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  1. I doubt it works very good. So one question I have is why? What do you do with a lawn mower that needs a half track? Cant think of anything.
  2. What's wrong with the gasser? You said it was bad. Bad as in rings stuck been sitting or bad as in hole in oil pan? It appears someone took really good care of it right up until it quit. then she sat out. Cheapest thing would be to fix gas. I would think a german or 360 would be next cheapest thing. 5.9 would be cool but pricey. I just overhauled my d310 in mine and really like it. But I wont say there will never be a 5.9 sitting in it. Between the hard to find parts and crappy overhaul parts were forced to use, sometimes I wish I would have just spent more and put one in.
  3. 716 miles from the house. We just had a newborn I'm not sure I can get her talked into going that far. I wish the best for everyone attending
  4. Looks like they are. That stinks I could have fixed you up. These belts I have are rolled up in a shed and make perfect spares. But they are 7" for sure.
  5. What size belts are they? I've got a bunch of older belts off my 8455 that are 7" I believe. you could make you up one if it would work.
  6. Your baler should have came new with Chevron belts and alligator lacing. That's what I'd try to stick as close to as I could. That's what my 8455 had anyway. New Holland's are the ones that dont like gator splices. I've seen numerous ones with it though. If it were me I'd find the best deal on as close to what you had. Diamond pattern is good in my new one, and it might help starting a bale in yours if it didnt cause an issue somewhere else.
  7. See I've never shot a LH. I am so used to it I just roll with it. Funny how you teach yourself to keep your open eye on the animal while you follow up with a second shot and never lose your place. Takes some practice.
  8. We could use an inch or two. Last week we got a shot and this week 95* weather eats it up quick.
  9. Glad to have you back runner. 😎 I have my dads .280 in a ruger m77. They put one of the nicest actions and bluing jobs on a pos walnut stock. Actually the wood isnt all that bad but they put a cheesy clear finish on and just looks cheap. ANYWAY, I've always liked the 270,280 /06 family. My choice was .280 because every swinging D in my area has a 270. Cant find a 280 anywhere. Same reason I like my 257 Robert's. Everyone says what's that? Meez what dat is. One day I think I'll find a nice stock for it. I put a Boyd's laminate on my 257 in m77. I shoot left handed but right hand action. So they made me a left hand thunbhole right hand action laminate stock. It's a thing of beauty. Anyway cant wait to see some groups. Dont hold out.
  10. Might have to eat my words. I just drive out to where there used to be a pile that would impress about anyone and it wasnt there. Theres so much construction around here and it's such a big place it's possible I'll find them but likely it got scrapped
  11. How many you want. Pickup load. Dumo truck load, train load? We got em
  12. Oh I could do about anything. But dang that's alot of work to run a wagon. My auger wagon will fill creep feeders but not high enough to get up to a bulk bin
  13. Oh and yes I go ahead and test it. Mainly so I know what I've got and feed all my hay accordingly throughout the winter to what I think is the best for the cows. Sometimes what you think is stellar is really mediocre and your mediocre stuff is actually the best. As far as a protein and TDN standpoint anyway. just my experience. My local ag extension will let you borrow the probe to drill the cores. I think its about $15 a sample I built my own
  14. I'm all over the board. I've only raised it a few years myself. All my first cuts were all over for height. Always assumed it was the ground. I top dress after first and second cuts with nitrogen. Those are my tonnage makers usually. I silage bale it all. Last year I made 4k lbs/acre first cut and double that on second and third. It was a so so stand no tilled. I also had crab grass come in both years after burn down and that really hurt my sudan but it's good silage too. This year I'm on track for a little better but I need to get it cut. I put it off to let it grow because this variety Is very leafy like corn. Stems are very small at 30" this was a taller spot in the field with my 6y/o slightly crouching. It needs nitrogen now. Kinda a long story but I attempted no till again and didnt like my result so i lightly disced it all up and replanted with my end wheel drill
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