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  1. I started my career non union and complained about the unions much like some of you here are doing. They were a hindrance to us trying to work, holding us back. Spoiled babies, I want I want I want. No wonder they all can't find work. Years later I accepted another job that was union. All I wanted was better pay, a boss that didn't take all his profits and buy land and houses for himself, but instead give us a raise. I wanted better insurance, as every time my kid went to the doctor I was wondering what I might have to sell to pay the bill. I wanted to be paid for what I could do, not what the boss could see fit. Since I was young he took full advantage of me, didn't matter I could and did do things better than older guys making $10 more than me at times. I find myself somewhere in the middle right now. I would take a pay cut in a second to keep what insurance I've got left. The unions faught hard to get what they got, and dont think for a second any trade out there would be making what they make if it weren't for them. Union or not its direct competition for your workers to leave and go there. You have to be paid just good enough it's not really worth leaving to go there. So I think if someone just wants to hang on to what they got what's the big deal? I doubt anyone reading this would take a massive pay cut or lose a major benefit and not go home mad at the world and start looking for another job. Prove me wrong. As for the rest of the shenanigans I couldnt tell you and wont try.
  2. I'm fairly color blind, and with the glare on the card the green color totally slipped by me. I was staring at it for a full minute thinking what's he talking about.....😂 Dam phone screen is all scratched up too. Oh wait am I making excuses? 🤦‍♂️
  3. He is tall for sure. He can still bust a move and dance around like a teenager.
  4. Thought never even occurred to me. The other side isn't there, and not alot of signs it had a cab. I'll be darned. Thanks
  5. Alright. This may be a stupid question but what is this bolted to the side of an 856? Assuming it is for a generator or something
  6. That's all we have ever had. A couple bin fans have LP burners on them but they have never been used. I'd probably blow the bin to shreds if I put gas to it. We normally run corn at 18% or less. Preferably 16% or less. The fans run 30 days straight and off during rains. I've just never seen the need to blow all the humidity in the bin, but if I have some wet stuff I'll run it anyway. We dont have stirators so we have to core the bins but normally we are selling come November December some anyway. Otherwise the stuff on bottom is powder dry and top is wet still. It's always a crapshoot trying to blend it off in the truck.
  7. Anyone else get to watch these guys on Saturday night in St Charles? Neil did a fantastic job. I had no idea he was such an entertainer. Tracy Lawrence was a little under the weather and was sort of a buzz kill. His voice was about shot but he gave it his all. We dont get to go to things like this often so it's good to get out. The family arena in St Charles was not overcrowded, and the exit door was within 30'of where we were sitting, so no crowded lines for hours. Where we sat we had no people within 20'. As far as covid and crowds I couldnt of been more pleased as I was a little nervous about going to a big venue right now.
  8. Well, I wouldn't see what it could actually hurt, but I seriously doubt you recover much more heat that way than if it was say 4' up from the stove where you can actually reach it when you need to. I have a forced air hot blast stove and still run one. It basically stays about 1/3 closed. If I close it all off it holds wood all night but wont build much heat, but instead creosote. I wouldn't bother but if your determined try it. I've been in probably hundreds of garages and shops and no 2 are the same.
  9. Yah, that's partially by design though. I do read the ad entirely, but fashismbook as you coined it doesn't want you to put your number in the add. Not entirely sure what they care for, its your number your willing to put out there. Honestly for non farm related things, (cars,trucks,trailers, etc.) I've gotten to where I prefer messenger. I can ignore the idiots which theres plenty of for sure. Farm stuff, tractors and stuff it cuts down about to 1/3rd It seems. What aggravates me is when you message someone and ask for a phone number or leave your own and they wont answer or call you back. Too much of an inconvenience. Messaged a guy on a nice little kodiak grain truck a couple weeks ago and it took him over a week to acknowledge my message. Then he said call him tomorrow any time, which I did, and no answer, no return call for 3 days. Pee on yah pal I'm not chasing you down to ask yah about your pos truck 3hrs away from me. Lol. Wanna sell it or dont yah
  10. I'd separate especially if you have a buyer for the trailer. Facebook marketplace is all you need to sell it. It's crazy how many people use it. It's so easy to post an add, even I can do it. The only thing is people tend to want to message you through there, so you would have to either put a phone number in a picture, or she can give your number to serious inquiries by messenger. It's easy to do.
  11. You should of been able to hear the tractor laboring if you would of been deadheading the pump as with float it does not. Sounds to me like you were not in float.
  12. Are you serious? Amish have big subs in their buggies for real? WTH is next. Lmao
  13. Funny story about that method of thinking. Cousin bought a farm with an old house that we decided to push in and burn. In the yard layed an old metal gas tank full of gas that was probably a decade or more old. Didn't even have much of a smell to it. We dumped it on the wood and watched it run down into the basement into a puddle. I lit a old book and tossed it onto the gas, and nothing. Waited a while and nothing. Finally got enough courage to go look and there layed that book burning in a puddle of gasoline. Huh I said, that old $hit wont even burn. About that time KAWHOOM as the flash went around my body quicker than you could say whoah. After I got done rolling down the hill and figured out I was alive yet, I said never again. Old gas, new gas, diesel mixed with gas, whatever. Still flashes up.
  14. I was gonna say I think my tri strip is closer to 2280 or 2300 for pto speed. I have a habit of just hitting the digital dash to show pto speed so I'm a little unclear exactly on my ripems. I know I spend apot of time with the baler on my back with it.
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