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  1. planejeff

    Kellogg's Lawsuit

    Very important!! I seen that Kellogg's has a class action lawsuit against them! Lawsuit is against the breakfast cereal rice crisps. It states that each person in United States will receive 50,000 dollars born after 1933. The popular slogan snap, crackle, and pop will no longer be allowed to be advertised on tv and radio due to it. The lawsuit also states that after the age of 35 in almost 99% of Americans having the same adverse effects since eating that brand of cereal! It is being called the Snap, crackle and pop syndrome! The symptoms of this illness are easy to diagnose. If you are currently sitting down go a head stand up! Then stretch arms out over your head! If you hear snap, crackle, and pop you got it! Just like I got you!👍
  2. planejeff

    Black Jaguar

    I know of Jaguars in Arizona reaching into Texas. While the mountain loin or cougar or puma have a much larger range. The Jaguar being the largest cat in the Western Hemisphere. The Jaguar does have the all black but it's not common. I have since pictures and video of black cats in Kentucky. The sizes were not determine by the so called experts! The fact remains there is still a lot of woodlands there might be home to animals we don't know about! (Bigfoot LOL) I had never seen a rattlesnake where I grew up but in the last 10 years my Dad killed 5! Now on my land I've seen a bobcat and foxes never been there before!
  3. planejeff

    New joke

    The other day I got a set of new tires. I went down the road about a mile or two! Then the car started to shake then the right rear wheel passed me up. I stopped the car right then. I put the hazards on and started to walk in search of lug nuts and wheel. I finally found that wheel about 100 yards laying next to a fence. There was a gentleman standing on the other side of the fence. He tells me he seen the whole thing like it was slow motion! I told that I had no luck finding the lug nuts! He tells why not take a nut off the other wheels and bolt on the wheel! I said to the man that's a great idea! He says to me I might be crazy but I am not stupid! Believe me I will never go get my tires change at the shop next to the mental hospital ever again!
  4. planejeff

    What the heck

    What the heck moment and realize I need to get off the internet! I believe I found the one tractor configuration that is easy to say "RARE"!
  5. planejeff

    Compact tractor

    What is the overall opinion of Cub Cadet compact tractors. I have seen to used ones on internet 7260, 6284, and 7234. I have a friend of mine that had a compact tractor in early 2000's model it was in the shop or garage than being used. I don't see them much around mostly orange and green ones! I am sure that availability is the reason for no tractors just lawn equipment.
  6. planejeff

    utility tractor

    Thanks for the replies! One of the reasons I asked is because I came across this ad on Craiglist. I never seen the model before. I think a little pricey since there might be a crack head possible!
  7. planejeff

    utility tractor

    What would be the best small utility tractor with a loader from IH under 70 hp?
  8. planejeff

    T340 possible?

    I was wondering if it would be possible to modify this root rake to fit a T340? By using six way blade attachment taking off the blade.
  9. planejeff


    I don't see many of these for sale! I thought maybe someone might be interested in it! Of course it is too big for my toybox!😑
  10. planejeff


    Great Pics!
  11. planejeff

    Interesting JCB backhoe

    JCB backhoes are POS! Spends more time in shop than a mechanic! LOL
  12. planejeff


    Does anyone know where you can get LPG pistons?
  13. planejeff

    806D Injection pump rebuild time?

    On my 806D running at full throttle was sounding like missing. I ran some sea form in a couple tanks! Runs Great!
  14. planejeff

    Oscar's Tractor Show

    Great pics of awesome tractors!
  15. planejeff

    On the fence!

    My Uncle had an old IH grain truck like that one! It was a cool truck! Back when engines were bullet proof! If I remember correctly it wasn't fast maybe 60 mph going downhill! LOL