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  1. It’s the pedal on the floor 🤣🤣
  2. You should get a coolant filter on there.
  3. It looks like the old Rek Tin system I had on my first 1460 and 915.
  4. I won’t get paid insurance in retirement but while working I don’t have to contribute anything towards it and it’s private company and cadillac plan we have.
  5. Probably gross weight 32,000 pounds.
  6. That’s after market setup on the grain head.
  7. Hey I make over $40/hr and I’m just a little old truck driver.
  8. I’d volunteer to rub some ointment on for her… The big shocker I noticed was that long hair is a fire hazard!
  9. Why do you have to heat hot water? Isn’t it just a water heater?🤣
  10. It’s not much fun but can be done.
  11. So they took the doors off the truck?
  12. You don’t need the dealer to fix it other than who you get the parts from the system is no different than a car or pickup. Any a/c shop can diagnose and recharge, no let’s take a door off and breath all that dust and noise pollution to our ears, suit yourselves.
  13. I’m well aware of treatment on a dairy. The few left here by the junk IH’s for the spreaders and mixers cause their cheap and disposable, no reason a man can’t have some pride and keep things up.
  14. Just kind of defeats the purpose of a cab and amenities with something fairly simple to repair when it just destroys the interiors being exposed. I believe IH ate about the only ones I’ve seen the cheapskates take the doors off of.
  15. We had a black one that said caseih the dealer left on a tractor after service. We had no use for it so it laid there and went to scrap man eventually.
  16. 5-6 months. The Paccar and Detroit engines specify 70,000 mile oil changes.
  17. At least there’s no overspray on the tires.....
  18. I think I’d spray it with graphite, anything oily could create problems with seed flow next time you use it.
  19. Yes ever since the chat side came back works perfectly on my phone now......
  20. @TroyDairy hey, it’s still here!
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