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  1. Im not sure anything but a winchester action will work thread wise. I almost bought the new version of the model 70 called the xpr. Im not sure if the threads are the same seeing how FN makes em now.
  2. I will. Its at dads currently. Ill grab it next time im there.
  3. I run duracell pro cell double a's in mine. Mine is very tired and eats batteries like candy. Its been beat. Was shot on .308 ar10's and ar15's and bounced around during range quals and fam fires. Ill see if i can figure out how to scan the manual in when i get time. It may take awhile. Meantime if you have questions on basic operation and sighting i could help ya out.
  4. Probably but im still gonna need to fl size brass at some point. Unless i buy an annealer then i might get enough life out of 20 cases.
  5. Dang that stinks! Hate to see that happen.
  6. This is my 1st one. My grandpa was a winchester guy. He had some very expensive winchester shotguns. I wanna say a model 12 in 12 guage and 20 guage skeet. I have all his hand written notes including his original gun inventory with serial numbers. Gunsmith recipts from an outfit in kansas and local past and present gun shops.
  7. I have no idea where to start......oddball rifle and pistol brass,horse drawn equiptment my ww2 stuff,and on and on and on. I have too much crap! When my dad passes ill have even more! I shall be buried in collectibles,lumber,tractors,equiptment,iron and so on.
  8. So as mentioned in the reloading thread im working on getting a rifle together chambered in 220 wilson arrow. Aside from the occasional lucky strike factory dies in that caliber are near non existant. Any ideas where a guy could get custom dies made? I have 20 rounds handloaded off gunbroker. Not sure i wanna fire them. They look good and clean but im better off pulling them apart and reloading them myself.
  9. Im starting to second guess taking the .06 barrel off of it to put that 220 arrow barrel on it. Getting cold feet. I have to remember they can put it back the way it was if the 220 arrow barrel doesnt work out.
  10. Thats very nice of you! Just bought a pre 64 model 70 in 30-06 which will be the host gun for that 220 arrow barrel.
  11. Todd is spot on once again!
  12. Ok ive heard of them. We rent most of our quads. We usually buy a couple 580's to quarantee we have em the following spring. The 580's seem to be the sweet spot for power,cost,longevity,and resale. Im lobbying for them to buy my 540 so i have it next spring. That is if i can get it to stop leaking hytran! Anybody know how to get ahold of the mothership so i can give them some input on quality control? Im with frattalone. Absolutely excellent company to work for.
  13. An rcbs is a good press. We have a rockchucker and a dillon. Love them both. Now i need to find dies for 220 wilson arrow. I have the barrel just looking for a donor winchester model 70 so i can shoot it!
  14. Yep! What nate said. What company is your brother with?
  15. We have 620's and 580's as well. Im a cvx guy. I can move as much if not more dirt with that 540 as a 580 or 620 can. Those cvx's are constant. No delays.
  16. Its a cvx. Love the cvx for scraper duty. The transmissions seem to take it.
  17. They put used tracks on before they send them out. They are on backwards to save the drive lugs on the underside. We pull 24yd pans with no dozer pushing. A crappy operator can strip drive lugs very quickly. They can switch a track in 20 minutes if their motivated.
  18. Just gotta wait for my scraper to arrive and dirt shall fly! 6.3 original hours.
  19. Hey guys, I recently acquired a winchester 70 barrel chambered in 220 wilson arrow. Its a rare caliber almost identical to 220 swift. Same size except for shoulder angle and slightly longer neck. I need everything except for a barrel and a stock. The barrel currently resides at ahlmans waiting for parts. They looked it over,did a chamber cast and shes good to go. This was a barrel my grandpa had sitting in a corner forgotten. He liked hot rod calibers. Im also wondering if i can match pre 64 model 70 parts with post 64 stuff. From what i understand i need a standard action. Same action 30-06,270,7mm,308 etc uses. Any info is much apreciated!
  20. Its not but we could survive without or just try to adjust the detents. Im pretty quick on hydraulics but they just release so hard it doesnt matter.
  21. Thats on my list of priorities. Its a an IH 2350 loader and my stepson almost lost his ring finger over those stupid things. We were trying to change from bale spear to bucket and he was attempting to remove the pins so he asked me to move it just a touch and sure enough she sucked into detent and i couldnt get it to release quick enough. His tungsten wedding ring held long enough for him to pull his finger out before the ring shattered. I felt horrible! Now we just dont change loader attachments.
  22. Thanks. We did find a small say 3" x6" cover by where your right heel would rest retained by 6 bolts,2 of which are so low that it looks like a couple of small hydraulic lines might be in the way. Is that what your referring too? Looks like too small of an opening to work in to me but i could be wrong.
  23. I vote autolites as well. Ive had champions break the tang the elctrode arcs too. Plug had maybe 500 miles on it.
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