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  1. If you go with Reeds Canary Grass make sure it’s a low alkali variety. Also there are some switchgrass varieties well adapted to wet areas.
  2. Can’t get any better than that. Nice to see one done without a chrome stack. Nothing against chrome but nice to see one without. Was this the original color or was it black?
  3. Looks like the back wheels on the Detroitson are starting to shine up nicely. 🙂
  4. Looking good. So glad to see your dad out and about again.
  5. Dang it, you know we need video of stuff like that!
  6. Fantastic job! Great to see younger generation with so much pride in their work!
  7. They make a satisfying crunch when you step on them to finish them off after altering their flight path with the racket. As kids, we had to make our own racket.
  8. Bet it was fun getting it in the house.
  9. My uncle had one for a couple years. Get a couple of big guys in it in sticky gumbo and it didn’t have enough power to pull itself. Was a doughnut spinning machine with my cousin in it though.
  10. You should swap oil pans with him. Those M&W pans are sought after items.
  11. Just a guess but possibly an idler pulley for a flat belt.
  12. Just find one of those wrenches like in the “Old Tool” thread. Problem solved. 🙂🙂
  13. Also good for creating bloody gashes and bruised knuckles when it slipped off nuts.
  14. Google Elvis Presley John Deere 4010. Was able to find some articles on the restoration. Pretty good one was in Successful Farming. My son used to get Toy Farmer magazine. I’m sure they did an article on it when Ertl released the toy but I couldn’t find it. Remember it saying that at some point in the project one of the students jokingly said it must be Elvis’ tractor. They were all surprised when they eventually found out it was his. The dents were left in because of history. How do you take out a dent that was made by Elvis?
  15. Don’t think he’s going to believe you.
  16. Also check to see if it ever was used with a dozer blade. With no frame, all the flex is on the engine block. Can stress the block and cause cracking.
  17. That is so weird, snow on the ground and tornado damage in the same picture.
  18. Such a sad, tragic incident. Prayers for you, your family and community.
  19. “Oh say can you see” No explanation needed!
  20. Got any more of that? Tub is already empty!
  21. Could always spot a Ford guy by the grease stains on the inside cuff of his pants.
  22. Needs to get some warm nights. They have to be big enough to trip over for me to find any. So I never find any. ?
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