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  1. Yah, now that's another example of a day I have to take off or my wife from work. Yes I understand they go longer and still get their 180 days. It's to the point one of the parents about cant work a full time job. My parents both worked and we had a sitter for the summers. Seemed more simple is all
  2. Anyone else here have kids in school? It seems now they have more days off than ever before. My kids are 3rd gen in the same school district, and I can assure you I didnt get as many days off. Today is teachers day. What is that? Between extra days off, covid, and now snow days, I keep burning all my vacation for watching kids. Seems now days if the weather calls for snow they cancel the whole week. I understand they are liable today more than ever before and grit my teeth but accept that. Anyway, I know we have some wife's that are teachers so curious if it's just me or do they get alot more days off. Especially Friday's
  3. That wouldnt scare me if i could find one that has been updated with newer meters and no till etc. I have seen some real nice ones in the past but really didnt have interest. Cant believe i want to go backwards but only other one affordable for me would be the 7000 8 row folding that is a 4 row frame and 2 units fold forward on.
  4. Oh that would be a big deal to me. I would have to fold at each field most of mine have a road to get to through woods. The folding manually wouldnt bother me too much, but for no more than im doing might not be worth the hassle. Before i could move my 4 row alone, now with the 6 row i have to have someone agead of me with flashers on slowing down the citiots. And every year we still have some close calls. I help my bil as this was his old planter and he went to a split row kinze, and its actually a foot wider than the 900. He is headed toward a 8/16 folding kinze now for the same reason.
  5. I found an old thread on AG talk. Like 766 said i didnt realize the frame is alltogether different on 7000's. So yes i would have to find a narrow row planter. Why not narrow down my 6 row? Well i could, but i think i could find a 7000 already setup for no till (my 900 is not) and have that option as well. By the time i do all that i hate to butcher my 900. Its really a nice planter. The issue with the 7000's that i see is 75% of them are junk that would be great for food plots. I would only consider one in very good condition and probably have to pay a premuim. I have no issues with air planters. I prefer them, however finding a 4 rn air planter setup for no till would be a challenge. 7000's are everywhere and so many parts interchange. Just my thoughts at this point anyway
  6. Thinking of looking for a different planter. Im a one man show and dont do that much ground. Currently i run a ih900 planter 6 row and really like it, but my narrow roads out here and citiots its getting tougher and tougher to move equipment alone. I believe my 6 row planter is over 16' wide. I run a 4 row head anyway so i am considering trying to just find a nicer 7000, or 7200 4 row no till setup and just roll with it. I plant under 50 acres, and used a 4 row up until a few years ago anyway, and wish i had it back every time i move the 6 row. Dont get me wrong once its in the field, its great. Question is i find alot of nicer old 7000 wide row planters. Cant the row units be moved in easy enough? My last planter was a jd 1240 i believe with finger pickups, and i was able to slide them all in enough. I would like to find one actually setup for no till with heavier springs etc. If i remember correctly the hardest part of moving the other one was just getting things to move from where they have been 50 years.
  7. My first year I went on my own planting corn I had a 2 row pull type corn planter behind my 1086. It's all I could afford for a planter on short notice and the 10 was only thing set on wide rows. I only did it the first year on 20 acres before I found a 4 row, then since upgraded to my 6 row 900 planter. neighbors talked
  8. J bolts here. Never heard of one stealing an entire truck box bolted down anyway. I'm sure it has happened somewhere
  9. I bought a new 255 multimatic a couple years ago. It's a nice running rig. The only complaint is duty cycle could be better. If I'm burning say 3/8 or 1/2" and really go to town it will start welding like poo. The fan is still cycling like it's not even warm but welds start to degrade. Wait a little bit and clears up. The first time it did this I thought sure it was just me or something I was doing wrong. Dont get me wrong it takes alot to get there but that 252 transformer machine wont do that IMO. Confession I'm a hobbyist (farmer) welder not an expert As for your price. 1500 all day long if it will strike an arc and weld. The increase of new cost probably raised that price to 2-2500 like others thought
  10. This one was much larger. So I am corrected it was larger than 20k. That's a nice excavator you have
  11. Passed a guy hauling an excavator on a gooseneck the other day ­čś│ It was a larger kobelco on steel tracks. I'm sure it was over 20k behind a regular cab power stroke chugging through the hills. He was probably only running 40mph but my guess is his right foot was planted.
  12. Around here the rainfall was so scattered that field to field is night and day difference. I've got some farms planted the same day 1/4 mile apart that are totally different results
  13. That stinks. Looked like it had some Firestone's on the back too. What a shame. I always go through mine when I get them home and inspect and repair any wiring issues mostly from shotty repair and I STILL worry about them doing this. I have found more than a couple fuses bypassed on these things from faulty fuse panels, or bypassed fuses. I guess that doesnt help you If you have a battery cable go to ground or something. Anyway I think this reminds me to do another once over on mine this winter.
  14. I always thought they did an ok job. Not as nice as my newer telescoping sway bars on each side I will admit
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