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  1. Heck I thought that was MTO’s second wife.....
  2. OEM vehicles aren’t sold by the engineers they’re sold by the accountants. All they want to sell them with is the bare minimum required. They won’t upgrade filters or anything else, planned obselence.
  3. Well first thing is it’s illegal to alter any emissions system.
  4. Get the 4408. Guy I help has a 3408 and it is just like every 3000 series, butt shelling like crazy and stalks and ears get jammed up under stripper plates.
  5. My sons 412 is fast hitch with a cylinder on tail wheel.
  6. Can’t just fabricate one? Put the part number for it in tractorhouse they have a parts search feature.
  7. jass1660

    steel price

    No one handles anhydrous here anymore and only one coop custom side dresses 32%. Most everyone just has it put on with the floater after planting.
  8. Tortoises are slow, turtles are fast.
  9. jass1660

    steel price

    What makes you think you’ll even be able to afford anhydrous next year? Hearing quotes from guys for $1-1100 a ton for fall.
  10. Don’t know where “here” is….,
  11. I believe that’s when the 1568 came out.
  12. Go thru a divorce, lose everything including your credit cards and credit score and all of a sudden no one wants to steal your identity...
  13. Had two of those. Could never get them calibrated anywhere close to the certified ones....
  14. All they need is you to answer the call. It verifies an active number and they sell your number to the next spammer. Not answering is the best thing to do.
  15. Nothing to do with that. This is a Kenworth W900A model truck. I think we used to call T600 Kenworths anteaters.
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