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  1. Have a few areas on the farm that have a few rocks. I used our rock rake and windrowed them up and used the skid steer with the skeleton bucket to load them into the dump truck to haul them off the field. Here is the same spot once I was done. This is just one of several piles we have, I know it doesn't look it, but it is 150 feet long, 40 feet wide and 10 feet tall and growing Mom wanted a few rocks to make a rock garden in the yard, I think this one is a good candidate:
  2. todd.crow

    Yar cab

    I am interested in what you do. I have a QT1 on my 766 diesel and want to add A/C as well. Figured I would add the condenser up front like a 86 series, and use a evaporator from a 86 series or maybe the IH Deluxe cab. Would have to manufacture a drip pan and some ducting to install the evaporator in the YAR overhead console.
  3. A pair of 12V in parallel or 6V in series will start the tractor fine. You will want a pair either way. A group 3ET will fit and from Interstate is 460 CCA. A pair of 12V in parallel would get you 920 CCA. I have a pair of 3EH 6V in series in my 766 diesel, which gets me 875 CCA and it starts great.
  4. The thermometer in the car showed -27 on the drive in to work this morning. They are predicting a high of -13 and a low of -30 for Monday and Tuesday next week.
  5. todd.crow

    6788 lights

    I think these from Mike Links may work, I was going to try them but was able the salvage my old one on the 3788.
  6. Yes these pictures are screen grabs of 3D models. In the production of the roller following the plans I was able to draw up and model, the roller turned out just great. The hardest part was making sure it would fold and the rams would extend properly, and being able to model and move the components in the computer world before cutting began was a huge timesaver. I know it's the wrong color, built it for my cousin, he runs that other color. At least I had the right tractor.
  7. I use TurboCAD for drawings I want in 2D, such as yard layouts. I have designed some equipment in 3D and purchased a 3D modeling software by Alibre Design. At the time Alibre was offering a Personal Edition for $100/year.
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