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  1. Love it. Of coarse I loved my 54” fastrak. This time I went with bigger tires, a better seat, and flex forks. It’s a Cadillac. The x one is built quite a bit heavier than the fastrak.
  2. I had another neighbor that farmed alongside of us in the same creek bottoms his whole life. He had all kinds of little tidbit analogies as to if it were going to frost late or flood judging by the ripples in the sand in the creek bed. Unfortunately I was too young to appreciate any of them or to write them down. Don’t know if any of them even hold water so to speak. I just wish I could of paid closer attention. So when this other neighbor said that to me I wanted to say Ahhh BS but instead put my head down and did what he said.
  3. Nice... I just upgraded my hustler fastrak 54” to a hustler x one 60 “.
  4. 🤬. That’s It! Make way I’m coming down there before you get them all 😎
  5. Was loading some hybrid Sudan grass seed yesterday when a neighbor pulled in. “Old timer” to me but a very reputable/knowledgeable farmer. He crawled out of his truck and said boy I hope your not gonna plant that for another 2 weeks.... for those that don’t know Sudan can’t take frost at all. He claims some gibberish about thundering in February makes for a frost in May. Never heard of it BUT i know when to take good advice. I shifted gears and spread some more fertilizer and have the drill ready to go after this next rain. Long range forecast shows no sign of any frost although I know it has happened before. You think i made the right choice? Lol I just thought I’d share that.
  6. That was my first thought but I didn’t want to plant the seed just yet.
  7. On tractor house browsing.... this is on a 1486. Just wondering?????
  8. I did the same thing on my corn crib. I built the roof on the ground and had my 4’ tall rings all put together. I would then set the lid on the first ring and keep stacking. Eventually I had the whole thing together on the pad. I was a little reluctant thinking it may start to bend the roof but I put extra supports on and it went fine as well. I’m my case it was a wire crib so I ran some long pipe through the edges and had a strap on each side up to my hook on the crane as well. Sure wish I had access to a crane like I used to. They are handy. Nice tractor by the way. I’ve always liked the 1256’s. In my opinion the 56 series looks the best of all of the Ih open stations tractors.
  9. That a dcx 101? I just bought it one
  10. No light no burnt smell. Hopefully I’m good
  11. I still wish I could find someone to trade me a good 2250 for my 2350.
  12. 2350 is a good loader. That one has been abused hard. Does your tilt work ok with those shorter cylinders? Looks like you saved it’s life.
  13. Ever have a bad day? The other day my truck blew an oil cooler hose on the highway. I caught it quick because it was spraying on the manifold 😳. Lots of smoke but I got it pulled over and repaired the hose. Limped it 1/2 mile and put 2 qts of oil in. Dipstick showed full so I thought. Here’s where it gets bad. I drove it a few days feeding cows probably 5 miles each day. Today on the way home it wouldn’t shift into od or lockup not sure which. Was only 1/2 mile from home when I thought damn i wish I had double checked that fluid now😢 (too much of a hurry)well it was 3 qts low! Omg 🤬 I took it for a spin and it shifted perfect. Truth told I probably drove it 30 miles total that low short distances. Feel pretty stupid. Did I mention this tranny is brand new? $1900....feeling real stupid now. So tranny guys did I screw it up or you think it went into a limp mode on temp or something?
  14. That’s better news than the alternative.
  15. Another thread got me to thinking. I’m Wanting to wax my hay equipment before season starts. Does anyone have luck with any spray waxes? With all the nooks and crannies and sheetmetal im curious what others do. It really needs to hold up about 3 months out of the year then it all goes in the barn. Thanks
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