width thk is thickness I don't know why there is two 40's list on the description but not showing up on the parts break down. Item 33 has 2 required the rest are 1. Just knowing my luck 🤞 I'm ordering 2 of everything! Item# - Description - Size - Part numbers 15. O-ring. .614 IDx.O7 W 379181R1 17. Gasket. 382791R2 22 Gasket. 382921R1 24. Gasket. 382793R2 26 O-ring .116 thk x.924 ID 368269R1 29. O-ring. .103thk x .862ID 364879R1 30. O-ring. .924 ID x103 w. 362796R1 31. Back-up ring 378985R2 33. O-ring. .103 thk x .0987 ID 381884R1 34. O-ring .103 thk x 1.362 ID 9823358 36. O-ring. .551 IDx .07 w. 352024R2 39. O-ring. .103 thk x 1.299 ID 272285 40. O-ring. .103 thk x 1.362 ID 134375 40. O-ring. .118 thk x 1.475 ID 570186 42. O-ring. .103 thk x .862 ID 364879R1 43. Back-up ring 378985R2 44. O-ring. .924 ID x 103 w 362796R1 Old part numbers 17. 382791R1 24. 38279R1 34. 381885R1 39. 391923R1 40 (1st) 379141R1 40 (2nd) 307915R1
  19. I have a hydraulic leak on the draft control area on an 806. I had hoped to find a kit with all the o rings, gaskets, and everything else I would need for it. So far no luck just have to order individual o rings and gaskets. That seems a little odd? If anyone knows of a hydraulic kit number. Please share the information. Thanks!
  20. Nothing better than your own tractor show! No entry fees and nothing to be taken on and off the trailer either!
  21. If only the laws were enforced as they should be! Unfortunately even if the individual is found guilty. They go to prison where the criminals have more rights than innocent people have! Often times the criminals are released because of a lawyer who finds a T not crossed! The current state of large cities make the wild west look tame!
  22. In what year did International Harvester put fuel tanks behind the driver? I'm thinking the mid 70's. Why did they start? It's seems odd since fuel lines will be running under the driver. Thanks for your responses!
  23. International harvester made some tractors that are a work of art and power to pull!
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