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  1. Great job! The super C is a great tractor! One of the best!
  2. Great little tractor! I hope you take her for rides! Memories she will always treasure riding on the tractor!
  3. I'm only guessing but it could have been the brakes adjusted too tight. That could cause too much friction on the disc. Also you could have a seal that is leaking that caused the discs to be oil soaked and expanded. It is just my two cents! Let us know what you will find. Thanks good luck.
  4. This is not for you big farmers out there that are in the business bigger is better. Thank you for what you are doing each and every day! I always here the argument of new and shiny is always better. I've know plenty of people that want to keep up with the Jones also. So they buy a new tractor and look down on the old ones. They claim that new is good and old is bad. For now the new one has all the bells and whistles! No leaks and all the comforts of a living room chair with a cupholder. Add a few years and warranties have ended. The tractor isn't new anymore and leaks. The tractor is in the shop more often than in the field. All those bells and whistles are costing you about the same as a new one the salesperson tells you on the 5th trip to the dealer. Since you can't work on it. Since the software requires a update package from the company that only the dealer can install. The old term "they don't make like they use too!" Some tractors on fence rows are worth more fixing than a new tractor that is one computer chip away from a fence row itself!
  5. Nice hitch. The tire and wheels are worth saving. The tractor probably has a lot of good parts too!
  6. Fix them both. The 504 has plenty parts out there. The 606 is a little rare find yet the 460 is a good fall back for most parts.
  7. https://www.messicks.com/cas/142919 This website is a little easier to navigate.
  8. I have done a long search for propane fuel filters. I've looked and found the the part numbers for a 300 and 400 to be 64400DB. That part number is not going to get you anywhere. So I looked into the 706 and 806 part numbers. The numbers are 64400DC. I thought I managed to find some but again empty. Until I had a refund from Amazon. Which gave me another part number Baldwin PF224. www.877forparts.com It stated that IH 350-826 it works and MM tractors I hope this helps for the propane tractor guys!
  9. I believe it is #6. You may want to take a look at the worm gear also since you will have it all apart.
  10. The 300U is a rare tractor. More rare is a factory LP. What is even rare is intake and exhaust valves! The LP valves are about a 1/4 inch longer than the gas valves. I have looked every where! I've called Messick since they had them listed. Nothing! Using used valves is ok but there is a what if that you ask yourself. Having rebuilt the engine and dropping a valve is the last thing that you want to happen! I've came across a forum that a guy was in the same situation. What he ended up doing is have the valves made. Manley sales in New Jersey. I called them up and shipped them a set of valves. Has anyone gone to Manley sales before?
  11. What has helped us in our restoration project is getting a parts manual. Jensales has all the manuals you need. If you prefer online there is the caseih website (which isn't customer friendly) or Messick.com go to online parts and click on Case and type your model. Once you have the part number Google it. You can shop around for best prices.
  12. Most of the production serial numbers start with 501. Why? I assume that reading the serial numbers is the beginning of production in that year. According to Steiner's catalog of IH serial numbers International 300 1955-501 1956- 30219 29718 is the total in 1955. According to Tractordata.com 30851 total 300U made. So in 1956 about 1133 were built. Is this correct how I am reading it?
  13. I've heard that if you do certain things to your engine it will increase your horsepower. These various types of adding horsepower using a LP head on gas, use a straight pipe, fire crater or domed pistons instead of flat pistons. Using a higher octane rating or fuel additive. Putting a turbocharger or a supercharger! All of I have heard increase hp but by how much? If you were to do everything I've listed on a 30 hp engine would it increase it by 2,5, 10 or more horsepower? Not everyone has a dyno available to them. It would be interesting to see how much each individual has increased hp.
  14. I have a few propane tractors. Currently restoring one. Where is a good source for propane parts? Several parts aren't even found by Google or parts depot. Thanks for any assistance.
  15. That is great! Happy 90 th birthday to him!
  16. I replaced my steering wheel on the 240 utility. The steering shaft was very loose in the tube. I seen that there was just a plastic bushing. I had to do a redneck engineering. I put zip ties down the tube. Started at the 6 o'clock position. Moving the shaft to get clearance on each side as I went. Believe it or not it works like a champ!
  17. Yes has all the sheet metal with no dents!
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