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  1. I just bored the end of the ram where the straight pin goes through and made a sleeve that fit in the ram end and bolted the sleeve tight to the axle.
  2. Just did this last year. Put a DT414 into a 766D. The engine bolted right in. Without the turbo, Danny is right. Fan and shroud, and clutch. Maybe air cleaner. The steel power steering lines on the left of the engine are different also. Throttle linkage and tach cable is longer also. With the turbo, things get more complicated. We replaced the fuel tank, fuel lines and tank supports, Hood over the fuel tank, right side of hood over exhaust. Bigger air cleaner.
  3. 1978 IH 1486 and Brent 470 Cart 1992 CIH 1660 with 963 Head
  4. Overall we are very happy with the soybean planter build. The planter is heavy on the 3 point, not so much from the third seed box because that weight is mostly on the lift assist wheels, but from the additional row units. We have 16 100lb on the front, and the front tires full of ballast. You steer at the ends with the brakes, but I suspect that is the case with any mounted planter. We also have a 800 12 row - 30" with liquid fertilizer tanks on the lift assist arms and the front weight is appreciated there as well. Because we chose to have 2 - 30" skip rows on 60" spacing to give us a place to run the sprayer down with out running over beans, the 23 rows added width to the planter on the wings. And because we also kept the markers the wings are really to heavy and have difficulty folding them. We did replace the hydraulic pump in the tractor this fall, that might improve the situation. We didn't know it at the time, but the planter we started from was a early model 800. They had the stamped steel row units. They have caused us no issues. I don't even know what the issues that they supposedly had are. I believe that the newer cast units are heavier (but don't know that), and we might of had issues lifting and folding the planter. We planted around 600 acres of beans with it in 2021. We had 1 job where we were given soybeans in bags, typically we deal in bulk with a seed tender. Of course that day had to be 80+ degrees and humid. Wasn't a happy camper that day.
  5. We took a IH 800 12 row vertical fold and added 11 more units and a 3rd seed box to feed the additional units to make a 15" soybean planter. You can see our build here: http://www.crowsnest.us/farm_projects/bean_planter.htm
  6. I see that you added a automatic header height to a CIH 1063 head on a CIH 1660. I am considering do the same. I can not find the kit to add to the 1063.

    I was also hoping you could give me any feedback on how it worked with your 1660.

    Thanks, Todd Crow

  7. I have a field tracker on my 1660 with a 1020 head. I am having some trouble with the self-centering when lifting the head up. I have replaced the potentiometer on the left front of feeder house with 87458776. The head wants to tip to the right when raised. I am at the limit of the adjustment on the potentiometer. Does anyone have a troubleshooting guide for the 1660 field tracker? Thanks
  8. I really hate to say it, but when we installed the DT414 into our IH 766 this spring, I called Thomure also to get the muffler, knowing that I would probably be getting a Stanley. I didn't think that I could get anything else. After we got it installed, we couldn't even get it tight on the turbo outlet pipe. It just flopped around. I called my CIH dealer, and one of their stores had a muffler in stock, and were willing to transfer it to my local store and I was free to take it or not. Turned out to be not a Stanley! 🙂 If we couldn't get a non Stanley, I was going to put a straight pipe on it cause I couldn't stand to look at that muffler.
  9. We have a AWS Air Bar on our 20' 1020 head that we have on our 1992 1660. We would never run any bean head (auger or draper) without the air bar after having it. We figure the air bar paid for itself the first year. For us, it was cheaper to buy a different head with the air bar already on it than to purchase the air bar and install it on our current head. Ours is a AWS, I really like that there is no gearbox to drive the blower to go out on it, just a simple belt drive system. We really don't notice the power needed to run the blower, maybe with a bigger head on this machine we would, can't really say. Really the only con that I can think of is the trash that gets blown around the head. I purchased a debris deflector to keep the trash from collecting on the feederhouse and restricting the view of the head.
  10. Here is our 3788 just after she got done with spring tillage.
  11. What I did for my Crown, is get a piece of 5/8" x 8 material I think, and cut them from that. The teeth are thicker than 1/2". One side of the tooth is a 90 degree and the other is at a angle. Helps that I have a plasma now, but I did this with a Oxy/Ac before. Like this:
  12. I replaced all the lights on our CIH 1660 with the LED pachage from Larsen Lights. If it wasn't for the crop getting tough at night, we would rather harvest at night due to the better visibility. I will say that LED are addictive. Started with the 766, then the 1660. Then the 3788 and 1486. Now we buy a tractor, and order new lights for it when we are hauling it home.
  13. Thanks for all the information on connecting the sprayer pump to the tractor. What I am really wondering about is the hydraulics that control the booms. There is a 5 function electric solenoid hydraulic block on the sprayer that controls the booms. Currently it is setup as closed center. When I engage the hydraulics in the tractor and not use any functions for the booms, the pump on the tractor makes the same sound as if you are at the end of stroke on a ram or simply have nothing connected which makes sense. So what is the pump doing then? Going into high pressure standby? The only other choice with that hydraulic block on the sprayer is for it to be open center, I don't think that is what we want. I guess when I am in the field the hydraulic spool for the sprayer pump will be running also, that will probably make a difference to. I don't know about all of you, maybe you only have to set the booms out when you enter the field and then not mess with them until you leave, but my ground you have to be moving the booms all the time across the field to keep them out of the dirt.
  14. I have my new to me 5088 hooked to my new to me Fast 9420 sprayer and have a couple hydraulic questions. The sprayer has a hydraulic driven sprayer pump and a electric solenoid hydraulic control block that is used to control the boom functions. I want to make sure I hook things up correctly. I believe that I have to hook the sprayer pump up to the outermost hydraulic lever in the cab, and then hook the return hose to the case single return line on the back of the tractor. My question really pertains to the hydraulic block that controls the booms. It is setup for a closed center system now. The only other option is to set it as a open center valve. My guess is I need to connect this valve to the other control valve on the tractor and somehow lock the hydraulics on to that valve. How will the pump react to this setup? With this is my first experience with a PFC type hydraulic system and want to make sure that I have it setup correctly and not burn up the tractor hydraulic pump. Thanks
  15. We found that our 1974 766 has the casting places for fill port and dipstick, all we needed to do was drill out the castings and install the dipstick and fill port.
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