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  1. You related to Stan? Met him years ago thru farm bureau.
  2. Been running a 3408 and I would take a 1083 or 4408 over it any day.
  3. 350 diesel was only one to use Continental 193 engine.
  4. My kids keep asking when am I going to grow up.....
  5. Isn’t the bottom 856 technically shelling corn?
  6. Most drivers at UPS make more wages a year than most of our supervisors and middle management does.
  7. $3.69 here in Northern Illinois.
  8. I was 35 years younger and 50 pounds lighter......but it was a tight fit!
  9. We had saddle tanks on ours for planting and spraying.
  10. I also had “BIST”, butt in seat time if you didn’t make it you got left behind.
  11. If you’re not ten minutes early you’re late!
  12. If you want the true pain relief it’s reported that the thc from marijuana is the real pain reliever, cbd has to be high quality and used long term to achieve the same affect. CBD comes from hemp and doesn’t give any high.
  13. Must be a reason IH sold over 5 million tractors before any one else, cheap?reliable? Durable? Not as long lasting as the other companies?
  14. They all have their plus’s and minuses. I drive both for the guy I help.
  15. There’s more than horsepower, torque values and rise vary on the different cubic inch engines.
  16. Would have to have 466 internals.
  17. Make them fire you. Don’t resign.
  18. Harvest for Lorenzo I’m sure.
  19. Biggest issue is what to do with the carrying wheels, already tight between units on 30”. We made ours into a 16-20” but it was carried by an Agco cart and no drive wheels between rows at all.
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