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  1. prayers sent for your brother and your family.
  2. Our CaseIH dealers in Ohio are going to carry Viscosity and CaseIH brand. Saying that the Viscosity price will be considerably less.
  3. 5488Duke

    5288 questions

    Your type of ground, the type of shank and type of digger on bottom of shank are the biggest determining factors for how its going to pull for you. If you ran a 5 shank before and have the same diggers on the new 2500 you should be fine. In some of our heavy clay ground with our 2500 with parabolic shanks and 7" wings and shank shin coverboards..it would bring our 7250 mfd front end off the ground and bring it to its knees. Our 315 plays with it now. Run about 14-15" deep here.
  4. correct me if I am wrong. Inside lever on magnum is correct, but remember on the 88s the lever linkages switch position underneath so it’s the outside lever in the cab for priority valve. On the valve stack underneath it is the inside valve against the range transmission mount plate on both.
  5. Experience is the key. We have had three different 50 series and been into each one over the years for this and that. Also a magnum that we did a clutch on. So splitting them is getting easy to do. Have a good friend that was a caseih mechanic and he does all the torque spec and bearing load stuff so that helps. He works full time doing mechanic work on farms in area.
  6. I think it has the IH update already done. So coarse teeth gears already in there. I think it has the keyed shafts which means IH update package. We’ve had this one for 9 years now. Not much in repairs done to it by us so far until now.
  7. Changing all the hoses, gaskets, heater valves and just little things that start leaking around the engine. Fitting rubbers, seals etc. A lot easier to do when its more in the open. Cab mounts updated also. Mike do you ever see issue with range sync discs? wasn't planning on going into range, but just asking...this far in..do we check other discs? also MFD discs?
  8. I knew I should have checked with you, but dealer treats us really well on discounts and stock buys when we aren't in a hurry. So i went that route...will have to compare once i get the bill. Bet you would have saved us some still.
  9. No teflon looked real good and so did all of the thrust washers, but I have seen those crack and break, so those will be new also.
  10. Yes that is what we did, then can lift speed transmission off front engine half once its out. This also exposes master clutch under cab for easy removal also.
  11. What Thesd said. if planter needs zero pressure return need to go into park lock cover or plug like Mike told you.
  12. You went top-less. Haha! Removed the cab to get right in there. what all are you replacing inside?
  13. Well it’s all part and it wasn’t as bad as we thought it might be. Speed section taken out and disassembled. Even side had a cut oring but discs are very smooth can barely see cross hatches in discs on both side. Took master clutch out and disassembled. Those disc were slightly worse. All gears and shaft components were in great shape. 3-point hitch was acting up so took that all out to check draft valve and lift cylinder orings. Will also go in and do brake discs. tractor has just over 8,000 hours on it.
  14. Noticed a slight hesitation earlier this year on the 5488 when pulling out on road in even gears. So tested things this summer and with full throttle in high range odd gears and full brake pedals let clutch out and tried to stall tractor. Now switch to even gears and did the same... no loss of engine speed and clutch all the way out. Ok we have a problem. Pics below digging into it to find everything we need and get parts ordered.
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