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  1. Little bit of everything. Got the new to me skidsteer fully serviced. Fixed a few miscellaneous things it had wrong. Built a door for it which we had great debate on here. Loving it by the way. Did some work to my skid splitter. Have the 656 in there now with a small laundry list of things. Next is dump truck needs the bed frame repaired as of Sunday 😥 built some feeder bunks shown here not quite finished. I made everything from what I had and got free barrels. They have been holding up good. Still have work to do on the 1086. Needs throttle cable and TA cable badly. Been nursing them along for 3 yrs. It's time. The 756 is coming in at some point for a power beyond setup, and hydraulic clutch booster. Do lots of loader work and my left knee needs me to try something. More pics to come. Lots and lots of projects.
  2. He is. In the beginning the credits show him as co producer. I heard he took over later on. I'm in 8th season and still showing him as co producer. Same difference I guess.
  3. Tony, I hope yours holds as good as mine. Come to think of it maybe i can use yours while mines at the detail shop? 😎 after my dodge statement I had to think a little and eat my words. My chevy is a valuable asset on this farm. And for the ih nuts theres even a scout in the picture.
  4. Cool, he seems like quite the character Doc seems like a real standup guy Thanks for input on Lee implement also
  5. Thats kinda what I had the impression of. That helps me appreciate the sport even more.
  6. I live down the road from Haslag steel. They build lots of stuff for pulling tractors including cages and fenders, frames, and wheelie bars. You might of heard of them possibly.
  7. That's where we watch it. It has all the seasons. Thinking like 15 or so my wife said.
  8. Point taken. But it still bothers me. I just dont like it. Never have never will. I keep my comments to myself outside of this thread though.
  9. My problem is this. I work a day job, and this leaves me after work to cut hay. I try to cut the $hit out of it on thursday afternoon for the weekend. And friday. I do some during the week but if I have a whole day i let it rip. So by the time I get home 5:00, grab a couple things and go hop on the tractor wherever I'm at its 5:30-6. Well in a couple short hours it's already tough, the dew sets in and now dark. With any sickle mower of any type I've used your done. I mow with disc mowers and discbines until I've got what I wanted done. Sometimes 9 sometimes midnight. I've never ran a swather and your climate might be different than mine. If I were me which I'm not 🤔 I'd reconsider. Just my .02. Hope you find a good one whatever you go with.
  10. I stared at the topic for a minute before I bit. 😎🥵
  11. I just cant say enough good things. Typically they try to really turn it into a reality show with drama and turn a coughing critter into a death bed before the commercials. Not this one. Anyone looking for a good show that has animals to relate to should enjoy it I would think.
  12. Gonzo, that looks great. Can only imagine what kind of time it took. I don't want to get personal but to be nosy what does a competitive puller cost if a guy had to throw a number out there? AND NO you dont have to answer that. I very much enjoy watching you guys pull. Thanks for sharing
  13. I was going to say, dont let the new tailgate look like the old one. You may not like the price. Good looking truck Tony. Smoker, I run dodge's. They are tough and hold up to my abuse. That sir is one he!! of a rig. I always say you want comfort buy a GMC. You want a workhorse buy a dodge. Obviously my open opinion. My 12 has been fantastic but does ride like a log wagon.
  14. Agreed. Heart goes out to his family and those involved. And i think they deserve to be noticed. However I'm like TP, let's move on. I even noticed they said yesterday Trump said terrible news, while Mr Obama said bla bla bla bla. They give you the info they want to. My thoughts exactly are if the Gov put forth the effort to run our country as they do this impeachment and spread bad news we would all be better off. Another rant over
  15. It is. I caught that after I posted. Fixed it
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