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  1. So i already own this sight. Its for my coyote gun to hunt on my homeplace. Anyway somebody on here was asking for a copy of the manual for them and the dimensions of the proprietary battery pack. I have all these things and am looking to help him out. This is a military site from gulf 1. I acquired it from a private security job i used to have.
  2. There is a member looking for info on them please pm me. Sorry i forgot who was looking for the manual and battery compartment specs on them.
  3. Get it running 1st then worry about tires. Get a good service manual 1st and foremost. Binderbooks or ebay for an original. You may just need a valve adjustment/repair on the engine. Pull the valve cover and inspect the valvetrain while somebody turns it over by hand.
  4. My '16 3.5 ecoboost gets over 20 mpg on long trips. I also pull a '33 5th wheel camper with it. It doesnt get 20 pulling the camper but its around 12 mpg on short trips. It has a ton of power. Accelerates with that camper like a scalded dog. I have my trailer brake gain set a 7 to slow it down but that turbo gasser engine brakes just as good as dads 6.7 diesel.
  5. Quality coax is key as well as a quality,well tuned antenna. Q5 near madison,i think deforest is a great cb shop. Will answer questions. They are in the upstairs of a truck stop.
  6. I cant wait to attempt to shoot some groups with it.....im getting impatient!
  7. Thanks todd! I absolutely love it! Thats why i went for the leupold as soon as i saw it. It should be able to put that scope to good use. This would be why i decided not to break it up to put that 220 arrow barrel on it. In case anybodys wondering a post 64 barrel will not work on a new production model 70. That comes right from a gunsmith at winchester. They are patterned after the pre 64 guns like mine.
  8. Thanks guys! I found a leupold vx freedom 4-12×40 with parallax adjustment. It has a tri moa reticle. Found it on the used shelf for 150$ under new price. Looks like its never been mounted. It will be on there til i find a proper period correct one. Been looking at the redfield "tv" scopes. Most ive found have been a little banged up.
  9. You could say he was handy with a rifle alright! He was part of the reason i wanted a model 70. That and my grandpa collected winchesters as well.
  10. Do you like the redfield. Seems to me the redfields were used on model 70's in nam?
  11. We have a little bit til gun season opens here. Hopefully will have one to show off!
  12. I recently acquired a 1963 winchester model 70 in 30-06. It has scope bases already mounted but no scope. I dont wanna stick a new rifle scooe on it. I would like to find one closer to the era the rifle is from. I have found redfields,weavers,bushnells,and leupolds so far. My question is what say yall on what brand of scope to go after. It has to be functional as i will use it for target shooting and hunting. Heres a piccy to rewards advice given!
  13. Dang! Dad got rear ended while driving the 47 M. Was turning into the driveway. Lady hit him just as he was starting to turn. Shot across the driveway into the ditch. He flew right off the apex of the driveway corner. Was about a 3' drop i suppose. He signaled too.
  14. Aw shucks! Thanks guys! Was a wonderful day of dirt moving!
  15. Man yall did go all out! Most weve ever done is two. The super m and the '47 m. The '47 m can pull around that super m. It may or may not have m&w pistons......🤐
  16. Will be good to see it working when your done!
  17. This is my campground cruiser. 4 stroke 290 cc's. The campgrpund we frequent has very steep hills and golf cart trails. It hauls 4 adults up those hills.
  18. Are your ring grooves lined up? That compression is too low compared to where my triples like to run. Like too low to barely even run. My triples get under 120 and i start to get concerned. If it were mine i would buy a 420 predator engine and convert it. If you can fab it yourself it can be done for under 1000$. Thats still expensive but youll never have to touch it again. Golf carts bring big money. In my opinion they are worth sticking a little money into. Cant touch a good gasser for under 4g around me. Unless you want a ripped up seat,wore out, no canopy,bald tires unit.
  19. Nothing wrong with bear creek or anderson lowers. I have a dpms lower on an aero 18" upper that functions just fine. When i was in nuke security all we ran was dpms and bushmaster m4 style rifles. We put thousands of rounds through them amd they ran and ran. Are you gonna shoot 1/2 moa at 100 yards no but accurate enough to shoot minute of man easily.
  20. "Its been rebuilt" which essentially means clapped out with a new bad paint job.
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