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  1. It would be skunked before I ever consumed half of it but if I were that guy i would have burned half a tank of fuel driving around town.
  2. I have watched that show. Quite a bit. Weird because I normally dont do shows like that. He cracks me up
  3. All I know is this guy is my hero.
  4. Welcome. Now go take more pictures at your earliest convenience. Lol πŸ˜‚ No really we all like pictures. Dont matter if its under the hood or over the hood.
  5. Hey if you can get one bought up cheap cool. I would just do yourself a favor and yank the pan off and pull a couple bearing caps. That will tell you alot more than you knew getting it. If you dont like what you see I'm sure your buddy will work with you. When a guys on a budget hes on a budget. Make do with what you got the best you can. Good luck ace. Dt 414 that pig
  6. It's hard to say where it came from. Not uncommon to move a few states away throughout its life
  7. I run a dt 414, dt436, and a d436 in geared tractors. My least favorite I'd d436. I feel it uses too much fuel for the power it has compared to the others doing the same job. Just my opinion. I honestly feel like my dt414 runs just about as good as my dt436. Fuel consumption is close. Overall i feel the 414 has my vote. All are bone stock with the ih wire still in pumps.
  8. Ive got 3 hy capacities in tractors now. 2 are loader tractors with heavy use. So far so good. Last one I wanted to try ag parts but my hy capacity dealer was closer. Price was same
  9. Thanks again doc. I have a profound Pet peave for that. People using them for driveways etc. 🀬 the law man should remove that but wont. Stronger 800 very nice rig. Cant wait to see it in action. Heck yah leave the cab a while. Start collecting the parts to switch it, then decide later. Parts are good to have anyway.
  10. I know. I'm waiting I'm waiting I'm waiting I'm waiting im waiting im waiting. Patiently of coarse......
  11. By the time this is over the tp is gonna dry rot on the shelves cuz everyone is going to have a pallet load in each home. Can still get baby wipes. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  12. Those arent guineas or chickens. Sorry to be the one to tell you this. Pretty typical of these farm and home stores to sell the newbie customer whatever they have in stock to get rid of them. πŸ˜‚
  13. Your idea is cheap. I dont see why not check it. If that dont get it Dale's idea is free. And good idea to look in anyway and see how much foam were talking about right? I dont want to bring up the 5 gallon over thing because that's almost as bad as an oil thread but if it's a suction leak is there a chance it would improve by overfilling worst case telling him your theory is right? If not what's your best idea on troubleshooting after he checks the filter etc. Let's keep him moving forward. Thanks
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