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  1. I run an Earth outdoor boiler. Rancher 365. I heat 1900sq ft older drafty house and water. I have enough capacity to easily heat my shop too but never have done it. I have a forced air in there now. I easily burn 10-12 cord maybe more. BUT, I burn from September through may or june. Sometimes more. I live up on a hill with fields surrounding my house. Once it starts getting real dry and windy I shut it down. Plus fighting snakes for wood isnt my favorite. I have a large door, and round firebox. It's a very very simple design. I'm not sure what they are doing now for EPA. Mine is not pressuriz
  2. What's the difference you cant find a "quality" kit USA made for them. And if you do I'll take it no questions asked. If someone produced a new old stock ih rebuild kit for a german it would fetch big money. The ONLY kit you can buy is sub 2k. But you already knew that.
  3. The kit is the cheap part. I had more money in my head than I did in the kit pretty much. Throw in a clutch, oil pump, cooler, and other assorted things it adds up quick. It's my opinion these engines are only as good as the head sitting on top. Mine starts down in single digits. I also paid machine shop to mic all other components and fit wrist pins etc. I assembled all of it.
  4. Stuck as in locked up or stuck as in been sitting?? If it's been hot and you need a crankshaft they get spendy. Thats the most expensive engine to overhaul ih made in 6cyl. I just did my 310 and between head work and all I think I'm around 4k. And I didnt have to do line boreing on camshaft. I took it down for liner leaking and it had been overhauled before. I had record of it.
  5. For some reason I dont have that trouble🤷‍♂️ I think they work just fine. It takes some training. My buddy bought one that just has a base station and you have a radius around it with 2 collars. He said it works just fine.
  6. I think that's normal. Hot would indicate air intrusion into bale. I know when I'm feeding it the middle is always warmer than the outside where net is. I suppose it insulates itself. I fed down to 0 this year and the net was a little froze right on the edges but came off.
  7. That's the way I do it too. Works well for me. They will lick up every stitch of baleage and then beg a little before finally walking to the dry bales but I feel this way works much better for me. When we go to full out baleage and run out they arent happy at all for a while. I just feel like anything I gained by feeding it is lost if we run out and try to switch back to dry hay. Normally by spring when they are wanting the grass and I'm still holding them in winter lot is a great time to finish out my baleage.
  8. Only things that come to mind are listeriosis (spelling??) And or nitrate poison. In an inline wrapper I have found white mold to be fairly normal in between bales where air pockets are found. They are nothing much to be concerned IMO. Now a full blown moldy bale is. Just Google both things I mentioned and keep an eye out for symptoms. In my experience if it smells good it is good. Rule of thumb of coarse. If it was ensiled right you shouldnt have to worry unless maybe your cows are a little poor for example maybe the nitrates could be messing with them at first??? I'm certainly no vet, but b
  9. New holland 352 1600-1700 rpms 3/4 screen Drag auger is sped up to keep it fed
  10. Own a 44 magnum big boy 22lr lever action 22lr pump action octagon barrel 17hmr lever action octagon barrel Every one shoots fantastic. I have nothing bad to say about them aside from I wish they were half the price. 😂 So I could buy more.
  11. That looks like a confusing apparatus. Hoses looped back to more hoses. 🤔
  12. Yes ace. I need the horizontal auger under the bin. Ours is rotted off at the transition in bin wall. I would like to find the whole 9 yards incase I get into it and find some other junk parts. I would say I can salvage the sump piece and slide gate with the handle that sticks out the bin. So an auger with a pulley and motor stand that's at least 14' or so. Thanks
  13. Dont think so. I guess I'm not exactly in top tier grain country.
  14. Sounds good. You are correct. What's there now is one center sump with a roughly 14' 6" auger that goes into an upright auger. It has always been a problem in the transition from horizontal to vertical. If you open sump plate too much it would jam, then you were in for a treat. Now we would just deal with a straight or angled auger and roll with it. The upright auger was great when trucks were shorter.
  15. I know I looked at a vermeer disc mower and it was a vicon design. So they must of bought out them too guessing. We have had a m9000 for about 10-12yrs. It has been flawless. In that time it has needed batteries, serviced, a few hoses on the loader, a shuttle lever on dash, and that's it. It's the only tractor on my uncles farm, so heavy loader work. I've adjusted the clutch a few times. If every kubota was as good as that one I'd own another one hands down.
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