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  1. Missouri Mule

    Moving more hay. Transtar II

    Well. No but here in the Midwest it doesn’t get all that cold really compared to the boys out west. I’m guessing the acids in the hay turn into sugars during the ensilage process and maybe they don’t allow it to freeze as easy? 🤷‍♂️ I have read when temps get down closer to 0 that they can and will freeze. Higher moisture when put up promotes this. I’ve heard you can’t even get the net wrap off. Here if it gets down below 10 for more than a couple weeks it’s abnormal. So maybe I’m not the best person to ask. I have no trouble. Sorry not trying to hijack this thread.
  2. Missouri Mule

    Moving more hay. Transtar II

    I don’t want to speak for him because I’d like to know his answer as well but I can tell you what we do. It’s kind of a newer thing for me also but my buddy that got me into it has been for years. It’s a great idea with the proper technique. We bale between 45-65% moisture. Usually start in when it’s 65 and often it’s getting down around 50 or so when I finish. I have done wetter and dryer but that range is for best results. 6-8 wraps is ideal. We use my buddies inline wrapper when available. I just bought a individual wrapper myself. We mainly make fescue hay but I do orchard/brome mix along with some other stuff. All beef cow/calf operation here. I use a Massey Ferguson 2846a. It’s not a silage special but I get along ok without. I make a 4x50” bale(1700lbs)Still do 2.5 wraps of net. Could skimp a little here but I don’t. Needs to be wrapped within 12hrs but sooner is better. I’ve done it the next day without trouble but not recommended. The finished product is awesome. It smells great and the cows will die for it. They literally head butt the bales while I’m trying to unroll them. That’s with good dry hay out to boot. It makes it more palatable for them and very little waste are the upsides to me. Also depending on moisture/weather Like this fall, I cut the field then jumped on the rake and as soon as I got done start baling. Normally we cut the evening before and start baling about noon the next day. All depends on moisture of hay. Higher or lower moisture at some point beyond 45-65 will not ensile which is bad. Also what’s good is getting everything off the field quicker helps growth of next crop. Downsides. Wrap= $5 per bale +\- , getting rid of wrap when feeding. Holes poked into wrap from stobbs or whatever= junk hay. Wrapping is one more step in the operation. You have to learn to cut what you can get wrapped that day. Lots of info online but that’s my little tidbit of .02.
  3. Missouri Mule

    Moving more hay. Transtar II

    Cool. Thanks. That’s pretty impressive.
  4. Missouri Mule

    Moving more hay. Transtar II

    What’s with the labeling system. 8L2E? I understand the need to label/mark different forages just curious what that means. I like to learn how others ID Things.
  5. Missouri Mule

    Moving more hay. Transtar II

    I’m just a dumb farmer that knows how much hay should weigh. Lol Organic Dairy hay. Now that sounds expensive and I’ve never heard of mixing orchard and alfalfa. I don’t get around much. That’s probably some good feed.
  6. Missouri Mule

    Life of a Feed Delivery Guy

    I would of chained it down the same way. And I hauled a couple through Iowa with 2 chains. Never knew any better. And still don’t as a matter of fact. 😎
  7. Missouri Mule

    Any of you guys have a long beard?

    Lol. Wow. It takes all kinds don’t it.
  8. Missouri Mule

    Moving more hay. Transtar II

    I’d say your about 87k loaded +\- 500lbs. No that’s a neat rig. What kind of haylage you got there.
  9. Missouri Mule

    Another oil topic🤦‍♂️

    Just a question here for the factory gurus. Maybe Doc will chime in. So every engine builder knows you should break in your new engine and after so long change it with new. “Break in oil” What did IH do? The reason I ask is that’s a lot of oil dumped if so. 5 gallon a crack. I just got my 756 done as most of you know and plan to change it soon. This just got me to thinking. I’m NOT asking if you should or what kind of oil, just what did Harvester do on the line? Thanks
  10. Missouri Mule

    Duck, it's another oil question!!

    Just go buy a bucket of oil to keep around that is comparable. Buy 2 if you want. I’m sure it’s gonna leak a little and you may blow a hose at some point. I wouldn’t worry about changing it. How many acre do you plan on using it anyway? With that many gallon system it should have a filter or two? Now that I would change if it had one. You’ll be set. Your not even sure this thing works yet, I wouldn’t even worry about changing oil until you know for sure anyway. Right?
  11. Missouri Mule

    Winter wood supply.

    Just be careful putting it too close. Those things do put sparks out the top. And when loading in wind storms it blows ambers around too. It will blow them right into your wood pile and light it up a couple hours later while your at work. Ask me how I know. Luckily my wife was home and called the FD. They lectured me because my wood was 10’ from the stove. Now I have it all in a steel sided building next to my stove with a door between them. The open side of building is opposite of stove. It’s not as good about drying as all open sides but I almost burned down my shop which is 10’ away. Could of been a bad deal.
  12. Missouri Mule

    Winter wood supply.

    That’s kind of how I was until propane went through the roof one winter and I got low and called them to fill. Well I was at 15% when I called and they said it would be a few days to which I replied no problem. Well 5 days later I was calling and they tell me they would be there today while I hear the driver in the background say “I won’t get there today” laughing. Now I’m at 0% with 5* weather and wind blowing. I had to ruffle a whole bunch of feathers that day. I had another company ready to set a new tank and I was gonna take the skid loader and send the old one down the river. I called everyone including the ceo of MFA propane voicing my opinion even explaining I’d pay the drivers overtime. So in 5 days I still can’t get propane🧐. After that last call to ceo somehow magically the truck was in the driveway filling me up. That spring my name was on a list for a boiler. I decided that I wasn’t going to rely on anyone but myself to heat my home. 2 things I would do different. Buy my own tank #1. Yah it’s your baby if the regulator or whatever goes bad but you have the ability to call whoever whenever to fill it. #2 not let yourself get down to 15%, I guarantee anyone with propane has done it before. I was on a keep full program except they love to come fill it to the brim when it’s at its all time high. Now they offer prepay 🤷‍♂️
  13. Missouri Mule

    Front wheel colors

    I was just wondering if you had been around lately. Good to hear from you. I kinda like it too just curious since I see it from time to time.
  14. Missouri Mule

    Front wheel colors

    I don’t recall ever reading on here before but I’m sure it’s been mentioned. From time to time I see different models of Ih wide fronts with silver rim and red centers similar to what’s on the rear. Like some 56,66,86’s. Actually I see this quite a bit. So what’s right and wrong here? Thanks
  15. Missouri Mule

    1086 starting issues

    Starters are fun on the 86’s aren’t they. Lol 3 different combinations of extensions and swivel or 2 holding your tongue just right while your ribs are digging into the step because your laying half on half off the tractor. Just about the time you think you got the one bolt started you drop it and can’t find it anywhere. I’ve never done one.