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  1. Farmall Regular was replaced by the F-20. Which then was by the H. The F-30 was later replaced by the M. The F-12 was replaced be the F-14. The F-12(14) had the 113 cu in engine. That is the same as A,B, and C. It seems like the 12 didn't really have a real replacement until the C came out in 1948. As far as height to weight is concerned. Did IH just have the Farmall B as a replacement until the C ?
  2. In your opinion which tractors would fit in this category? It is a good tractor but it really lacked the horse power! It seemed that most tractor manufacturers were in the horse power race. As far as 2 to 5 hp more than the other in its size and weight class. I've often heard this about the 404 and 504 by their owners.
  3. We just got another Farmall to the family! This time it is a Super A with front and back cultivators! Need a little work but it's a 1950 model so it can have its issues! One issue was that the hydraulic level was empty. We filled it up came back and recheck it bone dry. Checked the oil needless to say hydraulic fluid mixed with oil. Ordered the pump overhaul kit. Put on new crank bearings and gasket set. New points and plugs. Runs great now! Here is one question about the decals. One has Super over the A while the other has Super written across the A with Cult-vision on the bottom of the A. Which is the correct one? Did the decals were on certain year models? Thanks!
  4. At least what I have seen propane tractors people shy away from! I prefer propane over gas maybe that is just me.
  5. I'm not sure if you can search the engine serial number. It might put you in the ball park. This is the list of tractor serial numbers. Honestly I don't know why people take off the identification plates. Best of luck to you. https://www.jensales.com/International-444-Tractor-Data_p_84736.html
  6. Looking above the DC area. You might be able to see an Air Force tanker circling around. It leaves circle contrails in the sky!
  7. There is a ton of YouTube videos on farmall tractors! Some planting, cultivating, plowing, and other field work. While some have a walkaround showing the tractor. Then there are the overhaul engine and transmissions. What I have seen very rarely is the putting on, the adjustments, and taking off the equipment. Such as for an example the Super C front mounted cultivator. Granted it is a few nuts to loosen up to take off. The way my Dad adjusted the shanks on the cultivator may be different from someone else. The way he did it was the front shanks were put on a 2x4 the 3 1/2" side then the second shank on the 1 1/2" side and if you ran a third it's on the ground. Which we never did since we had the back cultivator. The front mounted plows, the mold board plow and disc plow that was mounted in the rear but had forward mounting points on the C and early Super Cs with no fast hitch. Same for the A's,B's, H's and M's. You always see tractors for sale but the equipment got hauled off for junk. So if there are any YouTubers reading this. Looks like you have work to do.
  8. Maybe you can post your question in the construction forum. Some of those guys may answers. Good luck!
  9. There is a video on YouTube of a guy restoring a MD. He spent about 10,000 dollars alone in the engine! My Dad and I restored a T-340. It wasn't cheap but it had a 6 way blade and runs great now. The transmission with the steering clutches are not that easy to find. Cylinders are odd sizes! It truly was a basket case! A TD-6 would be a good project. If you are willing to invest time and money into it!
  10. What will you be using the Super M for? Is there any reason you want the Super M? Restoration or general work on the property? The engine, transmission, and tires are always the most to be considered when looking at a tractor. After that you will have to think about a lift system.
  11. I have caught two gray foxes using nothing more than placing it against the chicken coops. I catch and released them near the river. It's all well and good until you get a skunk and the wife gets sprayed while getting eggs! I must admit I laughed when I heard about it!
  12. I had watched a video of an M with a M&W. So I thought of a few questions to ask the experts! How does the TA compare to the M&W 9 speed? If you had a two tractors that had the different systems on it one which would you prefer? Was the M&W the predecessor for the TA? Thanks for comments!
  13. The steering on the 300 is terrible design. If you decide to DIY power steering share your pictures!
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