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  1. Art, Hurst Farm Supply is a JD dealer in Lubbock and has 7 stores. Lubbock, Slaton, Snyder, Lorenzo, Abernathy and Colorado City. Also has a small parts depot in Crosbyton which doesn't have tractors or equipment in stock but mostly seasonal parts like belts and bearings for strippers and combines.
  2. Gary, my computer used do that very same thing. lt started doing it about 2 years ago and would do it maybe once a week, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. Then it may go for a month or so and things would be fine and not happen. Then as suddenly as it started, after about 6 months it quit and hasn't done it since. l don't know but l think maybe when my computer does it's "monthly Tuesday update" maybe whatever caused it got overruled or something. The first time it happened l did like you and waited for it to restart for probably 4 or 5 hours and it never did restart. So after that l would just hit 'off" switch on my power strip and boot back up. Far as l know it never hurt anything.
  3. Since ya'll are talking about tracks and such, l thought l'd throw in a pic of a Cat D-4 building a location for a oil drilling rig near Kermit, Texas in 1957. The operator don't look none too happy. Like my Dad used to say "looks like somebody pee'd in his cheerios."
  4. Never watched Bob's Burgers but l do enjoy Hank and the boys in the alley.
  5. My favorite cartoon is the Roadrunner-Coyote. l don't know exactly how many but there are LOTS of them on youtube. Don't cost anything to watch or download to save.
  6. $2.93 here in Tye, Texas.....next door to Abilene.
  7. Maybe in the new one Hank will take Peggy back to Montana where she was born an go to work on the Dutton ranch......
  8. Tony, to be honest l wasn't real excited when you said you was going to use wood on the bed. But after seeing the pics l understand what your going for now. And still looking forward to when can post pics of the painted tank!!
  9. He is a pretty big feller but l don't know exactly how tall he is. But here while back some folks was teasing about how tiny his wife is. She came back with "l'm not tiny!!! l'm almost 4'11"!!' Stearmans was the plane of choice for ag applications back when l was a kid. l got my first camera for my l think 8th birthday, a little 'ol Kodak Brownie. l took tons of pics with it, 99% of them was pics of Dad's tractors doing different things around the farm. But through the years they all got lost because of various reasons...mostly divorce. But several years ago my sister found this pic of Lefty Gardner, a crop duster l took of him spraying by our house. lf that name sounds familiar it's because he was one of the original founders of the CAF (Confederate Air Force) and flew co-pilot with Randy Sohn when they first flew Fifi from California to Texas to begin her restoration. After he retired from spraying he flew White Lightning, a restored P-38 at air shows across the country. One thing that stands out to me was that all of his Stearmans were done up like Case tractors.....a "Desert Tan" fuselage and with "Flambeau Red" wings. And also had a small fleet of Ford pickups painted the same colors.
  10. Maybe the cotton gin is far enough out of town they won't include it in the series....
  11. Friend of mine went to Olney, Texas yesterday and picked up his new Airtractor ag plane. l think it's a model #602. He said costs was almost $1.7 million. He ordered it first the week in December and he got to watch the very first test flight of it last week. His first flight in it wasn't very long, only about 70 miles from Olney to his home near Decatur, Texas.
  12. l have a pound or so of cotton seed you can have if you'll pay the postage on it. l don't know what variety it is. My stepson helped one of his friend's clean out a planter last spring and brought it to me. Send me a PM and we can work out the details.
  13. Just saw this in a military aviation newsletter about B-52's doing low level flight training. Said sometimes they fly 50 feet or less above the ocean. Said one B-52 pilot asked permission to do a low level fly by of the Navy's carrier USS Ranger. carrier's Air Boss said "Permission granted." B-52 pilot said "Roger, we are 5 miles out from you". Ranger replied "We do not have a visual" B-52 pilot replied "Look down."
  14. l have maybe close to 20 hours (not logged) riding in a AT-6. lt was very difficult to try and talk and be heard over all the noise, even with the intercom system. Usually just said what needed to be said before takeoff and after landing. So my question for you guys that have been fortunate enough to get rides in something like a B-17 or even Fifi or Doc. ls any kind of conversation possible without intercoms with all the wind and engine noise?
  15. Nothing new. They had unmanned tractors long time ago. These pics are from 1947 at a demonstration day near Levelland, Texas. They are from the Texas Tech University archives.
  16. Gary those are the pics above are the ones l remember you posting a while back. And thanks for the explanation of the differences between a Prony Brake and a Baker fan.
  17. OBG, at one time it seems like you talked a bout a "Baker fan"......? l've searched back but can't find anything. Was that a horsepower test thing?
  18. ln case you want to do some off road camping?
  19. l know how you guys feel. Down here in Texas we got roads so rough we have to slow down to 75 mph..... 😄
  20. lf you need LP parts there is a guy in a LP group l belong to on FB. l know a lot of folks buy carb and regulator parts from him. He also rebuilds them. l think he has even done some work for Tony on some of his LP carbs. lf you want l will get his name and location for you.
  21. Prices for just about all scales are getting out of hand. About 5 or 6 years ago, l could've bought this 1/16th 656 for $19.95. l kept putting off buying it and the price kept creeping up. Finally it got to $29.95 about a year ago and l decided to go ahead and buy it. l just checked at the place l ordered it from and the price is now $69.00.
  22. Maybe it's the camera angle or something but will the crane-hoist still fit with the wood sideboards? l can't hardly wait to see that big red LP tank mounted up!!!
  23. Hopefully when you start moving around more and taking walks you will improve. When l was in the hospital at one time they had me on 17 liters. l think they had a Craftsman air compressor on one end of the air line and my mask on the other....lol But now l'm on 2 liters "as needed", such as a lot of exertion. And my O-2 sat consistently runs from 97 to 99. But please, don't push it. Take your time and do what your doc says. And when the tractor show comes, you be the boss and tell the folks what to do!! 😊
  24. On our farm in west Texas back in the 60's we had a 1000 gal tank out near the shop that Dad filled out of. Most of the time he would just drive the tractor to what we called the "big tank" at lunch. Eat lunch, fill up the tractor and go back to the field. But sometimes it wasn't real practical to that, like when harvesting cotton and had cotton strippers mounted on the tractor. Plus during planting and harvesting they had 3 tractors in the field. That's when they used a smaller 350 gal tank on a trailer frame. Fill it up out of the big tank, then pull it to the field where the tractors were. This tank isn't the one we had but one like it.
  25. Here is sharp '59 Galaxie convertible. l really like those wire wheels and white wall tires.
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