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  1. planejeff

    combines Google the model number of combine that you like information on. Chance you may find it is hit and miss but sometimes luck is all you need!
  2. planejeff

    Halloween special

    Don't they all go crazy after a while? Women should come with a date stamp normal until date "xx/xx"!
  3. If you look on the left of computer screen there are cool projects!
  4. planejeff

    Ih T5 low profile I thought the clutch is same as an H?
  5. planejeff


    Yes I removed the washer and 15/16 nut. I tried to prying on it! The grass screen had been ran off. I found the entire assembly cheap. After I finish one of several projects I get back to the cub cadet.
  6. planejeff


    In the slow process of tear down the 129. I got the engine out. The screen on the flywheel drive cup was off so I got the pulley puller out! Not the best idea!! The pulley broke off! That is another project to add the list. I am wanting to get it running before anymore money is added. While doing this I couldn't help but notice how rust the cooling fins are. Any good ideas for rust removal or sandblasting the only option?
  7. planejeff


    If you remember 9-11-01 you should never forget! Thousands lost their lives! Millions of lives were effected by this terrorists act! At 0846-1028 EST the world changed for every American! 😥
  8. planejeff

    Top 5!

    If you could pick 5 tractor companies that you can bring back from the dead or merger! Which 5 would they be? My pick are these 5! 1. International Harvester 2. Allis Chalmers 3. Minneapolis-Moline 4. Oliver 5. Case
  9. planejeff

    What IH Sickle Bar Mower Mounts to Farmall C ,SC❓ I think this is correct mower!
  10. planejeff

    Born on under what tractors?

    Looks as you are born under A Deere!
  11. planejeff

    Born on under what tractors?

    Taking this list of tractors first production models in the same year you were born! In my case 1971 year 766, 966, 1066, 1466, and 1468! I chose the American made ones only. Since I will have to buy at least one of these when I win the lotto! Should be an interesting topic! You can also use different brands! It will be fun!
  12. planejeff


    I got a T-340 already and more projects than time or money!
  13. planejeff


    On Facebook there is a TD-6 for sale for 650 dollars! It is in Laurens N.Y. Antique Farm Machinery for sale or trade <<< on this page! I figure that someone here might be interested in it!
  14. planejeff

    Antique pull rant.

    I agree with you! Seems like factory tractors and modified tractors should be in different classes! It's like calling NASCAR "stock cars" when its only the name plate is stock!
  15. Have you looked at exhaust flex tube? If Brazing job doesn't pan out!