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  1. Less it's a 12 valve maybe...... I like the mechanical P Pump myself. It's like the Chuck Norris of pickups. I do wish sometimes it was a 3500 dually but other times I'm glad it's not. Tried 3x putting a picture in and its upside down.
  2. Wow. That would be over a grand around here. That "middle" valve alone is normally 500 used. You got lucky.
  3. Diesel rx in my 656 here. Going on 5 years. Have yet to burn one out knock on wood. Hold it 5-10 seconds and she fires right up. If it's real cold I'll let off for 5 seconds and hit it another 10 but normally dont need to. When its 80 out I hated sitting there 30 seconds. Seemed like an hour when I'm trying to rake hay or whatever im doing. The only reason I tried it is because I modified the plug not the head, so what was I out? Only thing I dont like is they seat right at the end of threads so theres potential to get one stuck in there if it doesnt seat on the shoulder of plug I suppose soot could get up in there around the threads. So theres some caution
  4. My case ih gasket for my 756 was reliance. I know this because I was forced to buy reliance oh kit and I bought a case ih head gasket thinking I was being wise. They were IDENTICAL in every way except price. I used mahle on my 5.9 cummins. It was good looking ( if that counts) I ordered a fel pro as well for the cummins and figures I'd use whichever was better looking. Both looked good but I stuck with mahle.
  5. This one is a 245hp according to the sticker on the manifold. I thought 4.78 was kinda high but it sure domt feel like it driving. Time will tell.
  6. Well I might of made some headway. Made up a test rig for shop air and back fed my governor valve from the port that goes to my tank. I found anything over about 80psi it would start leaking past my unloader valves in compressor head and right out the breather to atmosphere! So I pulled the unloaders apart and stretched some o rings on there temporarily and used some anaerobic to seal the cover. Seems to hold now up to 120 like it should. I ordered a new unloader kit and gasket but wont have it until wednesday. Anyway I thought I'd share my test rig and maybe it will help someone in the future.
  7. I liked the read personally. It just told some facts and left the brands out. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Alot of larger farms in us hire hands for help seasonally. sometimes even have housing for their help. It would be nice to find you a place to fit in. Heck you could buy a camper to stay in cheap enough for the first go around to make sure you are going to get along ok wherever you go. Good luck I am a bit jealous you can do that. I am sorry you dont get to continue your family farm.
  9. I've used all twines and net. As for the net heres why I will continue to use it. 1. It feeds so much faster while baling. Speed= time and more bales before it rains. 2. Half of my hay sits outside in rows. It amazing the difference of waste net has in comparison to twine. I'd guess about half on 2 y/0 hay. 3. Sisal rots off before you can get back to haul the hay out of the field. Or for me it does. I bale all my hay then go back sometimes a month later to collect and haul in. I'd rather get my hay baled before it burns up and have some protein in it. I wish I had help to haul it for me while I'm still baling but I dont for now. 4. I still think it's easier to get off. If it's cold and icy I'll set some bales in the sun the day before or I'll pull dry hay out of the barn. So net freezing to hay isn't much of a problem. 5. Net feeds much better in my wrapper for my silage hay. Yes it's a pita but so Is plastic twine. Sisal rots and half your bale falls off the spike while driving to the bale rings, usually right in the gate opening where you have to pick it up. That's my reasoning anyway.
  10. The compressor is a bendix 501. It still builds air too slow for my liking. If I idle truck to around 1000 it will cutout to full pressure in probably 3 minutes from bone dry. The new air filter helped dramatically but between the slow build and amount of oil in the wet tank I'm assuming it's getting tired. I'm not trying to get to California every day just a farm dump truck but if it needs one that's fine. I wonder if my valves are hanging up in the head of my pump. I may pull them out tonight and inspect them. Free to look. I think like Wes did in his video I'm going to throw together a shop air rig for testing, because once the truck is running I cant hear $%it. I cant tell a real difference between compressor running loaded or unloaded.
  11. Thanks. I have watched every single video he made. I really enjoy him. It's all brand new so I've moved past that part, BUT I will and should have at least cracked the line loose at the compressor to see if that's the issue. Might of had some BS in there that hung that check valve up.
  12. Brand new. I replaced the same size that it originally had 3/32. Seemed a little small but that's what it had. The dryer instructions did specify minimum 3/32. The line is about 12' long and I have my suspicions about it. I've considered using shop air to control port while its idling unloaded to see if it still does it. No on cooling fan. Just a viscous type.
  13. Working on dumpy the 4900 tandem I bought. The issue I'm having is my air dryer purges every 20 seconds. Remember this is the one that didnt have one when I got it. Brand new AD-9 air dryer just installed. ( was Mia) Brand new governor valve. (Changed back out to old one and same thing) Air line from governor valve to air tank is new, no leaks ( old one had hole) Air line from governor valve to dryer for control port new and no leaks. I fixed about 10 air leaks on this truck by spraying soapy water. Only one left is on top trans for splitter and very slow leak. If I remove purge control line from governor valve it does not purge as I expected. By the gauge I'm not losing air, and the compressor doesnt appear to be cycling. Double checked cut in pressure to be around 100-105. It seems to be worse when I've got idle turned up. I've researched and read and understand basically what's going on but not sure what to check next. Ideas? It's quite possible I am missing a check valve somewhere. dryer has one on it on outlet
  14. Thanks. She wound up with I dont know how many stitches. Almost tore her lip off, put holes in her arms, hands, legs, and all over her face. Her arms are black and blue. She isn't a little girl, she is very strong, and she said she couldn't no way hold that thing back. She was whaling away on it screaming for help. She said she was able to keep it from getting onto her neck which is where he was trying to get. She said if that guy hadn't been driving by exactly when he was she wouldn't of probably lived. Once that guy grabbed the dog by the throat it broke his train of thought and a light switch flipped back to nice puppy. Even the police said he was sweet as pie to them. People can argue all they want. You will not convince me to own one ever. And if one steps foot on my place it's dead.
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