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    Really good quality food, but the prices are super expensive.
  2. I don't believe any of the combination gauges are Rochester or US made, I bought a fuel/water temp gauge and it looked like a steiner gauge to me.
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    Free range chickens and I haven't shot a possum since I read they eat a lot of ticks.
  4. How is the steering with the tracks on there?
  5. I have recently acquired a 656D. The glow plugs all ohm out the same, but I was wondering if their performance can degrade with time even if they electrically read fine. I believe I saw a post on here where someone said there are better glow plugs available today that heat up much faster. I'd consider replacing them if they get weak with age or there is something better. Thanks, Dan
  6. This is an interesting thread. I am a die hard Ruger fan and have several of their firearms. The last Ruger I bought was a Hawkeye in .223. When I received it, I honestly was really disappointed in the action. It would bind if I didn't hold it perfectly straight. I was able to correct that by doing a lot of polishing on the bolt and receiver. It also was leaving heavy drag marks on the bullet and brass when chambering a round. I sent it back for that and while they fixed that, they dinged up the beautiful blueing and stock. I was sick to my stomach. I had to send it back again and they fixed everything to my satisfaction. It is probably my favorite rifle I own today. That said, it is obvious they lack some quality control today compared to the rest of my Rugers and the silky smooth actioned M77 I bought long ago. I have read that the Americans shoot great, but I am not a fan of the cheaper fit and finish, I'm too particular. That said I was really impressed with my CZ457. Mine had a super smooth bolt right out of the box and never had a feeding issue and the fit and finish is as nice as my Hawkeye. It sounds like you may have gotten a Friday gun. Perhaps you could send it back and get it fixed before you sell it. I'm glad I didn't give up on my Hawkeye.
  7. MCC

    .17 WSM

    .17 WSM has been available near me for a couple of years. The local gun store always had it on the shelf even when .17 HMR wasn't available(maybe no demand for it). On paper, it looks awesome. I asked CZ if they would ever make an interchange barrel in .17 WSM for my 457 and they told me no. I'd buy one if I could get it.
  8. I bought a CZ 457 in .17 a couple of years back. I too am a Ruger guy, but passed on the 77 because of price and all the things I’ve heard about it’s accuracy. I am super impressed with the CZ. The wood is beautiful, it is super accurate. The fit and finish is excellent. I like being able to change calibers too. The only minor thing I would change is I would prefer a metal clip. The poly clip doesn’t have the high quality feel of the rest of the gun to me. I also prefer the beautiful blueing on my Ruger Hawkeye, but those are just my preferences.
  9. I bought a cluster gauge and two other items from a vendor who advertises in the Red Power Magazine. When I received the items, I was a bit annoyed that the cluster gauge did not have the same face as the picture and description on the website. I was going to put it in anyway and found one of the light sockets wasn't attached at both ends. I was going to JB weld that but then I decided I shouldn't have to do that on a new gauge and it wasn't what I was led to believe I was buying anyway. I contacted the vendor, whom I've used before and discussed the situation and he said to send it back and I'd get a refund. That was like 3 weeks ago with me calling him the last two Mondays and him telling me he still has to get his wife to refund my card. What would you do? I'd like to be able to use them in the future if needed and not burn bridges, but I'm getting annoyed with this. TIA, Dan
  10. FYI, I installed a Saginaw hitch on my SMD and it mounted just like you are describing with the one axle clamp on each axle. I was using down pressure with a back blade one time and ripped the mounting brackets off the axle. Taking advice from here, I put two axle clamps on each axle and then mounted an adjustable rod between the bottom of the hitch bracket and the bracket where the original drawbar pins under the tractor belly. I haven’t had a problem since. hth, dan
  11. I retorqued them to 43 ft/lb and they were still tight. The machine shop told me they bought these from Ace and have not heard back from others having issues ever. Guess I am lucky. Very glad the nuts were still tight.
  12. Nuts are still tight. Two cotters broke off. Why? Everything else looks good to my untrained eye.
  13. Do you know why they might break? Hoping the nuts are tight.
  14. Hello, I had my engine overhauled by a machine shop about 50 hours ago. I was changing oil and found these two cotter keys stuck to my magnetic drain plug. They were not there about 20 hours ago when I changed oil after my hydraulic pump front seal failed. Can anyone identify where these came from? The only place I can think of is maybe the float on the oil pick up. Thanks for any input, Dan
  15. I called, this is not a Rochester gauge.
  16. I need to either repair or replace my fuel gauge. Can you guys tell me if there is a quality aftermarket gauge for this? The face of my gauge looks like the unit HyCapacity sells, so I'm not sure if its original or not. Mine has a part number of 1546480c1 and says USA. Thanks, Dan
  17. I can see both points on the oil. I guess I would look at the dipstick and decide. I wouldn't touch the FASS though until you get some miles on the filters. I think I've only changed the filters once or twice in 75k on mine.
  18. Can anyone tell me the serial# break for the heavy press sleeves for a 656D? I just got a '69 and am curious. Thanks, Dan
  19. Thanks for all of that Mike, it's a lot of good info I didn't know. Appreciate it, Dan
  20. I had someone else tell me that today. He said they did a great job at fluffing the hay up and modern rakes make it more like a rope. The rake was my grandfathers and my mom said she raked with it as a kid. I wish I knew more about it, like a model number and year.
  21. You dont have to do anything with the thrower, there is a rod you pull and that lets a pan drop down on chains just ahead of the thrower.
  22. no live pto, just live hydraulics
  23. This year I bought a baler to compliment my sickle and rake. This is the first time I've had everything needed and not had to hire the neighbor. Everything went well and was quite a bit of fun. If I make some money, I will look for a hay rack before my kids move away.lol
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