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  1. Yes the engine was running close to same rpm as navistar one was and made them use oil. Dads would use a gallon every two days when pushed hard. Slowed them down by regearing the pto by the 66 series.
  2. Up to serial number 38xxx was big number decal and IH engine on 1660 then on it was cdc.
  3. My school won’t call snow days anymore they just make them Home learn that day. Sucks to be a kid…
  4. Quit eating cereal for starters, that stuff is not real food.
  5. But it is algae microbes that grow in the water in fuels.
  6. Been around for years Art... https://allthingsjerky.com/store/bugs-to-eat/crick-ettes-snacks/
  7. Ultra low sulfur isn’t the problem plus I enjoy breathing easier.
  8. I guess check with a Cummins shop and see if they carry it or call Pittsburgh Power in Pennsylvania and talk to Bruce or Pete about it.
  9. He says either way head on or off. My 1660 used to raise throat no head on sometimes when I turned the steering wheel.
  10. Sounds like you need the fuel additive from cummins that treats asphaltines, they are created when fuel gets too hot.
  11. Alternator overcharging and frying battery’s if that’s the true voltage.
  12. Sounds like crystals in its urine, plugged kidneys up.
  13. Believe it or not majority of the time the reason for the seat leaking down is the switch unit.
  14. That is a test light…. this is a volt meter
  15. No, idi’s were pretty primitive.
  16. Good lord a $10 multimeter will tell you if the alternator is charging. I guess $400 a year for batteries is easier…
  17. jass1660


    Only true way to tell if coolant in oil is oil sample, that will detect it way before any visible signs. Would take quite a bit in oil to make it milky and you would notice it being low on coolant.
  18. You got to get it out and run it to burn any condensation out. An oil sample is to tell when the oil needs changed. Oil to pricey to toss usable oil out.
  19. No reason to change the oil if no miles on it.
  20. Gummed up delivery valve in pump, no smoke out exhaust equals no fuel in cylinders.
  21. In reality anymore a tractor of that size is becoming a chore/auger tractor for a large amount of farms.
  22. If it didn’t do much road work tires last a long time. Lot of them still have pipe on frame rail.
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