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  1. planejeff

    Case 310g rescue

    There you go and next thing you will say you won the lottery! Great find and a price you can't beat! Best of luck!
  2. planejeff

    what goes wrong in a mans mind

    Many people that commit suicide are sometimes the last people anyone would think. In my family there have been a lot unfortunately! Often times the family members who are left with the questions! How could they be so selfish? Why didn't they get help? I should have been there? Once a person decide to take their life there is no more that person will listen to anyone! No matter what they will leave behind! The person that discovers the their body will always have that imagine for the rest of their life.
  3. planejeff

    New orphan

    Great find! Good luck with it!
  4. planejeff


    Sorry for your loss! There so few of those types around!
  5. planejeff

    Field Cultivator It is very similar to the one in picture! Thanks
  6. planejeff

    Would this be a good tractor to buy? 766

    The question is are you going to saying "I wished I brought that tractor before the blizzard!" You never know about anything sold or said on the internet. You have to hear it run! If the seller has a can of ether with him as he walks out to the tractor don't buy it! There might be a reason for the price some good and some expensive! You might get lucky and find a great deal! Best of luck to you!
  7. planejeff

    Field Cultivator

    One of my springs broke off or fell off 9 shank field cultivator! What is the best way putting one back on?
  8. planejeff

    Battery Not charging

    Always buy two batteries! Buy them with the dates matching.
  9. This is what you are looking for?
  10. planejeff


    Nice Job!
  11. planejeff


    I am looking for a disk harrow. The question is what type and size would be the right one. I have pastures and wooded area that have under growth. The soil is sand with some gravel in some areas. I think a 12 ft tandem or 12 ft double offset or 8 ft offset? I have a 806D so HP not an issue! Any thoughts??
  12. planejeff

    Kellogg's Lawsuit

    Very important!! I seen that Kellogg's has a class action lawsuit against them! Lawsuit is against the breakfast cereal rice crisps. It states that each person in United States will receive 50,000 dollars born after 1933. The popular slogan snap, crackle, and pop will no longer be allowed to be advertised on tv and radio due to it. The lawsuit also states that after the age of 35 in almost 99% of Americans having the same adverse effects since eating that brand of cereal! It is being called the Snap, crackle and pop syndrome! The symptoms of this illness are easy to diagnose. If you are currently sitting down go a head stand up! Then stretch arms out over your head! If you hear snap, crackle, and pop you got it! Just like I got you!👍
  13. planejeff

    Black Jaguar

    I know of Jaguars in Arizona reaching into Texas. While the mountain loin or cougar or puma have a much larger range. The Jaguar being the largest cat in the Western Hemisphere. The Jaguar does have the all black but it's not common. I have since pictures and video of black cats in Kentucky. The sizes were not determine by the so called experts! The fact remains there is still a lot of woodlands there might be home to animals we don't know about! (Bigfoot LOL) I had never seen a rattlesnake where I grew up but in the last 10 years my Dad killed 5! Now on my land I've seen a bobcat and foxes never been there before!