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  1. When I was doing 20” rows against the 30’s on good flat black soil it was a draw but on marginal HEL land the 20” corn would blow the 30” away by 25-30 bpa. It works better the farther north in the belt you live.
  2. No the clue is know your cost of production and learn how to do scale up selling.
  3. I don’t believe Case ever made a 5230, CaseIH did however….
  4. The banks and universities say that 30% of your gross revenue is what the rent/land cost should be for the crop.
  5. Bottom sieve does more for air flow than cleaning. Open hole on bottom you actually end up with less forced flow thru the top sieve.
  6. I’d put 1250 LSW’s on it….
  7. Crop insurance unavailable to you? All of us taxpayers are subsidizing it….
  8. jass1660


  9. You know you will harvest something sell a small percentage ahead at higher price and guarantee some good price.
  10. Most of the large operations are playing the insurance game to guarantee a per acre income. Pay a high enough premium you put a floor on price and bushels.
  11. Can’t direct airflow very good with bottom one removed.
  12. Have to learn how to market and price ahead.
  13. Unfortunately that will be the wave of the future. Larger scope of people and many owners don’t like the mess some of the attendees leave at their site after auction over.
  14. I hear parts for the Brazilian built diesels are next to impossible to find.
  15. My dad had two of them in Delta 88 brand new and a Delta 98 he bought used. The wrist pin in the piston is what would start making the knocking sound. Ran them both over a 100,000.
  16. Dad wore out a 6-20” and a 8-20” head from IH in the ‘60’s as well a 4-20” on a gleaner and a 8-20” on a Massey.
  17. His wife was nagging him to slow down….
  18. Troy- China man have short fingers….
  19. Son says sometime this week for them.
  20. It was in a pulling truck one of my landlords ran.
  21. The upright auger has to clear the end of the delivery auger so they mesh. If off half a revolution they will clang against each other when unloading.
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