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  1. Pressure lubing the the inside of the differential. Would be just about impossible on a 15. Altogether I have heard of drilling the axle housing and pressure lubing the outer bull pinion shaft bearing. Especially the left side one. 

  2. Specifically, the ring & pinion is faster in a 5488 than the smaller models. Planetary gears have a slower ratio & are an 1” wider. Hence the 114” width, like a 7130/40. Bearings in the 52 speed trans should be the same as 54. 50s’ are definitely smaller.

  3. Yeap, 2 more auctions. February & March. Only a couple items have really caught my eyes sofar. Would be nice to see what’s on the next 2 auctions now. Just to see if there is something else that I should be saving my money for. 


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  4. Just bought this one in November. A few more options than I wanted. But still an SLE model. Seemed like it was hard to find a 2021 3500HD without a duramax. Came in around $48k. Plus tax, title, license, dealer & destination fees. Traded in a 2015 Silverado 1500 LT.


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