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  1. Yes our 1977 986 had the cast front bracket. But weights were the large hand hold curved bottom style.
  2. I believe any of the 86 or 88 ptos can be swapped in.
  3. These tractors exist for people who want one like dad or grandpa had and don’t want to restore one themselves or don’t have the desire/ability to restore. These tractors do sell eventually to that one special person somewhere. this one I think has been discussed before one here and has been for sale for a while. They will finds someone to buy it just have to wait. To me the raised white letters and other not original touches are a distraction and would not add to the price I’d pay.
  4. Here’s the serial number 5488 went for 17500 1086 went for 7500. Thought it was a steal compared to other local prices. Especially with new rubber and somewhere around 3400 hours.
  5. 1086 at the sale. Almost new tires all around. Pretty straight tin and paint decent. 5488 at the sale. Cab interior needed to be completely redone. Advertised as low hours with 1200+ hours. But then announced at time of auction those hours were reset when engine overhaul was done. No idea on total tractor hours and transmission slipping in odd gears. Other than that tin was all straight And paint pretty good for the age. edit to fix pic
  6. Sale in Sandusky Ohio today with 5488 mfd and 1086 today. Went and watched them sell. Just wondered if you went and bought either one?
  7. Didn’t look at it so can’t comment.
  8. The 10 had newer rubber and cab was in decent shape. Pto rebuilt and said some other work done by Wellington Imp. Around 3000 hrs could see it going 15k tops. the 54 Needs complete cab interior and seat fixed inside, the transmission issue and FWA would not come on, all tires are getting down on usable tread, duals were the best at 40%. I don’t know...IF it brings 20k you could have 5k in cheap brand tires, 5-10k in tranny, and 1-2k in cab restore plus A/C and other incidentals. You could push $35-40k total to just fix it up and make it solid again.
  9. Might have been, some other guys had just drove in when I was leaving a little after noon. The 54 was definitely slipping bad in odd gears, I know why they didn't have any cab pics online now, as inside of cab all the upholstery was really falling down. Even though it was low hours, it showed its age of being almost 40 years old. The 10 drove nice, gears tight, TA seems good, clutch & transmission brake need adjusted though, took a while to get into gear as transmission was still moving. Don't think A/C was working in either tractor, 54 had the light come on right away when I turned A/C on, they both probably need gone through real good and will need new foam up top as a lot of fine grainy stuff blew out on me when i turned fan on in both tractors.
  10. X3!! Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's out there!
  11. Happy Father's Day everyone!
  12. what time were you there Hannie? I was there just before lunch and the owner's son started the 10 and 54 and they both started right up. I drove them both around some and then parked them.
  13. We just got the Milwaukee trimmer because we have a lot of other Milwaukee tools. Have had echo and stihl gas trimmers at farm and homes for last 20 years. Used to be real good machines. Last ten years can’t get but a couple years out of them before the issue of keeping them running issues start. Replaced three or so carbs then figured why spend 70 bucks for a carb and labor when you can buy the trimmer for 119 on sale. Got three of them in the spare garage someone can have!! Wife complaining she could never keep them running. So I got the Milwaukee unit and the wife takes off with it. Comes back and says wow that is really nice but battery didn’t last very long. Found out she had the 8.0xc from the grinder that was in the charger next to the 9.0hd that came with it. Gave her that battery and she ran all over the farm and the 1/4 mile drive until it died. She kept grabbing it each time we went to mow and such so I never got to run it until tonight. Took it back to our one farm where we have a pond and some open area around it that we mow each week. Do some camping there through the summer so keep it mowed up nice. Pond is probably 250-300 yards around it and had not been trimmed yet this year so very tall grass already heading out and some weeds. Making two passes all the way around with trimmer and then the dam is about three or four feet wide down to water that needed trimmed. I was amazed with how easy and effortless the job was and I took the 9.0 and the 8.0 batteries and they got the job done. Also got the pole saw with it but haven’t tried it yet. Rural king was having a sale on them finally a few weeks ago!
  14. Example of the led lights we put on. as others have said, once you get led lights you will be able to turn them to light up all of the area in front of the tractor. The lower cab lights I have shining to the side and toward the front and catch the edge of what the four up front light up. I have the two by the weights attached to the bolt on the weight hold down bar so the lights are out in the open more so they can be adjusted better. The pic below shows the new led front lights and how it’s attached to the weights
  15. Hope your home soon. Prayers for you from Ohio
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