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  1. I am wondering how popular the 3444 is? Did the 3444 have a farmall version? How easy is it to get parts for it? Thanks
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pneumatic-Lift-ALL-IH-Farmall-A-B-Tractor-Exhaust-Lift-Operators-Parts-Manual/282473603931?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20160323102634%26meid%3Da08bba0ea1fc40c88a0dbd697e2917f4%26pid%3D100623%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D281975319856%26itm%3D282473603931&_trksid=p2047675.c100623.m-1
  3. What I have done is get the part number via parts catalog. Then Google the number it as work 90% of the time. This is the perfect example the dryer wasn't drying clothes! I found a awesome website that had different makes and models. Typed the model number had a complete break down of the parts. I got the heating element for 20 dollars! It would have cost 40 plus repairman bill or buy a new one! These days nothing is to be repaired just replaced! The computers and software is setup on a timer die not to last! You can see this in all walks of manufacturing! You think a new car is going to last
  4. Ever look through classified ads? Come to realize that the person selling the item is or might be on something? You seen it before when they say running when parked 20 years ago! I wonder why was it park? It isn't like you are mowing and decide I'm done parking under a tree! I understand that death and illness play in to that. Don't know much about it selling for a friend! Started to restore change mind! Why????Like this ad I seen for a 504U. Have a 504 gas International Tractor that has a backhoe attachment with a extra bucket and a front end bucket attachment on it. The motor has a h
  5. planejeff


    If you could be the editor of a calendar for tractors. What 12 tractors would they be? What type arrangement biggest to smallest or vice versa? International Harvester 4786 - Cub Have the same h.p. range? 10-20, 20-30, and so on! Different variations of one time model? 340 hi-crop, 340 utility, 340 industrial, T-340 industrial, T-340 Agricultural, 340 Chisholm Ryde, Farmall 340, 340 backhoe, HT-340, 340 grove, 340 LPG, and 340 Diesel. Would you tell your wife that you need more tractors to make a calendar?
  6. For that much he can buy his own 1st place trophy!
  7. Last weekend I went to a local tractor show. The show was small there were 6 John Deere's, 3 Fords, and 1 Craftsman lawnmower that was decorated with chrome emblems from truck stops! The lawnmower won 1st and untouched 9N got 2nd! I thought the 420 John Deere and the V-8 Ford Jubilee should have won! No Farmalls were represented!:( So is there a criteria that tractors shows go by? Lawnmowers considered to be tractors? HP categories? Year or decade? Original condition (work clothes) or parade ready? When you see a tractor that looked like it was pulled out of a fence row a
  8. https://www.jensales.com/products/IHC-122-C-Parts-Manual-IH-P-122-122C_p_73844 https://www.jensales.com/products/international-harvester-123-combine-parts-manual.html Google the model number of combine that you like information on. Chance you may find it is hit and miss but sometimes luck is all you need!
  9. https://www.jensales.com/categories/farmall-international/t5.html http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1442&context=tractormuseumlit http://www.tractorparts.com/PDFs/IH_TD4_TD5_CRAWLER_PARTS_finaldrive.pdf http://www.tractorparts.com/PDFs/IHT4T5TD5SERVICE_specifications.pdf I thought the clutch is same as an H?
  10. Have you looked at exhaust flex tube? If Brazing job doesn't pan out!
  11. There you go and next thing you will say you won the lottery! Great find and a price you can't beat! Best of luck!
  12. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S002248981730040X#f0020 This is what you are looking for?
  13. The other day I got a set of new tires. I went down the road about a mile or two! Then the car started to shake then the right rear wheel passed me up. I stopped the car right then. I put the hazards on and started to walk in search of lug nuts and wheel. I finally found that wheel about 100 yards laying next to a fence. There was a gentleman standing on the other side of the fence. He tells me he seen the whole thing like it was slow motion! I told that I had no luck finding the lug nuts! He tells why not take a nut off the other wheels and bolt on the wheel! I said to the man that's a gre
  14. On my 806D running at full throttle was sounding like missing. I ran some sea form in a couple tanks! Runs Great!
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