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  1. Some schools in Texas have taken measures to protect against school shootings. Both Ballinger, Tx (south of Abilene) and Claude, Tx (near Amarillo) have armed teachers. Maybe it works and maybe it don't, but there sure ain't been no school shootings there.... Forgot to add that they started these programs in 2018.
  2. Chrysler's biggest hemi....10 feet long, 16 cylinders and 2220 cubic inches, rated at 2500 hp. The XI2220 was first developed in 1940. Gear reduction gearbox and engine mounts were in the middle of the engine for torque and vibration control. Later tested in a XP-47.
  3. This storm built up late yesterday afternoon near Morton, Texas. (about 60 miles west of Lubbock) l don't know much about tornadoes but they said this one was a "wedge" type instead of the more common "funnel" type. That storm did produce a lot of rain but it goes to show that you better be careful what you pray for. When you pray for rain just be prepared for the "extras" that might come with it.
  4. My youngest great-granddaughter got her first car yesterday on her first birthday . lt's not electric, but then again it ain't gas powered either.... And l think she might like turbine powered later on because her favorite videos aren't cartoons but about crop dusters!! She loves any video that has a yellow with blue stripe AirTractor plane in it. The one she likes most is the parody on Ghost Busters called "Crop Dusters."
  5. Yes!! And another one is the symbol #. lt used to mean pound sign. Now for whatever reason it means hash tag.
  6. One of my pet peeves is after someone makes a statement they add on "just sayin'" or 'know what l mean". Another thing that irritates me is the terms "derecho" and "haboob". Up till about 10 years nobody ever heard of either one. lt was just plain 'ol high winds or sandstorm.
  7. l think you're right hammer. After you said that l did a search and now l can faintly see the Nash "badge" inside the emblem. Here is a pic of one in better shape.
  8. On the way to my monthly Dr. appointment, we drive by this place that has a sign in front: OLD JUNK FOR SALE. And that pretty much describes most of it. A huge assortment of 1960's and 1970's motorcycles, mostly Yamaha and Kawasaki. A bunch of old horse or mule drawn farm equipment. And a whole lot of milk cans, stainless steel fire extinguishers and 5 gallon Jerry gas cans. But the most interesting thing to me is this old International pickup. We pulled over to the side of the road and my wife took some pics of it. On the side of the hood, it had a emblem that said KB-3. Could somebody explain to me what size of truck they were in relation to the number? l know a KB-8 was a "big truck". Was the KB-3 a 1/2 ton? There was also a old car next to it and l think it is a old Hudson. The only pic she got of it was a close-up of the hood emblem.
  9. A friend had this Ertl Precision 1206, or l should say a box full of 1206 precision parts. We done a little horse tradin' and he built this 1206 for me out of some of the spare parts. l printed then added the decals on the IH oil filters. lf any of you are on Facebook and interested in restored and customized toy tractors, go to the Pirate Farm Toys page. lf l did it right here is a link to it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/227118887759457
  10. @MacAR glad to see you getting the cotton seed in the ground. l wouldn't worry about no boll weevils. Even if you was to have a problem...who you gonna call?? Crop Dusters!! Matter of fact you can always call Dale "Dead Bug" Dribble. He has a hangar and a strip right across the highway from the Booger Creek Gin.
  11. This is David Crowder, sings gospel songs with a hint of bluegrass. ln nearly all his videos he wears a IH cap and in a couple he's wearing a IH T-shirt too.
  12. Don't know if you heard about this or not. Airfest 2022 at Abilene regional airport on May 21st. https://www.bigcountryairfest.org/fast-facts.html
  13. Why is that guy under the car? The Barton house was built in the early 1900's in Cotton Center, Texas, about 60 miles N-NE of Lubbock. When l worked for the local electric CO-OP we helped moved that house from Cotton Center to the Texas Tech Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock. lt was a big job and has interesting stories l could tell sometime. But since you're talking acetylene powered lights.... They hired a big time home restoration company from Dallas to put the house back to it's original new condition. l don't remember what magazine it was in but the head contractor wrote a article about it. He said the hardest part of the restoration was converting the original acetylene lighting to electric and still keep the same fixtures. l wish l could find the article but l haven't so far.
