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  1. I know the feeling. My buddy had this happen this spring. He pulled pin and ripped the rest. After it was all done with he was glad it burned too. Been troublesome lately. The FD was putting it out and I was up top of the field baling what was left. There was rain coming and i figured while we had company I'd just finish up. I'm sure they were shaking their heads.
  2. Older hesston balers have that style hitch too. My case ih 8455 had it.
  3. I'm always looking for both c clamps and ratchet straps. If them babies are there after dark..... 😎
  4. Little late night shot. You can see the grass I mentioned earlier. Doesnt seem to bother much but i did have to raise my cultivator teeth up so they didnt drag trash leaving furrows in the field.
  5. I baled mine for silage. 3 cuts between 3-5 foot tall. Yielded well, but havent sent in a sample yet to see on quality. Crowsfoot reels... stay out of mud. Period. Yesterday it was wet enough in places to stick to the tires in a few places and only one time it balled up on 2 wheels. Dont keep going or you'll hate yourself. 95% of what I did was a little tacky but not sticky and it did fine. Dryer dirt/trash i havent had any trouble yet. Havent had it that long though. I think id rather it was solid wheels front and back but it was a good deal and close so I went with it. Seems to me like the crowsfoot wheels do a good job of leveling with the combo I have here.
  6. The last field has alot of clay in it so the dirt only separates so much with the disk. This is the first year I've got to use a cultimulcher on it. This one I just bought this spring sometime and man oh man I wish I had bought one years ago. Neighbor has a cultipacker we have used before. There was a fair amount of dead crabgrass it left sitting on top but the drill should blast right through it. This was all in Sudan grass and I lightly disked it up first. I was tempted to no till the wheat and rye but wanted it to lay a little better anyway. I planted it in wheat 2 yrs ago when it was a little too wet, getting late in the year with more rain coming and needless to say it showed when you drive across it.
  7. The 2 fields I just finished I sure wish would of been a fuzz dryer but it didnt turn into a rolling log so I hammered on it. Cruising right along still.
  8. Interesting. So do you make your final pass with a disc at a angle and cultimulch or pack the same way your planting. I always assumed planting at an angle the slight ridges would differ the seed depth slightly. Not that it probably matters much.
  9. Wheat and rye. Not asking what to use cultipacker for just asking how others make their passes for fun. If I'm Drilling I always go the way I am going to plant it. Raising it up at the headlands and making a few circles around the outside. I've tried angles and tried making circles but never was real happy once I got to the middle of the field. It was on my mind as that's what I'm doing tonight so I thought it was something to ask. Dont have a roller but wish I did at times. Guess it all boils down to shape of field but most of mine are weird shaped.
  10. Curious to hear others techniques on cultimulching or packing a field. Seems everyone does it a little different. I basically do it like final pass discing to keep from headlands getting too mashed down then make a couple rounds around the field. Others do it in circles among other ways. How do some of you do it or did do it back in the day. Like to hear others opinions just for fun.
  11. Shame you dont live closer. I've got a good one. I really like the 2350. It goes on and off very easy. I like to remove mine when doing field work. When it only takes 30 seconds it's worth it. You should be able to find a decent 2350 around 3-4k easily. A new one is probably 8-10k guessing. So depends what you want I guess.
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