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  1. If that was here this past week it would be sitting in 3 feet of water.
  2. 7.1” last night and another 1.5 since about 5:30 at Boonville. All creeks out. Plus all of NW Missouri has to drain down to here. MFA has NH3 plant across the river in the bottoms. They moved all their wagons to higher ground today. Not a good sign.
  3. Told you my mind is a little slow. Guess I proved once again!
  4. Phone poles going by at the rate of 4 to the 7th power?
  5. Yea, figured that after I hit submit. I’m kinda like Red Sovine’s 6 Days on the Road but instead of my rig it’s my mind that’s a little slow.
  6. Wasn’t it the 6th of June?
  7. Don’t even have to park under the tree to get crapped on. Vehicle out in the open just a big ole target.
  8. Great run. Always good when you have the flagman running trying to keep up with you.
  9. Nice pictures. I’ve seen that Massey 98 and also have a couple pictures. He had it here at Boonville MO at the Missouri River Valley Steam Engine Association show a couple years ago. It is really sharp, excellent restoration.
  10. Always was told they would stop at the Missouri River. Guess that was wrong. I’m just south of the river. Seeing more dead on the road now than in past years.
  11. The heart attack would have gotten me!
  12. 220 like DT Fan said. 210 used the smaller 190 radiator and grill and had a problem running hot. 210 has “empty” space under grill.
  13. Could always spot a Ford guy by the grease stains on the inside cuff of his pants.
  14. DirtBoyz Proving Grounds? Gotta pay for those winter upgrades to the pulling tractors somehow. ?
  15. I’m just waiting to see MTO’s comments on your “logic”.
  16. Eat, write, shoot, run weed eater and chainsaw left handed. Pull wrenches, screw nuts on bolts, computer mouse all right handed. Player baseball and basketball all right handed. Old enough we still had the old wooden one armed desks in high school. Might of been two left hand ones in the entire school. What a pain that was.
  17. lenray..........found your post from December 24, 2014 from when you bought yours. Don’t know how to post a link from my phone. Delta Dirt had a lot of info in it on the Mississippi Road Supply tractors.
  18. 2x on concreting the legs. We took one down from Grandpa’s one spring back in the late 70’s. Put it by the patio at home to mount CB base antenna on it. He hadn’t used for years and had sold the head off of it. We dug the legs out, so they still had the “feet” on them. No concrete on the original installation. Drilled holes, dropped in the legs, and tamped in some dirt. Bolted windmill back on and got things level and square. Finished filling and tamping. About a month later, after several large rains we had a big thunderstorm with high winds. Dad looked out the window. Windmill was rocking with 2 legs moving up and down about 12 inches. Backed tractor up to it and threw a couple of log chains around it up as high as we could reach. Next day started digging out the legs and pouring concrete. It stayed put then.
  19. Dad bought a new one in early spring of 1972. Deluxe cab with air. Boy did I catch a bunch of flack in ag classes about an air conditioned cab! Have a black and white picture of it somewhere of the day it was delivered.
  20. He did have some interesting adventures. Were you able to talk him into coming back?
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