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  1. OBG, I found this about a year ago in a pasture on the way to a oil lease I hauled near San Angelo, Texas. I was told it was a 123SP. I took a few pics then saw bees swarming around so I left pretty quick. Didn't want to take a chance on them being the "mean" ones....lol
  2. The man my Dad worked for got a new 503 with a cab on it. One of the first combines (of any color) to have a cab in our area. I still remember Dad telling a friend "Dam, it might be pretty nice to have of them things (cab) on a tractor, ya think?"
  3. M Diesel thanks for the explanation. Like I said l don't know diddly squatch about steam engines or whistles other than l love how some of them sound!!
  4. I have a question about whistles, hope it ain't too "dumb" but since I don't know a thing about'em....... About a year or so ago, l was looking on youtube and there was a feller that rebuilt and repaired whistles. Long story short, he hooked up a whistle to a air supply and blew it (honked it?) and it sounded terrible. But then he hooked it up to steam and it sounded great, like a whistle should. So my question is: why would it make a difference between compressed air and steam, far as sound goes?
  5. Owen, Thanks for re-posting that code page. That is the one I was thinking of. But seems like I saw something somewhere that also had the other codes like for cotton harvester tractors and other applications. But you know how this dang internet is....see something once but can't never find it again.....lol
  6. Just a few weeks ago somebody posted a page from a M service manual or something similar that had a listing of all the prefix "letter" codes. It did include both low and high drum picker tractors, but I can't find it now and don't remember what the letters were. maybe whoever it was will see this and re-post it.
  7. 414 farmer, l found a 1976 1066 at a used tractor lot in Anson, Tx. The serial # is: 58377 l don't know that much about 1066's but they say it's a black stripe. Here's the link if you want to confirm and see pics of it. http://www.wattstractor.com/ Just click on "tractors" then scroll down to the IH's.
  8. Bill I'd like to see the 3388/3588 brochure, especially if it list any options for cab interior...like red, black or western.
  9. I remember seeing that Cat Rod about a year or so ago. Big article about it. Engine and power train came out of a wrecked truck. And the grille is off a front end loader, 966 I think it said. And I wouldn't swear to it but I think it said the body was a mid 20's Essex. I saw a video of it on youtube and it will definately smoke the rear tires...lol
  10. See page one of this thread for an explanation of how this thread started. Gary, I guess it is a re-run but while we are on the subject of threshing photos I only have these two very early photos of my grandfather's threshing outfit. The IH Famous engine and Aultman Taylor threshing machine. Date is about 1910. I don't know if this is the original machinery that burned down later that fall or if it is already the replacement. IH_COLLECTOR, Check what Ralph said: "See page one." It shows the start date of the thread and if you read the first 100 pages and several subsequent pages, you will see IH Tractors. It has since become a "table at a coffee shop" where us old guys come to recall and recollect things we experienced in the past 70 years... I guess?? It's not too awfully pornographic and there is information here you couldn't buy elsewhere. Sometimes old guys know or remember things of importance too, and it can be well to pay attention when one of those other old guys speak. It has just "morphed" a little throughout the past seven or so years. Would it be less deceptive if we started a new thread, "Experienced IH Owner's Coffee Table?" Maybe so? About the time I say to myself, it's time to knock this thing in the head, others start posting something interesting that needs an answer or comment. It's not a conspiracy. Stuff just happens, sometimes. Here are a couple of pictures of IH Tractors on a Montana Farm too. Me on the 1935 F-12 a few weeks ago and my grandson about 18 years ago, driving my old 16hp garden tractor around the 15hp Case steam engine and "Annie," our 1939 Farmall H, or the 181st one built. Gary IHC F-12 Farmall outside 5-27-13 red.jpg Maverik, Annie & 15hp Case at Whitefish.jpg Whether you keep this or "get another table", l hope ya'll keep it going. This post and the "vintage ads" are the first two l check every day when l come online here at RP. Then go check and see if there's anything pertaining to 560's and/or LP's......lol
  11. This don't have much to do with farming......unless you was in a hurry to get from one side to the other. Says it's from the Jan. '52 issue of Popular Mechanics. I've owned and ridden lots of different motorcycles, but a jet powered bicycle just plain scares me....lol
  12. Loadstar I hope you haven't ran out of ads to put up here. If you have maybe you can just start over and re-post them...lol This one has probably been posted before but I have some questions. Was the 7588 supposed to be part of the "Super 70" line of tractors? And did they build more than just the prototypes?
  13. That "drawing thing" must've been nationwide...lol I remember my Mom getting big sheets of paper from the butcher shop for me to draw on. I still draw, just do it on the computer now. Don't have to keep sharpening the pencils that way...
  14. Ralph, I also enjoy all the ads you post. It's sort of like a trip back in time to see what the "latest and greatest" was back then. It's probably been said a jillion times, but I wish I had kept just a few of the brochures I picked up at the dealership when I was a kid. Seems like I'd get a handfull every time I went there. This one is a Model 30 stripper, just like the one I posted the other day mounted on a 706, except this one is a #30 basket stripper to where the other one was a #30 elevator type. Also just a pic of a AC stripper getting ready to dump into a module builder. There are actually a few of them around here still being used as of last year.
  15. Here's a ad that has 3 of the different machines to harvest cotton. A self propelled stripper and a tractor mounted one and a picker. Not sure about the year models. Also just a pic of a Hesston stripper on a Oliver tractor. They weren't real popular here in this area. The basket dumped toward the front instead of the side. You couldn't move forward to "scatter" the load once you raised it up. There is a Hesston not too far from here mounted on a Case 830 in the weeds.
  16. There wasn't hardly any Oliver tractors that I can remember in our area. A big majority was IH with some JD and just a few MM's around. But looking back, what was odd was that even though my Dad farmed for a man that owned a IH dealership and always had the latest equipment from IH, they used a Oliver 4 bottom rollover plow for years. I think that was the only piece of green equipment on the whole place.....lol Sometime in the late 60's, they started to use basket strippers instead of the elevator type.
  17. There wasn't very many MM strippers around in our area where I grew up. Matter of fact there wasn't all that many MM tractors either, a few but not many. We had one neighbor directly across the road from us that used MM equipment because some in-laws or something of his ran the MM dealer in Lubbock.
  18. I knew that Dearborn made a lot of implements for the small Ford tractors but didn't know that they made a stripper until I found this a couple years ago.
  19. Here's a 706 with a #30 stripper. There wasn't very many 706's in the area where I grew up. (West Texas-Lubbock) Seems like most of the guys with 560's went ahead and made the jump from 560's to the 806. In the fall Dad and a "illegal immigrant" could get a tractor ready and have a stripper mounted in less than a day. Change out the WFE to a single wheel, take off the fast hitch then mount the stripper. I think the thing Dad hated the worse was putting on the belts. It was a "Rube Goldberg" system of belts, pulleys and idlers. And everything had to be lined up just right or the belts would roll and burn.
  20. I really enjoy this string of posts. I don't have very many ads, mostly cotton harvesting equipment. As a kid I spent many hours riding in a cotton trailer "trompin" cotton like this one. Just imagine trying to walk in a moving giant bowl of Jello and you get the idea...lol
  21. Maybe just a temporary glitch somewhere. I just tried to upload a ad pic and it ain't working either.
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