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  1. Our extension office has the tools, and are very helpful in what and how to do it. That's where I'd start.
  2. EY you hoser. GEEZ the wind is sure strong up here. Canadian A??
  3. That's exactly what my kids would have said too. I DIDNT DO IT HONEST!!!!! Guessing it sure could have.
  4. Problem is who is to blame. The kids for being stupid or the parents and schools for not teaching them. 🤷‍♂️ little of both maybe. My dad taught me how to read a tape measure. I got my first job as a construction laborer before could drive. My mom gave me a ride everyday all summer. I studied a tape measure and practiced using a saw weeks before i started so I didn't look like an idiot first day. Was it because I was smart? Doubt it. Hard worker? Just as lazy as everyone else. I think it was because my Dad told me that's what I have to do, and i listened to him. Thanks Dad. Love yah and miss yah.
  5. I'll bet that thing is heavy loaded. My 1911 gets noticeably heavier with a full clip and that's only like 7 rounds.
  6. I didn't catch this before I posted. Yes. It's a real struggle. I can assure you the power plants dont want to push any more than they are required. Bottom line.
  7. Wrong. What Todd is referring to is a VAR. We have to follow a voltage schedule and increase or decrease our VAR's depending. While solar and wind are a nice option they cannot produce such a thing. We are forced to increase our VARS on these days. The shear size and inertia of our massive spinning reserve they like to call it. If we were to all fall out of our voltage regulated compliance it would cause massive blackouts. Theres alot of literature about it already online. We dont like to push out vars because we are not paid for them. Money wasted. That's how its explained to me. I should also add I have read once they can motor windmills to help correct this issue but it doesnt fix it. While I cant explain 100% what a VAR actually is, I've yet to meet an engineer who can 100% put it down into layman's terms. I can 100% tell you theres a whole lot of difference between wind/solar and a spinning reserve. I know this because I sat in the seat myself and answered the phone. When i would try to push the unit to make money it was not my friend.
  8. Hey, just we forget things once in a while no need to accuse us of drinking on job! (Loaded) 😂
  9. BIL made a real nice bracket that spans the dash of the 86 series. Similar to what's shown but his is heavier and saddles the dash so it's very rigid. Ram mount is expensive but soooooo universal. I just put a ram mount ball in the corner of my cabs and run a longer arm on it so I have more flexibility.
  10. Let me know how you like those sockets. I "used" to think Klein tools were the best option for what we do. I have been more disappointed by the day lately.
  11. Just go for the hellcat. 🏋️‍
  12. I hate snakes. Freakin hate em. No really. No idea. My guess is a rat snake, or copperhead ish. More like a rat.
  13. Unfortunately that happens alot. I've always jokingly said if all they're gonna leave me is a few burnt 2x4's let er go. Of course I would of never let a fireman catch me joking like that. At work we are trained in fire. We have to put on turn out gear, scba, and hazmat suits. Really we are just first responders at the plant and escort for the "real fireman" problem is the real guys show up at a massive place like this and arent sure what to spray water on or run from. That's where we are supposed to help out. We know the place. Anyway point is fireman have a special place in heaven. Tough job.
  14. Reminds me of a service call I once went on. Lightning strike we thought. The place had a main panel in garage 200a and a sub panel in main house 100a mounted on an exterior wall. Some things weren't working throughout the house. Upon inspection I found a bunch of burnt nails on metal siding on the outside. I found the worst one was poking through the plywood touching the back of the panel. We changed out both older FP panels to newer ones per customer request. Never really could figure out what exactly happened but knew it wasnt grounded correctly. So I drove a rod outside on both panels. 100a Seu cable between both panels was in good shape so we left. A WEEK goes by and they call saying the 100a breaker tripped. I rush over there because I in the back of my mind I was never satisfied with what happened there. Come to find out some derelict cut short pieces of seu cable down both walls. Up in the attic they spliced a piece of ariel cable with split bolts and ran it through the attic. The one layer of tape had wore thin and when the connection would heat up it would go to ground. Since it wasnt grounded correctly it was going through the metal siding to ground. Luckily my ground rod took care of that issue so ocpd tripped. Luckily nothing major happened this time. They got lucky and fortunately so did I because I didn't catch it the first time. One assumes the same type and brand of cable on both ends Is the same piece of cable throughout the house. WRONG!!
  15. One thing about it. If you buy a cheap disk for example and go through and re blade and bearing it, at least you know what you got when your done. And most of the time you wont have any more money than buying one in nice shape that normally will disappoint you when you start using it. My krause disk I bought has all 19.5-20" blades. Some of them are getting thin enough if I catch a big rock they bend out on the ends a little. I figured I'll wait until I catch a deal on all new blades and have them waiting for me. I'll still get 5 or 6 years on what it came with.
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