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  1. 14 hours ago, Sledgehammer said:

    It’s got a Missouri sticker on the hood side. Almost looks like a Stars and Stripes paint job on the truck riding the sled for weight?  Could it have been as late as 1976?

    Don’t think the truck is riding on the sled, the truck is the sled.  If I’m remembering correctly the sticker on the hood was the old Tractor Pullers of Missouri (TPM) sticker. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, sandhiller said:

    The bridge deck over the Missouri River at Blair Nebr is some kind of open metal so you could look out the car window staright down and see the river as you drove over it. 

    Always thought that was cool as a kid

    The old bridge at Boonville, MO was the same stuff. Story was the floor wasn’t installed correctly as it would cause you to jump a little to the left then back to the right. Wasn’t a very wide bridge and the pedestrian walkway was full of rear view mirror glass. 

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  3. 7 hours ago, from H to 80 said:

    A long gone neighbor talked about a steam engine crossing the Missouri river when he was a kid. That was before all of the dikes were put in to maintain a navigable channel. He talked about a large crowd gathering on both sides of the river knowing that it was going to fall through. They tied the steering wheel straight,kicked it in gear and let it go, to everyone's amazement it walked right across the ice and they caught it on the other bank.

    I worked with a lady that had the same story. Her Grandpa had bought a new steam engine. Was delivered by rail to Boonville, MO. Waited for the river to freeze solid and drove it across. 

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  4. My uncle had one for a few years. Don’t remember him having any major problems. Front tie rod ends did tend to snap off if you hit a field washout at an angle and it was a little deeper than you thought it was. 

  5. 31 minutes ago, Big Bud guy said:


    Maybe some of you know this already but some of the JD 2 cylinders could be started with the steering wheel of the electric starting system failed. 

    And to this day you still have to yank on the steering wheel when starting a 4020!

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  6. We’ve needed rain since the middle of June last year. Pasture short, hay short, ponds real low.  Some hay still being fed. Corn planted first of April pretty much all finally came up but not doing much. Early beans that didn’t get froze off not doing anything. The ones not done have quit and waiting on rain.  Tuesday they were predicting an inch for Thursday night/Friday morning. This morning it was down to .25. Radar loop looked like it’s all going south again. 

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  7. Haven’t seen this mentioned yet. Dad always had an issue with the cab filter unloading dirt on the fuel cap when you closed the door.  Plus the cap being tucked in the corner caught a lot of dirt. He was a stickler for making sure it was cleaned off before fueling. 

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