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  1. I understand that, but most guys here not collecting dont want the v8 anyway I guess is my point
  2. Well they would just bring my kids back anyway. No worries there. And chances are good my blue heeler is in the vehicle and I'd pay money to watch that. So I leave my keys in my vehicle and when it's hot I leave the ac on for sharkie dog. I've only left my kids in the car running a few times .....๐Ÿ˜‚ Just kidding about the kids, but you can't fix stupid Mark.
  3. Everyone always talks about 68 frame rails. I guess they're just hard to find? Why does one need them? I mean did they break them? What's the deal? I could see if you were going back to the v8 you need them.
  4. Oh my you put your life at risk with those modified forks? ๐Ÿ˜‚ Mine are just the same...
  5. Dumb question. What's with the frame rails? Hard to find I'm sure...?
  6. Nope. Now if it is truly a 1.5hp motor I dont have a chart in front of me but my gut says your gonna need 240v. Wiring at 120v your amperage might be too close to 20a under load. In other words if the motor draws 18a at full load your probably going to trip the breaker every time you send a board through. Wiring it 240v doesnt change efficiency or gain any power or speed
  7. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿคจ Just tell em the jig is up. It's over.... pos..... stop leak? Lol
  8. I've always assumed I'm too picky. I'm very seldom happy with anything I have done. Most of the time I just pay and go on. Very frustrating in your case.
  9. Cool. What part of UP you hauling. Just went to ironwood last summer for vacation. My folks parents lived there working in the mines.
  10. Well it would all depend on how it's been done to me. If it were done nice and clean and you could actually take it to the field I think it's cool. I'd pay slightly over 1466 price for the 466 hands down. Who else has one? Nobody in your neighborhood I'll bet. If it needs work to get it where you want it discount from there. I'll be the odd duck.....
  11. Looks pretty good to me. I have a hard enough time with a tig I'd say you may of got lucky with no contamination. I like to use non chlorinated brake clean or acetone to wipe down first. It helps a bunch. I'm still learning
  12. This^^ jumper your clutch pedal safety switch if it isnt already for diagnosis. Sounds like you've tested the other stuff to presumably be ok. Key should send power to starter switch. Then after you press that it should go to safety switch then finally to solenoid. Use your test light to follow its path. Figure out which one has power sitting there waiting then the other side will be the load. Just trying to simplify the process
  13. High moisture ear corn? In a silo? Please post pictures. I've never heard of it. Guess I dont get out much, but didnt realize this could be done in a silo. Shell corn yes or in a pit... sounds interesting
  14. Not really. If you could buy good parts it would be, but that's a whole different story. Line boring the cam can be expensive.
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