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  1. These are some that I have collected. Apparently I don’t have pics of others. ?
  2. Depending on how they are equipped or the application I’ve seen them listed at 1477lbs dry.
  3. Almost as nice as your old 886. ?I wish I’d have brought more money with me the day of your auction.
  4. 50s have different head, forged cam & timing gears nippendenso P pump. & HD rear axle housings & bearings as standard equipment.
  5. I’d be interested. What is the price point?
  6. After acquiring one for my 1566. They are definitely cool, but the cost to maintain & repair because of parts availability. Make them obsolete as far as I’m concerned. Great for show tractors tho.
  7. That tractor was for sale for $25k before whoever bought it & repainted it. Expensive “DuPont overhaul”
  8. Yes, it is actually a nice gun. Unlike the other Miller welders that come with a Miller gun that are usually junk.
  9. Skip the 252 & get a multimatic 255. MIG, Arc & DC lift arc TIG. Love mine. ?https://www.millerwelds.com/equipment/welders/multiprocess/multimatic-255-multiprocess-welder-m30175
  10. Just came today. Thought some would like to read it. If it hadn’t been posted before.
  11. Been looking for this piece forever. Posted it years back. Thought it would be fun to see again.
  12. Pic of the opposite side. No matter. The bearing that goes in the backside of the brake/ planetary housing.
  13. No, I mean the left outer bull pinion shaft bearing. Not the differential carrier bearing. The one they updated. That one that never gets any oil. Especially the left one. When plowing, in furrow.
  14. Pressure lubing the the inside of the differential. Would be just about impossible on a 15. Altogether I have heard of drilling the axle housing and pressure lubing the outer bull pinion shaft bearing. Especially the left side one.
  15. Specifically, the ring & pinion is faster in a 5488 than the smaller models. Planetary gears have a slower ratio & are an 1” wider. Hence the 114” width, like a 7130/40. Bearings in the 52 speed trans should be the same as 54. 50s’ are definitely smaller.
  16. Yes... just got this one for Christmas. ? haven’t decided if I’m going to build it yet.
  17. Only ended up with one item. This time. Less that I had planned on paying. The ride on 2+2 went a lot higher than I expected.
  18. Yeap, 2 more auctions. February & March. Only a couple items have really caught my eyes sofar. Would be nice to see what’s on the next 2 auctions now. Just to see if there is something else that I should be saving my money for.
  19. This is the 3rd auction. They have been selling off tractors, heavy.
  20. Wife outdid herself this year. From the farmall land museum.
  21. Any used truck that I looked at was within a few thousand of new. Didn’t seem worth it. Used truck market it ruthless. So I went with new.
  22. Just bought this one in November. A few more options than I wanted. But still an SLE model. Seemed like it was hard to find a 2021 3500HD without a duramax. Came in around $48k. Plus tax, title, license, dealer & destination fees. Traded in a 2015 Silverado 1500 LT.
  23. Serial #14136 has seen better days.
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