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  1. Missouri Mule

    Grain bin rental price?

    My doing some quick calculations the cost of fan can be figured at a per day cost. That would be fair to both of you. As for the bin price I’m not sure
  2. Missouri Mule

    M&W filters

    I want the M&W yellow filter with black lettering. I have a cross. Thanks
  3. Missouri Mule

    M&W filters

    What happened? I know not long ago I saw them for sale. Oem 4e023 yellow filters? I see even red oak diesel is advertising black filters in his kit description. Anyone know where I can get one. I guess I could give him a call but I was certain I saw them online somewhere.
  4. Missouri Mule

    IH head gasket

    and here I thought this might spark a gasket/oil type in depth discussion.
  5. Missouri Mule

    282 engine diagnosis

    I’d bet if you pull the pistons they’re scorched worse than you think. She got hot or something. Once you pull bearing caps on rods and a few mains you’ll know more if I had to guess. I’d slap a rebuild kit in with new sleeves and be on my way. I guess if your in the cheap?? It could be salvaged maybe.
  6. Missouri Mule

    IH head gasket

    I hate to even bring this up🤨 but I have a genuine IH head gasket for my 756. It has the red rubber sealant built in. I am told by dealer and several others with THIS gasket go dry. No sealer (copper coat alum paint etc). I did actually read somewhere once that claimed it didn’t work well with this style anyway. What’s y’all thoughts. AND... is there a “new” style torque sequence to these engines?? Book shows basically starting in center in clockwise rotation working towards outside”to simplify it”. A couple local Ih guys claim they had better luck with a different method. Anyone know? Otherwise I’m sticking to the book. Thanks
  7. Missouri Mule

    Trimble ez guide 500

    I’m guessing it’s the 220 centerline? It shows 12-18” accuracy would you say this is about right? I wonder why you can’t upgrade antennas like the ez guide 250 with the upgraded ag15 antenna is supposed to be 6-8” accuracy.
  8. Missouri Mule

    Trimble ez guide 500

    Yah the power cable is a bit confusing to me. Looks like someone is making a straight up power cord but they want $175.00. 🙀. It looks like a 4 pin amphenol of some sort. Geez if you had to buy a 175 cord and a 400 antenna I may as well buy the 250 kit new for 1400.
  9. Missouri Mule

    Pictures of auction in Alberta with IH tractors

    Yah what the heck?
  10. Missouri Mule

    Trimble ez guide 500

    A while back I asked about gps for beginners and got some great feedback. I have been watching eBay for a deal some. Remember I’m looking for an entry level one for less $$. One question I have is I see a bunch of the ez guide 500’s used that say unlocked. Why so many? When a 250 comes up used they still want full price it seems. Why not pick up a used 500 for around $500 and then buy cord and antenna? New 250 is 12-1500. I’ve also been watching centerline 220’s. I really like the simplicity and price.
  11. Missouri Mule

    706 dash and foot kick picture

    ^^^^ 😂. I think dat is funny!
  12. Missouri Mule

    Somethings wrong with this 5288 see if you can find it

    I’ll rest Ez tonight. Thanks hydro. I’ll just settle for the tractor.
  13. Missouri Mule

    Pain in hands/joints

    I take Aleve when I need it. Maybe a week straight then maybe not for months. I did get my blood work back and all is normal. No explanation. All I can do is take antibiotics and he gave me some pain killers but I stick to aleve for now. I hope it just goes away😔. I did have sinus pressure but never had them cause pain like that. 🤷‍♂️
  14. Missouri Mule

    706 dash and foot kick picture

    Here’s a couple I just found online. Sometimes auction companies do really good walk arounds and pictures. Tractor house is another place to look. The first one might be a hydro didn’t look very close but it may help until something better gets posted.
  15. Missouri Mule

    706 dash and foot kick picture

    Well since you didn’t fill out your profile I’m not sure what part of the world your in. But EBay is a great tool. Internet searching for parts is my favorite part of the job. I have a fairly local boneyard strictly IH by me JP salvage. He will ship anywhere. John is owners name, real nice guy. I don’t have a picture of 706 handy. Someone will.