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  1. Missouri Mule

    1086 ac

    Gonna be awful hard to diagnose without knowing some pressure readings. Could be a million things. Was your refrigerant light coming on? Does it even work? My guess is your too low. Is your clutch cycling? Normally when they get low it will cycle. Hook some gauges up and what position was the service valves in? Should just have to crack them open
  2. Thourogood is the best american made boot ive ever owned. I gave up on red wings years ago. Ive used chippewas for years as well with good luck. This pair is shot as ive had them well over 2 years For me that is unheard of. The leather is next to none. It is a very soft leather that responds to oil well. Know that it will stretch some so make sure your foot fits fairly firm when new. When your original laces wear through the eyelets you know you have a winner.
  3. I do not believe it does. Ensiling will help with nitrates but not prussic acid ive read. Dont know first hand. I think id let her go a while. The worst you will get is a more stemmy product. Lots and lots of guys here mow it 10' tall because it got away from them. Frost is your limiting factor as you probably know Oh on height. I just have standard skids on my discbine and i lock the tilt. Im in that 3-4" range. Everything ive read says to go higher but thats what ive got. I think next time i replace my skids ill go with taller ones because i can tilt down still. Right now it almost scalps the dirt tilted with standard shoes.
  4. Unroll is gonna be your cheapest easiest thing if your on pasture. Get a bale spinner or just a 3 point set.
  5. Ive heard the cows will kill it but havent ever actually proved it. You do have to still watch prussic acid poisoning im told. The thing that bothers me about baling it is that then they haul it spreading seed along the road ditches and cause anyone buying it to feed spreading the seed. Seems like someone should step in and try to erradicate it. Once it shows up it takes over.
  6. Ive been trying to work on killing some johnson grass on some rented ground for a year now. So far ive did 2 burn downs with roundup, and it keeps coming back with vengance. Tonight i am attacking it with roundup and outrider. This stuff is expensive but supposed to work good. We will see. Meanwhile ive got about 10 acres i cant do anything with. Anyhow since ive grown to hate the stuff i have noticed the last few years it just keeps getting worse and worse in my area. Its all over in river bottoms and road ditches and now taking flight in hay fields all over. The state wont do anything to suppress the situation in ditches. So meanwhile it blows onto fields and keeps growing. Are other states doing anything about the stuff? Does anyone care? Until you have been plaiged by its invasive presence you wouldnt understand the urgency of the situation.
  7. Missouri Mule


    So the horse stepped on him? Poor fella hope he recovers for yah
  8. If your asking about corded ive had a dewalt with a jacobs chuck give me great service. Id buy another in a second. Cordless 18v milwaukee fuel hands down. Milwaukee always has had it going on in cordless line. For the money you cant go wrong.
  9. Why no orange? I think you just excluded the best market for your needs. Just sayin....
  10. Was thinking you could identify them by axle housing numbers on the back. Not sure why i am thinking this cuz it doesnt add up. All to 20's and 30's ive been around had tilt up hood. 35's had tilt up hood with another door to acess fuel tank on top. S is for start. None of ours ever had high low except massey 35. Pedals with long rods are brakes. Pto on the side. Not independant or overriding. Have to have pto engaged for 3 point to work.(pump running) little guys would work circles around a 8n-9n. They had a continental engine. Massey 135 ran perkins in some. Pretty simple little rigs. Brakes are notorious to leak oil in drums and not work. Dad used to take them apart and torch the oil off them 2 times a year( tight wad) Over the years i have been on and around 3 different to 30's, and a to 20.
  11. And knowing the creature thats a safe bet. But mine was identical issues. Had a guy raking for me. When he told me it was over 3 gallon low on coolant😱 i thought well if the head wasnt cracked it is now... turned out to be just the cap. Visibly i couldnt see anything wrong either.
  12. Sure standing seam looks nicer. But whats the cost difference. Ill bet over double.
  13. Very steep hills at all id stick with 18-20' it should play with that. Like you said make an extra pass. Its gonna boil down to what you can find for a deal close by. Im positive it will pull larger. I pull a 16' with my 986 and in sandy ground have to carry it a fuzz. It would handle an 18 easy too but i got a great deal on my 16. Hydraulic fold is a plus
  14. First off lets make sure its not your cap. My 656 with same engine did this and the cap was bad. It looked good but would push coolant out just the same. What does it do if you top it off and run it without the cap? See bubbles? Still pushing it out? If no buy a new cap, if yes you probably have cracked head or gasket issue. If your in a jam go buy the best stop leak you can find. Bars works good ive been told. Follow the directions and use enough. Most on here probably wont admit to using the stuff, i have 1 time on my gleaner combine due to radiator leaking. It fixed 98% of the lower core leak. In my case they wanted $800 for a rad on a %1000 combine. if it were me id fix it, but if you need it you need it.
  15. My corn was looking good until lately it needs a shot of rain as it tasled a week or more ago and no rain since. Doest sound good on fire situation
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