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  1. took a flat piece of steel and bent it to bolt onto cab angle by gear shift levers and the other end bolts onto rops frame by front window Bolted on air compressor and monitor and 750 Trimble for auto steer
  2. Magnum steps and door can be done. need door and hungers and latches need battery box and steps make your own attachment plates to mount battery door latch door step removed old door latch and put light switch in door edge trim modified for door cylinder used existing door hinge for hand rail mounts battery box rear support battery box front mounts bolted onto transmission inspection cover bolts made flat cover for battery box instead of the large plastic cover from magnum with light bottom door hinge top door hinge
  3. That is how I did mine. The cylinder slides onto a stub and then held on by a bolt, which is part of the lower bracket #60 in the diagram above. The bracket bolts onto existing holes on side of 5488.
  4. Correct if you get everything off a 7100 or 7200 series tractor they will fit. Salvage yard is best, so you can get the bracket and bolts and tee fitting for hydraulic lines. Then the upper arm with the cylinder mount also.
  5. our 5488 currently has been the main planting tractor for last ten years the lineup years ago. Two 5488’s and a 5288. Only the MFD 5488 is left on the farm
  6. As the others have said, your problem is not the sentry it is the batteries, cables, and charging system. Any one of those items start to fail and you will drop voltage and lose your sentry controller. This was the main reason back in the late 80’s and early 90’s that so many sentries were removed and bypass harness/test harnesses installed. People did not know the ins and outs of the system. Exact reason for wiring update bulletins. Sentry would lose voltage and tractor would come to a complete stop in the field.
  7. 50 & 52 lower arms are the same. 54’s had a heavier arm for the higher lift capacity.
  8. No we got a used magnum door. Just did the left hand side. We have monitors and such blocking the right hand side so it really can’t be used. But if you got all the parts and linkages for opener system and hinges, you could alter the door on right side. Would be a lot more work. We needed a door for the 5288 we had picked up about the same time. Its door was in real bad shape. So used the magnum door on 5488 and put the good 54 door on the 52 at the time. Win win so to speak.
  9. Yes we did. It was a very nice upgrade.
  10. Happy Birthday fellow birthday brothers today!!! Had a few sips of Bourbon to celebrate mine today!!
  11. I think there are several ground wires under the floor plate below brake pedals. They all Attach to a bracket maybe cab mount bracket on one bolt. I think I had a ground issue with dash before and found the issue with the 3-5 wires grounded there. Cleaned it all up good and was fine after.
  12. Magnum battery box and steps with both batteries on left side magnum door hinges and latch tray for dash is very nice and handy air ride seat upgrades LED lights all around including dash and inside cab. auto steer systems are nice for long nights of field work after market mirrors mounted on both sides. sound proofing materials from Fehr Cab for floor and firewall and rear cab panels. Make them as quiet as the magnums. Turbo upgrades and exhaust muffler eliminators help with lower exhaust temps and more HP
  13. It was great meeting some of you for the first time! Good stories and conversations!! I am in the middle of second row with red, black and white IH shirt on. Between Tony and BJ.
  14. Word I got was the tractors were from the Hageman collection and that the steering box failed on the semi causing the driver to lose all steering. Driver was ok I heard.
  15. Shiloh Ohio. Near Mansfield. Half way between Cleveland and Columbus
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