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  1. I have been wanting a gun safe for a long time now, but have never felt I had a good place to put it that is environmentally controlled and also pleasing to the wife. I have an unattached insulated garage with a cement floor that is also insulated. This garage floor never sweats. I live in WI and never heat the garage all winter, only when I am working in there on the weekends. From those with experience, would it be safe to move my firearms into this environment? If I had to, I could heat the shop all the time, but would only want to keep it at 40 or so when I am not occupying it. What do you guys think? I am worried about moisture. How do the dehumidifiers work that are for inside the gun safes? Thanks, Dan
  2. How bad do they vibrate in a skid loader?
  3. I hope you find something that makes it doable for you to leave your thankless job. From my own personal experience, benefits aren't everything. I recently left a lead position and 25 years with the same corporation. A skilled municipality job opened up and thankfully I was offered the position. I lost some pay and now have 4 less weeks of vacation. BUT, I am so much happier in life. I feel appreciated and not just a number. The stress is now next to non existent instead of go like **** so the CEO can get a bigger bonus. I actually like going in to work now. I can't remember if I ever felt that way at my old job or not. This has been a breath of fresh air and would not go back unless I had to. Money and vacation time aren't everything and I have 4 kids to feed. I smile every time I think about how blessed I am. My old job didn't sound as bad as yours, but what a cloud being lifted off of my head getting out of corporate America. I know you have been through a lot and wish you the best.
  4. Use the standard torque value for a fastener the size of the stud if you can't find a spec. I've stretched a couple of those and had to replace them on my SMD, so I am somewhat forgiving of trying to reach torque if they feel funny.
  5. Lucky dog. I'd love to have a gun safe. I got a pair of motorcycle riding gloves and a book. Lol
  6. MCC


    I thought the breaker bar looked a lot like my old SK breaker bar.
  7. MCC

    First gun

    That is a beautiful firearm.
  8. I would like to 1200 sq. ft. My old pellet stove was rated 50000 btu and did fine for heat output.
  9. I have been wanting a free standing wood stove with a glass front in our living room for ambiance and good hot heat. Those with experience please share your brand/model recommendations. Thanks, Dan
  10. What brand of pellets are these?
  11. What stove do you have? It sounds lots better than mine.
  12. I have had a US Stove 6039HF for 15 years. It has a lousy heat exchanger and needs to be cleaned often or you are wasting a lot of heat. I have added aluminum heatsinks to the top of the heat box which helped quite a bit in efficiency. I have had to replace a couple of motors and it is finicky if burning straight corn. It is also very loud with 4 motors running. We took it out of the house 4 years ago and I put it in my shop. I do miss the hot heat in the house versus Forced Air heat though. It does ok out in my shop, but I was shocked how much a cheap 5KW electric heater outperforms it in speed of getting my shop warmed up by several hours. Oh and one other important thing. I almost had a house fire or at least major smoke damage because of a design flaw. My auger sits right above the burn box and one time I shut it off and it ignited the wood in the auger and then back into the hopper. Most stoves drop the pellets 6 inches or so to prevent this. I had shut it off and left to get a haircut. I came back 30 minutes later and there was white smoke pouring out of my pellet stove exhaust. I had to rig up power to keep the exhaust running to keep the smoke from filling my house. Glad I came back home. If I could figure out a good way to get a wood stove into my current house, that is what I would do. Ambiance and good hot heat and I have more dying or dead ash than I know what to do with.
  13. Keenserts are a really good product, but have not used them in your application..
  14. I just spread a 1/2 ton of dry fertilizer tonight for my first time. Is it going to be a problem leaving fertilizer dust on my tractor for a couple of weeks before I can get it washed off? Thanks, Dan
  15. Windy enough, but no rain here until tomorrow. We got it all finished up today.
  16. No problem running that. As a kid, I ran my Briggs 11 HP with as much as 50% diesel just screwing around for a few lawn mowings. Once it got hot, it ran it ok and I never had to replace the plug, so you'll be fine.
  17. MCC

    New Job

    Keeping the power on for a nice small town of 800, and assisting the street and sewer department employees. Can range from pole work to mowing. They even have a Farmall A with a mid mount sickle bar for ditch mowing. I am really looking forward to being out of the factory and off of the cement.
  18. MCC

    New Job

    I started fresh out of college with a large corporation and have worked there 25 years as an "Industrial Electrician". Fifteen years ago I got married and moved into my wife's home which was an hour away from where I worked. I had it pretty good there, but the drive and mandatory weekends sucked. The electrical superintendent for our local township is retiring and I was fortunate enough to have been hired as his replacement. I am so very thankful to not have to drive through another winter and have to worry about being late to work by a minute ever again. My new drive is actually a walk of a quarter block down to the municipality building.
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