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  1. Thanks cedar farm. I knew that they made the 14's larger then, but didnt know that about 10's. Mine is a tri stripe 14 is the only reason i was aware of the change. Ive never even paid attention that the 10's and 14's shared the same turbo too.
  2. Ill piggyback on this topic a little since its same subject. Lets say a guy had a 986 and wanted a turbo for field work. Would you be better to use a 1086 or 1486 manifold/turbo. Obviously a 1086 manifold would be super easy to come by in these parts over a 14. You cant shake a stick around here without hitting a 10. Im the only 1486 around that i know of for miles. I know my 14 has the larger exhaust pipe.
  3. Thanks fellas. I was fairly certain this was the case but nice to be assured.
  4. Neighbor picked up a 986 the other day. Previous owner had hitch pump replaced recently. It works as it should but the 4 bolts that hold it to the cover all leak. Arent there copper washers there?? Or supposed to be anyway? Could a guy remove one at a time and check to see if they forgot them or replace them. Seems to leak bad. Only had one apart once and im not sure. Thanks
  5. Well now i feel better. Id he had called them any of the other names besides 6r id of been on it. Now im just gonna have to ask. Funny thing is his brother came over later and called them that too. Then i was certain i learned something.
  6. Working with a guy the other day and he said hand me those wicker bills. Now ive been around construction all my life and i had to stop and say.. what the f%$$ did you ask for??? He meant vise grip c clamps. Anyone else call them that?? Not every day i get stumped on that.
  7. Back to the original question, i had same question a year or so back. i love the loadstar look etc. I haul further but out of alot of fields, with steep creek crossings and big hills. I have ran several loadstars 1600,1700 etc. First of all those gas trucks get the job done great. If you dont have mountains i wouldnt worry. I found even with steep hills i can pull 300+ bushel on our 1600 with 345 fine. Fast? No.... it aint. Like mentioned its a ton of work to swap biggest hurdle is the firewall like mentioned. We went to a 4900 with a dt466 and 6 speed with air brakes. Wow what an upgrade. Found the truck in great condition with a scott 15' bed for 8500. I stole it especially since its a presentable truck and on its 2nd trouble free season. Having said that for what we do in soft fields, sandy creeks, and nasty terrain loadstars were built for the job. They shine above the heavy front ended diesels. Its actually hilarious when you are wheel hopping the 4900's and a loadstar same weight crawls right by you somehow with the same weight. Once we get out and start hauling into town i want our 4900's with air brakes all day. Im just rambling here but i wouldnt worry about the engines. Brakes can be an issue for sure. I also like my gmc top kick or kodiaks with 366 fuel injected too. Better disc brakes by far, electric backup etc. Can be bought reasonable too. My only complaint of them is the clutch pedal is hard to push. They should have been hydraulic for sure.
  8. Its stuffed with craft face insulation and all joints spray foamed. I wound up throwing a 24" 120v baseboard heater in with a wall mounted thermostat. Ive had better luck keeping the thermostat up higher in the wall oposed to being mounted on the heater. Anyway it works great and should last a long time which is what i wanted. Thanks guys.
  9. Will do. I figured it would be worth a try. Like i said once it warms up and shifts it will work every time perfect. Thanks Dale i appreciate the help
  10. Yeah this room has my pressure tank and everything so i dont want to take a chance on that busting. Ill pay the extra electric and be ok with it. Otherwise yes heat trace works great.
  11. Yes i only replaced the regulator because it was leaking externally. That was a year ago and its been great since. When i bought this dump truck it had a million air leaks, and i tried to tidy that up to a managable amount. This transmission isnt perfect it rattles just a tad in 4th and 5th under a hard pull especially in low you can feel it in the shifter handle, and slightly hear it too. But it doesnt try to do anything it shouldnt and im hoping it stays that way. I probably put 1000 miles a year on it, mostly hauling grain. Its the one i picked up last year. So far it seems like a decent dump truck if that even exsists. I know thats an oxy moron aint it. Lol
  12. The only time it grinds going into low or direct from high is if im still moving too fast. Say im turning in somewhere and im coasting in ill switch to get ready to be in direct 1 to take off, you can hear a small grind until it slows down enough to go in. So after that i have started waiting until im turning in to switch the range and no more grinding. Im sure you are on to something it probably is on its way out too. Ive never tried to shift into low low unless im stopped. I believe that to be the correct way. Lets say i go that route. What do i need to know. Is there a way to bolt the gears from falling out of time or pin the intermidiate shafts somehow? The shift piston may be ok. If its above say 50* you can jump in it and take off no issues. What else would cause this?Thanks
  13. Dale. Im not a truck guy. So line ticket and dash sticker says RR6613 Chrome knob has low, direct, and OD. I have low, 1 2 3 4 gears. Now, your telling me i cant pull #9 to acess the #10 nut so i can pull #12 housing off the #13 shaft to gain acess to 4,5, and 7 orings? My compressor passes enough oil to keep things moving im sure its about wore out but my new dryer catches alot of it.
  14. I did remove both air lines on the valve and squirt some LPS in there best i could. Didnt help. I do have pb air tool conditioner, and ill give it a try
  15. I set you up on this. When i say cold i mean 50* f. Thats cold to me
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