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  1. Today while discing with the loader on something snapped or sheared in the linkage for the remote lever in our 966. The lever moves but does nothing. It does have a cab on it. Is there a decent place to access said linkage to replace the roll pin which i imagine is what under there that broke. The detents for the levers are very hard to defeat on those remotes when using the hydraulics. I imagine thats why it broke. Its a real pain for loader work. Thanks guys!
  2. Rest in peace bruce you will be missed.
  3. I figured you may have some input on this one todd! I must admit i kinda posted it with you in mind. He has a video when he bought and ressurected this one. I like the looks of yours better though! Hes got some great content. He and his family recently moved from Minnesota to tennessee.
  4. https://youtu.be/pHr_bLZ2Y3M Here is a feller formerly from minnesota putting a diesel scout through its paces. Enjoy!
  5. Here is his obituary.https://www.echovita.com/us/obituaries/mn/zumbro-falls/allen-ervin-graves-14329087
  6. Aint that the truth. Cant replace men like him. Their mentality,work ethic,knowledge,and upbringing cant be replaced.
  7. I am so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathys and prayers for you all.
  8. Yesterday evening a local IH mechanic who ran his own shop for years passed away. He was very well known and well liked. His hands touched a lot of our tractors from my loboy to dads 460 and everything in between. Hes been largely retired for a while now. He at one time was pretty prominant in local tractor pulls as well. He and his sons built a super m that was very competitive over 20 years or more. He was also a nam vet. He was also very big into toy tractors and toy shows. He had 2 boys one of which was my classmate. Our families have known each other since before i was born. Please pray for the family. I may post the obit when it comes out.
  9. We run a 2350 on our 966. Plenty of lifting power and the tractor handles the load well.
  10. Will the shooting be documented for viewing?
  11. Problem is i refuse to wear a face diaper. That being said ya got any campgrounds in the area?
  12. Agreed! I was closer for a couple of months but that was work no playtime.
  13. I may or may not have ended up with a savage 720 as well. Always wanted an A5 but this is better since it was grandpas.
  14. Nice! I recently inherited gpa klindworths fishing poles and tackle. They are in various conditions but hope to do some fishing soon!
  15. Paint walls and ceiling white and you can get away with less lighting. Dad has LED's in the new shop. 40x60 with 40'ceiling i think. Ill see if i can find a piccy.
  16. Very well done on this thread! I sent a friend of his this link. He was the one that provided the pictures of him i posted after Randy passed away. Miss him for sure!
  17. Sorry for your loss bud. You are right in that such is the circle of life but it still aint fun to go through.
  18. Hope your project goes well! The old dog is pretty clean yet from the picture you posted. I cant wait to hear how ya come out. My dad flies up to the northern edge of canada to hunt caribou. Says its pretty much tundra where he hunts. I cant remember what the resorts called. He met a guy at cabelas who used to guide up there and thats how he got into it. Hes an IH nut like me and we have a 966 as well. Good luck to you sir! As been said they are easy to work on compared to new stuff.
  19. For pipe lasers and transits spectra is all we use and we have a lot of them. In fact dont think ive ever used anything but a spectra. Thats over 20 years of being in and out of the construction industry. They very rarely fail. In fact ive only seen 1 pipe laser fail after being dropped down a 20' sanitary structure onto the concrete invert. Was out for a week for repairs and was back on the job.
  20. Heres what it looks like now. Needs new tires yet.
  21. Thanks! It now has been painted and got an engine out of a 400 with m&w pistons and governer.
  22. Typical! That 1" hammer is causing me to have flashbacks of changing semi tires!
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