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  1. Never raised any, plenty of neighbors who have. Curious what it costs per acre to plant and maintain done correctly. What kinds of yields can be had? No particular reason why just curiouis. Thanks
  2. I think our mothers are related! Mine is the same way. I know your planting corn but you need to come over and cut this shrub out for me. 3 hrs later its already done with the zero turn.
  3. Me too. When I was a kid I put power steering fluid in my master cylinder. I needed a little top off and had one and not the other. Looks about the same? Should work right? HEY DAD! (No answer) ah heck with it. WONT BE DOING THAT ANYTIME SOON AGAIN. Said the kid with no money that had to replace every component on the 78 Ford brake system
  4. Agreed. Which is why I used macguirs hand wax. Actually it was Brazilian chernobyl as I call it 😂 but I would like to have something on in the hard places like pickup and stuff. Maybe is not worth it. I guess my question is will spray wax hurt the wax I just put on
  5. Oh now fellas no sense in name calling. Not everyone is educated in diesel engines and farm machinery like we are. I've met some pretty intelligent people that could build a rocketship in there sleep but have trouble changing their oil in the car. It takes all kinds.
  6. Neighbor HAD a small Japanese tractor more like it. It be on craigslist now more than likely 🤔😎
  7. I just hand waxed my round baler. I was thinking about trying to spray wax the thing to get the areas that are just impossible to get to hand waxing. Nooks and crannies basically. This is more of a question of will it work and is it worth it? Next question is what's the best spray wax to use that will last somewhat
  8. X2. Been there done that. I had a brand new one for a Ford starter solenoid in my shop, my cab solenoid went out baling hay. I thought it would get me by also for the day. Nope. Bout 15 minutes. It was so hot I was worried it was gonna burn. Bad idea. Wont work. Listen to the guys here. Auto parts ones continuous duty work but prestolite will last.
  9. X2. Nothing that can't be overcome. Silage in fact mostly eliminates the issue. But it still can be a problem.
  10. My 510 has double disk openers and seed firming wheels. I wish it had the bigger closing wheels. One day I may find a nice 5100 with the better wheels. Mine is in such good shape I hate to get rid. On my dirt in my area I wouldn't own one without closing wheels and double disk openers in good shape. Not all guys have the same dirt
  11. I should add I got mine all slammed in June 10th. Feels good to be done. I was all worked up and worried when I was only a week behind last year. Lol. My neighbors have planted after July numerous times and got away with it. Old timers saying is knee high by 4th of July or it won't make. I've proven that to be wrong myself a couple times. It all depends on the rain we catch this summer imo. For me, I'll go buy pull behind chopper and a wagon if that's what has to happen. But I think I'll be just fine. One year I planted millet late like this and did ok after a flood that the corn was 4'tall.
  12. This was way before it ever crested. Miles and miles look like this
  13. Here in the Missouri river bottom it's still all under water. Nothing in the way of corn or beans will be planted. Rain in the the forecast the next 10 days solid. Labadie Mo has some beautiful river bottoms that look like a lake. Some local boys chop silage for dairy usually. I expect them to be planting sudex for Silage when they can and hope to get a couple rains this summer
  14. That reminds me of a story. My wife took her Tahoe in to the shop because it was making a popping noise while turning/hitting bumps. I said well you had better taken it in I don't have time to look at it. The mechanic called me and said it was a control arm bushing or sway arm bushing one of the other and said they were plastic and I said replace both sides. So when the wife calls and asked what it was on her car i told her the mechanic said she must of ran off in the ditch and that ot were pretty typical on women drivers. 😅🤣 she got all huffy and puffy and said no I did not! Well a week goes on and her dad brought it up to me. I laughed my butt off and confessed he never said anything of the sort. I had forgot all about it until then. Oops
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