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  1. Been a while since we had our magnum. Check tehwiring to the solenoid for the MFWD you may have pulled something loose trying to get the other issue fixed. Believe solenoid is near the side full tank at rear?
  2. I would take the plastic shift cover off in cab and verify action of the shift lever and the electric switch that is activated to shift between even and odd gears. Sounds like something is wrong but giving odd symptoms.
  3. Glad to hear the surgery went well. prayers for a rapid recovery. Crohns is a tough disease, wife has that and she lost her mother very early in life from it.
  4. My condolences Bill. Prayers for you and your family.
  5. our 5488’s over the years. and the last 5488 when it was at Farmall Land when I was there
  6. I think I have a set laying around!
  7. Like jass1660 said, it outlines it in manual. Goes by a measurement from ground to center of axle if I remember correctly. See what your calibration number is and adjust
  8. Noooo!!! My eyes can't take it! edit this photo please!!! HaHa!! Just kidding, F-I-L had some green for a while 8400-8420 and they were nice to drive.
  9. Just got done putting new dampner pulley on and rebuilt shift levers. Wow what a difference! Levers snap into position like when it was new!! Before you could move levers almost in a circle...exaggeration here but very sloppy.
  10. We started with an ez steer on tilt on 7250, then went to an On-Trac II. problem was dad was getting older and the resistance to get the on-trac to release and steer on ends was hard, tried to recalibrate things but if we set it lighter the on-trac would kick itself off if it had to steer too hard. Got rid of the 7250 then and moved to a 315 with integrated..problem solved there. moved the on-trac to the 5488 for planting and same issue seemed like we had to fight it sometimes to get it to release, or if set too light would kick itself off on its own. Got tired of that and put an integrated hydraulic system on 5488. Its been problem free for several years now. I'm not too far away and would be happy to show you what we have done if you want to take a look. It is more money for the system and the upgrade to a 750 or higher from your 500. The other systems can work with the tilt wheel, just have to get it mounted up right. Happy to help if you have questions... Loren
  11. Have you checked the wires going up along the engine for the coolant temp? maybe got hot and melted or broke off. The fuel gauges can be problematic with age and not read, need to find wires by tank and ground them out and watch for gauge reaction
  12. Very sad news. Prayers for the family sent.
  13. Just order the mounts for the 72/89 series magnums
  14. Very nice looking outfit. Where abouts is the plow day?
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