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  1. Same here. Might be the most miserable sob on the planet to operate, but I like em.
  2. I got a kick out of it. Mostly because it's not your typical Hollywood production, they actually show the mistakes and bad ideas he makes. At first for a farmer to watch, you tell yourself why am I watching this nonsense. After a couple episodes and several laughs I watched every single one.
  3. Not sure if this counts but I can list 3 that I've always wanted to own or operate to see if I liked them but haven't. 1.) White 2-135. I've always liked the looks of the whites. Cabs seem to be roomy and comfy. Price is great, what's not to like?? 2.) 5610, 6610 ford. My dad and I have always shared a love for the looks of this series of tractor. You know how you look at a tractor and say, dang that's one sharp looking tractor?? That's for whatever reason it for us. 3.) 8340 ford. Now that I've bought my 7840 fwa Ford and have really grown to like it. The cabs are huge,powershift 16spd, A/C will frost your ballz, super quiet, nice operators layout, (with the exception of LH reverser it could use) and overall good tractor. I find myself wanting to buy a straight 8340 2wd just to bale hay with. I love my Red equipment, but this would be my (non red) bucket list
  4. #1. 1256 or 1456. #2 5250 with low hours #3. Mx120 I know the majority of y'all are choosing the oldies but goodies for a collection but my last 2 are based off what I could use on my farm. Since I'll never afford a low houred 5250 or mx120 I put them on my list
  5. Heck yah. I would do the same thing if I had too.
  6. I use the solid ones and bend the ends. If you dont want to switch them then the ends are probably a good idea. Probably more balers running around without the ends than with them. But if it makes you feel good go for it.
  7. That is horrible. Some of the men on board probably didn't even know anything was wrong until it was too late like you said. I've always heard superior gets nasty. Me being a dumb Missouri farmer would never guess the great lakes would be meaner then the ocean.
  8. Wow. That's amazing. I was under the impression it was one of several like it that went down. Well since your the nut, what's your opinion on why it went down. Also did you see the clip on YouTube of it from a home movie clip. It wasnt very long but a cool little clip of it going through soo locks.
  9. As far as the skidsteer goes. I think some of them run chains inside on the wheel machines to connect front and the rear tire. If a person was to have say a new tire on front and bald one on the back and took off driving down the asphalt that gripped the tires good that would be hard on the chains and sprockets. Break them? Nah I doubt it. My skidsteer I changed all 4 together. But it was easy because they wear similar. And I would swap fronts to rears once in a while to make it better. No idea how the newer machines operate. As for the swather I'd of told the guy no, I'll take one. I could see it working one drive motor harder somewhat driving in a straight line, but who does that? My fields nothing is square.
  10. So here's a question for all of you boat worms. The Edmund Fitzgerald, I understand she went down and lost every crew member. RIP sailors. What is so significant over the other 6,000ish ships that went down killing most crew members? Was it Gordon's song that made it famous, or what? It seems there have been dozens of other Lakers go down just the same nobody knows of. I'm strictly going off a writ up I saw and poor memory. It seems like it said 6,000 ships and over 30,000 sailors on the great lakes. I haven't googled that to fact check in advance to posting this.
  11. Terrible news. Let us know if they put together a collection for the family. I would like to help if I can.
  12. Go to lake of the clouds every time we go.
  13. RIP Mr Shaffer. Now I want to say one thing. I've almost pulled out in front of a motorcycle a couple times in my life. Whether it was a light or the second look that caught my eye I'm not sure but I was seconds from being that guy. I'm guessing most reading this have had a close encounter rather they will admit it or not. riding motorcycles is rather dangerous solo. Not arguing with you MTO the guy could be the biggest moron in the world, but dang you piled on him pretty quick didn't yah?? Hope the judge rules logically myself.
  14. That's what the it reminded me of, the steam off the scrubber on our coal fired plants. Didn't have as much authority to be exhaust steam. Unless they capture it to reclaim heat for something. A scrubber makes sense. I can only assume they are under scrutiny much like vehicles etc.
  15. I got overheated baling one day years ago. Worked out in the sun all day and raced home to hop on the tractor and bale. I'm always bad about not drinking enough water. Well needless to say I about passed out, had a bad headache, shakes,etc. Finally got myself cooled down and left the whole rig set. After that I can't take the heat as good. It seems I can drink water until I'm about to float and still get the shakes. Not sure what it does to a guy but it's not good
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