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  1. Thanks for all the information on connecting the sprayer pump to the tractor. What I am really wondering about is the hydraulics that control the booms. There is a 5 function electric solenoid hydraulic block on the sprayer that controls the booms. Currently it is setup as closed center. When I engage the hydraulics in the tractor and not use any functions for the booms, the pump on the tractor makes the same sound as if you are at the end of stroke on a ram or simply have nothing connected which makes sense. So what is the pump doing then? Going into high pressure standby? The only other choice with that hydraulic block on the sprayer is for it to be open center, I don't think that is what we want. I guess when I am in the field the hydraulic spool for the sprayer pump will be running also, that will probably make a difference to. I don't know about all of you, maybe you only have to set the booms out when you enter the field and then not mess with them until you leave, but my ground you have to be moving the booms all the time across the field to keep them out of the dirt.
  2. I have my new to me 5088 hooked to my new to me Fast 9420 sprayer and have a couple hydraulic questions. The sprayer has a hydraulic driven sprayer pump and a electric solenoid hydraulic control block that is used to control the boom functions. I want to make sure I hook things up correctly. I believe that I have to hook the sprayer pump up to the outermost hydraulic lever in the cab, and then hook the return hose to the case single return line on the back of the tractor. My question really pertains to the hydraulic block that controls the booms. It is setup for a closed center system now. The only other option is to set it as a open center valve. My guess is I need to connect this valve to the other control valve on the tractor and somehow lock the hydraulics on to that valve. How will the pump react to this setup? With this is my first experience with a PFC type hydraulic system and want to make sure that I have it setup correctly and not burn up the tractor hydraulic pump. Thanks
  3. We found that our 1974 766 has the casting places for fill port and dipstick, all we needed to do was drill out the castings and install the dipstick and fill port.
  4. I have also dealt with Tyler on manuals for my 9130 and 9150 Steigers. I also was trying to get them while they were shutdown because of Covid. The manuals were also not listed on their website, but a quick email once they reeopened and they were on the way. I can't say enough about the iteration I had with Tyler and was amazed at the quality of the manuals and the prices were just icing on the cake! I have since ordered manuals for my JD3020 and some accessories for my CIH combine. Looking at an IH 5088 tractor and as soon as the tractor is home I will be ordering a set for it!
  5. I have a 2012 Kubota RTV900. It has 2500 hours on it. Traded a 2006 Polaris Ranger on it, I couldn't make that switch fast enough. The Ranger had 1400 hours on it and I couldn't keep it running, stranded my parents several times on various parts of the farm. It also needed a complete rebuild of the front end when it left. The RTV, I have had to change the fan belt. Other than oil changes and the 50hr greasing is all the maintenance we have done. I would agree with Missouri Mule on the complaints on the RTV though. We did the exact same fuel filter change! I will add, that the ground clearance and ride on the RTV models is not the best. But Kubota is supposed to have improved some of that with the new RTVX models. Also, it is heavy. A plus and minus. Gets stuck easier than the ranger types, but can handle (and survive) much more work than a ranger type. But I love my Kubota RTV, you couldn't get me to give it up. Use it like another tractor on the farm. My brother just bought one after using the one at the farm, and just loves his as well.
  6. We built a 23 row 15" planter out of a 12 row 30" cyclo. Had to add a third seed box to feed the extra rows
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