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  1. Dang Ace I been busy and not around. I'm sure you've already figured it out. We had a boo boo just like that last year only I didnt stop the row. I kept cruising. My wrapper got stuck about 6 bales in. It kept pushing the row and I needed it to be going backwards so it didnt push the row through a fence. We pulled the wrapper back slowly as I was wrapping and got a little ahead of ourselves. Anyway same issue. We took about an hour or less to take the silage film over it a few times with that tape. Then we took a heavy vinyl tarp (old billboard tarp) a laid over it to where it was overlapped 1 bale on each side. Shoved a post on both sides to keep it tight, and taped that. End result worked great. I use them caps they showed above except I put a dry bale in one then put it up against the last silage bale backwards. So I still use a spike because the cap is facing towards the silage. It seals the row up nicely and keeps the dry bale from getting trashed. Other thing is I kept tearing the caps the way your supposed to use them. Our anderson wrapper has 2 spikes the bales slide across where it wraps and they catch the bags and tear them.
  2. You had a right to be upset. You know on the other hand maybe them people who obviously dont understand electric thought it was an emergency. I have been in the same field and normally find the opposite. The things people think are not an emergency almost burnt the house down, and they slept in it fine, and the panicked ones have nothing to be worried about. Electricity scares some people.
  3. Yah I have some jensales manuals too. Same way. Almost useless if you want pictures. Ebay for manuals all the way. I've bought some dandys.
  4. I feel it's ok in this case to shoot a text possibly after hours but respectfully not too late before 8 ish. But in this case I would have text you and said hey, give me a call tomorrow when you have time I have an outlet not working and would like you to check it out as soon as you find the time. That way you dont have to respond if you dont want, but i leave it at that. Not 10 messages. Is that rude of me? Mostly because it's on my mind and I'll forget. The other thing I've done is set a text timer. So say if its on my mind at 11pm I'll set it to text at say 8am so I wont forget. I look at texting possibly different than some. If I'm busy and someone has a question for me I'd prefer they text me and I'll answer it when I have a second. That way I'm not tied up say at work with a 10 minute phone call because someone had a 5 second question then we BS for the rest of the time. Call me crazy I guess.
  5. My bil is looking for a new radiator for his 1700 loadstar. Before I go too far he tells me it's too far gone to have fixed. Said it's been patched too much and hes a good mechanic so I'll take his word for it. 2 questions. I've included his line set ticket. Its says increased cooling and he thinks its bigger than his 1600 has. So anyone know what the deal here is? Also any leads on a new one? This truck is in excellent shape and he doesnt care what it costs. He wants a quality radiator, no junk if he can help from it. Online there is a place with a decent looking copper one but it says it fits 1600-1700 and 4700-4900. Our 4900 looks all different BUT both of mine are intercooled so maybe that's just the difference obviously. Any help is appreciated. He would like to stay with the bigger rad
  6. Missouri has a share the harvest program as well. We also have chronic waste disease in our herds of whitetail. Right now you just say how many tags you want and they produce them free of charge if your in a cwd area. You can donate all the meat but you still have to field dress and hang them, the conservation will come out and take them after that. I think their season actually just ended before it got hot.
  7. Critters here are acting weird. Seen deer and raccoons moving alot during the day. They are hunting for food. Been hot and dry I suppose their isn't any acorns either, alot of the creeks and ponds are dry.
  8. Flooding just plain sucks. We went on a family trip to an area about 2 hrs south of me on the side by side earlier this summer. There was a low water slab as as call them crossing a creek to get into the place. It rained for about an hour one day we were there but nothing major. Just a nice medium rain. It quit about an hour before dark and the sun popped out. We decided to load the kids up and everyone piled in the side by side and we went for a "quick ride" well it was just dark enough by the time I got back to need headlights, and when I pulled back to that slab that we just crossed 45 minutes ago and it was dry, was flooded! The water was moving what looked like about 25 mph bank full completely covering a 100' long slab of concrete. We slept in the side by side until about 3am and I walked across and went and got my pickup to come grab wife and kids. I was still afraid to cross it in a light side by side but knew a pickup would be ok. Goes to show you just because you didnt get that rain doesnt mean your friends a couple miles up river didnt. It took that water almost an hour to get there.
