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  1. I'm behind you 100% except let's not pretend a 5.3 with DOD is a good engine either. There's been just as many of not more lose a good engine over a stupid lifter and wipe a cam shaft etc. Piston slap etc. Good engine? Yah until gm screwed it up. Only real difference is a 5.3 can be had for a lot less money
  2. Lmao. My next truck has a fuel injected 366 and I runs good to me. No it's not a diesel. Wish it had a little Cummins in it.
  3. Our expedition EL is a big vehicle. 6" longer than a suburban I think. We had a Tahoe LTZ before that. I like the Ford overall better. It drives better, rides better,has more power, gets better fuel mileage, and is just more comfortable to me. I understand the Tahoe is on a truck chassis and probably will be more robust in the end. Ours had air suspension and still rode worse than the ford. The 5.3 was basically a gas guzzling gutless turd. That thing got about 15 on the highway and 12 town with the lower gears I had. The ford in town gets 16 mpg. I haven't went on a long trip but I was looki
  4. My 77 with 366 had paper element. I scrapped it. It was a good running truck. I blew the rear end out hauling and it sat in front of my shop for a year while I was trying to decide what to do. Finally I drug it out, removed the bed, and sold it, and the new tires I had on it separate. At that time scrap was high and I got $800 for the cab/chassis. I think I made money on the truck. I hated to do it, that engine and trans was perfect. I told everyone I knew If you want parts there they sit.
  5. Anyone got one? How do you like it and have you had trouble? I bought my wife a 2016 expedition EL back in January. It had 81k on it. 4,000 miles later it's missing a rod or two and a chunk out of the side of the block. Before I bought this little dual turbo monster I did pretty extensive research online, and found very little unsatisfied people. Sure there was some turbo failures etc especially on early models, which to me is to be expected. So I bought the latest model I could get before body change hoping for the best. Well it didn't pan out for me. 98 days into my 90 day warranty and
  6. Same thing here. My boss was trying to buy a compact tractor from different dealers locally and nothing but crickets in the lot. Trailers back ordered. I've been waiting on parts for months that are back ordered. I keep telling people to hold out another year. Soon you'll be able to buy all the stuff the impulse buyers had to have cheap. It's more than the economy doing good. Dont forget everyone has an extra paycheck coming in from uncle Joe. Not trying to get political but it's the truth. My money's still sitting because I flat out didn't need it. Instead of buying somenting I don't n
  7. Are you on RTK or just using free sattelites? Based off my limited knowledge your accuracy goes from phenomenal to marginal pretty quick without a correction.
  8. I took a couple 300 gallon tanks and wrapped 1 sling around each one in the center and hung it from the pallet forks. That made it easy to rock back and forth like a bucking bull so to speak. I installed a ball valve on bottom and dumped in 5 gallon of fresh fuel, sloshed around and emptied into a clean bucket. I could repeat the process until I was satisfied with what came out. Put them both into service 10 years ago with no effects. I did add a water block filter though. They are a pain though because they will plug when you dont have time for it, but better than putting it in your tractor
  9. I know. I bought the ardu simple rtk 2b setup that is the starter kit. All you have to do is add on to it. They utilize the same reciever and you just add whatever. Really to me getting setup with RTK is a bigger hurdle than setting up a auto steer motor. Maybe it's just because I dont fully understand it.
  10. I think so. .maybe kept up by modot. I have some questions about your setup. I have hills and trees, so that means I need to go over the internet. Cell service is marginal so that's out. What's my options here? I'm a newbie. Dumb it down for me here
  11. Man I've been away a while and missed out. Everyone's busy with spring time. Once we actually get to use our stuff we will get a chance to break it and ask questions. I went and bought a blue one and that soaks up all my time lately trying to work the bugs out of it. It's no binder by any stretch of imagination but I'm sure happy to have a newer quiet 4wd with loader and A/C that will frost you out. Wish it was an MX but the pricetag didn't fit the bank account. Dont shame me too bad
  12. I'm amazed at how tech savvy some farmers are now. Kids went off to school for computer programming and returned to the farm for helping or whatever. Lots of guys automating their equipment for their older parents or what have you. I realized how much I dont know about computers by this little project.
  13. Your gonna need a reciever for any accuracy at all. Your phones gps is good to about 10' I believe. I just ordered a ardu simple dual band gps reciever to plug into my tablet via a hdmi cable. I am planning on giving the ag open gps a try. It appears to be better than most bought software and it's free. I did have to buy a windows 10 compatable tablet as well however I've been needing one for home and haven't done it so I'm calling that a wash. This reciever was around $300 with a good dual band antenna. They call it a starter kit. I can build up from there later. That's the cool thing about t
  14. Almost bought a 1135 once. A fairly local guy owned it. The only thing that stopped me was the serial tag was missing, and I didn't get the warm and fuzzy about his response to me asking where it was. Probably nothing but the last thing I wanted was a stolen tractor. I remember that perkins sounded cool as heck.
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