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  1. Missouri Mule

    Front Axle Pin Fix?????

    Pin tries to walk out. Must of been that guy that owned my 766 that welded a plate over mine. Dumb bass terds
  2. Missouri Mule

    Oiling rod and main bolts before installing

    Same here. Oil threads lightly
  3. Missouri Mule

    706 turbo recommendation

    Yes sir. I have one in my 656 as well. Up front is a d301. In the rear is the gas 263 IH.
  4. Missouri Mule

    706 turbo recommendation

    That’s what Zub recommended for me. Just give him a call. He has good prices and very knowledgeable. If nothing else pick his brain about what will work for you. The main reason I went with rotomaster is because they don’t require a core. Saved me another $200 I think or more. I’d never heard of them but he said he’s been selling them for years with no issues.
  5. Missouri Mule

    706 turbo recommendation

    If you can find one for anything you should be able to build from there. I almost gave it a whirl before I found mine. Was having better luck finding one for 806. It’s not a bad job. I used http://siliconeintakes.com/for my air side hoses. They offered these hump hoses and nice stainless clamps that really help a slight mis alignment on your intake side. It’s a great resource. I went ahead and put a filter on because it’s should be on there “technically”. It’s not a 282 but I had fun with it and that’s what it’s all about. I know these aren’t your same application but maybe it will help you out 🤷‍♂️This is my 756. My issue here was the new turbo is wider than the old ray jay so you have to modify your pieces some. These hump hoses helped me. I only say this so you know for sure they are wider units
  6. Missouri Mule

    My Daughter Just Asked to Go to a Tractor Pull!!!

    And the race is on.... take a tractor to the pull and let her drive it! Well Dad take her. 🤙
  7. Missouri Mule

    Err....Interesting 86 series cab

    It’s a hybrid. Only 1 ever made.
  8. Missouri Mule

    To pre fill or not to pre fill?

    On the ih’s 400 series especially if you don’t pre fill fuel filters you have to stop half way priming them and have tennis elbow surgery. By the time that’s over you screw it back up trying to finish the job. 😎
  9. Missouri Mule

    When your daughter gets a text wanting a bra picture

    😂. I’d have a few cans of Busch beer in there too for props. I’ve learned you done mess with a man drinking Busch beer cleaning his firearm. Wait now days that might hurt feelings or put yourself in a felony. Might just for saying it....
  10. Missouri Mule

    stolen hay

    Well said imo. Mmi. Your gonna have to figure a way to hang on to your hay. Move it different location, put fence up, cable the road. Whatever it takes. Yes it’s bull shi! But sounds like your only real option. Mark, your hearts in the right place, I never bring politics into anything. Bottom line is I’d be pi$$ed off too if I were stolen from bein’s I am a hay producer. I know darn well you would exhaust all avenues before stealing. I think mmi’s Point here is the guy obviously didn’t because he hasn’t asked for help first This is my general interpretation of people.. In a case like this if your not man enough to ask for help to feed your critters and you steal it your a coward/thief. I hate to get involved on this one but as a hay producer this one hits close to home for me I suppose. Good day
  11. Missouri Mule

    Lorenzo in his younger days

    That is no lie. But don’t think too hard we’re all liable to end up in the nut house. 🤦‍♂️
  12. Missouri Mule

    706 turbo recommendation

    Thank you. I almost wrote that but thought as soon as I did someone would call me out.
  13. Missouri Mule

    706 turbo recommendation

    I just stuck one on my 756 that replaced the ray jay. It was for an Allis d 19 I believe. T04 9096 maybe. I dealt with Zub . Forget his business name but someone here will remember. He’s your man to ask. He!! Of a nice guy and knows a bunch. He sold me a rotomaster for a great price and I am happy. The core on a new one will get you if you don’t have it. I didn’t want to turn in my good ray jay. This was a old post of mine. Call him, you’ll learn something
  14. Missouri Mule

    756 german diesel oil line ?

    X2. It seems weird having 2 seals on each end of the tubes but that’s correct. I just put mine together and if I recall they are red colored o rings. Easy job. Just cleaning everything up is a chore. Might be a good time to pull your oil relief valve and Clean/inspect while your cleaning and working.
  15. Missouri Mule

    When they shut off your gas but your hungry

    More important than the fine griddle, is that a keg of beer tapped right there handy or a propane tank? Lol. It looks propanish until the clear hose. I’m thinking the two may go hand and hand.