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  1. Kohler Engine

    I'm not sure which model engine but I have a 14 HP Kohler that I put on a (129) I believe but haven't ran it in yrs but its all complete. send me a pm
  2. Repainting metal 101?

    That's a pretty picture 800. I also have some red and blue toys.
  3. TD 35 / 40 Pulley

    I'm need of a 35 / 40 pulley with out broken flanges. Thanks, Charlie
  4. I for one have never liked dealing with trees unless they are in a wide open area. I have pushed over many trees with an excavator with 100% success. There has been a time or two where I get the tree at the point of no return and I'll think, you know this tree really wasn't bothering me all that bad maybe I should have left it! Anyone else ever feel that way? My preferred method is a little excavator work on the roots on the back side & then heavy cable, snatch block on another tree and my TD14 with more then enough cable just in case or for that O s---t! moment when dealing with an area with buildings or other objects that you don't want to crush. I've never been hurt or hurt anything & would like to keep it that way, Thank God! I saw a pic on the internet a few years ago from the 50's or 60's where an operator was using what looked to be an open D9, he was up rooting HUGE Oak trees when one fell back onto the operators compartment and crushed everything in its path including him! Please be careful and plan out what you are doing & stay ALERT at all times.
  5. Td6 or t6 sprocket shield

    Check with FP Smith in Calif. that's where I picked one up for my 14, can't remember price because its been a while . I got lucky, it had the same shade of rust. LOL! Looks like your doing a first class overhaul.
  6. Transmission oil

    I have a TD35 crawler that has a small leak in the trans, my question is what is the heaviest oil that I can get that will not leak out as easy? I don't play with the crawler in the colder months so a heavier wt oil wouldn't be a problem.
  7. babysitting tax question

    I / we don't have kids and now that I see how costly day care is I'm glad we don't, $1,800.00 a month is mid blowing! Who do these providers think they are demanding paid holidays. Finally, if a child care provider is not licensed and with insurance being so complicated today what if something should happen while your child is in their care, doesn't seem like a good option to me.
  8. A video for those people scared of heights

    I have never liked heights, my father was in the masonry business and I remember having to build scaffolding for chimneys and standing up on top of the last section and setting the pole and hanger for the rope & pully, not fun at all, now I run the business and do very little chimney work ! I got nervous just watching that guy climb that first tower and I was sitting in my recliner. I would have to agree, you would think that the foot pegs on the spires would have 90's turned up on the ends with OSHA and all. A couple yrs. back me & another guy from church cleaned the steple on the roof, the roof is about a 10/12 pitch and its about 35'-40' to the ridge then the steple is another 30' or so above that, standing on the roof looking up washing down the steple made me feel woosey. The next day my whole body was sore from. Did I mention I don't like heights? Charlie
  9. Like a little ham with your corn?

    Couldn't agree more! red211 Nothing that --- does surprises me.
  10. Battery life

    I bought all of the following equip. new '00 Case 1845C Skid Loader M. free factory battery lasted 12 - 13 yrs. still has the second battery in it now don't remember brand '01 New Holland Excav. M. free factory battery made in Germany lasted 14 yrs. kinda hated to throw that one away, it didn't have a trace of corrosion. '09 Kubota excav. M. free battery only lasted about five yrs. '10 Kubota tractor M. free still going strong ,
  11. National anthem protests

    Ian Thanks for posting ,that was a great response from Sarah, I love it! ( The Truth Hurts! ) In the future can we all refrain from using the name of the last former president on this forum? The mention of that name alone makes me ill not too mention thinking about all the damage that was done too our country. Charlie
  12. National anthem protests

    What a P O S ! at least his buddies standing behind him didn't follow suit. As everyone on this site knows he went there just to be seen and probably doesn't even know whats going on there. One more point, if the bad ol USA was giving away free phone cards or free what ever and you were required to stand up to receive said goods, I wonder what he would do then?
  13. National anthem protests

    Steve, You nailed it with the second paragraph. VERY WELLL SAID, THANK YOU! Charlie
  14. Tractor Production Locations. re-up from 2011

    Doctor Evil your a great source of IH history, I really enjoy reading your post. Charlie
  15. National anthem protests

    Well said Bitty, I don't watch any form of sports at all never have never will, too much money, too much praise! I happen to think the Hard Working Men / Women need to be praised for what they do day after day. I don't respect anybody that would protest our National Anthem or our flag Period! I would gladly pay for as many of these POS I could to leave our Great country and go live in N. Korea or under some other dictator and see what they think about our Great country after a few years with out enough food or basic needs or Freedom To Protest! Way too many Good people have died & continue to die to give me my Freedom that I love and respect! End of rant. Charlie