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  1. Missouri Mule

    So ya think you can run a bobcat?

    Same here... I was loading hay the other day on my gooseneck on the top or double stacking. Well after a few hundred bales you get pretty quick at it. So I was backing up full speed after setting the bale off with my loader arms up high. Needless to say there was a small ditch behind me I didn’t even know about. I did some bucking and spinning trying to keep it on all 4. Heck I might be able to get a job with this cat. 😎
  2. Missouri Mule

    Farmall 560 Diesel Engine Noise

    Isnt it hard to see from there whether or not they’re bent? I assume your rolling them around and they’re hitting in there? I’d say if it’s new issue I blame water in cylinder too.
  3. Missouri Mule

    1086 Clutch adj

    So your transmission brake is shot. See above on how to adjust just skip the part on t/a dump valve and snap ring bottoming out. On both of mine I bought hy-capacity kits that replaces your original linkage on right side of trans housing going to the brake. The new one is spring loaded so it will stay in adjustment longer for you. Also pull the plate off the bottom and use the kit for replacable pad. You buff off the old pad(if it has one) and drill and tap a hole 1/4-20 per instructions adding a new $3 pad instead of replacing the whole arm with pad. Once you get it adjusted right it should slide right into gear within a few seconds. The whole upgrade takes a few hours and is Very easy to do.
  4. Missouri Mule

    1086 A/C Problems

    See there. These tractors really had decent wiring it’s just years and years of weathered connections and vibrations takes it toll. I think today’s tractors may have slightly improved weatherproof connectors they use the minimum gauge wiring resulting in a lot of electrical gremlins from broken wire.
  5. Missouri Mule

    1086 Clutch adj

    ^^^^^ x2. I have this printed out in my toolbox
  6. Missouri Mule

    1086 Mechanical Seat repair

    I think most Guys go to air ride and never look back. You can buy a air ride base and use your cushions I think around the same money. And you’ll love it. I’m sure more guys will weigh in.
  7. Missouri Mule

    1086 A/C Problems

    Not a problem. Look for that black wire on your blower switch, you should have 12v there. Each setting will give you 12v on one of the h,m,l terminals being speeds. Also at any point when that switch is on it should send 12v on the white wire to thermostat switch. Make sure it’s turned all the way up and passing power through it. At any point if your high or low pressure switch picks up it cuts power to compressor via the lockout relay and your refrigerant charge light will come on. Your lockout relay will “lockout” your system until you cycle power and at that point your pressure switches are not made because it’s off it will reset. Unless someone just charged your system I’d guess your low on charge. So first thing get your blower switch or power fixed. Then make sure your getting the compressor on if even briefly. It all comes off of your cab solenoid first then that 30a circuit breaker next to it. I mentioned fuses but I was wrong. At least this is my take on whats going on. So start at ckt breaker with key on. Then go to switch black. Then check power leaving switch via white and colored wires to blower. See whatcha get.
  8. Missouri Mule

    1086 A/C Problems

    That’s because it has a lockout relay that has to be reset by powering down. You are probably low on charge if I had to guess. That light is an indicator for that.
  9. Missouri Mule

    1086 A/C Problems

    It shouldn’t.... are you sure your thermostat isn’t kicking it out or it’s going out on low pressure cutout?
  10. Missouri Mule

    1086 A/C Problems

    To narrow it down for you incase your not familiar with wiring diagrams. Obviously l m h are low medium and high.
  11. Missouri Mule

    1086 A/C Problems

    Not at this house. You have high/low pressure cutout switches and lockout relays your bypassing. Not a good idea. As for just the blower, you probably got a bad switch or your connections are crap. Cut them off and crimp new on if they look bad.
  12. Missouri Mule

    1086 A/C Problems

    http://cdn.compknowhow.com/carterandgruenewald/wiring_diagrams/IH 86 SERIES.pdf
  13. Missouri Mule

    1086 A/C Problems

    Alright..... first of all start with the basics before running any uneccesary wiring. Check your speed switch. My money says you have a bad connection on the back of it, might even have a melted female terminal on it. Did you check your fuses down below the steering wheel? Those tractors are notorious for your speed switch to get a bad connection. It needs to be cleaned and I prefer to solder them on. Plug your hole up with whatever. Silicone or a electrical weatherproof plug will work. Your speed switch also is wired to thermostat switch so when you turn the blower on it will kick compressor on.
  14. Missouri Mule

    IH 966 Hydraulic Leak

    Are you sure it’s hydraulic fluid and not fuel? Your fuel shutoff and supply are there also. Like the guy said follow it and let us know a little more.
  15. Missouri Mule

    Farmall 560 Diesel Engine Noise

    Who is bubbles and how did he get into the radiator? 😂😂😂😂