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  1. Then for a week you could smell the smoke every time you got in your pickup. Something about the 2 hour ride home let it soak into the old seat covers real good. Good times for sure.
  2. Grandpa always said “Thunder in January, flood in June.”
  3. During pulling season here in Missouri it’s “Hold my beer while I smoke your Deere!”
  4. You keep the old SM around because she doesn’t owe you dime. Guessing she was instrumental in keeping you floating during some hard times. You keep her around because you “owe” it to her. She’s family!
  5. Hey, not too far from me. Hopefully get to see it run this summer. Do you know what association or class they plan to run?
  6. My 7 year old Grandson loves John Wayne movies. He wants to go to Winterset Iowa and see the house.
  7. If you can’t find a left hand one it’s not the end of the world. I’ve shot right hand guns left handed all my life. Didn’t know left hand guns existed as a kid. Whatever he learns with will seem natural.
  8. No connection to it but Jeffriesburg Enterprises LLC in Beaufort, MO has a 1970 826 in their add in Fastline, Missouri edition. No web site that I can find. Link to it on Fasline: https://www.fastline.com/farm-equipment/listing-detail/1970-international-826-jeffriesburg-enterprises-beaufort-missouri/9d0ea31c-10c5-46d1-a458-1a62f483ee36
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