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  1. I think you can do better... either get him down a little or move on. Nicer original tractors around for same or a little higher. Dont get me wrong real nice rigs are double that. Like already said lots of info here about germans. They are expensive to overhaul. Injector pumps are even higher if it would ever need one. Be mindful of that. Nice running rigs though
  2. Nothing wrong with aluminum wire. Lots of times I find it goes bad near the ends. Lots of guys sleeve the ends with conduit and from freeze and thaw the pipe digs into the wire. You could try a cheap volt tracer. You might go ahead and unhook the good conductor from the main so you wont have interference from it. A locator will help you trace it to the break however more times than not alum corrodes like a snow ball and it will pass enough current to not be able to find it. Scotch coat will help seal it back up. Ideal makes a splice kit just for this with good 3m heat shrink that has adhesive built in. I would dig both ends up, look for big snow balls of corrosion, then maybe check the middle. If you have rocky soil just cut your losses if it's not at the ends and bury a new conduit and pull in new. Although it is suitable for direct burial I dont suggest it for the very reason your asking. Good luck
  3. Wow Mark any idea how many Miles are on that rig? By the looks of the rust I'd say over 100k for sure. Next question. Where all are farm vehicles exempt fron safety inspection? Curious because I just found out in missouri they passed it in September that anything under 10yrs or 150k is exempt. Took mine up for rejection and my buddy said you dont need this. Lol. I'm excited however I still had him check the wheels for loose parts on my 2500 dodge. So the last part of my story and why I agree with you on rejections. My buddy has a 2014 ram 3500 dually diesel. Has 90k. Mostly all highway miles. Pulling a load of cattle darn near lost a right front wheel 😳 took it to said buddy that does the inspections and he shook his head saying the other side wasn't any better. That could of been ugly with a 24' stock trailer and about 30 feeder calves on. Now on the flip side. My 01 dodge 2500 has had a set of moog ball joints in it for over 100k that my buddy has told me every year that the uppers are borderline but at the time could only get 1 yr plates so he kept telling me next year they will need it. That's been almost 10 yrs ago. Any stickler would of cost me a grand 2 times over. Agreed though inspections are needed. Emissions now? I wont go there.
  4. Guess I'm not sure what your asking. I have looked at the link posted before and use them all the time. I can read it just fine. If your asking for a simpler version not sure one exists. Did the link not work or are you having trouble understanding it?
  5. Yep. That's one I've seen as well. Not sure if ops buddy tried them or not. To me if i need one I'd spend it. Heck a rebuild on an ambac is gonna run a grand. So what's another 700 when you want to keep the good ol German doing what it does best.
  6. Why doesn't someone with the know how make a conversion yet for the pumps? I've heard guys here say before they made a roosamaster comversion but I've never actually seen one or had that confirmed. Anyone have one? Mine seeps a little when it's super cold but quits when the temp warms up. Starts awesome in cold weather and burns super clean. I cant say one word about it because I bought my original 756 in nice condition all together and probably over paid only to have to overhaul it the following winter. Needless to say I've got over what it's probably worth now but boy do I like the tractor. I still dont have as much as the 1256 brought though. Win some you lose some. I bought the 756 specifically for the German diesel. Pump be damned. I wanted one i got it.
  7. I see. I see them advertised several places but never called on one.
  8. You can buy a reman injector pump for that pig. Be cheaper than a 5.9 conversion. Probably last 8-10k hours. Why didnt he buy one guaranteed instead of wasting money on used junk.
  9. To each his own. If its mine and it has a WORKING t/a it gets hytran. No exception. Last I checked my bil gets me a discount on 424 Mobil which is the only other oil i run and its around $60/bucket while hytran was $80ish. At my dealer it got up to $100 but came back down. I havent bought any since spring. So maybe I'm off base here. I look at the $80-$100 an oil change as a peace of mind. I really dont know why we all argue so much. Heck run what you want. Even if you do have a failure from cheap oil in doubt anyone will admit it. Bottom line is do what you can afford. I can afford good oil and cant afford a t/a or transmission. I just had a 2940 deere in my shop with cheap $30 a bucket oil that had some extensive damage due to it. It left with cheap oil and not all repaired because the owner was too cheap to fix it. Brake linings coming apart. Plugged strainer, and filter. I changed the oil and cleaned the strainer and told him good luck. It needs $$$$ put into it from your oil and lack of maintenance. It looked about like the pics above.
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-Skid-Steer-Quick-Tach-Conversion-Adapter-Plate-Bobtach-Blank-QTA-RED/303362221091?_trkparms=aid%3D555018%26algo%3DPL.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20191024102705%26meid%3Dbd81842d1d0244a6941ad145150b904a%26pid%3D100892%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D6%26mehot%3Dpf%26sd%3D182834303064%26itm%3D303362221091%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2332490&_trksid=p2332490.c100892.m5207 I guess they are closer to 3. But look a little beefier.
  11. For around $200 you can buy a set that is ready to weld onto. What they claim is you cut the tabs off your original bucket and weld them on their mount. Then weld a skidsteer plate on your original bucket.
  12. Non of them that i see like this hav them. John deere made a set similar to these for the 148 loader which is the first ones that I've ever seen. They didnt put anything between them either. I certainly dont think it would hurt anything
  13. No worries. Same problem same questions.
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