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  1. Condensed milk, karo syrup and water, or mama did the deed…
  2. Elevators here are refusing to contract any wheat with the volatility in the market right now.
  3. I get paid by the minute…..
  4. They only treat the symptoms don’t cure the problem.
  5. Strap a snowblower on the hood, drive south until someone asks you what it is then you are out of salt....
  6. Planting depth is more critical than spacing.
  7. I always went 6-6.5 with my early risers. The boss’s Kinzes about 5.5 tops.
  8. Every total lunar eclipse is a Blood Moon.
  9. Rain and clouds moved out in time.
  10. Farm and fleet used to carry holders and couplers you could just push hoses into when coupling.
  11. I know several guys that use them on grain carts and combines and can have like three different images on screen at once.
  12. Tough day have to make a beer run? Lol
  13. Just think what all that money would grow to in a 401k for 40 years….
  14. Kenworth has them too. https://www.kenworth.com/innovation/zero-emissions/
  15. Jessica McClure. She’s getting close to 40 years old now.
  16. No, Ford used their own programming and a few other things the t444 didn’t.
  17. Neighbor had a 24’ dump trailer completely filled with crushed aluminum cans, 11 years worth of drinking. $1.09 a pound and it had a grand total of ......4200 pounds of cans.
  18. Moving and using pto is fine. Using powershift is fine that is why it has it, to be used!
  19. Probably parked because parts are NLA, or the ta went out….
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