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  1. What a pretty girl! My sympathies and yall are in our prayers. You will meet again. All dogs go to heaven.
  2. Frattalone companies out of little canada.
  3. The president of my company and his sons,one being my sup still farm full time and on the side. They are workaholics. We are not a small company either. We are well known for the most part. We are starting gain steam in alabama,mississippi,and kansas as well. I have been in sd,nebraska and iowa but primarily in the twin cities area. I wont travel unless its with my crew.
  4. Our core group of guys on this crew are largely farmkids. Im biased but we have the best crew in the company. Even when we are split up over 3 or 4 different jobsites. My sups jobs almost always profit well.
  5. Oh no still under warranty. It actually went pretty well. Wont see it again til spring most likely though.
  6. Our new cat 349 excavator with less than 1000 hours on it broke its own crankshaft friday. In process of removing it from the dredge sand pile and getting into a lowboy. What an operation. Mechanics say thus is the 1st one theyve seen on this new generation.
  7. Use it all the time in the powershift quads pulling a scraper. Dont need it in the 540 cvx's. In fact if you jam that pedal to the floor on the cvx's they take off like a slingshot. Was a surprise the day i figured that out.
  8. Its very real and likely coming to a farm near you if people dont pull their heads out of their "nether" regions. See what i did there?
  9. 660 driver


    I heartily endorse this post!
  10. Ive had a couple conversations with scott. Seen his collection. Hes always done us right but is very opinionated. Looked at an 806 he had for sale before we bought ye turbo 414. Was a nice clean 806. Also bought a rad for the super m from him. That rad is still in use.
  11. Are we allowed to guess? I could text you my guess. Lol!
  12. Modern lighting. I run quadtracs at work and these new headlights like up a jobsite likes its noon and sunny!
  13. Never too redneck sir! In fact i think you should convert it into a gas powered chair! Could cruise tge neighborhood!
  14. Good luck! Looks kind of like my area! Hills n trees.
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