  9. Kids over the years. Yes the rears are steel
  10. Cleaning up an attic and found this. It was headed for the dump and no way i could let it go. Just need to find 2 front wheels. Saw some i missed on ebay a while back. I knoe theres alot of collectors here hoping someone can lead me in the right direction. Thanks in advance
  11. Hope it works out for you ace. I'm sure the auger isn't perfect but hopefully it will still give you years of service. We have a Hutchinson very similar to that one. Never really thought about that. Ours flexes down about a foot if you leave it up over the bin with grain in it. That's a good tip to keep in mind.
  12. I own a stihl pole saw. Dont remember the cc but it's the biggest one they made. It extends to probably 12 or 14'. I wouldnt want one much smaller. I find I'm still reaching on my tippy toes trying to get that next limb. This one you can just lay it on top the limb and cut. Works even better if you can undercut the limb first so it will fall straight down instead of hinge down and then the butt end chases you around on the ground. I used one of those smaller ones that converts to a pole saw. It worked fine but wasnt long enough. The last thing I'll tell you. Mine came with a shoulder strap. USE IT! After 2 hrs of cutting without it you'll wake up the next day soar as heck. Its muscles in your back and arms you dont use too much that it goes after. Ask me how I know
  13. Hagan, that's just how some people are unfortunately. SOMEHOW they have enough credit to get a high interest loan that will never be paid for and when they repossess they will lose money. But that doesnt fix the issue. On a side note I just love it when guys still let me charge something. Reminds me we still have good people. Example. I called a guy about spray chemical 3 years ago that lives 1 hour away a guy told me was reasonable on price. I only told him who told me to call and he (on his terms) set outside his shop door about 4k worth of spray for me to pickup because he was fixin to leave to go custom spray. He simply told me to call back tomorrow and give his secretary my address, which I did at 8:05 am. The following year I picked up ALL my chemical from him and when he told me he would send me a bill I handed him a signed blank check and said send it with the receipt. He trusted me as a stranger and you just dont get that anymore. And this ^^^^^ is why. I dont blame you folks in a business.
  14. Yes. I am terrible at this. Having kids reminds me to slow down alot, but I still have to stop myself once in a while. I get in a hurry and cut corners trying to do too much and that's always when I do something stupid. I could list a page of times I've fallen or mashed a finger or something and almost every time I should have just stopped and done it the right way. Teaching my boys the right way has sure helped me. I've got more work to do though.
  15. Now what's the chances of that. Theres thousands of Miles of trails and that particular one isn't even really marked but somehow we both found it. Lol
  16. Little confidence there. Anything is possible. I'd rather order one online and have it shipped. Dont even really need one right now I'd just like to have one.
  17. I assume your talking about the carbide tipped firming points?? Since its brought up do they have a different gauge tool?
  18. Me neither but when I smell cucumbers I take off like the roadrunner in the cartoon. I've smelled them dozens of times and never stuck around long enough to find out if it was really a snake. Lol
  19. Yes. We have more of those by far than rattlers. And yes they scare me too. I'm always afraid one of my kids will find one
  20. Does anyone have or know where I can find a gauge for the 900 planter seed firming points. My other topic led me to check mine realizing I do not have the little gauge that came with the planter. I would just like to have one. Thanks
  21. This is about what I'm going to do next go around. Mine will hold seed good at 5. I always slow it down some if I have to get off, really just to see what it will take. I think 7 will help me. My planting tractor the T/a isn't the greatest so I just throttle back on headlands and as long as I stay at 5 like you said all the seed stays put. My seed firming points look like new. I have the little rubber flaps on the seed boot i guess it's called. They all look great. I really think the extremely dry ground was my biggest problem. Maybe if I keep this planter I can check into the vents that go inline before seed tube. Or adding some holes whichever.
  22. This looks very nice. I did the same thing. I hated to butcher up my step but I slotted it and put a grommet to where I can still use the step to access the battery. I have some ckt breakers and other things mounted under that door.
  23. It's one of the few we have that you may or may not make it to the hospital in time. Where we were at a helicopter would be your saving grace.
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