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  1. 756 last night out for some late night stalk chopping. Had a 15' batwing hooked to her giving her the beans. 1st high, pto speed, and mower set just above the dirt. Makes her talk a little once the dew sets in. 😎 I walked by 3 cab tractors to grab my convertible last night. Nice evening to listen to the ol German sing me a song. Man those stalks are loud being chopped up. Been on a cab tractor so long I forgot.
  2. Salvage yard tank?? If it's just a yard truck maybe it would be easier to just strap something different in there??? Ours has a leak in the top of the tank for decades. You only fill it half way and use it like it's a brand new truck. Lol Those step tanks are easy to come by really.
  3. This is my fear as well. Hay ground may have to suffer. I have been hauling manure to spread on fields, which creates more issues in of itself. However I think at 1000/ton it may be an option.
  4. I think any farmer running cattle has a special cow running around somewhere it seems. Mine was #1 and for good reason. She would follow me anywhere. Through an alley or the woods, didn't matter. And you all know if one goes they all go for the most part. I took her to town in the trailer a couple times because she lead the other one on the trailer for me and kept the others calm. twice I hauled a cow to the vet and had to tell the vet dont worry about that cow she is along for the ride. He laughed and knew where I was coming from. Since then I've upgraded my loading facilities tremendously and haven't had near the troubles. It's amazing what we used to go through to give a cow a shot, or pull a calf out.
  5. I just sold 3 Angus cows at 19 years old. They were all 3 bred back at first stage. Raised good babies for me all the years. I got .75/ lb for them. These were somewhat special cows to me in that my Dad bought them when we were still running cows together. I kept them at least 5 years too long. The only trouble I had was once the calves got bigger I had to pull them off or they would fall apart. Now I feed heavy, creep feed, feed silage hay, and work my cattle religiously. If you had a bull in there for 90 days and they didn't breed, and over 10 I'd send em. I've tried that so many times and it never works. Same as a heifer that didn't breed the first year, I've tried hanging on another year alot, and dont think it's ever paid off. I did finally have one have a calf the second year only to lose it giving birth. I had my mind made up my old cows would die on the farm, but had a change at heart this year. Took 5 old cows away at .75 and turned them into 3 bred heifers 3rd stage. I'm happy.
  6. Exactly the same thing here happened to me. In fact I even had a conversation about cheap aftermarket mufflers with him and he never mentioned one thing about the Stanley. I opened it up and about cried. Put it in the tractor and smoke leaks out of the upper crimp knurling. I put a call in to him letting him know I was very disappointed. His answer was for me to take it to a muffler shop and have them weld it up, and he would send me $25 towards the repair. I told him I didn't want to stare at a bunch of weld on a new muffler much less repaint it. I just lived with it. So yes, you are correct. Ask him first, hes not a bad guy and he can't control junk. I only wish I had asked him point blank what I was buying.
  7. No, sorry. It's probably on the back burner until after harvest is over. I appreciate the concern
  8. I'll give that for it. Wish it was a 14, but sounds like a cheap tractor to me.
  9. We have about 6 in the neighborhood. we run about 10 at work. I prefer the 900 because it has the medium range. I use that alot. Get it good and warm. Take it for a long mile or so drive. Then see if you can stall the engine on a large hill or by riding the brakes. If not properly taken care of they tend to wear grooves in swash plate in hydro and that's when it will show up the most. I have 1 right now that's doing it. Neighbor bought it at a dealer and drove it around the lot a few times with no issue. Then once it warmed up it would basically slip on hills. Engine would rev up high with no power. That's really the only major thing to look for. I know young guys that want to go fast hate them and that's fine. I want a workhorse and that they are. Good luck
  10. I'd be interested to know what it would dyno at. My 986 seemed anemic compared to my 1086 and used alot more fuel doing the same job it seemed. Last year I noticed my 1486 had trouble pulling my baler up large hills in road gear. Finally the head of pump started leaking and I sent it off. They sent it back 10% over stock, and man it woke it up. Funny how we run something every day and I'm guessing it was down 30-40% on power before I noticed it. I'd say your 14 spoiled you.
  11. Sometimes I have been able to work the turn signals back and forth and get them to straighten out. Almost like they get stuck in a neutral position. My 1486 did that last year. Pulled in one evening and my flashers were lit solid on tractor and Baler. I messed around with turn signals and off they went. Haven't had trouble since. I figured the flasher unit was on it's way out and still may be, but so far so good. Worth a shot.
