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  1. So we are in process of swapping engines in one of our f-20's. My question would be,where is a good spot to lift a complete engine? I thought if we ran chains to all 4 motor mounts that would work but might take some finegelling.

  2. 18 hours ago, cedar farm said:

    I like your loft. How deep is it? We are going to try and put one in this winter. Can't decide on a depth. 8' 10' or 12'

    Im gonna say 10'. I can ask dad. 

  3. Since the original block was cracked all the way to the deck we decided to buy a complete crack free runner to replace it with. Heres a couple piccys. Also got the chain hoist hung we arw gonna use to pull it.20231013_144003.thumb.jpg.e03eaca2157c19b701643ecf60147369.jpg20231013_141946.thumb.jpg.83592b216c3c0fc6e8a7d7cf16ce19f6.jpg20231013_141941.thumb.jpg.1b107e0ee2a2fbc06e0031274958429f.jpg

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  4. 40 minutes ago, MacAR said:

    Sounds like it's got some air in the system to me. You might try bleeding it if you haven't already. I'm not very familiar with the Super C hydraulic system, but if it's got a regulator on it, that might be something to look at also. 


    Good idea. We have been using it this way for quite some time so im thinking it may not be air but the regulator could be the ticket. Ill try and dig up a service manual and poke around.

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  5. So our super c has a homemade 3pt on it that uses the cultivator lift to raise and lower. It does not make fine adjustments at all. Its jerkey. We have a 3pt blade for it and its either down too hard or too high not doing anything. Anything a guy can check to get it a little better?

  6. Sorry for what happened to you. I run heavy equiptment for a company out of the cities. I mostly run quadtracs pulling scrapers but do a little of everything throughout the year. Many times theres been close calls. Ill pray for your healing and welcome back to the red power advantage!

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  7. 9 hours ago, 766 Man said:

    A neighbor had a dozer in to clean up a small area near his farm yard.  There is a very old cemetery right next to where to where the dozer was working.  Before he finished I noticed the dozer knocked over a few headstones.  I wonder how much bad luck the operator is in for?  

    Sounds like said dozer operator needs some more seat time along with a lesson in respect. Even if the customer told me to i wouldnt knock over headstones.

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  8. Its been said but your rings will likely loosen up and come back. Make sure valves are free,carb/tank is clean,pushrods are straight,and spark is good. It should run easy. Not a bad idea to clean cylinders out if chunks are big. Even with rough sleeves it will run. Those things will run after a nuclear armageddon.

  9. 5 hours ago, sandhiller said:

    The last sled I had was a Ski Doo 9700 Blizzard Plus. (long time ago, early 80's?)

    Considering I was a complete noob, I thought it was pretty fast. 

    With the snow we got this year, my son bought himself an Arctic Cat and wants me to get another one so we can go coyote hunting together. 



    I been looking but have no idea what is what anymore.

    If i were you i would get a 500 or 600 efi sled. Cat had the best efi system in the late 80's and into the late 90's. Batteryless unless you wanted electric start but with an efi sled it aint necessary. I would try n get one with reverse if i were you. My 1st choice is arctic cat but in a 5 or 600 they all made good ones.

    5 hours ago, sandhiller said:



  10. 1 hour ago, stronger800 said:

    Had one new just like it. More mph than pretty much most of the current offerings these days. 

    The old sleds spank the new ones. The 98 thundercat still holds the top speed record for a factory sled. 123mph. The new thundercat is lucky to hit 110 and it is the current fastest sled. My 97 zrt 600 used to hand 800 twins their rears on a platter from dig up to 90 and most of the time 100mph.

  11. I have a 2016 3.5 eco. 110,000 on the clock. It pulls a '33 5th wheel camper from time to time. Been good so far. Pulls like a scalded dog. Look up fordtechmackuloco on youtube. He has a ton of eco videos. My wifes explorer has a 3.5 eco as well and its been good. Its a 2014. Hasnt cracked 100,000 yet. Beware of the post 2016 ecos. They changed some things that rear their ugly head before 100,000.

  12. Dad goes to canada hunting. I wont go. One of these times im afraid he will mess something up and break one if their laws and get thrown in jail. Hes a law abiding guy but imo the canadian authorities are outta control.

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