  14. OBG l do like that Harley that you had. l have mixed feelings about Harley's. l think every motorcycle rider should own at least one. That way they can appreciate all the others...lol All kidding aside, l did buy a new 1977 FLH Electra Glide. l had bought a new 1977 Honda Goldwing a few months earlier. l intended to ride both for a while for a comparison then sell the other. But l should've known better when on the way home from the HD dealer for the very first time (never even made it home) the gear shift lever fell off. One in a million chance but when it fell off and hit the pavement it slid right into a storm drain gutter and disappeared. Went into a gas station and borrowed their phone and called the dealer. Did they bring a new shifter?? Noo....they brought a pair of vise grips and told me to ride it back to the dealer. l told them in not very polite language they could get it back to their shop and if they didn't like it l would call my bank and cancel the check l had wrote for it about a hour earlier. Long story short about a month later l sold the Harley and kept the Goldwing and through the years had four more plus a Honda 750 Magna. But l will say that was during the time AMF owned HD and their quality control wasn't all that great.
  15. Gary, the pic of the Cat DW-21's sure does bring back some memories. A DW-21 was the very first scraper that l got run. Worked on building a dam in southeastern Oklahoma. lt was a "southern engineered" company. Non of the scrapers had brakes (3 DW-21's and a AC 220), just lower the pan....with caution... to stop. And l'm sure you know what "two block" means.....besides getting a butt chewing from the foreman for doing it. Later l graduated up to running a D-8 with a rock rake. That was an experience in itself...lol Steering clutches for the left side didn't work, so if l wanted to turn to the left l had to make a full circle to the right. And all the talk about Coleman lanterns and stoves brought back a few memories too. Used to go camping on our motorcycle. We would load all the camping gear in the trailer including the Coleman stuff. Went to a lot of motorcycle rallies in that rig. 1981 Honda Goldw3ing lnterstate and Shoreline trailer. The sidecar was built in St. Louis. The matching paint job cost $5000.00. l had more money than sense back then... My Dad didn't care for motorcycles but loved going to the rallies. And he didn't like camping out. He said "l got enough of that cr*p in the Army." so he stayed in a motel nearby. But he loved cooking on the our Coleman stove. He would be at our campsite at like 5:00am making coffee and starting breakfast. l think this pic was taken in 1986 at Altus, Okla.
  16. l wanted to download Google Earth on my new PC with Win10 and see if it is compatible. Turns out it is so l'm kind of glad about that. So l thought l would download a pic of my house in relation to the runway at Dyess AFB. (House is inside the red circle) As you can see it's close enough to rattle the windows when they light burners on the B-1B's.
  17. l don't bother with that rag newspaper. The only reason l saw it was because my daughter is on that bigcountry news page or whatever on FB. So l clicked on it to see what the deal was. l'll bet there will some heads roll over it. l mean to lose a billion +dollar airplane on the ground during maintenance.....
  18. Late Friday night l was woke up by the sound of a helicopter flying around pretty low. Just figured it was a police chopper after some doper or drunk. But found later it was a Air Force helicopter at Dyess AFB. A B-1B caught fire during maintenance and the helicopter was flying above it shining spotlights. Can't tell much from the video but looks like the Bone was pretty well destroyed. Here are some pics from the local news station.
  19. At Dyess AFB here in Abilene the traffic is about normal. C-130J's and B-1B's flying quite a bit. For the past 4 days they have been having severe weather drills at all hours of the night and day. l guess that's good though to get warnings if tornadoes get too close.
  20. l've probably posted this pic on here before but since we're talking tracks...... A D-4 building a drilling rig location near Kermit, Texas in 1957. The operator don't look very happy.
  21. R.I.P. Condolences to his family and friends.
  22. Tony l love that tank and the hitch!! l'm going to go along with Sledgehamer and give it a thumbs up too!!
  23. And all this time l thought Cat was the first one that came up with the "Hi-Track".....🙂
  24. l'll donate a like to the "Anson collection".....
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