  12. I'm actually a little bit perplexed at how fast I read that. Not sure if that means my brain is that good or that tweaked. Lol Hmm....🤔
  13. I get it. I'm like VT. I find myself more now than ever ducking around corners of stores to prevent talking to people that I otherwise would have. I hide on the farm most weekends. My BIL lives about 2 miles away and we pretty much do the same things. Its funny I'm not a people person but yet once I'm forced to come out of my shell I'll talk until the cows come home. My good buddy is the exact opposite. He needs people around him at all times. He is always going somewhere with someone and has a good time everywhere he goes. Covid hasn't slowed him down very much at all. Usually if we go somewhere I have fun. So what gives. Lol Now as for hobbies. Sure we all get burned out. Take a step back, and it will come back around. I have a TON of little hobbies that I pick back up. some of it is seasonal for me as I have time. My lathe, tig welding, painting tractors just to name a few. When I'm busy as heck in the field I dont have time to practice tig welding, or try to build a new piece on the lathe. So winter time it is.. doesn't mean I lost interest. I used to reload to the point I was ate up with it. Haven't touched the handle in 4 or 5 years. Everything got hard to get so I said heck with it. I still have every single thing and eventually will pick it back up. My oldest boy is just now 5, but I have found a few things sprung back up because of him. Hunting and fishing to name a couple. Cheer up you'll be fine.
  14. Dang. Looks like you had to dump your load out to get her out? If so that stinks. Guessing that tire is about a $500 bill ?? I help my family chop every year. I've posted some pics of all the old rusty wagons and such. It's all old, and wore out, but gets the job done. We all laugh every year that's it's all about the experience. Never know what could happen. Anything from wagons rolled over to flat tires over the years. Usually around 80 loads chopped is what we put into a bunk. But these are older smaller silage wagons. So probably about 25 of yours. Lol
  15. Yep. I love making baleage in the fall. Easy peasy. Nice and cool, 1/2 the stress on equipment due to heat. And it only makes things better than it would have been feed wise. If only by a small percentage.
  16. If I were not worried about a oil film I would use fluid film. I use it on my fertilizer buggy and its great stuff. If I were worried about it I'd use wd40 or your penetrating oil of choice. I've sprayed kroil on my 510 ih drill for years on the inside with no issues with seed tubes or anything yet. By the time I drag it out of the shed it's pretty well dried away and never an issue with seed hanging up in there. I just spray away until everything I want is coated good. Just my .02 Oh and I always shop vac it out first. Gets most of the dust out. Dont use fertilizer though
  17. Tak's 2 oem choices are camoplas or now camso or bridgestones. My bil bought a set of camoplas zig zags 2 years ago for 1600 each. Yesterday they were around 2800 each. Bridgestones were a little cheaper at 2600. The ones I went with mainly due to availability were about 1500 each. Tak's are very hard on tracks if the wrong operator is in the seat. They put a ton of power to the tracks. https://trojantracks.com/skid-steer-rubber-tracks.html Trojan tracks. Hes ran a few sets on machines and had decent luck. Not saying everyone should run out and buy them it's just what I went with in these times. I kinda have a problem with companies raising their prices by 50% in the last few months just because they can. I figured for 60% the cost of oem I hope to get good use out of them for a few years.
  18. I'm always amazed at the nutrition in your guys hay out there. To me western prairie hay looks like thin and burnt up but yall sure can pull some great quality out if it. Dont get me wrong we have to fertilize to achieve those numbers. Wasnt trying to one up yall you have to work hard for what you got.
  19. Dont think it's in his nature at the moment. I just hope he at the very least gives it a fair shake.
  20. I started watching him a long time before he had the long hair etc so I guess it's easier to handle because of that. Kid has some ballz. He will eventually find himself in financial trouble at some point. What goes up must come down. I thought of his content more like I can't believe what I'm watching right now. When he destroyed a $100k ford pickup, that is just plain nuts. Lately I will admit his content is harder and harder to watch. He spends money like he has a printer, so we will see. My forecast is he probably spent mid 20's on that 1206 and it will likely make 2 episodes of his channel before it goes to scrap in a heap.
  21. You know what you are right. I remember now seeing a big iron building in the background
  22. Alright, who sold the 1206 at the farm progress show? Show your face... 😂 Word on the street is someone sold a 1206 to whistlin diesel, a popular youtuber that lives to destroy things. Its doomed. sure hope he doesn't destroy it but I've watched enough of his stuff he sure dont have any care. I think it was farm progress show at least.
  23. Lookin good. I'm curious how many bales to the acre can a guy expect out there. Perhaps tonnage to the acre is more exact. Here I can expect an average of 4 bales per acre and about 3 ton/acre. Now that's an average year average hay. One can do much better and much worse here depending.
  24. Oh yah. This was on the dam to the pond I was brush hogging along the water line. I heard the dreaded track pop noise that you hear when one is walking off. I leaned out and watched my downhill track thinking this is gonna be bad, turned out to be uphill. Once I seen it was junk I gave her the ol hail Mary spin to the left to get her close to the top. That's why the track is plum off, I figured you can't ruin what's already junk. These had some hours on them, but the pad tracks dont have much more tread to begin with. Honestly I liked them the way they were because it was easier on the grass. Now the new ones are on and they are gonna eat the fields up every turn I make. My bil is in the rental business and tells me on these takeuchi machines he has seen a set of tracks get smoked in as little as 300 hrs by weekend warriors. He also tells me his excavation guys only get 750hrs on bridgestones. He tells me to stay away from any foreign made tracks. I just went with a Canadian made set now, because bridgestones (oem) were back ordered and $2600 each plus shipping. I'm not happy about it but what can you do right now. At least I had a old track I could put on to get me going.
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