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  1. I believe it’s a MacDon 972 and is rigid cut. Probably don’t have enough hydraulic functions for it unless you have a 21 series.
  2. Technically she’s not legal to drive on a permit in a different state.
  3. Engine has to meet emissions requirements of year of truck. It would cost a fortune to change wiring looms cab ecu’s ecm’s etc.
  4. They will just buy the whole thing back. Too much liability and expense to transplant a different engine now a days. I’m guessing fair market value which right now is 30% over normal. Good time to dump them.
  5. Always go back to the last thing you did….
  6. Or the episode where Spock’s ears look like that from a mechanical rice harvester accident...lol
  7. Difference between cheap and frugal….
  8. Yes the 7120 we run shows if dumping on the go in good corn, long rows with 8-30 head flow is around 2800 bu/hr according to monitor.
  9. Being cheap makes you broke.....
  10. jass1660


    Canadians have to be licensed even to run a small private shop.
  11. 15-18k for just the truck shouldn’t be a problem. There are no new ones or rentals around anywhere.
  12. Auctiontime. Clean older trucks bringing big money
  13. No I’m sure it is such a tiny liability that VW was willing to absorb it to get the business all together.
  14. You related to Stan? Met him years ago thru farm bureau.
  15. Been running a 3408 and I would take a 1083 or 4408 over it any day.
  16. 350 diesel was only one to use Continental 193 engine.
  17. My kids keep asking when am I going to grow up.....
  18. Isn’t the bottom 856 technically shelling corn?
  19. Most drivers at UPS make more wages a year than most of our supervisors and middle management does.
  20. $3.69 here in Northern Illinois.
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