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  1. And to this day you still have to yank on the steering wheel when starting a 4020!
  2. Eugene certainly was one of the good ones. Watched him pull that Mack tractor and later the PUP for many, many years. 50 plus years of pulling history.
  3. Bass player Teddy Gentry developed the South Poll cattle breed.
  4. Congratulations to both of you!
  5. Question is, did she succeed?
  6. Tell your son that’s an awesome paint job on the 10!
  7. That’s going to take all the “fun” out of working cattle. 😀
  8. We’ve needed rain since the middle of June last year. Pasture short, hay short, ponds real low. Some hay still being fed. Corn planted first of April pretty much all finally came up but not doing much. Early beans that didn’t get froze off not doing anything. The ones not done have quit and waiting on rain. Tuesday they were predicting an inch for Thursday night/Friday morning. This morning it was down to .25. Radar loop looked like it’s all going south again.
  9. Happy late birthday. At least you got some rain. I haven’t had any over a half inch since the first week of June 2022.
  10. Congratulations sir. Nothing better than grandkids.
  11. But, but, but……..It’s a RARE Black Stripe. 😜
  12. Haven’t seen this mentioned yet. Dad always had an issue with the cab filter unloading dirt on the fuel cap when you closed the door. Plus the cap being tucked in the corner caught a lot of dirt. He was a stickler for making sure it was cleaned off before fueling.
  13. Can always tell a Ford owner by the grease stains on the cuffs of their pants.
  14. My uncle bought a 44 Massey Harris diesel as his big (at the time) tractor. Thought he really had something. Until he went to the field. Said it didn’t have enough power to pull the hat off your head. It was soon replaced with a IH 400. Few years later he bought a Ford 6000. Don’t remember if he had any troubles with the jerk o’matic or not. But it was always leaking somewhere. It didn’t stay around long either.
  15. You’re safe. Can’t kick you off. Who would be the butt of all the Croc jokes if you’re gone?
  16. My guess is they are from the “Special Duty Equipment For IH Tractors” catalog as shown in upper right corner. Anyway when you Google that get a result showing Binder Books sells a reprint.
  17. Always heard that setup called a “working” 4th. No worry about 2 speed not making the downshift. The old vacuum 2 speeds could be a little contrary completing a shift.
  18. At least there were no hoses or electronic cables involved!
  19. Hey, if Calvin is going to be the main wrench turner on the puller, he needs a new shop!
  20. Don’t forget that we need pictures.
  21. Takes hours trying to figure out why there’s no seat. May even have to carry it over to tomorrow.
  22. Seems kinda silly to say, but if you do leave it out and open the elevator doors……….don’t forget to close them! Easy to forget when it’s not part of your normal routine.
  23. Is the previous teacher that got great results still around? Talk with her/him and see what methods they were using. Try to replicate it at home. Talk to current teacher and see if they are willing to adopt it as well.
  24. More metal in that old beast than 5 or 6 of the cars on the lot combined.
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