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  1. Always heard that setup called a “working” 4th. No worry about 2 speed not making the downshift. The old vacuum 2 speeds could be a little contrary completing a shift.
  2. At least there were no hoses or electronic cables involved!
  3. Hey, if Calvin is going to be the main wrench turner on the puller, he needs a new shop!
  4. Don’t forget that we need pictures.
  5. Takes hours trying to figure out why there’s no seat. May even have to carry it over to tomorrow.
  6. Seems kinda silly to say, but if you do leave it out and open the elevator doors……….don’t forget to close them! Easy to forget when it’s not part of your normal routine.
  7. Is the previous teacher that got great results still around? Talk with her/him and see what methods they were using. Try to replicate it at home. Talk to current teacher and see if they are willing to adopt it as well.
  8. More metal in that old beast than 5 or 6 of the cars on the lot combined.
  9. The few horse pulls I’ve been to used concrete blocks in their sled. Had them on flatbed trailer, pull up to the sled and stack a few more on when they needed to.
  10. Going to have to upgrade the cage and harness. Going to be hot mowing in a fire suit and helmet! 😃😃
  11. I just hope he remembers to take the summer air out of the tires and put in the winter air.
  12. Might be legit. Paint and decal on right side of hood not burnt off. 🤪
  13. An A or Super A is not the first tractor that comes to mind concerning Montana agriculture.
  14. You guys are missing the obvious. Buy the FH plow. Then you have a legitimate excuse to buy another tractor that is “required” for the plow.
  15. Could get pretty thick in the old American Royal building in Kansas City back in the good old days.
  16. Well, somebody has to say it. YABBA DABBA DOOO! Oh yea, looks good too.
  17. They don’t like cowboy boots on the short grass either. Don’t ask me how I know.
  18. I had a slight error in this. Should be “low alkaloid” not alkali. The high alkaloid levels in the old original were what made it somewhat unpalatable. There are newer varieties that are low alkaloid.
  19. If you go with Reeds Canary Grass make sure it’s a low alkali variety. Also there are some switchgrass varieties well adapted to wet areas.
  20. Can’t get any better than that. Nice to see one done without a chrome stack. Nothing against chrome but nice to see one without. Was this the original color or was it black?
  21. Looks like the back wheels on the Detroitson are starting to shine up nicely. 🙂
  22. Looking good. So glad to see your dad out and about again.
  23. Dang it, you know we need video of stuff like that!
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