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  1. I dunno. I've spent some time in cab tractors without a working a/c. Theres not enough doors and windows to open. My bil has a 4020 with hiniker cab without doors, windows and a working fan. Everyone prefers the 1066 open station when having a choice due to being cooler. I think your tractor would still be better than this. Just my .02
  2. And here I felt bad that I painted my 1086 axles black 🙄
  3. If not 1/4.... The only thing I have thats not really in my set is an extension handle. I just bought a set these lisle tap sockets. very very handy if you need to use an extension for deep panels or back planes and chuck it up in your drill or impact. That's also where a couple sets of the drill tap combo's work great. I love tools if you cant tell. https://www.amazon.com/Lisle-70500-Tap-Socket-Set/dp/B0002SRFOE/ref=asc_df_B0002SRFOE/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309735728871&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=11243022113708135636&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev
  4. I may get crucified here but I'll give my input. That cab would be a deduction for me. A good set of fenders is a grand min. And then you'll have to find the rest of the giblets to finish platform off. The tires would be another deduction. I cant imagine them fronts steering very well and the back ones lots of guys dont care for, although they look like titans. If so american made and they wear so good I put a new set on my 1086 call me crazy. In your area maybe you want the cab I dont know. It beats nothing in the snow but I spend all my time in the summer. I think 9's steep and your 6-7k wou
  5. https://shop.opticsplanet.com/gearwrench-77-pc-sae-metric-ratcheting-tap-and-die-set.html?_iv_code=CM3-HTL-LLKJ-3887&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=CjwKCAiA2O39BRBjEiwApB2Ikkhu05tpnH-P8HvQbjmLgiAJblT4Uuuv3bWkQ1x9sHVGsFbs9Udg5RoC1DwQAvD_BwE I keep this gear wrench set on my service truck. Its baled me out a bunch. I haven't broke one yet but I wont say they are Greenfield quality. By the way does the set look familiar???? I'm guessing gear wrench makes your set
  6. https://cngco.com/wiring_diagrams.html The first 86 series one listed is what you are after
  7. As mentioned check the fuse panel. Every single person with an 86 series needs to take a glance in there once in a while anyway. What happens is a couple things. The fuse holders have a make spade terminal rivoted on, and years of abuse leads to poor connections either on the rivot holding the terminal or where the connector slides on terminal itself. When checking with a test light make sure you are stabbing in the wire connector looking for power and look for loose connections. I'm amazed how many fuses were bypassed over the years and guys stabbing the wire wherever to get power fused or no
  8. This business in Oregon today sounds all too close to your story. Thanksgiving is canceled and if you see a neighbor disregarding standing order please rat them out 😳 Now I'm all for getting this retched virus gone whatever the sacrifice Thanksgiving included, however I'm not about to consider ratting out the neighbor
  9. As anyone that's ever been In a 86 series knows, IH didnt have a buddy seat in mind. Theres just no good place to put one anywhere. And yah I know we ALL just rode behind the seat as my kids have so far. But I wanted to try this. I've had the idea for a while now. I installed this mount in the floor that this thing pops in similar to a boat seat, so it's easily removable and it swivels some although theres not much room to even make it any bigger than what I did without sacrificing your remote lever accessibility. I still need to install a seatbelt. Everything was just stuff I had laying aroun
  10. That one probably has the aux fuel tank so theres actually 2 sending units If so. Check connections on both. My 986 needle would stick sometimes. But I think it was actually on full not empty. I remember I finally drilled a small hole in it and installed a plastic toothpick as a peg to keep the needle from going to far. It worked...
  11. I have a brush grapple similar to super wd posted. I cant imagine life without it. I can pick up sticks as small as I want and logs as big as I want. It works really nice for fence row cleanup. One like you posted I just couldnt see being that handy for what I do but for you it may be perfect. All I know for sure is no matter what you get you will need to spend a little time fixing the hoses up out of the way or you'll get tired of fixing them. Anyone with a grapple has probably snagged one or two if they spend much time at all in one.
  12. I guess I've never heard mention of maple hunter. Are they the same quality of oem? A few years ago my 1086 I was very happy with the quality and thickness of the vinyl
  13. Looking for a part number or source for 86 series decal set. I got one from ken a few years ago but dealer tells me only tri stripe available. I find that hard to believe. 80 model non tri stripe for cab and hood 1086. Thanks
  14. I guess you lost me a little bit. I'm slow...
  15. Yikes. A guy should build a bunker for that barrel as high as they cost.
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