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  1. 46 minutes ago, Sledgehammer said:

    I don’t know anything about golf to speak of other than the one time I went I found out that they don’t like you driving the cart on the short grass....  

    They don’t like cowboy boots on the short  grass either. Don’t ask me how I know. 

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  2. 11 hours ago, red2thebone sr said:

    If you go with Reeds Canary Grass make sure it’s a low alkali variety. Also there are some switchgrass varieties well adapted to wet areas. 

    I had a slight error in this. Should be “low alkaloid” not alkali. The high alkaloid levels in the old original were what made it somewhat unpalatable. There are newer varieties that are low alkaloid. 

  3. They make a satisfying crunch when you step on them to finish them off after altering their flight path with the racket. As kids, we had to make our own racket. 

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  4. 27 minutes ago, 12_Guy said:

    Like Kevin said Alligator wrench. Good for rounding off nuts and bolts even further than your worn out Crescent wrench did. 

    Also good for creating bloody gashes and bruised knuckles when it slipped off nuts. 

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  5. Google Elvis Presley John Deere 4010. Was able to find some articles on the restoration. Pretty good one was in Successful Farming. My son used to get Toy Farmer magazine. I’m sure they did an article on it when Ertl released the toy but I couldn’t find it.  Remember it saying that at some point in the project one of the students jokingly said it must be Elvis’ tractor. They were all surprised when they eventually found out it was his. The dents were left in because of history. How do you take out a dent that was made by Elvis?

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