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  1. Missouri Mule

    Lots of old pulling pictures of all colors but mostly red

    Precision guesswork makes another appearance. This time it looks more professional. I don’t know where you find all those photos but I sure hope you have lots more. Thanks hydro for taking the time to post them for our enjoyment. Good on yah sir.
  2. Missouri Mule

    Almost Finished

  3. Missouri Mule

    Almost Finished

    That reminds me... I bought one brand new and that very same thing happened. Marlin told me to bend the clip. I asked if I was understanding them correctly... you want me to bend my brand new gun per manufacturer? They said yes! Or else send it in and we’ll bend it for you🤷‍♂️ True story I had forgotten about. Another true story, that stainless ain’t stainless... I left it mine in my gun rack up in the top of my side by side for months. I figured what the heck right? One day I looked up and it was solid rust front to back. 🙀
  4. Missouri Mule

    Linear actuator problem

    I’ve checked all connections. I did buy extra relays with this in mind. I did not check the amp draw but It sounds like it should at the moment. I will do that but I don’t believe it has a nameplate on it. I’ll look harder so I’m not sure what size motor or amp draw it should be. I could take a guess it’s no more than 20 because #12’s on the motor leads. I am almost done for the year or until second cut which won’t happen. Low on hay. Maybe I’ll try it some more and see what happens. I have taken everything apart except the motor and see nothing wrong. Maybe this fall I’ll just order the new one and I’ll have a backup after I check it out. On a good note I got my twine working also which didn’t work either😡 little things like this that make me wonder how manufacturers get away with selling this stuff. Once I get all the bugs worked out I’m sure it will be a good baler. I thought I was spending more money to get something better than a fixer upper! Oh well
  5. Missouri Mule

    Cool collection of some pulling from many years back

    My vote for top tractor is precision guesswork. I will flat out guarantee several large amounts of beer were consumed while building that tractor so they must of been “good ol boys”. We would get along fine. I believe sneaky snake still exists. It pulls out by me in mid mo pullers I think. I’m sure it’s different rig and maybe sold. Not sure history Hydro, as always keep the pictures coming. I LOVE these old girls. I always wonder what happens to old pulling tractors? Parted out I guess.
  6. Missouri Mule

    Over the road trucking at 21

    When you say you don’t have any depth perception.... how bad are you talking? Like none or just poor? What makes you think you have poor perception? I would think that’s a very important part of driving a truck. Swinging corners, backing up to loading docks, fueling between islands. Steering in/out of traffic, merging onto interstate between vehicles.
  7. Missouri Mule

    Linear actuator problem

    I’ll ask over here too. On my new to me baler I’ve had some issues with my net wrap. I figured out I had a bad relay for it first. Then it quit again after 200 trouble free bales. This time it would barely move either direction from the monitor. It would just act tired. So I took it home and to rule out tractor/ control issues (under voltage) I hooked a battery charger to some small jumpers and it ran but acted bound up. It hummed a little for a second then took off. I ran it back and forth a dozen times. Then I figured out I had another relay bad after testing controls. This was a different one than before but it uses 4 for net. So now it works perfect. I’m almost thinking it might of been jammed up causing too high of current burning up relays. Nothing is jammed on baler and it runs just fine now. I have taken it apart earlier this year and everything seems fine and lubricated. I’m getting tired of fooling with this darn thing. Should I replace a working actuator for $350? I feel like internally if it were stripped or a bad bushing it would show quick. I’m tempted to replace the darn thing and keepnold one as a spare but why waste $350. Anyone have an actuator so weird things like this? Keep in mind it doesnt sound tired now, the motor runs strong. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Missouri Mule

    IH 756 w/Case IH 2355 loader

    Yah I have 2 86 series but just thought my little 756 would be so much more maneuverable. There are times I would use it on one if it were.
  9. Missouri Mule

    Some assembly required

    Very nice. We call em lego blocks here. Same blocks without the nice finish. Our local place makes them smooth with a bevel on the edges. I have a couple places I need to use them. They also make 1’ tall blocks or 1/2 block they calm them. They also make caps without the dimples which it looks like you used for top row.
  10. Missouri Mule

    Electrical box under meter and gen throw switch

    That will work just fine. If you have any questions just fire away or pm me. The only other thing I forgot was make sure you have a short piece of ground wire you can hook up to ground bar in new panel and bond it to your ground on the pole. You can use some bare #6 or whatever you have around. Grab a split bolt from hardware store and clamp them together. That will protect your new panel. As long as you have a ground wire on the pole no need to drive a rod.
  11. Missouri Mule

    Dear Elite trailer inc....

    I know. But when you spend this kind of money and can’t back your machinery on by yourself gets old quick. I’m sure it will wear in.
  12. Missouri Mule

    Dear Elite trailer inc....

    There’s 3 per side and the only way to remove them is with a torch that I can see. That was my first thought. We’ll see how it goes.
  13. Missouri Mule

    656 utility

    My 2040 is the same way. I have a loader for it but take it off. It’s a real handy little dude. I believe it’s a 77 model. I guess it was in the time frame of 656 utility?
  14. Missouri Mule

    656 utility

    I’m gonna have to go do a drive by and look now because I swear his 656 has bar axles and cast rears. I could be wrong. He was looking for a front axle a while back because he said it was wore plum out. Had a loader on it for years and years.
  15. Missouri Mule

    Electrical box under meter and gen throw switch

    NO problem Dale. A couple things to keep in mind being nema 3r (outdoor) it has that cap on top you can see in the photo. You will need to buy a hub that bolts to that for whatever size. Probably 2” in your case. They will have that next to your panel. Make sure you get the feedthrough design as most common will be without that option. If you have a 200a fuse or breaker above that box in transfer switch or meter base you can get away with main lug instead of main breaker. May be a little savings just as long as you have some overcurrent protection. The nice thing about this panel board is your smaller feeders to outbuildings need the proper sizing of over current device or they could potentially burn the building down before it ever trips a 200 or transformer fuse.