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  1. Best fluids for 986

    X3. Case ih hytran hydraulic oil. $90 ish per bucket. +\- any good coolant with additive or wix makes the same additive I put in mine with Prestone coolant. Take your pick as long as it has additive like above mentioned. Case ih 30wt #1 oil. I also use napa 30wt or 15w40 in a jam. My good tractors that work is always ih oil. To prevent an oil war the op did ask what was the best and I think everyone can agree oem oils are hard to top. Especially for a working t/a tractor.
  2. Our 1086

    Most of the time I run a round baler with my 1086. I have come accustomed to "with radio" operating. It is amazing what you can feel in the tractor floorboard. I am the same way, after a long day at work in need a cold beverage and some music. I keep it turned down, but always run my Xm radio in there because stations come and go. After a couple thousand bales I feel I can operate with the radio on. That primer pump is notorious for leaking. It is very easy to fix. There's an o ring in there. Almost all of them will leak when you use them but should seal up once you lock it down in my experience. Unthread that baby and change it. It's easy.
  3. Power t post pounders, affordable or junk?

    A friend bought a air powered one. He likes it. He already owned a gas air compressor for the farm so it worked out for him. They are reasonable. My cousin bought a danuser post driver for skidsteer. He uses it to drive 2" pipe and it has held up better than you would think. He's driven hundreds upon hundreds with it.
  4. Well pump trouble

    A blocked suction line: pump would draw less amps and flow would decrease a blocked discharge: the pump would draw more possibly and flow would decrease. I agree flow is the key here. If flow is decreased from normal I suggest something is bypassing. Maybe a hole in discharge piping allowing water to spray out in riser pipe thus reducing head pressure on pump decreasing amps. If flow is normal I got nothing. The only way to decrease amps on a pump with no change to flow is increase voltage. So provided your voltage is adequate and no loss of neutral or similar bs I got nothing. Also agreed if your concerned hook an amp clamp to the leads and see if it compares. I don't know how your setup is. Does it use a little donut c/t to measure amps? Like mentioned is your metering device failing.
  5. 1456 belly tank

    See there.... Ask and you shall receive. ^^^^^
  6. Calls on Cell Phone

    Heres the problem, I do the same thing ignoring calls like this time and time again. Well last year long story short I was dodging calls from my works benefits center. Come to find out I was supposed to verify dependents that I had covered by a certain day or I lost my insurance for my family, which I did. I fought those rotten SOB's for 2 months trying to get coverage back on my family. They never left a message 1 or emailed me on my WORK email!!!! It was calling from different states. So sometimes you have to answer and just hang up when its nobody I guess.
  7. 756 grinding feed today

    It wound up being the left brake. I would of lost a lot of money on that bet. But sure enough. If you can still find that post I took pictures of what I found. The final drives are in good shape.
  8. Touchy subject

    Well I guess I am the only one that got my butt spanked with the belt about once a month from 12 to about 15. I deserved each and every single one. It was either from disrespect or disobeying. I always knew what the consequences were but chose the hard road anyway. Dad would warn me usually. I HATED middle school with a passion. I couldn't stand to be there or sit all day. I was labeled a trouble maker because I was a high strung country kid. Talking out loud or playing pranks I would loose my recess which made me even worse because I couldn't run of my energy. I never did anything too out of line but would get in trouble a lot because it was a small school. Once i made a name for myself from acting up they were always watching me. I could have billy jo punch me in the back and i would turn around and sock him back and they would only see what i did and wouldn't believe me of the rest of the story. LOL Once i got into high school there were much fun classes and more kids that as it turned out made me look like an angel. It was easy to get along fine then. As for my dad, like i said he never once gave me any more than i deserved. It was always the same treatment. And yes it hurt, i was just that darn hard headed. I grew up and haven't ever considered it until today. I don't despise my Dad one bit for it. I think it made me a better person and more respectful to others. I give my kids the same talks and chances. They know the same consequences are in order. If that makes me a bad person oh well. I agree when i get mad i learned to send them to their room and i go away for a while. I have a temper and know this. Never once have i let it show to them.
  9. 756 grinding feed today

    Thanks. It is dirty right now. It has barn/feed dust all over it. I bought it this past year.
  10. Calls on Cell Phone

    Same here, miss a call from a weird number then the next thing you know I am getting calls from other areas. Those people are saying they had a missed call from my number. One guy got plum pi$$ed off at me because he didn't believe me that it was scammers ghosting my number somehow. What are they doing and can anyone explain what they are trying to accomplish? its hard to defend yourself if you don't know what they are trying to do.
  11. Well Water Bladder Tank Issues

    The pressure tank just keeps your pump from running as often basically. You might be putting too much thought into it. I would change it to what you had. If the bladder isn't busted and your pump isn't running non stop and it doesn't leak down why change it. That my thoughts.
  12. 756 grinding feed today

    That would be very nice. But I would settle with a low houred artsway. Not that they are any better just more in my $$ range.

    Here kitty kitty kitty. Reminds me of the Carey Grant movie bringing up baby.
  14. 756 grinding feed today

    Yep. When I grind 3/16 plate for hogs I can hear it talk more. The 766 plays with that grinder. It wants a bigger mill. One day I will buy a nice one.
  15. New federal tax form