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  1. 44 minutes ago, 606 diesel said:

    The Cummins 8.3 runs at 300 hp in some truck applications, 450 hp in marine but you would probably need two radiators to keep her cool.

    Marine rarely overheats, unlimited water available.

  2. The driving schools lobbied for the passage of this law to fill their pockets. Got tired of us farmers and others that could drive and go in and pass tests.  An instructor from a school told me this 4 years ago when I took my son in to get his cdl. Funny thing is he had three students their none passed the pretrip and backing part, my son aced that and the road test. He asked what school I was with I said the “he learned at 10 years old from  me like I did from my dad. Guy grunted and walked away….

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  3. 1 hour ago, vtfireman85 said:

    Trucking, small contractors, school bus drivers, you name it. Not to mention it is going to be just like so many other things, companies willing to pay are going to end up training employees who will leave as soon as their training is over. 

    If the company is paying your schooling you sign a 6-12 month agreement to stay or you’re liable to reemburse them.

  4. 1 hour ago, Diesel Doctor said:

    At coffee the other day, two guys stated that CDL licenses will soon cost $5,200.00.

    One guys said he talked with a local CDL tester and this was verified.

    If this is true, it will kill the trucking industry.

    I hope this is just a nasty rumor?

    Probably the cost of school for driving. Around here it’s $6k for 6 week class. Most companies are paying it if you sign on for 6 months otherwise you pay them back. 

  5. 6 hours ago, Farmer in training said:

    My dad bought his 5488 in December of 17. It has around 2,000 hours on a Reman engine. Some say they have trouble with these tractors staying cool but we've had the exact opposite experience. I've put by far the most hours on it since it's been on the farm and for what we do with it, I wouldn't trade it for a brand new tractor they make these days. My dad is a little partial to his 5288 since he's had it longer but I'm happy to take the 54 any day. We take the right side panels off the 88s so we don't cook the alternators.




    Side panels actually help the cooling system work better for the forward air flow. 

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  6. 34 minutes ago, Cattech said:

    I knew the 1026 was a hydro, but available with a gear drive. Didn't think the 826 was available as a hydro?

    And, good thread, I have always wondered about these models too. Hopefully someone can really explain them.

    Would have been completely understandable if they had all been hydrostatic drives, or all gear drive. Either, high tech (for the era) hydro models... or a stripped down model made to compete with other brands... but not both. That said, they had the "X56 - Custom" models as price point tractors and sold them side by side with '26s. And if a X26 was a stripper, then how did they get to be gold demos? Confusing.

    1026 was Hydro only, 826 could be gear or Hydro.

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  7. We have all three at work, Eaton, Mack mDrive and Freightliner DT12 all shift smooth except when it comes to backing up the Eaton is terrible won’t move then takes off like crazy. The other two are smooth both directions.

  8. 3 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    To @SONNYs point,  not only are they tough to get rolling gently or hitched up to a trailer i feel like the shifting might be tough as a grain truck, I know when our automatic trucks shift they lunge ahead, assuming these are trying to keep up with another machine the speed/rpm may find itself in one of those between gear places and it could be a real pain. 

    AMT’s or autoshifts shift nothing like an Allison. There is no torque converter they have a clutch they shift gears just as a manual does. No banging slamming or sliding waiting on lockup.

  9. 3 hours ago, SONNY said:

    I quit driving semis when the company went all automatics in their trucks! ----- Ever try backing one of them POS things up to a dock???? It aint gonna happen! Say you need to back 6" or a foot,--so step on the peddle a bit ---nuttin--step on it a bit harder and BAM!-- you just slammed into the dock and pissed off the dock guy! You have zero control of the truck.  If it dont have a clutch peddle,-- I aint drivin it!

    I do drive part time for a heavy hauler and his W-900 has an 18- speed in it and there is NO way an automatic would go where we have to go in hills, down into steep quarries to get equipment , and on the road where you have to have COMPLETE control of the truck.

    Those are automated manual transmissions not automatics. 18 spd autoshift is identical to an 18 spd manual, only difference is computer does the shifting unless you put it in manual and do it yourself. 

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  10. 1 minute ago, brahamfireman said:

    The 5400 soybean special is the same row units as the 800-900 planters which are the Cadillac of no till units. I'd go for the 5400, you'd be amazed how well even wore out IH row units will plant beans.

    You get good row units but still just the controlled spill of a drill and no real metering. 

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