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  1. That thing is junk with a block busted like that and opened up to the elements. There are plenty out there if you're wanting one to play with. Id buy them fenders off ya
  2. it deflects the excess oil form the head down into the lifter galley
  3. This thread is depressing...... middle of december, no snow here and close to 45 degrees out. mine is patiently waiting while my patience is wearing thin with mother nature.........lol
  4. Its Old-F20 Tony.....lol Decent looking project. the rear wheels are actually F-12 steel wheels someone cut the clamp out of and blew 6 holes on it to mount to the F30 hubs. The lift one the back is driven mechanically and used for lots of different mounted equipment. If you're familiar with how a clutch lift work son a rope trip plow its pretty muuch the same concept. There are only a couple guys I know in Cali who are pre 39 IHC nerds. not many out west. If you have any questions hit me up
  5. Break them off and deal with it. They ALL do that for some reason on both top and bottom tanks along the side rails. i put the next size larger nut over them and fill the entire void with a mig welder to get it red hot. while its cooling off tap it with a hammer to help knock the threads loose. It sux but thats what you have to do to them. IH was famous for making casting in radiators and cooling jackets that were NOT blind holes so the end of the hardware is always in the coolant
  6. Some guys actually do. You have contract and gate price. Joe blow off the street gets the posted gate price that everyone can see. The contract price is between the yard and the scrapper. They get a much better price per ton BUT they also have a minimum tonnage they have to meet each month as part of the contract. I have a friend who does it around me and if I get 150 a ton at the gate for something he typically is getting about 250 a ton for the same thing
  7. Here in central Iowa that tractor you showed MIGHT bring a grand in running condition at a decent sized auction. 10-20's are not hard to find and remember that they made about 215,000 of them so there isnt a shortage. Offer 800 bux for it
  8. the 560 had a Crawler turbo setup on it with a Garrett T606. that turbo went bad a few years back so i retrofitted it with one from an Allis 190XT. just a little bit of fab work but basically bolted right on. shes good for 100+ hp somehow broke 2 main cap bolts and lost my center main. found a pan full of goodies when i got it back home. Its got all new main cap bolts front to rear. managed not to hurt anything
  9. Its actually just a tick NE of Collins. about a mile east and 1.5 north of town
  10. This thing has had a turbo on it its whole life. I cant hurt it any worse than the idaho cowboys who used to own it........lol
  11. Ive seen numerous times and places where its been discussed about the Garrett T606 turbo for the 282 diesels. Hard parts are unobtanium and last i knew only seals and bearings were available. My 560 ate its turbo about 4 years ago and got towed to the shed to sit til i decided what i wanted to do with it. I had read that an Allis Chalmers turbo would work so I got busy researching. Basically what i came up with was the turbo for the D19, 190XT and some 7000 series was what i needed. Took the gamble and ordered on. It bolted right up to the manifold flange and then after that everything was different.......lol New turbo is longer overall so the intake boot has to be positioned under the front of the fuel tank bracket requiring a 45 degree elbow to slightly reroute the intake piping along with cutting off some of the heat shield New oil supply line needed to be ran Old clamp on exhaust elbow wont work ad have to buy the Allis turbo elbow. There are 2 styles so i flipped a coin. think i may have got the wrong one but oh well. Had to machine an adapter to keep my 4 inch pipe on the 3 inch elbow. The new elbow kick the pipe out to the side and forward just a bit as seen by the new trimming in the hood. So after about 500 bux and a bit of fab work the ole 560 lives again. Seems like its gonna work good but we shall see this saturday at a local plow day
  12. Thats gonna be alot of pictures.......lol Last time i counted i had 57
  13. Pretty much all finished up. Took best of show in the non restored category at the NE Missouri Threshers show.
  14. Back in the shop for the last little bit to do. Its fender fab day....lol fenders and drum lights should finish this thing off just in time for the NEMO in Missouri
  15. She made it to her first show. Went up to Cedar Valley threshers just outside Charles City Iowa on saturday. She definately had alot of lookers! Still have to finish fenders and mount lights along with a little more paint stripping in places. Next show will be in Shelbina Mo in two weeks and the Little cane will be finished by then. The manifold had to get swapped out because theres an internal air leak on it and we just cant get it to run right.
  16. Finally got my butt back in gear and got this thing running today. If i knew how to attach a video i would, but since i dont you only get the photo of it right before it went out the door and got pull started.....lol second pic is the high wheel and low wheel cane for size comparison
  17. Oh man Tony, you have officially broken my heart. I cant believe you're painting that nice original truck. Im sad.......I'm gonna go drink
  18. Worked a little bit the last couple days. started off with lug removal from a set of 42 inch wheels to put them on the 66's for the big cane. Took 2 widetread drawbars to make the narrow one for the big cane. 66 inch steel and 42 inch rubber tire canes had longer drawbars to make sure they went out back past the edge of the tire. extended the length then narrowed it down
  19. The top of the hood is right at 75 inches from the floor The center line of the crank coming through the bolster is about 2 inches below my belly button and Im 6'4.........
  20. Put in about 6 hours today and feel i got alot done. got the engine slid forward and bolted down, finished up rad connections, put on external oil lines, cleaned out tranny case and installed top cover with shifter. Set the hood and tank up there to see how it looks.....lol This has a cast iron oil pan, and only 1 ive ever seen. All i can say is i was nervous it wasn't going to clear the ball/socket mount for the spindle wishbone. not alot of room there. for the short folks i took a pic of the hood so they can see its a correct early flat hood.......lol
  21. 90 foot pounds done in 3 increments. put some oil on the stud threads .017 clearance hot but if you're doing it cold about 19 to 20 thousandths
  22. Finally getting back to this thing after surgery...... tryin to take it easy and do small stuff so been working on getting the engine buttoned up.
  23. it was finished off long before that..........lol
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